Over the Rainbow / Wizard of Oz

Emerald City; New Earth;

< NewEnergy 10 > Let us talk for a moment about this movie called the "Wizard of Oz" and the song behind it, "Over the Rainbow." This movie was a hit. It was popular in your time of the late 1930's, right before the advent of World War II, which was really, in a sense, a battle of the light and the dark, a battle to see where Earth would go, a battle to see if the energies of dark or light would dominate. We have to say that Earth came to an understanding, and is now beginning to come to the consciousness that neither side won or lost. It was about bringing the energies together. It was about no more warring back and forth between the light and the dark elements, no more of the two-thirds/one-third going back and forth. That is so much about what World War II was about, not who would win ultimately, but how the energies could be brought back together.

< NewEnergy 10 > So, this movie and this song came out immediately prior to this world war. It brought people to the theaters. It gave them a song. It gave them a hope in the hour shortly before great darkness spread over the entire world. But, it also helped to create the picture and the vibration, the energies of this thing that is now known to us as the New Earth… you see. Somewhere over the rainbow, dear friends, there exists this New Earth that is being worked on right now. Some are already occupying it. It will continue to grow, and it will continue to be worked on.

< NewEnergy 10 > There is so much to this movie, as well, things that you can relate to - in a sense, the bleakness of life… the black and white of the early part of the movie… the storm coming up… the storm, the tornado that had to shift the energies… yes, indeed the vortex that created the impetus for change… the energies of what would be called darkness that had to come in to help propel all of the other energies forward. If the tornado hadn't come in and shifted energies - it moved them, spun them - it would have been difficult to get to the next level. It would have been difficult to cross over the rainbow.

< NewEnergy 10 > But, in the movie, in the story Dorothy wakes up on the other side in the land of color, in the land of the New Earth, in the Land of Oz where things are magical… in this whole new beautiful New Earth. Now, most all of you know the rest of the story, the story of the Emerald City, which is, in a sense - how to say - energetically also connected to the New Earth, the beauty, the magic, and the majesty of the New Earth. And, Dorothy has to follow a path. She has to take a journey. And, so many of you know what that is like. And, along the way she has to learn things - about the heart, and about the mind, and about overcoming fear. She finally makes her way to the city, to the Emerald City… again, symbolic of the New Earth.

< NewEnergy 10 > And, ultimately, as you know the story, she has to do what? To return home! She has to click her crimson - oh, I'm sorry - ruby slippers (audience laughter). When we were helping to channel this script and this music, we insisted on crimson, but the writers felt that ruby would be better… such a shame (more laughter).

< NewEnergy 10 > Remember… the whole time Dorothy was seeking to get home, even when she was in the Emerald City, even when she was in this grand palace, she still sought to get home. She allowed her imagination to soar. She allowed herself to get back to the Now moment. She allowed herself to bring part of that New Energy, part of the New Earth back to her. She, in a sense, by crossing over the rainbow the first time took one huge step, transcended into a New level. She was able to go to the New Energy. But, then she did another beautiful and wonderful thing. She completed the circle by coming back, by bringing it into her Now.

< NewEnergy 10 > This is a decision that so many of you are faced with. Do you go to the New Earth now? Do you transcend? Or, do you go to the New Earth, and then complete the circle, and bring it back into the Now like Dorothy did? When you do, everything becomes different. So, with the energy of Sananda now, with everything that is woven into this specific song and this specific rendition of the song, we ask you to breathe in, open your imagination, and allow yourself to be a little bluebird with us.

< NewEnergy 10 > This movie and this song were some of the greatest channeled works of recent times, containing so much energy behind even the music and the sounds, even the pictures on the screen. So, we ask all of Shaumbra to revisit this movie between now and our next gathering, because this contains so much energy and information that has to do with those who are ready to awaken. Yes, there are many levels here in the movie. It can be watched simply for enjoyment. It can be watched again later, and you see metaphors and symbols. You come to new understandings.

< NewEnergy 10 > Watch it again now that you are walking with New Energy to see how it is a story about your journey. It is a story about walking into the New Energy. It is a story about the new Earth, all brought together. It is a story then about: do you choose to bring this energy of New Earth back to you? Look at all of the characters and the symbols, even the witch in the Land of Oz in the role that was played, even the way the witch was overcome… melted away.

< NewEnergy 10 > So, so much here, and we share this today, because we are moving into this whole realm of creative imagination energy. And, it starts with the safe space. We have spoken of the safe space in a Shoud not so very long ago. We set the energy there, and we continue it today. We talked about the fact that New Energy is safe energy. It is balanced. It is an energy of "four." It is like a stool that has four legs, rather than three, or just two. A stool with two is very imbalanced. But, one with four is safe.

< NewEnergy 10 > So, right now, Shaumbra, we play that song back for you, because also in it are energies of "safe." When you are in a safe space, you are more likely to open your imagination… when it is safe. When the world around you is not safe… when the newspapers are filled with stories of wars… stories of all types of crime… what happens? People stay inside. You stay inside.