balance of 1/3 and 2/3

balance of light and dark
that had been on earth realm; balance of duality;

< Creator 3 > We will use a metaphor to help you understand here. Imagine that within you is a tuning fork held with the handle end up and the two tines facing down. It is a tuning fork. Now in the old energy each of the two tines that are in your reality, each of the tines have been vibrating. They represent one side or the other of duality. That is why there are two. They have been vibrating out of phase. They have been vibrating at different frequencies. This has been intentional, and this has been so that you could experience duality, so that you could experience the effects of light and dark.

The measurement of energy emanating from each of these was approximately 1/3 to approximately 2/3. One of the forks would vibrate with the energy and the resonance that was one third of the whole. The other would vibrate at two thirds of the whole. These vibrational frequencies would shift at times, and they would change at times, but the general ratio of the energy of duality was 1/3 and 2/3.

There were lifetimes that were based 2/3 in darkness and 1/3 in light. We caution you on the understanding of these terms, for they are not as you think they are. The two forks would purposely sing out… would purposely have a different vibration that would purposely cause friction between each other. Oh, and you wonder why your life was difficult that times. This vibrational friction - this out of phase of vibrations - was set up specifically for experience, for understanding, and to play this game of duality that you have been experiencing, a game that is no longer necessary for you.

< Creator 3 > As you live in the divine moment there is no longer the need for the two different parts of duality, or for the two different tines of your tuning fork to be out of phase. As you live in the divine moment the energies of these two can now come back into phase. They can begin to resonate at the same frequency levels that are appropriate. There is no longer the need here for a balance of 1/3 and 2/3. The balance is brought back to one and one.

< Creator 4 > Remember when we told you in our last gathering that up until now, up until this very recent time, the balance of light and dark, plus and minus, 1 and 0 has been 2/3 to 1/3. The balance of 2/3 and 1/3 has been appropriate for the lessons, for the learnings and the understandings. Remember when we talked to you of your tuning fork, that it was out of balance, out of frequency. The two tines of the fork had a vibrational balance of 1/3 and 2/3 within you up until this time. And when we spoke last time, we asked you to know now that the two tines were coming back into harmonic balance with each other again. There are still two, but they were harmonizing.

< Creator 4QA > We come here to work with you on becoming creators. It is about becoming and realizing and manifesting your divinity. It is not so difficult, it is not so difficult at all! It was difficult - nearly impossible - when duality had a different balance, when duality had characteristics that were not so harmonious. But as you come into balance with yourself, as you adjusted the balances of duality within you, and as they are balanced in all humans across your earth, it is becoming much easier to become true creators. Being able to create within your being and from your being will not be so much of a struggle! It will be as easy as allowing Grace to handle the balance. It will be as easy as bringing this energy forth into your being, into your reality, into your divine moment and then playing with the results.

< Creator 4QA > You are seeing duality come back into balance. You are seeing it coming into a fine vibrational balance. This should be a signal to all to understand that a new type of harmony is possible. There is also one other thing that results from this: When two different frequencies change and come back into harmony, all of the energy that is no longer appropriate is brought to the surface to be released. In this process with your elections, any negative energy, any energy that had an agenda working against the new balance of duality will be brought to the surface. Those who perhaps cheated in the election results, those who do not wish to have duality returned to harmony, these things will be exposed in your media and it will be obvious to you. In the meantime, shaumbra, stand behind the short wall. Oh, you will see some battling between the two sides, but this is a new type of balance that is coming forth. Stand behind the short wall to truly see what is happening here.

< Creator 4QA > Release the mind. Indeed allow yourself to go out of your mind. There has been an imbalance of energy in the approximate ration of 2/3 and 1/3 between the mind and the heart of humans in the old energy. Bring those back into balance. Simply allow that to be. Simply acknowledge the balance between the "two." Dear friends, you are humans, you are walking in human biology, you are in duality, and those things will continue for a period of time. But now, allow the new balance. We have told you today on the 11/11, that it is the day of duality on earth. It is the day of duality in the Mayan calendar. It is the day when these energies can be brought back together in harmony, these energies of duality, or where they clash. Look at your own life, look at Earth on this day as you walk from here. What do you see? A new harmony or a clash? We see the harmony.

< Creator 5 > Prior to coming to this place of Earth, you had always been in the "oneness" mode, the singular mode. All of your creations were done in a framework of oneness. When you crossed through the wall of fire, you took on the attributes of duality. This was Jack's experience. This is what Jack wanted to feel and experience. And indeed he did. And indeed you all did! There was no longer the oneness that you felt, but rather "two." There was the light and the dark, the positive and the negative, however you want to state this. As we have mentioned before, there was always the balance of energies of approximately 2/3 and 1/3.

< Creator 5 > As we have mentioned before, there was always the balance of energies of approximately 2/3 and 1/3. Within the deepest level of your being, there are the energy components that make up who you are, and that respond to your desire for experiences. Imagine there is one white marble and one black marble. These make up your core. Now also imagine that there is one clear marble. Depending on the experiences that you choose, the clear marble will take on attributes of either the light or the dark. The clear marble will transform, and for a period of time in your life, it will take on the attributes and the coloring of the white marble. You will then have an energy balance within your being of two parts white, one part dark. And you will go through a series of experiences with this balance of energy to provide the appropriate "friction," to provide the appropriate challenges, to make your experience fulfilling.

< Creator 5 > Now as you went through the cycles of your life, there are times when the transformed clear marble - the one that had turned to white - will return back to clear for a short period of time. Ah, and then you would feel balance in your life for a short period of time! Within time, the clear marble will move to the other side and take on the attributes of the dark marble. It will look and feel like the dark marble, and have the energy patterns of the dark. Then you will walk into new experiences with this energy balance of two parts dark and one part white.

< Creator 5 > Generally, the white marble has usually stayed white, and the black marble has usually stayed black. The clear marble is the one that changes, moving back and forth between the white and black. However, there have been periods of time where the white marble and the black marble would reverse their polarities, for they indeed are just mirrors of each other. The black would become white and the white would become black. And at times this greatly confused the clear marble! Now these changes of polarity occurred very infrequently, every several thousands of years. It happened not just within your individual being, but within the consciousness of the planet in general. This shift of polarities, from light to dark and dark to light, would take hundreds of years to react through your population, but it only occurred every several thousands of years.

< Creator 5 > What is happening now, dear friends, is that the polarity shift between the light and dark is occurring very rapidly. No longer does it occur even few thousand years. You are seeing the polarity shift now - where the white marble and the dark marble are changing attributes - every few years. It is happening that quickly. The clear marble will attempt to take on attributes of the light and dark but again is becoming very confused as to which is which! (chuckling)

< Creator 5 > There are also those humans walking the Earth who carry special attributes of the clear marble. In their case, the clear marble never takes on a distinct pattern of either white or black. It remains in a "gray" state. It does not choose to have distinctive polarity, or the 2/3 - 1/3 energy balance that others have. The carriers of these energies are helping to change the internal dynamic structure of energy within all humans. Dear friends, honor the ones who are gay. Honor the ones who do not fit into your "conventional" society, for they have taken on a deeper and more difficult role. They are not allowing the former balance of energies of 2/3 and 1/3. Instead, their clear marble does not choose to side with either the white or the black. It remains in a neutral state, what we call a "gray" state for the sake of this example. They are the ones who are helping to bridge the gap of polarity at this time. Honor them deeply for their work.

< Creator 5 > In all of this that is occurring within you at this time - light changing to dark, dark to light, clear not knowing which to associate with - something new is happening. There is, dear friends, a fourth marble that is coming in. A fourth marble is coming in. This marble indeed is clear also. This marble is extremely clear and bright, different than the other clear energy marble. It is the initiator of the Christ energy that is already within you. This fourth marble comes now to illuminate the Christ energy, to bring it to life. This fourth marble comes in as clear color, but a crystal clear, unlike the other clear that is within your being.

< Creator 5 > Now, as this fourth marble moves into your being, the other three marbles - the white, the black, and the other clear - are attempting to throw it out! They consider it to be a foreign energy that is coming into their structures and patterns. They do not understand where it comes from, and there is turmoil within! And you wonder why your backs and shoulders ache so much! (chuckling) You wonder why there is emotional struggle within your being, when you thought your life should be balanced. You are taking on the attribute of the fourth marble. The other three marbles are very confused right now, for they have never had a fourth marble since you left the kingdom. They have never had a fourth pattern. We have spoken to you before about the importance of the number four. And this is the core of it. This is the essence of the balance of "four" that we have spoken of.

< Creator 5 > We will tell you what we see happening in the change that is happening at the deepest levels of who you are emotionally, physically, and mentally. The fourth marble is settling into your energy make-up. It is communicating with the other marbles. It is assuring them that it is part of their being and make-up. As the three original marbles learn to accept the fourth marble, and as they learn to understand its distinctively different energy, they will stop attacking. They will stop trying to throw this fourth marble out. They will become very tired. This fourth marble is strong, stronger than all of the others combined. They will start listening to the fourth marble. They will start feeling the vibration of the fourth.

< Creator 5 > Then something will happen, dear friends. At this point the white marble will lose its attributes of white. The black marble will lose its attributes of black. The clear marble will cleanse itself. And all of the four marbles will begin to radiate a new type of color, a multi-dimensional color. They will shimmer and glow and will begin singing and dancing with each other. They will begin spinning together. They will begin celebrating together. They will have no single color, but they will contain all colors in perfect clarity. And they will shine and glow. They will be in unison together.

< Creator 5 > This is the point when you will pass through duality as you know it. You will go to the next level. We will not assign this a name at this time. (audience laughter) This is not what you think of as your fifth or six or seventh dimensions. Those are linear. This is exponential. The changes of the marbles are happening within you at this very moment. We can look into this group and see how the acceptance level of marble Four has been difficult and challenging.

< Creator 5 > In the past, we have asked you to accept things. We have asked you to "allow" rather than to "effort." We were communicating to you on several levels. We were communicating that it was time for polarity to stop its game. We were communicating that it is time for the old balance of 2/3 and 1/3 to cease. We asked you in the past to take breaks, to do "no-thing," to be in a quiet space. For all of this time, the three marbles were learning to allow and accept the fourth marble.

< Creator 5 > This is a difficult process to go through. Your biology, in particular, has not yet adjusted to this new element that is coming in. Your emotions are definitely not adjusted to it. You are accustomed to working in duality - good or bad, right or wrong - depending on what particular day it is and depending on the coloration of the third clear marble.

< Ascension 6 > Let us talk for a moment of this time of transition you are in. On your calendars you recently turned the last page of an old year (2001), a year that was particularly about duality, a "three" year in your numerology. You turned the page to a new year. You saw the numbers 2-0-0-2 (two-zero-zero-two) written upon the pages, and for many of you, this had an impact on you. Perhaps you were not able to immediately understand why the energy of these numbers hit you so. Today, we will share with you what it is about.

< Ascension 8 > Now, these energies of duality have been at work within you all of this time. They have remained polarized. There are times when you are more influenced by what you would call the white marble. And, there are times when you are more influenced by the black. This is to give you a depth of experience on both sides. When you move from a 2/3 light energy and 1/3 dark to a 2/3 dark and 1/3 light… when you move from one to the other, this helps to give you new understanding and depth.

< Ascension 8QA > Oh, that new understanding of love will be a new fuel and energy unto itself! There will no longer be the need for the interplay of duality, of the 2/3 to 1/3 ratio, of the back and forth. Those polarities always drove each another. It is not needed anymore. It is a weight that is being released and dropped from you.

< Ascension 9 > Over the course of time, even before you came to Earth, the energies of duality played off of each other. The light played off the dark. The left played off the right. Male played off female. And, in a sense, they did a dance together. At times the energies collided with each other as a way of shifting energies, but never creating new energy. These energies of duality would change their balance of light:dark, but never change the amount of energy within them. Duality is simply two energies opposing each other. At times they come together, at times they trade roles, and at times these energies put on a new face, a new mask. But the sum, or amount, of energy never changes.

< NewEnergy 10 > Let us talk for a moment about this movie called the "Wizard of Oz" and the song behind it, "Over the Rainbow." This movie was a hit. It was popular in your time of the late 1930's, right before the advent of World War II, which was really, in a sense, a battle of the light and the dark, a battle to see where Earth would go, a battle to see if the energies of dark or light would dominate. We have to say that Earth came to an understanding, and is now beginning to come to the consciousness that neither side won or lost. It was about bringing the energies together. It was about no more warring back and forth between the light and the dark elements, no more of the two-thirds/one-third going back and forth. That is so much about what World War II was about, not who would win ultimately, but how the energies could be brought back together.

< Embodiment 12 > There is always a balance of this positive to minus. Generally, as we have said in previous Shouds, there is a two-third/one-third balance. But, it is always changing. And, it tends to resort back to a two-third/one-third balance, whether it is a balance towards positive, a balance towards minus. But, that is an Old Energy attribute. That is the way the Old Energy world literally operates and is fueled.