tuning fork

the two known DNA strands;

< Creator 3 > We will use a metaphor to help you understand here. Imagine that within you is a tuning fork held with the handle end up and the two tines facing down. It is a tuning fork. Now in the old energy each of the two tines that are in your reality, each of the tines have been vibrating. They represent one side or the other of duality. That is why there are two. They have been vibrating out of phase. They have been vibrating at different frequencies. This has been intentional, and this has been so that you could experience duality, so that you could experience the effects of light and dark.

The measurement of energy emanating from each of these was approximately 1/3 to approximately 2/3. One of the forks would vibrate with the energy and the resonance that was one third of the whole. The other would vibrate at two thirds of the whole. These vibrational frequencies would shift at times, and they would change at times, but the general ratio of the energy of duality was 1/3 and 2/3.

There were lifetimes that were based 2/3 in darkness and 1/3 in light. We caution you on the understanding of these terms, for they are not as you think they are. The two forks would purposely sing out… would purposely have a different vibration that would purposely cause friction between each other. Oh, and you wonder why your life was difficult that times. This vibrational friction - this out of phase of vibrations - was set up specifically for experience, for understanding, and to play this game of duality that you have been experiencing, a game that is no longer necessary for you.

< Creator 3 > As you live in the divine moment there is no longer the need for the two different parts of duality, or for the two different tines of your tuning fork to be out of phase. As you live in the divine moment the energies of these two can now come back into phase. They can begin to resonate at the same frequency levels that are appropriate. There is no longer the need here for a balance of 1/3 and 2/3. The balance is brought back to one and one.

< Creator 3 > Imagine that within you is this tuning fork. Imagine it as part of your being. It has been deliberately out of phase. There has been vibrational friction up to now. Imagine this now within your being, singing harmonious tones with itself. At this moment, dear friends, allow this vibrational duality within you to come back into harmony, to come back to sing beautiful tones, rather than tones that contain friction and duality. As you live in the divine moment and allow the duality to resonate in harmony, in beauty and joy together, they will come back into balance.

< Creator 3 > The tines of your tuning fork will still have duality, but they will sing together. As they do, as there is harmony between the two. As you live in the divine moment, all things that are needed and all things that are appropriate then will come to you. They will come to you! You will not need to go searching for them. You will not need to force them into your reality. You will be creating in a new way. You will still be transmuting the void into reality, but you will be creating in a new way, in a very powerful way.

< Creator 3 > The two tines of your tuning fork represent the DNA, the two known DNA strands that form the helix. There is a light and a dark, or a positive and a negative. They have been singing out of phase with each other intentionally. They have been operating at frequencies that cause friction. This was to help you understand duality. Now, dear friends, as you live in the divine moment, as you allow this tuning fork to come back into frequency, it is at your very cellular level. It is at the core of your DNA that these two strands will begin working together again. As they do, it will draw to you all things that are appropriate in your life. As they do, it will also help to heal all of the past scars within your body. It will reverse the process of aging that is taking place within you. It will mend the wounds both physically and emotionally, but it will require you to live in the divine moment.

< Creator 3 > In addition to the two known primary strands of DNA there are at least ten secondary strands. Around each primary strand, there are two secondary strands that embrace it. And then around these bundles of strands there are other magnetic DNA strands that embrace and encompass it.

< Creator 3 > As you begin to allow the two primary strands to come back together in appropriate vibrational harmony, it will then change the way the other magnetic strands interact and embrace. It will change the whole way all of the strands are composed. As you live in the divine moment - as you change the frequency within you - understand that all of the appropriate things will be brought to you. You will be like a magnet with a new charge that will attract things to you.

< Creator 3QA > Dear friends, we will go back to the example of the tuning fork that we discussed earlier today. Within you feel this tuning fork with two tines, each that have been vibrating at different frequencies, opposing frequencies. Now go in and allow them to begin vibrating at harmonious frequencies. This will be the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. It is within you. It is within your DNA. It is yours. You already own it.

< Creator 3QA > We ask you to go within to the vibrational tuning fork to allow it to be balanced, to allow the harmony. Then all of these frustrating things that you would normally experience with purchasing a house will resolve themselves. Indeed you will need to be present. You will need to have the intent to be in this house, but the paperwork, your loans, your timetables, and all the other processes will seem to flow together. Now as you know, many times it will occur at the last possible moment. It will not all be laid out for you well in advance. Simply release any fears associated with it, and it will come into play.

< Creator 4 > Remember when we told you in our last gathering that up until now, up until this very recent time, the balance of light and dark, plus and minus, 1 and 0 has been 2/3 to 1/3. The balance of 2/3 and 1/3 has been appropriate for the lessons, for the learnings and the understandings. Remember when we talked to you of your tuning fork, that it was out of balance, out of frequency. The two tines of the fork had a vibrational balance of 1/3 and 2/3 within you up until this time. And when we spoke last time, we asked you to know now that the two tines were coming back into harmonic balance with each other again. There are still two, but they were harmonizing.