year of 2001

the year of September 11;

< Ascension 6 > Let us talk for a moment of this time of transition you are in. On your calendars you recently turned the last page of an old year (2001), a year that was particularly about duality, a "three" year in your numerology. You turned the page to a new year. You saw the numbers 2-0-0-2 (two-zero-zero-two) written upon the pages, and for many of you, this had an impact on you. Perhaps you were not able to immediately understand why the energy of these numbers hit you so. Today, we will share with you what it is about.

< Master 6 > There's been other lesser changes, shifts in consciousness over the years, a little here, a little there. There was a big shift in 2001 (Sep.11), as you know. It didn't do so much at that point to affect technology as it did to affect values and morals, and I'm going to go so far as to say the shift of consciousness in 2001 is leading now to the practical shift in finances and in government, to a degree in religion. So the event, the shift in consciousness back there, is now manifesting, and you've seen it in things like the financial markets in the world, and you're going to be seeing more of it in government changes in the world.