letting it be;  letting it do;
releasing;  letting go;  giving up;
let the master and the I Am do it, and you get out of the way and experience it;   

< NewEarth 4 > You will begin to understand that as you sit upon your bicycle and allow, all things to come to you. And as they come to you, you will know what to do with them. When the human comes to you and says they are suffering, and says they can no longer continue as a human in physical form, you will know what to tell them. You will know what is appropriate. It will come from a place within you that is of the greatest truth and the greatest light. And it will almost knock you off your feet to see who you are! You will be amazed at what comes forth from your mouth and your heart! It only takes an "allowing" and a "being" to have this happen.

< New Earth 9 > To heal yourself, simply allow the body to heal. This will be a most challenging point for you, for you feel you must have a certain mindset, that you must keep a certain direction of your mind, that you must think positive affirming thoughts. That was the old energy. In the new energy, in the new world, my friends, it is simply allowing. Imagine, if you would, every cell in your body shaped like a triangle, an equilateral triangle, and in the cells many are pointing in various directions. There does not seem to be symmetry. In the new energy when you are allowing, all of the cells line up and point in the appropriate manner. There are magnetics involved here that cause the alignment to happen. It is up to you, the new energy, the new Divine Human, to allow this process.

< New Earth 9 > To heal yourself simply lie upon the floor and allow it to happen. It is the old energy to have incantations and rituals and disciplines. (Again we say this will be controversial information.) It is allowing, my friends. Your body is divine. Your cells are divine. They will align themselves if you allow. Allowing is releasing. Allowing is taking it from the mind and letting go (forget). Allow Spirit, your True Self, to handle this, your physical ailments.

< New Earth 9 > It is time to open these new areas of the mind. This is done, my friends, by allowing. Continue to nurture your mind, feeding it the appropriate energy that it desires. Allow it to open, for you will need this.

< New Earth 9 > There is no room or place anymore for drama. But yet you have a tremendous amount of energy coming from your emotional center. Begin to allow this emotion to be used as a driving force. It is a fuel for your own creations, your own spirit in this new energy. This is difficult to describe, my friends, for things will start happening in you and around you. You will begin to feel a new connectedness. You will begin to feel a new partnership. This is your True Self beginning to come in as you allow it to happen. This is your True Self melding with you while you are still in human form on Earth. Again, it is simply a matter of allowing this to take place, of allowing this to happen.

< New Earth 9 > There are many attributes of the new energy that will be very new and unfamiliar to you.
It is a matter of simply calling these into your being. For instance, when you need more physical energy than you have used before, simply access this, simply call it into your being, then allow it to happen. When you need more insight and intuition, simply call this in. All of these energies are, as we see it, around you, surrounding you. They are becoming available to you. These energies are the essence of your True Self. But you must call them in to use them. If you continue to stay in your old energy ways, this new energy, this True Self energy, will stand by patiently waiting until you are ready to call it in.

< New Earth 9QA > In the new energy that you are beginning to walk in, allowing comes from trusting your divinity. Allowing comes from trust in your divine nature, in the Christ seed that you came with. As you learn to trust, as you learn to remember who you are and trust self and trust Spirit, allowingness is a natural by-product of this. You cannot force allowingness to happen. It comes from deep within the core of your being. Allowingness comes from letting go of all things. When you let go of all things, when you cross the chasm, as we have talked of, then it begins to open the potential of all things that you are.

< New Earth 9QA > This is an area where we do not know the answers. We know that creation will not - full creation - will not come simply from thought. These are old energy characteristics. It did work in your old energy, but it will not have the same effect in the new energy. Your emotions, as we said before, are a fuel or a driving force. It is a combination of your entire being (all of who you are), though, that will make your creations. This is one of the challenges that we put forth to this group to begin experimenting, to begin trying different places of consciousness. We know it will not come simply from your heart or simply from your mind. It will come from an over-all allowingness and desire in your being. It will take some work to begin to find that area.

< New Earth 10 > For there is a grand one… there is a grand one, who wants to be your light, who wants to integrate. It is your True Self, your Christ consciousness. As we have said, in your current human mind, even the human consciousness that you bring here today, you could not possibly imagine the depth of love and the depth of awareness and the depth of creativity that is contained within this divine human that you are becoming. It is time for the old human to release, to allow, and to do "NO-thing."

< New Earth 14 > Soon you will be walking and experiencing something new. What you will be experiencing is one process or one step prior to true Divinity while you are here on Earth in human form.
This process is one of allowing, one of final allowing. This will be challenging for you, for you are ones who have goals. You are ones who have direction. You are ones who push forward on your path. And now you will be asked from the core of your being to allow and accept all those things that are in your life. You will be asked to simply stand back and allow the process to take place.

< New Earth 14 > In order to get there, you will be going through a period of open and total allowingness, open and total allowingness for all that is. You will no longer have to be the dam in the river. You’ll no longer have to be the wall against the wind. Dear friends, in your lifetimes now where you are as Lightworkers, as individuals, ones who are beginning to understand their Divinity, allow the wind to blow and allow the river to flow. Allow the wind to blow and the river to flow, friends. Resist not at this time.

< New Earth 14 > With the understandings that come from allowing, you will then see how true creation works. You will then be able to create from a space within your being that you have never felt before. Much of this is why you have come here to Earth in the first place, to arrive at this point, to arrive at a point of the integration of the Divinity, your Godself, with your human consciousness. Each of you has been walking under the veil, separated from Spirit in your consciousness for eons of time. As it was said earlier on this day by the speaker, Dr. Reynolds, the greatest feeling of loss was the separation from Spirit. You have gone full circle to the point now where you can accept this Divinity within.

< New Earth 14 > Now you are coming to a point of transition with all of the work that you have done, all of the releasing and the sacrifices that you have done. You are coming to the final stages of your journey, of your fulfillment. As you go through the period of "no-thing," you will then go through the period of allowing of all things, of seeing how things truly operate and work. This is a time of not trying to affect or push the outcome, but simply observing how energy works. After this my dear friends, you will begin to have true integration. You will begin to accept the Divinity within you, with the understanding and wisdom to use it.

< Creator 1 > It is no longer about an external pushing to create. It is about a total allowing. It is about a total acceptance of all things that are in your life and the lives of other people around you and the world. It is a total accepting that we are asking you to do at this point. This will be difficult for some. This will make some angry. It will cause a lot of intellectual challenge for you.

< Creator 1QA > Above all, it is about letting go of beliefs and perceptions. It is not about a particular job or a particular situation. It is your beliefs and perceptions that are keeping you in that. Our friend in the canoe was pulled toward the abyss and he felt himself going over the waterfall. He came to sudden and new realizations about who he truly was. As humans, you fear releasing one thing until you have another firmly in place. You go through the obstacle course of life with the hand on one ring, not willing to let go until the other hand is firmly on the new ring. We are challenging you to let go of the ring of beliefs that you have held onto, even the recent beliefs that you have had. We know that for some of you this is frightening. For some you may call Tobias crazy, certainly Cauldre crazy. My friends, in this release of old beliefs have trust in Self, in your own Divinity, and all things that are appropriate will come into play.

< Creator 1QA > You walk sometimes in fear, sometimes afraid of losing all things. Do you not understand that buried on path are all of the tools, are all of the energies, are all of the abilities to create that you need? You have placed them here before you ever walked the path. But it is only through giving up the old beliefs that you will recognize them. They are there.

< Creator 3QA > You will see things begin to change around you. But you must begin the process with the conscious intent to stand in your divine moment, to stand on the other side of the short wall, and then just be in that moment. It should be no struggle. It should not be difficult. As you consciously intend this and practice this on a regular basis, it will become more natural. It will become easier and easier. This divine moment wants to be part of you. It wants to come forth in your life. It is not like you have to make it happen. You simply have to allow the space for it to happen in.

< Creator 4 > Now it would have been difficult for Taylor to have tried to create a all of this in her mind. It would be like eating food and trying to mentally control how it is processed by your body. You simply eat food and allow it to be. That is "digestive grace."(chuckling) And in the same manner, dear friends, when you place something in your Oven of Grace, it takes care of itself. There is a natural balance. There is a natural fulfillment that takes place in this new energy.

< Creator 4 > While loosing her job initially brought fear to her, Taylor put that fear into the Oven of Grace. She allowed grace to handle her own fear of what she was going through. As she did this with new situation after new situation, she allowed divine grace to find the appropriate balance and resolution.

< Creator 4 > Dear friends, Taylor learned to trust herself. She was not turning her problems over to an angel or a guide or to Spirit. She was allowing the fulfillment within her own being. And indeed in this Lesson #4, "Create in Grace", you will also learn the beauty, the flow, the balance and the love of the grace that exists within you now. Up to now, you have not trusted in your divine grace. Also the energy of Earth has not been appropriate up to this time to truly utilize this energy. But now it is yours.

< Creator 5 > In the past, we have asked you to accept things. We have asked you to "allow" rather than to "effort." We were communicating to you on several levels. We were communicating that it was time for polarity to stop its game. We were communicating that it is time for the old balance of 2/3 and 1/3 to cease. We asked you in the past to take breaks, to do "no-thing," to be in a quiet space. For all of this time, the three marbles were learning to allow and accept the fourth marble.

< Creator 5 > What is happening is that the three original marbles are indeed trying to reject the fourth. They consider it an outside threat. This is one of the first times that the three original marbles are aligned and agreeing with each other! (chuckling) There are many changes that are occurring in this, for they are confused by the fourth element. They are testing the fourth element. They believe it is an impostor. They believe that it is coming from a place that does not serve the overall good of your being. They are trying to defend something within that has been precious to them - their existence of duality. With your "allowing," the fourth marble will be able to integrate faster and easier.

< Creator 6 > Now Jack sat quietly, and he listened for a long time. At first he tried to listen in ways he had been told to listen by others. This did not work so well. He found himself out searching again, even while he was trying to be quiet, out searching in his mind, trying the right technique or process. When he finally gave those up, when he finally began allowing and listening in no one else’s way but his own, did he then begin to hear the energy, the love, the longing and the passion of the part that had been left behind.

< Creator 6 > Jack sat quietly and listened within his being and allowed at the deepest levels. He allowed at the level that meant total release. He finally began to hear and finally began to understand. He finally began to integrate with all that he was, what you call your True Self. This is what some of you mistake for your guides, what some of you mistake for an outer energy, even Sananda, Yeshua ben Joseph. These are all ones who come to guide you and to work with you and to give you love, but dear friends, the integration and the inner discovery is of something far grander.

< Creator 6QA > We have spoken of the four and the marbles. We have spoken of the new balance. This balance occurs as the fourth element comes in. Lesson Six - Within you there is Divine Balance. This is the knowingness, the internal peace and understanding that all things will come into Divine Balance if you allow them to be, if you allow them to be. Within you is all of the capabilities and tools - you need to search no further outside. You simply need to allow this Divine Balance to resolve the issues in your life. It is important here to do this without limitation. When you threw your issues into the air tonight (during the channeling), this was symbolic of having no limitation of releasing.

< Creator 6QA > When you threw your issues into the air, they floated and suspended. In the old Earth energy, they would have dropped to the ground  Egravity would have pulled them - but we are telling you emphatically that things are changing. Release the limitations by allowing  Ea href="../G/grace.htm">grace E to work on the issues. Know that things will change. Allow the  Ea href="../C/cooling_off.htm">cooling off period Eand then release the issues as if to the wind. They will transform into gems of light. Then when you feel you are ready, collect and weave these former issues into your necklace of light.

< Creator 7QA > As you change the vibration of your inner being with the broad brush stroke, it changes the perception and the reality of things outside your house. In the old energy way of creating, you tried to tell your outer world how to be, what to look like and what it should give you. In the new energy, you go inside your house with the tools of grace and acceptance and allowing and trust. With these tools in your heart, take your brush and create the very new vibrations of balance and fulfillment.

< Creator 9QA > Accepting and allowing is also being in the "now," being in a state of grace, knowing your own divinity. When you create the broad brush stroke, there is no need for intent. You do not have to direct your new and emerging energy to any specific place. This will be the challenge for many of you. You will want to take that brush, and you will want to say, "Give me a relationship. Give me $1000.00. Give me one thing or another." This limits your divine power and its potential. Allowing, accepting, and knowing will become the energy of the day. After you create the broad stroke, after you add your passion to it, dear friends, simply sit back. The appropriate things will come knocking at your door. This will take much trust on your part!

< Creator 10 > The first three lessons were about "allowing." Allowing and accepting. Accepting all things as they are. Standing behind the short wall and then learning to accept yourself, perhaps the most challenging of all the lessons. Learning to accept yourself. That is why we spoke at length today about what you are going through; what you have been doing; the internal work you have been doing. You have given yourself grief because you thought you were spending too much time on yourself. We are here to tell you that perception is not accurate! It is about changing something far grander.

< Ascension 5 > What you should know is that it works… it works in the moment, and it works spontaneously. It works without effort. It works with ease. The reason why it worked for you the first time is because you simply let it, because you acknowledged your own divinity and your own God-self. And, then you let it come through. And, it did, as if by magic, but the magic is you. When you went back and tried to repeat the process, you were now in your intellect, and you were blocking the natural flow of this coming through. That is why you went into the wall. That is why you got frustrated.

< Ascension 9 > As you are transitioning into the New Energy, and you have experiences come up in your life, and you have questions come into your life, and challenges, go into the Void for a brief period of time. When you have a very pressing question on your mind, do not ask us. Do not even try to fill in the blank yourself. Oh, there is such a tendency with humans. When you are ready to release something, you want the answer to the new before you release. It does not work that way in the New Energy. Go into a void. We say "void," because you just allow it to be for a period of time.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear friends, when there is a challenge in your life, understand that you have already solved the problem. Your Divine Self has already solved it. When there are difficulties in your life, do not panic. Understand that the solution is already there. It is within you. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDE. This divinity wants to take care of you, wants to be with you, wants to handle everything. But it requires that you let go of the old ways of handling problems. Let go, as we say, release, and allow. The divine solution will come forth.

< NewEnergy 2QA > This is such a tenet of the New Energy - if you allow it, then so it is, if you allow it. If you allow the love of Spirit to be in your life, if you let go of the suffering, then it will be real. If allow yourself to be a Divine Human and take responsibility, then it will be so. If you allow yourself to feel once again, then it will be so.

< Embodiment 2 > It begins in the Now. And, don't ever forget this. You can't access The Field… you can't access the corridors of dimensionality if you are not in the Now because it will throw you off. It will throw you into a type of wind tunnel. It will throw you into a state of imbalance. You are here right now. From this source in this anchor of Now you can expand to the other dimensions. How do you do that? Oh, not by force and not by thinking. You can't think your way into the other dimensions. Sometimes you can force your way, but there is an equal and opposing force when you try to do that. It is about allowing and accepting. It is about knowing that you are not just the physical body. You're not limited to this identity in this lifetime. It is about giving yourself permission.

< discovery 2 > “You choose awakening and you allow enlightenment.” Well, in a way, you chose your awakening after lifetimes of studying religion, spirituality. You chose it when you were saying that you’re tired of being here, that something has to give. You chose it by this lifetime expression of yours. You chose it by wanting more. Now, the fact is you might have read my book or another book and thought that that was the moment of the awakening. But no, it started a long, long time before that. Then you started to go through this awakening process, and there were many, many chances along the way for you to say, “No, it’s not for me. I want to stop here” – up until a point of no return.

< discovery 2 > I say that You choose awakening and you allow enlightenment. It's very true, because you get to this certain point, so many of you have experienced the dark night of the soul, going into the void, feeling so into nothing – nothing around you other than yourself – and at a certain point, you simply come into allowing. You realize that there are no plans or programs anymore. There is you, and it comes down to allowing that, allowing yourself. And as you do, it's also allowing the increased sense of awareness, the increased sense of perception. Allowing everything that you've ever experienced. Allowing it to come to you in a very, very different way than it ever has before. Allowing yourself to embody yourself. Allowing yourself to be present in this reality and allowing energies to serve you.

< discovery 2 > Allowing the enlightenment. Suddenly, it's like having been tied up, bound and restricted with a limited amount of air that you can breathe, so you're very compressed and suppressed. And finally you break through that and it's an allowing. Suddenly, the air just flows and you don't even have to work on the breath. Suddenly, life is just there in a flow for you.

< Discovery 6 > The greatest rescue remedy of all is going to be something very simple. It's allowing. I'm going to ask you to start allowing. Now, you can't force yourself to allow. You can't do allowing like you used to do meditation or some of you even did breathing. It became a discipline. You cannot really do allowing as a discipline. It simply is. Allowing is letting down the resistance, the barriers, the mind games, the thoughts, the defensive systems and mechanisms you put around yourself, the fences that you put even in your physical energy field, but also in your mental energy field. Allowing is just that. It's taking a deep breath without any ifs, ands or buts about it, and just allowing.

< Discovery 6 > What are you allowing? Your Self. Your divinity. The I Am. You're not allowing me. You're not allowing Yeshua, Buddha, any of those other beings. You're allowing yourself. Allowing isn't something you think your way through. It simply is. It's that Yo Soy El Punto – “I allow. I allow.” And in doing so, without having to think it through, you're also allowing energies to serve you. You're allowing clearings to take place, because there is a chance, a very good chance, you're going to accumulate junky energy from time to time. It's allowing a spirit wash. But not Spirit (God) but spirit (your own).

< Discovery 6 > Allowing is the greatest tool when you get in trouble, when you're in storms whatever metaphors you want to use for it. When you sometimes will go back, try to resort to the mind, take a deep breath and allow. Take five minutes. Listen to some music. Go for a walk, take a shower, whatever. Allow. Allow. Don't think about it. Don't think if you're doing allowing right either. It is just what it is. It's so simple. Each night when you go to bed and you lay your head down, instead of running all the tapes through your mind of what happened during the day and what's going to happen tomorrow and all the projects you have, take a deep breath and just allow. It's going into the space of, I would call, all things, but it's no thing; that space of simply allowing.

< Discovery 6 > Allowing is simplicity. Allowing is something that you haven't done in a long time, a long, long time. Fighting, struggling, battling, trying to figure things out, yes. But allowing, no. Allowing is going to be one of your greatest tools. Take a good deep breath into the allowing. Remember, you're not allowing anything outside of you. You're not allowing the cosmos or the divine feminine or any of that. You're not allowing anything but yourself. You see, what it really means is you're allowing you to finally be you. That's it.

< Discovery 8 > Now, as you allow, it's like opening parts of you. As you allow, it's like if you would immerse a large ball into a pool of water, and as you do, the water comes up over the edges because you've brought something down into that space – you brought basically yourself into this space by allowing – it's going to kick out some other things. It's going to clear out some other things. So there is kind of a residual effect of allowing. It gets rid of all the junk. Ultimately, the allowing brings all of you in; you could say, your divine, the I Am. Ultimately, that's all that's going to be in this vessel, using the analogy of like a pool or a big bucket of water.

< Discovery 8 > Suddenly, by you allowing, it's going to move out everything that is not you, everything that's foreign. So you have this kind of interesting effect taking place, and sometimes, again, the thoughts come in. You say, “What's happening? Why are these things …?” It's because you're allowing. You know, allowing is allowing. It's not like just letting a little in and then trying to manage that. That's what happens in allowing. It's like, “Well, I'll allow, but I'll just do a little, and then I'm going to try to manage it.” Oh no. Allowing is allowing.

< Discovery 8 > Because there are those who are still wanting to have thoughts, little fart bubbles, chase after other thoughts and round them up, collect them, control them and now you just have even more of a mess – more thought and more separation. Take a deep breath and you allow. You're allowing yourself. You're allowing a natural process of basically unconnecting, disconnecting all of the thoughts that have linked together, creating kind of a strange bond with each other, but yet creating a huge veil or a huge illusion. They cannot stay connected in their dysfunctional way – your thoughts – the moment you start allowing.

< Discovery 8 > With allowing, it's basically a solvent for the glue that's locked together a lot of thoughts. It starts to disconnect them. The glue was the belief that this was real, and when you start allowing, the glue starts dissolving. You don't have to do anything. Don't get in there with little scrub brushes and little squirt cans and try to … you'll get so lost in your thoughts, literally, that they will absorb you. So what do you do? You sit back. You don't even have to address the thoughts themselves. You don't have to think about your thoughts, because that's not so good. You take a deep breath, and you allow.

< Discovery 8 > What are you allowing? Everything. And there's no negotiation in the allowing, because suddenly, if you start negotiating you're thinking, and that thought about allowing – which is actually very limited at that point – is actually going to go and just gobble up other thoughts. So you just stop for a moment and allow. One could say you're allowing truth, and the only truth is you. You're also a lot of untruths – matter of fact, mostly untruths – and that's all right. It's very understandable, because as you pass through this corridor, this dimension, this experience, you do accumulate a lot of things that are not yours. You accumulate a lot of thoughts. You accumulate emotions. You accumulate even experiences that actually really aren't yours.

< Discovery 8 > So you take a deep breath and you laugh and you just allow, because passing through is a natural process. The experience of living, true living, is all natural. The disconnecting of the thoughts, in other words, letting down the illusion, is natural. You can't break the illusion with yet another illusion, and that's what so many have tried in the past. That's what we call makyo, and that's what happens as one starts coming into their mastery – a lot of more illusions to go after other illusions. Create another illusion to go chasing after those.” Now you just have more illusions, more fart bubbles in the game. That's all you're doing, until you stop, take a deep breath and allow.

< Kharisma 2 > This thing of enlightenment, realization – there's nothing new. It's about realization. It's about allowing. It's not about trying to figure something out anymore. You're going to get in trouble doing that. It's allowing yourself to experience and to feel all of it. Not just that one tree in the forest anymore, but everything that you are. I know that you have a heartfelt desire to do that. But I also know you have an intense fear. I know that you have intense concerns about that. I'm not here to actually guide you to enlightenment. There is really nothing that I can actually teach you, not at all. Ultimately, the enlightenment is about you allowing yourself to realize it. The realization comes with allowing, comes with relaxing.

< Kharisma 8 > The thing to do then is to allow. Is to allow. You're allowing yourself, your Spirit, your I Am-ness. When you try these other things that you sometimes do, you try to hold on to clichés, you try to hold on to old identities, things that might have even worked in the past, it creates a resistance, which makes it even more painful. It perhaps satisfies the mind for a moment and part of you that thinks then you're doing something. But if you want to do anything, just allow. You're allowing you, your divine, your true nature. And yes, there will be times when you get that awful feeling of losing everything, falling into that darkness of nothing. But, my friends, you emerge from that in true full awareness of the I Am. It is you.

< Transhuman 3 > Allowing means getting out of your way, getting out of the human way. There is a natural evolution, natural cycles that, when one allows, will bring in new levels of light, literal light into that body of yours; light that will take you out of patterns, even when the human is still trying to hold on to it, if you allow. And I say light, again, because light is – we're not talking about the lights of the sun or the studio here – but it is the movement of the passion of the I Am. It's light, and this light then attracts energy. The energy is what literally changes the structures and the mechanics and the outer world, but it's the light let into the body that will change the patterns of the body. It's the light that's allowed, eventually, into the mind that changes the mind.

< Wings 2 > You're really not Allowing, because there's still so much misconception about Allowing. “Allowing: The world gets to walk all over me.” That is not Allowing. Allowing is only about you, you, yourself, the divine, the Master, whatever you want to call it. Only about those two elements. You, human, allowing Master. They come together. You see in that little diagram there wasn't your brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and people at work or anybody else. You're not allowing the rest of the world. This (middle finger) to the rest to the world (some laughter). That means go your own way (more chuckles as he gestures again). It's not about allowing anything but you and the divine, you and the Master, you and the I Am. That's it. Nothing else. Not allowing the world to be a better place. No!

< Wings 5 > The most important of all is Allowing. Allowing means, dear human, get out of your way. Dear human, open the doors and the windows. Unlock them and open them and allow the Master in. Not just a little bit, not just a foot in the door, not just a breeze in the window, but allow. And that's going to be tough. We've talked a lot about Allowing, but there's still tremendous resistance. For some of you Allowing has gotten to be a mental concept, rather than opening the doors and the windows, because the human fears, fears what may come. “What is the Master? Is the Master just superhuman?”

< Wings 9 > Allowing means letting go, opening up, allowing You, the Master, what some of you have called your divinity, the I Am, in. It means the mind is not in control, nor does it need to be. But Allowing is, well, it's just that – allowing your Self, your true Self – maybe not knowing what's going to happen next or what's coming in. But, being so bold and daring, you're not even worried about attracting dark energies and letting them come in, because, well, first of all, you're not going to. Secondly, from dealing with yourself, you know how to deal with dark energies now (a few chuckles). I mean, you know how they work, how they move, what the games that they play. So you were so bold and courageous to allow your Self, not about allowing the rest of the world, but to allow You. That probably made the biggest difference of anything that we've done together, just that Allowing.

< Wings 9 > Initially, a lot of you worked hard on your Allowing. You treated it like another discipline, another kind of a method. Then you realized that, oh, allowing is just, you take a deep breath. You don't have to focus on it. You just allow, and what happens is so quiet and you wonder, “Well, is anything happening?” It's so quiet, but you begin to realize that the Master, the I Am, it's not about energy. It's about consciousness. And, because it's not about energy, there's no great big movement. You don't feel like this cascade of energy coming into you. It's very, very quiet. So quiet, so subtle that the mind might not even know it's happening. But you do. You're allowing your Self. Not an outside God, no spirit guides or archangels or anything like that. You are allowing all that you are, everything. Let's take a moment and just allow right now … you just take a deep breath … and the Master continues to enter, and you come back to who you really are.

< Wings 9 > It's without fear, without resistance, not even trying to control it. It's not about allowing energy, not about allowing a glorified human. It's about you, just allowing You. You see, you don't have to work at it. It's like, “Oh, yeah. I allow.” That opens the spaces within you. That even opens the mind and the body. The body to allow itself to go beyond the ancestral body, to bring in the Free Energy body. That Allowing that you've done ultimately has caused the mind to reposition itself so that it's no longer having to be the dominant force. It's no longer having to be addicted to energy. The mind kind of moves to the back. At first there's resistance, yes, and there'll still be some, but the mind just kind of makes room for the wisdom, for the knowingness, and that's what's happening when you're allowing right now.

< Wings 9 > The merabhs play an important part. They actually integrate everything that's happening, particularly in the Allowing. And, again, the Allowing is a very quiet, graceful process. Your body's not going to start twitching and shaking and getting imbalanced. You're just allowing, so it comes very gracefully. I love Allowing, and it's gotten us to where we are now, where we can really talk about creation, and this is where it gets fun. All the rest of it's been a little hard. But this is where it gets really fun when we go into our own creations. You're going to be experiencing your own creations in the embodied human form. You're also going to be experiencing the multidimensional nature of creations that just aren't on this reality level, but they expand out. And that's where it gets colorful, fun, dynamic, amazing.

< Wings 9 > It's also where you're going to have a little bit of sadness, a little bit of that melancholy sadness, “Why did it take me so long to get here? Why did I resist? Why did I have to try to do everything through a limited mind, rather than just allowing? How many lifetimes did it take to get here?” But after you go through that initial sadness – why it took so long – then you'll start bringing in the wisdom, the beauty of all the experiences, even the challenging experiences of awakening, the rude experiences of awakening.

< Wings 9 > It was Allowing that brought us here, that's got to this point where we can say, “We are now ready for creation.” That is the Atlantean Dream, to be here embodied and creating. It's one thing just to say, “Okay, I made it to mastery. I'm embodied. I'm here.” But without the creation portion of that, the conscious creation – I Am Creation – it's actually almost not worth staying. And many of you have wondered about that in the past, “Why should I stay?” Some of you are still going through that dilemma. “Why should I stay? Geez, okay. I'm going to allow myself the mastery, the wisdom, all the other stuff. I'm going to drop all the old processing, energy addictions and all the rest. But why should I stay?” The answer is creation. To be creating from within your creation. To be conscious in the I Am Creation, the creation of the I Am, and to be there as the human Master and to create. That's the reason for staying.

< Wings 10 > Ultimately, from here forward, it's all just about Allowing. And it's really quite amazing, because, you could say, Allowing is now in the coasting mode, the natural, the autopilot mode. Allowing, you don't go out and do your daily disciplines. Allowing, you don't have to go on some strange diet. You don't have to follow a guru, none of that. It is you and You and You – yourself, the human of experience, the Master of wisdom, the I Am of Presence – whewww! – just allowing all that. No more studying, no more working, no more stressing, no more makyo. It's all about Allowing. it's the most precious gift you can give yourself right now. Allowing Self, allowing the integration of the Master and the I Am Presence. That's it. It doesn't come through any hard work, mental exercises, mantras or anything else at this point. It is all through Allowing a very natural process. That's it.

< Emergence 1 > We've done our work, you've done your work, and it's been about releasing; when you come to the core of it, about releasing and Allowing. Not replacing one ritual, one mind trap for another, but just letting it all go. And in letting it go, ultimately about letting it go to wisdom. You wonder, when you release, where it goes. When you release the wounds, when you release the layers and layers of structures and patterns, sitting in the same chair, you wonder where it goes. It goes to wisdom. And when you allow, you allow that wisdom to come right here. Right here.

< Emergence-3 > It's not what you believe. The mind can make up all sorts of beliefs. It's not about that. Your beliefs are not going to get you much of anywhere, except in a box. It is rather about what you allow, what you're willing to open yourself to. And allowing, of course, is the openness between you and the I Am, you and the Master, allowing this integration to occur, allowing them into your life. It's not what you believe. Beliefs are entanglements, for the most part, delusions. Beliefs are limited. Beliefs are very temporary. It's not what you believe, it's what you allow. And what you're really allowing is the greatest love story to be told. Not the greatest love story that was ever told, but the greatest love story to be told between you and You, you and the I Am.

< Emergence 7 > It's not a belief at all. Allowing is saying, “I'm going to quiet myself for just a moment and open to the potentials” – it's the And – “those that I may not see right now,” because you are going to be coming aware of so many more potentials. And, with Allowing, getting some of these monolith old beliefs out of the way, with the help of the dragon. The Allowing is just that. It's opening yourself up to what's there, but currently not in awareness. The Allowing is saying, “I'm going to get out of my way” so the I Am, the Master, the true expression of a human, a human not burdened with the aspects of old beliefs, can start to be aware of, to realize things and start to play with energy.

< Emergence 7 > The human who has hit the wall, doesn't know what to do next, has exhausted themselves mentally, trying to figure out every human solution, but they're looking in such a little belief-oriented way, little tight way. But they're lost. They're trapped. They're at the end of their wits, they've hit the wall, and then they take a deep breath and say, “Ah! I just allow.” That opens the pathways that FM right now is helping all of you to open, of communication between the Master, the human, the I Am. It's opening the pathways to intuition and to the very wisdom that's sitting there right now.