passing through

the consciousness of just passing through;  the consciousness of a Master;
A Master is always just passing through;

< Discovery 8 > I'm just passing through on my way to another dimension, on my way to another experience. No lessons for me. I got done with those a long time ago. I'm just passing through, because I can. I'm just passing through because, ah, it's sensual, it's beautiful, it's damn amusing. I'm just passing through. Nothing holds me back. Nothing sticks me in place. Nothing makes me forget who I am.

< Discovery 8 > And my dear Master friends, it should be that same way for you, that consciousness of just passing through. That's all you're doing. You're just passing through this experience on this planet Earth; just passing through, going through a beautiful experience. Just passing through, and that's the consciousness of a Master. A Master is always just passing through. You're not living this lifetime just to die and go off to heaven or purgatory, hell, wherever. That's what the consciousness of humanity thinks. Far weighted to that. It's like you have this lesson-laden life here on this planet and then you die, and that's kind of it. And then you go to this place or no place at all. A Master is free of that. The Master is always just passing through.

< Discovery 8 > It's the most difficult thing to do – get out of this mind – because the mind doesn't believe you're just passing through. It believes that this is it. The mind believes its thoughts, and the thoughts are not real. The mind believes in its beliefs, and the beliefs are not real. Getting out of the mind into the true knowingness, into the essence, is perhaps the most difficult thing for any human going into their mastery. And the most difficult part of that is when you are right in between, when you're still thought oriented.

< Discovery 8 >  But you can no longer negotiate living with yourself. You can't. And you're going to try, like I said, and it's going to hurt, and then you're finally going to just allow. You're just going to allow yourself to live. You're just passing through this amazing dimension and planet. This is a real dilemma and you'll see in a few minutes how you take all the energies that are around right now in the world anyway and what's going on within you and brrfff! You've got this collision that's happening. And the good news is that you're just passing through, you know.

< Discovery 8 > So you take a deep breath and you laugh and you just allow, because passing through is a natural process. The experience of living, true living, is all natural. The disconnecting of the thoughts, in other words, letting down the illusion, is natural. You can't break the illusion with yet another illusion, and that's what so many have tried in the past. That's what we call makyo, and that's what happens as one starts coming into their mastery – a lot of more illusions to go after other illusions. Create another illusion to go chasing after those.” Now you just have more illusions, more fart bubbles in the game. That's all you're doing, until you stop, take a deep breath and allow.