compromising / negotiation

giving yourself away;

allowing outside situations and circumstances to be the guiding force;

< Clarity 8 > You find yourself not having to draw on other people or draw on other outside energies for your own. Therefore, you are not ever compromising or sacrificing yourself to get what you need. So much of human life right now, with most humans, is this whole game of compromising, of giving and taking, of trying to find new ways to get energy and limited ways to give it back out. It's a continual game that goes on and on and on between humans. Can you imagine, Shaumbra, not having to play that game? Not having to rely on anyone or anything else for your energy, for your sustenance? Simply having it within yourself.

< Clarity 8 > Not even having to play games with the angels or spirit. Not having to wonder if you have too many sins on your list, if you've done the right thing or the wrong thing. Not having to rely on the angels or guides to tell you what to do or to give you energy packets. Imagine being so independent that you have it all within. What a blessing. That's where you are going right now. That's where we are all going together as Shaumbra. Delightful. It's a new way to experience joy in your life.

< Teacher 8 > We're going to share something with you we shared in a small group of Shaumbra recently, something that - how to say - goes against the grain of contemporary consciousness. We're going to tell you Shaumbra, do not compromise anymore. Do not compromise anymore. One of the reasons for the disassociation with your soul between the human self and the soul self has been the human propensity to compromise over and over. Your energies and your body are highly compromised. The energies and your mind are so compromised that you don't even know or remember who you are. You've compromised yourself.

< Teacher 8 > We're talking about when you compromise your core values to either try to appease other people or more likely because you're afraid of being your own I AM and because you're searching for your Self, your awareness, in other people or outside of you. You compromise when you search outside of you. Period. I want that put on a pen (laughter) because humans love pens for some reason. (more laughter, Tobias chuckling)

< Teacher 8 > You compromise yourself when you search outside of you for the answers. You compromise yourself when you are always giving in to other people and letting them come and feed on you. You compromise yourself when you have a core belief or a core passion, something that excites you but you're afraid to expose it to the world so you notch it back twenty gears. You compromise yourself when you know something, but then the doubt comes in. You hold back.

< Teacher 8QA > You can find an abundance flow very easily if you are in your passion. If you have developed the relationship with your Self, then all of these things come easily and naturally. You don't have to worry about them. The abundance is there. This is a universal principle. It's the law of attraction. It's something that Abraham talks about quite a bit. If you're interested in more information about this natural law of attraction, this is one of the areas that Abraham is focused on with their teachings. When you are in your passion, when you are listening and not compromising your Self, the abundance is there. It takes care of all of this debt.

< Teacher 9 > What is compromise at your inner level? Compromise is basically a limitation. Compromise can come about through things like fear or uncertainty or what we would call perhaps even old belief systems about right and wrong, about what you should and shouldn't do. Compromise is when you dilute yourself, when you give yourself away, when you allow others to take away from you. Compromise is when you know what it's like to feel within yourself - you know where your center and your core is - but then you pretend that you don't. You allow outside situations and circumstances to then be the guiding force in your life.

< Teacher 9 > Compromise is when you say that "I'm a creator" but when in truth you only feel you're a small creator - a little creator. You feel that all of these influences around your life are grander creators than you. That is compromise. You are either a creator, full and pure, or you're not a creator. If you're not a creator, you are a victim. If you're not a creator, you are absolutely a victim. A victim of everything else - other people, mass consciousness, the aliens, anything outside of you - you become the victim. You give your energy away. No compromise means understanding, remembering and accepting who you are, accepting that you are God also, not compromising it, not going part way.

< Teacher 9 > As we take our next step into New Energy, which is not definable, you can't go in it with compromise. You can't go in it part way. You open up totally into it. So continue to work with this energy of no compromise. Continue to take a look in your life, because sometimes ... sometimes it hides itself. Sometimes it plays games with you. Sometimes you convince yourself that you need to compromise in order to survive. Sometimes this whole compromise energy gets you so low in your own personal energy, you don't even recognize that you're doing it.

< Teacher 9 > The compromise is something you're going to recognize in your mind, but you're mostly going to recognize it in your feelings and in your heart. Sometimes you're not going to be able to understand exactly what's taking place, but you can truly feel when you are compromising. As I said in our last Shoud, your energy plummets. You feel you have betrayed yourself. You feel that you're small instead of grand. That's what happens when you compromise.

< Teacher 9 > Take a look at your own personal life, your job situation. Look at the compromises you make there, and why are you compromising? I've told you before and I'm going to tell you again - sooner or later, Shaumbra, you're going to have to work for yourself. Sooner or later. So you compromise. You think you need the job for a check to feed you, to feed your family. You think you need it because there's nothing else out there for you. You compromise and say, "Well, when such and such happens then perhaps I'll leave. When I have all of this business come to me and I'm guaranteed that I will have plenty of work in my new venture, then I will leave." That's compromise.

< Teacher 9 > And what's going to happen is, because of the way energy works, you're never going to attain it, and then you're going to get frustrated. Your energy is going to get very low, your physical body will respond accordingly - and then you come back to party with us. But you're not going to be happy about the events that took place to get you here. This whole energy of compromise is so important as we go into the next level.

< e2012 3 > Don't take second best for you anymore. And you've absolutely been doing it - "Well, this is good enough." No, it's not. Do you really deserve second best? I mean, between you and yourself, would you give you or yourself second best? Absolutely not. So don't do it. Don't tolerate it. And, as I said a number of years ago, don't negotiate with others. This is the way it is for you. Don't negotiate a lack of quality. You all start out with quality in your life - with love and with this beautiful, sensual nature, and then you negotiate yourself out of it with other people. You give it away. Don't! Not at all. And, again, I don't care if you are 25 years old, if you're 50 or 80 years old. It's never too late. Never too late.

< Discovery 8 > You know, it's one thing to negotiate with others, and that's bad enough, but to negotiate with yourself? Who's the winner there? Nobody! It's one of those things that – it's amusing almost; almost amusing – that a human would try to negotiate with themselves. There's no winners. There's two losers. So you negotiate living, and it's not going to work anymore, because you have a taste of what living is. But living is an essence. It's a feeling. Live! Open up! Open up the feelings. Live! Live. But when I say that, when I ask you to imagine yourself for a moment really living, what happens? Suddenly, it's like, “Oh living!” And then, “Whoaa, but what if?” “What if?”

< Discovery 8 > But you can no longer negotiate living with yourself. You can't. And you're going to try, like I said, and it's going to hurt, and then you're finally going to just allow. You're just going to allow yourself to live. You're just passing through this amazing dimension and planet. This is a real dilemma and you'll see in a few minutes how you take all the energies that are around right now in the world anyway and what's going on within you and brrfff! You've got this collision that's happening. And the good news is that you're just passing through, you know.

< Discovery 8 > Because I contend that thoughts also take life out of life. They really do. They're the things that you negotiate with yourself with. It's one thought negotiating with another thought. It's like one bad flatulence negotiating with another flatulence, and they both stink. I'm sorry to be … they both stink. So you have thoughts trying to negotiate and trying to control other thoughts, and let's take a feel into it for a moment. Let's take a feel into thoughts. Where do they originate from? Well, scientists will say they come from your brain. No, actually they don't. They do not come from your brain. The brain does not have emotional thoughts at all. It cranks out facts and figures. It pulls up historical data when emotional thought calls on it. Where do these thoughts come from? Yeah. Big mystery. Big mystery.