Yo Soy El Punto / I am the point


< Discovery 6 > And even if you don't feel that way right now, even if you have doubts and are questioning it, even if you're thinking, “Well, maybe I'll get there. Maybe I have a little bit of Master. Maybe I'm 42 percent Master right now,” fake it. Like I said, just act it, because there is an energy dynamic associated with consciousness that moves the energies, aligns it towards you. You just start acting like a Master. You start acting in consciousness and then it's there. Yo Soy El Punto. I am the point.” The minute you choose it, you become it. “Yo Soy El Punto. I am this now.” (snap!) You don't think about how you're going to get there. You don't wonder if you got there. You don't question if it's of value getting there. You don't wonder if you have the capability or the talent. “Yo Soy El Punto. I am that point. I become it.”

< Discovery 6 > What are you allowing? Your Self. Your divinity. The I Am. You're not allowing me. You're not allowing Yeshua, Buddha, any of those other beings. You're allowing yourself. Allowing isn't something you think your way through. It simply is. It's that Yo Soy El Punto – “I allow. I allow.” And in doing so, without having to think it through, you're also allowing energies to serve you. You're allowing clearings to take place, because there is a chance, a very good chance, you're going to accumulate junky energy from time to time. It's allowing a spirit wash. But not Spirit (God) but spirit (your own).