playing / acting / role-playing / game-playing

acting out;  activation;  energizing;  expressing;
playing a role/game/story/scenariofaking;
human identity;  human aspect;

< Embodiment 9 > You see… on our side of the veil we believe in playing. We're not locked into one role or one identity for the most part. So, we play, and we can present ourselves in different ways to you. Today I come in differently than two months ago or one month ago of time. And, I ask you to feel the difference in the energy. I ask you to feel how we are all working on this together. As was said before, I needed to come in very strongly several months ago to help break you out of the trance state, to help shake things up a bit. It was a role I was playing.

< Embodiment 9 > It's a wonderful thing if humans could play, could do more role-playing with each other, with yourselves. But, yet you get so caught up in your identity and reality that you don't even want to role-play. Act out when you have your Shaumbra meetings. Act out. Play different roles and different stories. Then, you will begin to see how easy it is to move in and out. We do that all the time on our side.

< Embodiment 9 > Someone who had crossed over quite recently said to us when they discovered what we were really about… they said, "Isn't it untrue to play all of these different roles, to change your energy so much?" And, we had to laugh, and said, "It is being untrue to yourself when you're locked into one identity." Can you be many? Can you wake up each day with a new identity and a new role to play? It is a wonderful thing to be an actor on this stage of the 3-D. On our side of the veil we are not locked into an identity. I'm not Saint-Germain here. I'm more Adamus than anything. That is more of a complete name. But, we play; we role-play back and forth. And, we encourage you to do the same. You'll begin to understand it's all a game. It's all illusion. And, it's all a phenomenal part of Creatorship.

< Clarity 6QA > St. Germain talked at one time about acting and role playing, and he said to truly understand who you are, begin acting. Begin developing new roles for yourself. Give yourself a new name if you want, legal or not legal. Pretend that you are different things - act out.

So, dare yourself. Role play. Act it out. Imagine … and then let it be. It's an amazing thing. It's a fun thing. And again, sometimes Shaumbra you're embarrassed to role play, to act a little different. You're afraid too that you might - how to say - become one of these dysfunctional multi-personality disorder people. But again, play with it. Role play being multidimensional. Role play being a multi-disorder person for awhile. See what that feels like and see how your own spiritual resiliency brings you back in. Play around with different aspects and characters and do this in the next 30 days. Role play - see how that feels.

You don't have to do it with anyone else. You can do it for yourself. Wake up some morning and imagine that you are a brilliant … oh, you already are … (little laughter). Imagine that you are whatever you want to be and then let that probability and potential enter into your life. You're going to be amazed at, first of all, what a grand creator that you are. And I'm speaking to all of you. You're going to be amazed at what a grand creator in imagining you are. You're going to be amazed at how easily you can create hypnotic overlays for yourself that you even believe yourself. And you're going to be amazed at how you can always come back to your own - what you would call - Soul or Center. It's an amazing thing.

< Clarity 8QA > Saint-Germain loves playing different roles. He adapts different characters depending on the audience. He will often come to Shaumbra as being - how to say - quite regal, and some would call arrogant, because he is trying to give you a little bit of shock value to get you out of the lull or the comfort level that you're in. But he actually is one of the sweetest and dearest beings and he has a heart of gold. He did not create it from rocks. He has a true heart of gold with such tremendous compassion for humans, particularly those humans who are desiring to go through a process that he went through; how to liberate yourself and how to discover what the true nature of God and Spirit is in you.

< Clarity 9 > You believe yourself to be destitute - it is only part of the truth. You're going to be learning that "destitute"... that poverty and abundance actually are the same thing. The same energy, Shaumbra, the same energy. You've been playing a game that they're separate. You've been acting them out different but it is all the same. You are spiritual physicists of the highest order.

< Master 1 > Acting is wonderful. I would encourage each and every one of you to begin doing it. They're just aspects of yourself, but aspects that love you and you love them and they come back. You start creating these characters of self and you realize how fluid energy in creation really is. But when you're stuck in that tightly defined character of yourself and you're afraid to let go, you will keep repeating your patterns over and over.

< Master 1 > We're going to be working with this totem, this animal that you helped to imagine, and it's coming from you. It's part of this role of acting. This is a being who's going to be your dear friend, your servant, your pet. It's going to understand you. You're going to be able to send it out. When you are occupied with normal human things, you're going to be able to send out this part of you to do other things in your past and in your future and in the other dimensions.

< (Next) 3 > Your soul self wants to be with you, and you've called out for it. And when you did, that brought about a dynamic that's unstoppable, and it's going to happen. And thank god that there's wisdom in your soul that's going to … now, your soul didn't create these accidents, but it was an energy between you and your divine, an energy that was put out there and brings back the manifested experiences to make this all possible, and will continue to bring those experiences in.

Now, what gets in the way? That humanoid aspect. That human aspect that doesn't like change, that doesn't want to move forward. That human aspect that doesn't believe its own self. It really doesn't. It doesn't believe itself, because the human aspect is not real. It's manufactured. It's an act, and it really doesn't believe itself because it knows it's an act, but unfortunately you don't know it's an act - yet.

< (Next) 10 > Get over all these abundance things. That's your old act, abundance issues. It is. Every time you have an abundance issue, instead of going and griping at somebody, remind yourself it's just an act. It's your old act. What's your new act? And acts are good. Being an actor is great. It's all about it. It's what this Earth is for. Acting! Discovering! Experiencing!

< (Next) 10 > If you can get over your identity (role) - which is the scariest thing for this act that you're playing because it doesn't know what happens next - and if suddenly you get over your identity and understand you're not really who you think you are, well, that identity has a little bit of an issue. That identity is saying, "Well then we're going to die." It's just an act or acting out. "Then we'll die! We'll go out of existence, and …" No. No, don't listen to that act or that aspect. Listen to the I Am.

< (Next) 10 > Everything else (but I Am) is an act. Everything else is just for fun. Everything else is part of an experience. But instead of being unaware of who created the experience, instead of being unaware of why the experience, instead of being unaware of how you get out of the experience, suddenly it all comes together. It all starts to make intuitive divine sense. Not human sense. It will not make human sense, but it will make divine sense.

< (Next) 10 > Get over yourself. That means get on the other side of yourself. Get over Pete, meaning get on the other side and be able to look at Pete and say, "What a great act. Now, what do I want to change that act into? Or do I want a whole new act?" The interesting amazing thing is, right now - you haven't been able to do this up to now - but right now you can do about a dozen acts at one time without going multiple. There's a fine line there! You're aware of them. A multiple such as Aandrah works with, and you all have it to an extent, is not aware. They are pushing and shoving for who's going to be in front stage, center stage.

< (Next) 10 > The New Energy multiple, the Shaumbra multiple can be doing a dozen acts at one time, all in center stage; no longer competing for energy or attention; fully aware of all the shifting and changing, and doing it like a maestro, doing it with grace and ease and pulling up the ones that they want, refining the other ones, throwing a few off stage every now and then. When you can get to that point, my dear loved ones, when you can get over yourself, then you will start to be yourself, once and for all.

< freedom 5 > Actually, abundance is just an attitude, as is mastery, as are your dreams. You start walking those dreams, being in those dreams. Not keeping them out there, but just being in them right here. It's a very natural, spiritual, universal principle. If you act it, you are it. It's that simple. And then realize you can start acting anything you want. You can start acting healthy, strong. You can start acting clear, like you really know what you want. You can start acting, and you realize you can change the act whenever you want. Every day can be a new act. That is the joy of freedom! Anything you want – It's very, very real.

< freedom 5 > Everything that an Ascended Master does is just an act for the sake of acting or experiencing or just being, because every time you act, it is an expression of beingness, an expression of yourself. Joyful expression. Every time you act, when you do it without holding back, without limits, at first it brings up the issue of trust. Can you trust yourself to act like something that you haven't been conditioned to be? Can you trust yourself just to act like anything and that you're always going to come back to your I Am-ness?

< Discovery 6 > And even if you don't feel that way right now, even if you have doubts and are questioning it, even if you're thinking, “Well, maybe I'll get there. Maybe I have a little bit of Master. Maybe I'm 42 percent Master right now,” fake it. Like I said, just act it, because there is an energy dynamic associated with consciousness that moves the energies, aligns it towards you. You just start acting like a Master. You start acting in consciousness and then it's there. Yo Soy El Punto. I am the point.” The minute you choose it, you become it. “Yo Soy El Punto. I am this now.” (snap!) You don't think about how you're going to get there. You don't wonder if you got there. You don't question if it's of value getting there. You don't wonder if you have the capability or the talent. “Yo Soy El Punto. I am that point. I become it.”

< Kharisma 2 > The beauty of this nothingness is that it frees you. Frees you to the true act of consciousness. In other words, dear former Patrick, anything that you choose henceforth, any consciousness that you choose, therefore can act out. You see, before in this very limited state of Patrick, it wasn't an act. It was the only reality. You didn't view yourself as acting. You viewed yourself as just living. But when one finally allows their realization, it's like freeing your consciousness. And at that moment, you can act, you can be anything you want. You can be a magician, a magi. You can be a simpleton. You can be them together at the same time.

< kharisma 9 > It's all an act, you see, and if you act a little pompous, it's better than acting like “Ohhh, I'm a victim.” Try it! Act a little. You start acting that way and you know what? The energy gets delivered to you that way. That's kind of a weird thing. It's called – Act of Consciousness. It's all here. You act like you're ready for ascension or enlightenment, guess what? It's there. It's all an act, and you can act any way you want. You can act eccentric and – oh, you already do. You can act like you are so together, and even if that human part of you goes, “Oh, you're faking it.” “I don't care! So are you, stupid human part. You're faking it. I'm going to act like I'm really together, that I'm abundant. I'm going to act like my health is good, that I've got this youthful vibrant body.” It's all an act, and the moment you start believing that, well, you're faking it, the moment you start buying into your act as only a human of limitations, you've got a long, long, long way to go.