pakauwah / totem animal

an aspect of yourself;

< Master 1 > We're going to be working with this totem, this animal that you helped to imagine, and it's coming from you. It's part of this role of acting. This is a being who's going to be your dear friend, your servant, your pet. It's going to understand you. You're going to be able to send it out. When you are occupied with normal human things, you're going to be able to send out this part of you to do other things in your past and in your future and in the other dimensions.

< Master 1 > This totem is also going to help - protect is not the right word, Cauldre - it's going to keep you aware of energies all around you. Yes, there are some very dark energies, very manipulative energies out there on Earth right now, and they're actually intensifying. They actually would like to come in and strike fear in you, because that's the way they feed. They actually like to get your energy in a place where they can manipulate it. These are nonphysical for the most part, but there are physical beings too who are still practicing some of these dark arts. They haven't learned yet that it just works against them. But your totem is going to help keep you aware of energies all around, in the dimensions right around you and the dimensions that extend a long way out.

< Master 1 > It will start developing. You'll start developing. Don't be surprised if it's something totally different. And then start to breathe into it. Breathe your life into it. It is you. Start imagining exactly what it looks like, but understand it could change. It could develop. Start feeling into its attributes and how it can soar or crawl into the other dimensions; how it can explore for you; how it can be in constant vigilant service to you.

< Master 1 > Pakauwah is the ancient name for this. This animal spirit of yours - we're going to have some amazing experiences with it. As we get into this, you're going to understand, really, this is the time of … this is why you came here to Earth. Not to get over other lifetimes, but to actually work with the New Energy. And when we start working, first indirectly, with the other Ascended Masters who are now becoming embodied, and then ultimately physically with them and with their Pakauwahs also, that is one of the ways that we're going to learn to … these will be like your energy delivery systems.

< Master 1 > You have this Internet, which delivers packets of informations. The Pakauwahs help you to deliver experience, feeling, emotion, something beyond zeros and ones, but into the … This is - I'm going to make another bold statement - what we're going to be doing with the totems or the Pakauwahs is basically the beginning of the New Energy "consciousness Internet" versus your electronic Internet. We're going to start slow, but you're going to discover how you can send entire feelings to other people. Not just little printed messages or pictures, but now into feelings. So it's the beginning of that.

< Master 2 > And then there's working with your Pakauwah, your animal totem. Now, some of you said, "Well, I've done that before." Not like this. Some of you say, "Well that sounds like we're going backwards," but in a way, yes, because you're familiar with doing it. But we're going to use it because that Pakauwah is going to go out and do work for you. When you're sitting right here, it can be out there doing work for you. It can be helping to energize potentials that are waiting for you. It can also be on surveillance. It can be watching other energy in the room right now.

< Master 2 > It's not a barrier or a wall. It's not a shield. You haven't created a wall. But it's just this part of you saying, "This is a sovereign being, go somewhere else. Mess with somebody else. Sovereign being."
These entities, these dark entities, they're not that bright, by the way. You give them far, far, too much of your energy, of yourself, just because they can scare you or turn a few heads or make you vomit or something like that. They're really not that smart. When they see your totem, then they know this is a conscious human.

< Master 3 > So, your Pakauwah is this extension of yourself and it's this energy of you. It doesn't belong to somebody else. It's you. You're learning a very important basic New Energy - energy management. You're not used to managing your own energy.But the Pakauwah is there to help you to understand how to send yourself into the other dimensions, how to manage your energy, how to connect with aspects of yourself. It's a very valuable experience. This isn't something you should do just once in a while or once a month when we get together up here. Work with it daily. It's amazing. You're going to find how brilliant the Pakauwah is.

< Master 3 > It can change into something different, and it will. Interesting observation about New Energy. Just because you said let's make the Pakauwah a squirrel, you're going to find out that it turns into a dog or it turns into a bear or a dolphin. It starts adjusting to the energies of you and the energies around you, so it's going to start changing forms. You might even find out that it turns into a human; it turns into an alien type creature. It's going to start going through your past and your future and start to pick energetic attributes, and it's going to be like a chameleon. It's going to shape-shift. It's going to take on new attributes to absolutely serve you.

< Master 3 > So, your Pakauwah, when you invite it inside of you, goes back in and helps to reconnect with your body's communication system. The communication system doesn't speak a human language. It doesn't speak French, unfortunately. It doesn't speak English. But it creates a dynamic and a pattern and a familiarity, and I want you to get back to that. I want you to get back to being familiar with your energy body.

< Master 7 > Your Body of Consciousness working with your Pakauwah. Now, it doesn't mean you're going to turn into a cat or a dog. It means that you're expanding that Body of Consciousness now into another Body of Consciousness. That means you can feel yourself in a dog on the other side of the planet or a cat or anything else - stay away from humans for now; later on we'll get into that, but project yourself - or a bird or whatever.

< Master 7 > You're going to find out now this connection between your Pakauwah that's always changing and how it relates now to outside energies. You can observe, you can be aware of what's happening right now in Norway in a specific city, in a specific house or community, through a bird. You expand your Body of Consciousness and then you're there. You really are. Now, because you've spent so much time getting back into your body and breathing and understanding the Now moment, you're not going to pop out. You're not going to leave your physical body. You expand that Body of Consciousness now, working with another Body of Consciousness.

< (Next) 4 > Invite your Pakauwahs in right now. It's part of the magic. You created your Pakauwahs. It's a part of you. It's the expression of yourself. They're magical beings, and they play with these other beings. It's been so, so long since these beings were allowed to come in, since you allowed yourself to experience them. It brings back a lot of fun. There doesn't have to be a grand purpose other than just bringing back what's natural into your life, going beyond the patterns and the limitations. It adds so much color to life. But at the same time, it opens the corridors between the dimensions. It provides a way to really help balance and keep the new energies flowing.

< (Next) 5 > We talked to you before about connecting with your pakauwahs. That is a form of sha-dhar. We talked a few months ago about taking an object - any object, something from your wallet, something from your home, your car keys, anything - and infusing yourself into it. Why? Because you've been doing so much internal work, you've been in the cocoon for the last five, 10, 20 years doing the internal work; it's time to bring it out.

< Emergence 11 > Merlin is a time traveler not restricted by time nor space. Merlin is a shape shifter. Remember your Pakauwahs? It was one of the very first things that Adamus came in to talk to you about, your Pakauwahs. It wasn't just a game. It wasn't just a distraction. It was to say, “Now you have the ability to be that shape shifter, to shift into your own Pakauwah.” And it's an interesting thing. Even though your biology doesn't necessarily change – your biology is still there – the person or persons you're in front of, perceive you different. While you may say, “No, I'm still in the body,” suddenly you're a leopard or an eagle or an owl. That's what Merlin does, it's a shape shifter. It doesn't have to rearrange the biology, just creates the perspective of whatever it is that Merlin wants to shift into, that you want to shift into. A tree? A cloud? An animal? Or nothing, just thin air. That's what a Merlin does.