deva / diva / magic / elemental / fairy / elf / gnome

invisible magical being/energy;
unsouled being;

< New Earth 5 > Your guides left your energy field as appropriate, so that you could begin to take the energy of your True Self into your reality. Your True Self will no longer be maintained in another consciousness (diminsion). You are no longer connecting to your True Self only in your deepest meditative states. Your guides left just as the divas left your Earth years ago. They have now left your energy space to allow you to integrate with your True Self. Your True Self could not come in because the space was taken. When your guides retreated, the space was empty. And there was a reaction on your part.

< New Earth 6 > Just as the divas departed years ago, - the ones who had maintained the balance of your Earth - and as your guides have departed in recent months from your direct energy field, now the weavers are no longer needed. Not for this group anyway.

< New Earth 10QA > This was the release of entities and divas that held a certain balance of energy for your Earth. These entities at that time of the 12:12 then departed. Then the guides began to leave shortly after this period.

< Ascension sp > Most of the elementals - the devas and the ones from the magic kingdom - left in these past 12 or more years. They knew it was appropriate to leave the Earth. They left so you could own and accept the power of your own divinity. The elementals were holding in a balance. And, they left.

< DivineHuman 9QA > For so long on Earth there have been energy placeholders and balancers. All of you had spirit guides at one point. They were energy placeholders. They left when it became appropriate for you to own your divinity. There are many elementals and animals in the world that held energy for so very long. They were balancers and placeholders. Many of them have chosen to leave now or to change their job.

< DivineHuman 12 > Gaia… and even the Anasazi… and even the animals… and the devas of the Earth… they have been departing. They have been leaving and withdrawing their Old energy and their Old relationship to you. As they depart, you accept the responsibility. Aah, this is a key point - then, they can come back. They can come back more full and in the New Energy in a whole new way. The Old Energy, you see, was a bit off-balance. It required placeholders of energy to fill in where you were not complete. As you release all of the Old, and you begin to accept the God that is within you, then all of these things can come back in a dynamic New Energy way. You lose nothing. You gain everything in the New Energy.

< QLCeleb 4 > The sparkles of New Energy that are going out to the crops, to the trees, to the plants. They have been attended up to now by the devas and the nature elements (soil, water, fire, air, wind) who have been helping to maintain the balance of these energies on Earth. And now the fairies, the devas, the nature elements, they can start releasing from Earth. They can let go of the job they've been doing because now there is something that is called the new consciousness that works directly with Gaia without the intermediaries. And the honeybees fly off at the same time.

< Returning 8QA > But take a look at the time that this precious one came into your life. You could say that pets - dogs and cats and a few birds - are generally the manifestation of a part of yourself. They're not what you would call your total self, but your energy is infused into them and they - these precious beings, these precious type of devas or type of earth beings, not quite angels, but they're earth beings - they absorb your energy. So when one like this comes into your life, take a look at the timing when it came in, what it's sharing back with you right now, which is probably love and wisdom, but also take a look at its past because that past also is a reflection of your past, in the case that you get a pet like this.

Now for those getting brand new pets, generally they are ones who have been with you before. They're very familiar with your energy and your journey, and they've been walking along the path with you for as many lifetimes as you could count. So they generally feel very, very close. They're like energy sponges - consciously. They pull your energy in and they help you work with it in such a loving way - as long as you're choosing it to be loving.

< Returning 9QA > There is a whole group of - some of you who call them fairies or nature elementals - that are still very active and actually would love to work with you in some of the crop production. They've been shunned and turned away and over-fertilized and everything else, but there is still a large group of them here on this Earth - very, very large group. They would like to work with you. They are not - for reasons difficult to explain - they're not really working on the New Earth because they're very connected with the physical Earth. But open yourself up to talking to them.

< (Next) 4 > A long time ago on Earth, as in the other realms, there was something called magic. Magic was this creative expression and creative interchange into the other realms. A long time ago on Earth you were able to actually experience - to feel, to touch, to see - things like the wind fairies. Wind fairies. They float on the air. They float on the air, they go by you, your mind says, "Oh, that was just a breeze." No, that could have been a wind fairy.

There are cloud angels, and your eyes see them on occasion, but then your mind jumps in and says, "Well no, that's just the air movements and patterns in the sky with the temperature and the moisture affecting the shape of the water droplets that are suspended in midair." Okay. Okay. That's an interesting way to live, but there actually are cloud angels.

There's actually been a unicorn over in the corner the whole meeting. And some of you have actually felt something strange, but your mind shuts down - "Oh that's nonsense. Can't start thinking that, they're going to think we're crazy." No, they already think you're crazy, so it's okay. Experience the unicorn.

There are gnomes. There are elf fairies. There are water elementals - little brilliant, beautiful, magical beings in the water themselves. There's Merlin. Merlin, very real, very much a part of reality right now. But humans have shut out magic in their lives, because it doesn't make sense. Right Charlie? It doesn't make sense. It's not in the patterns that you should be in.

< (Next) 4 > So it was squeezed out a long time ago. Shut down so that everything could be in its nice proper order, and we didn't have crazy humans seeing little energies running around, seeing little invisible magical energies. They're an essential part of Earth. They've worked with Gaia since the beginning of Earth to sustain life on this planet. They are still around. They are changing right now also. A lot of the elementals, the magical beings that have been here, now some of them are leaving. New ones are coming in. They don't necessarily take on the physical qualities that you would have in elves and leprechauns.

< (Next) 4 > These are real. These aren't just fairytales for little kids. They're very, very real. And unfortunately, with the loss of creativity, the loss of imagination on Earth, they went along the wayside also. They were forgotten about. So what happens when they're ignored or when humans turn their back on them? They are in compassion, so they turn their back and leave, because they're not wanted. But they wait. They wait for the right time, and it's right now.

< (Next) 4 > It's time that magic come back to this Earth. Magic does several things. It opens the corridors between the dimensions. These are dimensional beings, generally nonphysical, magical beings. They come now to work with humans on Earth who are just for the joy of it - just for joy - creating the new Earth, just because you can. They are going to be in the air, in the Earth, in the water, all around you. They're coming into your dream state - if you allow them. They're coming into your imagination - if you use it. They're not here to give you answers; they're here to play. They're here to help you move into dimensions that you've never gone into before, to help you expand out of your mind.

< (Next) 4 > They're here to help balance the new energies, to keep the new energies flowing, to keep them clear. And they're here. They're in the room now. They've been showing up in your life. A little wisp you see over at the side; a little tune you hear, but the moment you focus on it, it seems to go away; a little feeling at night when you're sleeping like something might have just come by and brushed against you. Again, we're in the time of the return of magic. You've worked with it before, so there's nothing really to learn right now. It's just about allowing it back in. Yes, there'll be some new ones that come in that you haven't experienced in the past, but you're going to relate to them because the elementals, the magic beings, are simply the manifestations of your past infusions.

< (Next) 4 > That being said, these magical beings are the manifestation of your infusions, of your breathing your life into the water, into the air, into the ground, into the animals, into the invisible realms. They're yours. They've been shut out for a long time, and they're ready to come back now. Well, let me say, you're ready for them to come back. This will help do many, many things. It will open your imagination. It will, if you allow it, give you just great joy to play with them. Oh, at first it's going to seem a little odd, because you've been told that, "You're four years old now. You can't have these imaginary friends."

< (Next) 4 > I'll tell you what, some of the greatest beings of our time - they would not necessarily reveal it - but Thomas Edison, a grand inventor, some of you have certain feelings about him, but Edison would play with the elementals. He allowed himself that luxury. He allowed himself that - what would you say - that pastime. He enjoyed doing it. He didn't tell anybody about it, because he knew they would think he was crazy. But it's also where he received some of his best ideas. Not because they gave it to him, but because he was in creative mode and then he would have the answers.

< (Next) 4 > It has been used by Einstein, by some of the greatest thinkers, musicians, Mozart. They would allow themselves to play with the magic of life. Of course, they couldn't talk about it. They couldn't express it, but they knew it was an important element in their joy of life, in their work. Now, some of them said, "You know, I'm brilliant, but I must be crazy because I'm doing this." So they were afraid that they were losing their mind. Actually, they were, but that was a good thing.

< (Next) 4 > Invite your Pakauwahs in right now. It's part of the magic. You created your Pakauwahs. It's a part of you. It's the expression of yourself. They're magical beings, and they play with these other beings. It's been so, so long since these beings were allowed to come in, since you allowed yourself to experience them. It brings back a lot of fun. There doesn't have to be a grand purpose other than just bringing back what's natural into your life, going beyond the patterns and the limitations. It adds so much color to life. But at the same time, it opens the corridors between the dimensions. It provides a way to really help balance and keep the new energies flowing.

< (Next) 5 > Is Santa Claus real? Absolutely! You see, when humans, in their consciousness, agree to certain archetypical energies, it actually creates them. Now, Santa Claus doesn't necessarily live in the North Pole, but the essence, the magic and the beauty of Santa lives. It's in your hearts. When you were children and you allowed yourself to connect with this energy, it was real.

< (Next) 5 > Magic is a natural part of life, but that's been shut off. You're going to find that you can breathe life into the life of magic - your own magic. You're going to create your own. You're not only going to see the cloud fairies and the water devas and those things that are already here, but you're going to be creating new ones. That's why we asked you to connect with a Pakauwah. It's your creation. You're going to send it into the other realms. It is magical. It is you. Most of you, you play with it now and then, but you've kind of ignored it. It's time to bring that back as well. It's all a way of radiance, radiance of yourself.

< e2012 2 > When you were young, you didn't have a lot of judgments on things. You had a lot of dreams, literally. Then they shut down. You had a lot of visions when you were young. You had … every one of you, without exception, had play beings, but they weren't just play beings; they were real beings. You had little aliens, little gremlins, little nature devas, oh, they love children. You had them. Some of them came from the outside. Some of them came from the inside. You were a little fantasy factory. You could create beings at will. Your beings that you created would then go out and play with the other beings, the nature beings, the ones who are actually hanging around right now.