< New Earth 3 > We will talk about this more in a few moments, but now we come to do the final adjustment of energy in this space. Those, who we call the weavers, have been busy working between you - working around you - weaving and melding the energy so that you not only hear the words that are being translated through our friend Cauldre, but that you also can accept the vibrations and the energies that are unspoken in this room.

< New Earth 4 > We call them the "weavers" for they are here to meld the dimensions, to meld the worlds together. They are here to help create that new space that we sit in. In so many channels before, we have said that the energy that is created here, when the human melds with Spirit, when the humans open their hearts up to let the sacred energy in, that is the new energy, the energy that you are going in to in you new times. So we call in the "weavers" now to do their work.

< New Earth 5 > Now those who weave the energies here, who meld the energies of the human consciousness with the consciousnesses of the other side of the veil, are completing their work of melding the energies. What we have done here with you is to create a new and sacred consciousness, a new dimension. It has not been created before, but it will be the template of the new energy world that you are transitioning into. It is when Spirit and your human consciousness meld together, and there are overlays that drift into each other.

< New Earth 6 > In all of our previous gatherings that we have had with individuals or with groups, there is an entourage that comes in at the beginning to help meld the energy, to help create the gridwork between our side of the veil and yours. And today, as Cauldre was searching for the "weavers" as they normally enter at a certain time, they were not there. And this was appropriate. It took our friend a moment to find his footing.

< New Earth 6 > It is truly the beginning of empowerment. It is each of you now, and it is our friend, who brings forth these messages that weaves your own energy, that creates that bridge between the worlds, that opens to Spirit. Oh, in the past the weavers came in and they felt the group energy, and they felt where your hearts were. They came in and helped to meld or to weave that energy together, but no more. Just as the divas departed years ago, - the ones who had maintained the balance of your Earth - and as your guides have departed in recent months from your direct energy field, now the weavers are no longer needed. Not for this group anyway. So allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to meld.

< New Earth 6 > We come to a place here where there is the true meld of Spirit and human - as we have said so many times before, where we together create a sacred energy. Think of the physics of this, think of the physics. Here you sit, supposedly as humans, and invite Spirit into your space, invite us into your space. This melding, this overlay of consciousnesses, creates truly a new dimension. It is not a dimension that you can relate from what you would normally think as in your third or fourth or fifth dimensions. My friends, this dimension does not own a number. It is a new dimension, a new consciousness that is created when humans meld with Spirit like this.
Here you sit in a safe space. You open your hearts. You invite All That Is into your being. This creates a new and sacred energy, a sacred consciousness. This is the consciousness and the state of being that you will walk in in your "now" time. It is not just temporary here. It is something you can begin bringing into your reality. It is not just for when we gather in family. It is something that now you can own. You are creating it. It is not the weavers that create it. It is you. You own this.

< New Earth 8 > Tonight we gather here as family. There are no weavers who come in; for something changed between the time we last visited and tonight. Something changed for the weavers are no longer needed, my dear friends. They are not needed. For you, the lightworkers and the humans are becoming enabled. You are beginning to hold and sustain the energy that is needed to provide the bridge between the human consciousness and your True Self. You are beginning to integrate your True Self " your God Self " into your body, into your consciousness. So it is not the weavers who now meld the energy, who provide this connection between your dimension that you sit in and the dimension of your True Self and Spirit. No, my friends, you now hold the energy.

< New Earth 11 > And there are others that have subcontracted. There are those who specialize in weaving energies. You have met them here before. They are also working on your house. They are pouring foundations. They are creating the energy grids and dynamics that will facilitate your thoughts and your intents once you move into this new place.

< Creator 5 > Now for the next few minutes of your time, we will work with you to adjust and balance the energies of this space that we create together. There are those who come in tonight who know and understand the "weavings." They understand how to set these energies.