Albert Einstein;

< QuantumLeap 10 > Einstein was known for his brilliance but not so well known for his incredible intuition, his wisdom that went beyond the mind, and a physics that is not known on Earth right now. Einstein was known for some of his brilliant formulas, but he was not nearly so acknowledged for his ability to travel beyond the beyond.

< QuantumLeap 10 > When Einstein traveled, he didn't do it with his body, he did it with his consciousness. He didn't take his mind with him. He allowed his consciousness to travel into the other realms, into realms that haven't been created yet, into the physics and the beauty of the unknown, of the multidimensional realms. And when he returned from his incredible travels of consciousness, he retained less than .001 percent of anything that he ever felt or learned out there. But it was enough. It was enough retention of information and wisdom that it inspired consciousness and inspired knowledge for humanity in general.

< QuantumLeap 10QA > We command that only the most divine light shine down upon you at this time and the greatest good be present here. It is quite a story, is it not, to come here today and join in this worldwide transmission to bring this letter of love to the universe.

And today I would like to tell you a short story of my life after my death and my association with these three scoundrels in the afterlife and how we all came together and a bit of where we're all going. And so to begin with after I passed into afterlife, of course, I was very curious, you know, to know how everything was working. It was just like I was in life, and as I was traveling around and looking into the nature of things and trying to figure out this Unified Field Theory that I never got to do in real life, I came across this triad. Saint-Germain and Tobias and Kuthumi were all pondering together and we got into some great discussions about this and about that. And it was actually the three of them who helped to teach me how to talk through Barbara. And I had associated with Barbara through music, first of all, but then when she began to channel.

I could not tell her that it was myself and my associates - my party of 12 - that was not quite yet 12 at that time, but my mission, after talking with the three of them extensively in afterlife, was to develop a process that was going to resolve conflict within the individual human. Now all of these great concepts are beautiful stories until they are brought into the human body in physical form to be tested, to be tried.

And so Barbara was brought together with Theresa and Lily and they began an intensive study of listening to these concepts that I had been working on with my party and with the Council, and we spent several years inspiring them and imploring them to take these concepts and to put them to work to see if they worked, to test them in a human arena. And it was quite a time to see these three women who were crazy enough to believe that they were actually talking with angelic forces but sane enough to be able to piece together this process and this great profound knowledge and bring it into mundane, everyday life.

And through that time period, through 1998, Barbara channeled endless, endless hours of materials that were very complex and yet we brought them down into a simple form for teaching and for training. And when it became clear that a human being can only bring so much of that high information through the physical body, we decided to give her a bit of a rest. And at that time I took all of this information and we brought it back to those three rascals, and they began their own study.

And one day on an airplane where they had a captive audience, they trapped Geoffrey and began to let him know that he was going to be the mouthpiece for this. And as all of you are a witness to and participant in, then the information was delivered in a new way preparing for this New Energy, preparing for this Quantum Leap that you were going to take. And so many, many hours Geoffrey and Linda have labored in love to bring you this knowledge and to put it through their own bodies and to change their own lives to become an abundant organization and an abundant amount of knowledge and inspiration and guidance and help and compassion.

And it was at the perfect time that someone handed Geoffrey my transcript of my book, and he read it at the perfect time. And it was then that, you know, all of us up here in the ethers were applauding ourselves for being able to influence human beings in such a way that they came together right at the perfect timing, and so it was that Geoffrey then invited Barbara to become a part of what was already happening.

So for their human minds to think they just met and that was the time - no. There was a great deal of planning going on in this - a very long time, a very divine timing and planning to bring this together. And then we all got to the Quantum Leap and what a leap it was, was it not? All of you who were there who participated in seeing this come together. And it was a great celebration on both sides of the veil.

And then Barbara has been invited to be a part of this rock n' roll show that Geoffrey and Linda tour on, and she leapt at the chance to participate and to bring this message, and it is with great honor and somewhat sorrow that we say that this association is not coming to a close. It is not that it's not always going to be a group working together and inspiring this compassion on the planet. But it has always been planned that we have plans specifically for Barbara, and when she found out in Europe that all of Europe is waiting for her too, so Hamburg, the summer celebration, will be her official final appearance in the Crimson Circle road show, and we're going to create a new road show so that more and more people - thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of people - are going to be brought this message.

And so one of the inspiring things that happened here behind the veil was that Tobias, who was longing again - after looking at this precious human life - longing to have that experience to bring all of this knowledge into the physical body. And so we are also preparing to launch him into physical form again in this beautiful way. And from then on I am going to begin a new series of trainings for those of you who have been study so long and so well. And Saint-Germain is going to be accompanying me and we're going to begin teaching time travel, materialization and dematerialization and, of course, the manifestation of matter where we can teach you that to manifest a green pencil is the same process as is to manifest a red Ferrari. (laughter) And so this is going to help to increase the abundant flow and give you active participation in the manifestation of matter.

And so it is our pleasure to be here today and as we said, there is a bit of some sadness because this road show has been such a great trip for all of us, but it's only going to begin then to expand and I and my - as I have been calling her - my third Mrs. Einstein … and I have to say I don't have the same relationship with my wives as Tobias seems to have articulated today! I am happy to be here with all of the women that I loved and am very honored to have this beautiful body to be representing my work. And I have always said there's a reason that she is this beautiful woman, there is a reason that she is going to be singing. In fact, the music you're going to see is going to actually lead the way in the years ahead as you see her progress into an international spotlight to be able to influence the planet.

And when you see her anywhere in the world, you will see Tobias, you will see Saint-Germain, you will see Kuthumi, you will see Geoff and Linda in spirit. You will see all of you, all of you who have made all of this possible. And so it is our great honor to be here today and to help to answer any questions that you might have to throw at us.

< QuantumLeap 10QA > Well, I would love to give you a short lesson in physics of the New Energy and this will explain everything - my Unified Field Theory is indeed the theory of everything - but the way that you are able to perceive yourself is that you are a particle. I have called it a 'compilation of consciousness,' and that compilation of consciousness exists in, quite literally, the center of the Earth, which is, quite literally, where creation begins for this universe. And your compilation of consciousness has the same energetic field as the planet, and it is scalable. So that in the center of the Earth it's one compilation and it can expand to fit the universe. And for you, or any other human, the light of compassion hits that compilation and it sends out a gravitational wave with reflections of that compilation.

Now your particular slice of that wave has your compilations and, of course, compilations for the entire planet. So you've got the compilations for the chairs and the trees and the oceans and the murderers and the murders and all of that, but your particular reflections of compilations are what make up you. And within that there are the three human dimensions, the first one being emotion. It's the first degree of separation from the Source is all that heart energy. And this runs to the surface of the planet, it creates your physical body, it fills you up with that consciousness of you, the mathematic contained in your compilation that make you, you. It goes on to the edge of the electromagnetic domain of the Earth, and it goes back down literally into the top of the North Pole and back down. And this continual movement of energy is the string that scientists are beginning to perceive at such a quantum level, but it's also expandable to the size of the planet. It's expandable to the universe.

So you open up your heart energy and you end up in the center of creation with everything and all potential. You still have your identity but you're also there with every single other mathematical compilation of oceans, and that ocean that you saw with all those little ice cubes, those were all the other little compilations, and there was judgment. There was only potential. And you could see that this person, this compilation had been a murderer and also had been murdered. You saw all of that. You expanded to the corners of the universe and you expanded your consciousness to where all of those pieces of your reflected compilation on that huge wave all started to communicate with themselves. And that wholeness and that master stroke of expansion of moving your energy and being aware of it was the beginning of quite an amazing journey for you. So does that give you some idea of what you've done? (laughter)

< (Next) 4 > It has been used by Einstein, by some of the greatest thinkers, musicians, Mozart. They would allow themselves to play with the magic of life. Of course, they couldn't talk about it. They couldn't express it, but they knew it was an important element in their joy of life, in their work. Now, some of them said, "You know, I'm brilliant, but I must be crazy because I'm doing this." So they were afraid that they were losing their mind. Actually, they were, but that was a good thing.

< WalkOn 2 > And when they start to seriously consider it, seriously as in what Einstein did in seriously considering his theory of relativity – time, space, gravity – seriously considering that in spite of what it appears and what others would say that he knew that there was something more. He struggled with for years and years and years, trying to put it into a simple formula, trying to, in a way, prove it. And it wasn't initially met with ooh's and ah's and acceptance. No, it was rejected, because most revolutionary or evolutionary concepts are.