Linda Benyo

Linda of Eesa;

< Ascension 2QA > We are somewhat fearful of even talking of this, for we know Cauldre and the one who sits to his right (Linda Benyo) will chastise us for this! (audience laughter) But that has not stopped us up to now.

< Ascension 3 > We will not do that on this day, so you may relax, and you may go out to your zone (referring to Linda habit of going out during the channels). You may go into your deep spiritual journey here. You do not need to worry about Tobias dancing on this stage. (audience laughter) We will save that for another time.

< DivineHuman 9 > I, Tobias, am here. I am hovering slightly over Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe). I'm also embracing Linda (Geoff's wife), for she helps to keep the lines of communications so open and clear. And I'm sitting right next to you. All of this is happening at the same time. Indeed, I can be next to Cauldre, and Linda, and also next to you.

< QuantumLeap 7 > But before I do I want to wish very happy birthday greetings to Linda who comes from Issah.

< Returning 6 > We're going to ask dear Linda of Esa to take the microphone into the audience, and we're going to ask you to keep this concise and to feel into it.

< Master 1 >
ADAMUS: … why the hell did you come here?
LINDA: I do not know. (laughter)
ADAMUS: (chuckling) I know you have had only a few lives, but there must have been a good reason. I would like a report on that for our next gathering.
LINDA: (whispering) Shit! (much laughter)

< Master 2 > And I know to begin with that one of the questions that was asked in our last gathering was of Linda of Eesa; Linda, who has not been here on Earth so many times. And Linda, do you know what Eesa means?

< Master 2 > We're going to go beyond the humanness. Humanness is an illusion - a wonderful illusion, a valuable illusion, for you truly learn things at the soul level you couldn't learn anywhere else - and that's why Linda of Eesa … Eesa, by the way, means in your terms, Yeshua, Jesus. In more symbolic terms it means the House of Sananda. House of Sananda, which is an angelic Order that works with light.

< Master 2 > So, Sananda is about light and this world needed light. That's why all of you (Linda of Eesa) are here. The consciousness of the angels needed to understand light in density, in this reality, so you came here. Sananda brings light in, so you came from that. Many of you came from other spiritual families - it doesn't matter anymore because they kicked you out. (laughter) They did. They did, because you know what, Pete? You asked them to, Pete. A long time ago, when you left the Order of Michael you said, "When I get to a certain point, when I send you a signal back, kick me out. Release me of my spiritual family."