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going backward through time
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< DivineHuman 7 > There was a King Arthur, and a Guenevere, and a Merlin, and all of the other characters. Dear friends, this was so important, so symbolic of a time of a change.
You were the actors in that play. When you weren't acting, you were helping behind the scenes. At other times you would sit out in the audience, and you watched the legend of King Arthur and the story of Camelot unfold. And, it did happen there. It did happen.

< Embodiment 4 > Many of you are holding energies from the Arthurian times… King Arthur and Camelot and Merlin. You are holding this so that magic comes back once again. We talked about magic recently in the land of Slovenia. We explained exactly what magic is. We brought in the energies of Merlin. We talked about Camelot. We talked about how all of this can be integrated into your day-to-day life. We talked about the fact that magic is nothing more than a belief system that you get other people to buy into. And, Cauldre says here that the tape will be available soon.

< Teacher 8 > Let's talk first about this whole illusion of time. We've discussed it before but it becomes more pertinent right now to the work that you are doing. You could say that you are actually, in a way, in a sense, going backwards through time. You're going backwards through time. This is the principle that the energy of Merlin... and by the way Merlin was many different individuals. It was almost like it was bestowed from one to the other over the ages. Merlin wasn't just one being. It was a title - it was a wizard's title that was given to many, but there is an overall energy, you could say, an order of Merlin.

< Teacher 8 > Merlin understood this whole concept of walking backwards through time. It is a very simple concept. In a sense you could say that you have already arrived. We said several years ago, you've already ascended. You have already arrived in the New Energy. You have already arrived at the total reintegration of all of your aspects. And you have arrived at this whole new relationship between your Self, your soul, your physical body - every part of you - a new and holistic relationship. You've already arrived there. So you say, "Well Tobias if I've arrived, why does it seem like I'm always trying to find it, understand it?"

< Teacher 9 > I have to laugh sometimes - what humans call real and what they don't. Houdini and some of the other great illusionists and the magicians and those who work with the Merlin energy understand absolutely nothing is real. Nothing. It's all an illusion. Or to say this better, it's all a temporary creation. Because even the creations that you create, that others do, they're going to change. The energy will continue to expand. That is the one thing about Spirit, about God, whatever you want to call the overall energy. That is the one thing is that it is always seeking expansion and expression. That is the one thing about Spirit - always wants to express itself and then expand. Express itself and expand. You know why? Because Spirit is in joy. Spirit is in love, and that's what the energy of love does - continues to expand and express.

< Returning 10 > Arthur took responsibility for himself, and this is a very important point here. He took responsibility for himself, indeed, and he became strong. He became mighty. He performed miracles. And Merlin, in the true story of Arthur, Merlin was within Arthur (an aspect of himself) as well as it was an outside being. Arthur didn't need to go to the outside Merlin for the magic. He didn't need to consult with some other being, because it was already in. Merlin on the outside was his reminder that it was on the inside.

< (Next) 4 > There are gnomes. There are elf fairies. There are water elementals - little brilliant, beautiful, magical beings in the water themselves. There's Merlin. Merlin, very real, very much a part of reality right now. But humans have shut out magic in their lives, because it doesn't make sense. Right Charlie? It doesn't make sense. It's not in the patterns that you should be in.

< (Next) 7 > I'll talk more about it at our workshop in Sedona, how to command the energies, how to alchemize energy. Energy goes from one form to the other to the other, and it can be alchemized or transmuted or changed by every human. But you have to believe and trust in yourself, and you have to realize that you are Merlin. Merlin simply took energy and changed it from one state to the other. So let's, for Shaumbra, never worry about survival. The worst case is what? Worst case - you die! Yeah, worst case, you die, we come and have a big party over here, and then you have the choice, do you want to go back for more?

< Discovery 5 > It's like the Merlin Effect. It's already there, and let's not call it the future, like as in tomorrow or next year. Let's just say that it's already there. You already wrote this manuscript with the truth, with all the knowingness. All you have to do is take a deep breath and realize that it's there. I started today saying all the knowingness – you already know it. It's already there. You can't think your way into it. You can't say, “Now what is it I already know?” You just, “I already know.” It's that simple. “I already know,” and then it's there. Then it's there.

< Kharisma 8 > When I had the title of Merlin, when they would ask me how I did my magic, I would smile and say, “It's just my spirit,” meaning it is my creativity, my innate ability to bring things to life, because I am a creator. You cannot work at this, my friends. You cannot force it. There's no mental disciplines. But in this moment, you can allow it. Don't try to figure it out. Don't try to think about how you're going to start using it. Just come back to your Kyeper – Spirit in expression, in being.

< Wings 5 > You go back in time. Instead of evolution, where you have cells continuing to evolve and getting more intelligent and all the rest of that, we're actually going back from the moment of true creation; we're going back from when the Earth split into many Earths, when certain ones came forward in pure consciousness and there were other Earths where there was less consciousness. And we're actually going back rather than forward. It's already been done. It's already all here. Not the details of what each day is like or how the weather is or how much money you have. That is for you to experience along the way back. And what you're doing as a creator, what you're doing is swimming in your creation. You said, without any agenda, without knowing there would ever be an Earth, you said, “Let it go forth.” And it was created and you were like, “That is amazing. Wow! I wonder how that came to be. I'm going to dive into that creation and I'm going to swim to the bottom. I'm going to find out how it ended,” which is what the humans would say how it started. But it's how it ended.

< Emergence 11 > And upon coming up with the answer and truly communing with his deceased wife – she in the other realms, he in the physical body – Yeshua came back to Jerusalem and spent the next three years teaching and loving and sharing. And suffering. Suffering, because so much of the human journey has been and still is about suffering. And then, to culminate all of the suffering, of course, his execution, crucifixion. It was kind of like almost the exclamation point on human suffering. Upon his death, as he transitioned to the other side, he and each and every one of you birthed Merlin. It wasn't in his lifetime; it was at the point of his death. He birthed Merlin. And so, you could say, each and every one of you had a part in that.

< Emergence 11 > He birthed Merlin to say, “We must keep magic on this planet,” for he could foresee, as you could foresee, there would come a day where the magic would be wiped out by religions, by rhetoric, and by being in a mental state. So, Merlin was created to keep the magic in the air. Merlin was created to keep things like fantasy and imagination in the air, and that's what Merlin does. Yeshua came back to his disciples, sometimes when they were in the group and sometimes individually, and he said, “I Exist. I am still here.” Oh, and they doubted, even though they saw Yeshua and this Merlin energy with their own eyes. They doubted and wondered how that could possibly be, and he stood in front of them and said, “I am the Merlin. I am still here. There is no death.”

< Emergence 11 > He stood in front of groups, up to as many as 500 people, as the Merlin and as Yeshua, and said, “Keep the magic on this planet.” And since then there have been many others who have taken on that title as Merlin. One at a time, including at one time the one you know as St. Germain, took on Merlin. And then, because Merlin is a time traveler, Merlin went before the time of Yeshua, into the times of Egypt, into the times when you were in the caves after the fall of Atlantis and there were Merlins who traveled back in time. Each Merlin was responsible for being the storyteller. That's a great part of the responsibility of the Merlin – to tell the stories, to share the stories – whether they did it verbally or whether you do it now with your media, to tell the stories.

< Emergence 11 > Merlin is a time traveler not restricted by time nor space. Merlin is a shape shifter. Remember your Pakauwahs? It was one of the very first things that Adamus came in to talk to you about, your Pakauwahs. It wasn't just a game. It wasn't just a distraction. It was to say, “Now you have the ability to be that shape shifter, to shift into your own Pakauwah.” And it's an interesting thing. Even though your biology doesn't necessarily change – your biology is still there – the person or persons you're in front of, perceive you different. While you may say, “No, I'm still in the body,” suddenly you're a leopard or an eagle or an owl. That's what Merlin does, it's a shape shifter. It doesn't have to rearrange the biology, just creates the perspective of whatever it is that Merlin wants to shift into, that you want to shift into. A tree? A cloud? An animal? Or nothing, just thin air. That's what a Merlin does.

< Emergence 11 > The Merlin is here to make sure the magic stays on this planet, especially at a time when the magic has been squeezed out – squeezed out by all the mental activity, by the intelligence of the planet, by the logic of the mind. Merlin is here to make sure that fantasy and imagination and magic continue to exist on the planet. And, more than anything, Merlin is the one who is the magic of energy. The magic of energy. Merlin is energy, the magical energy. We haven't had a Merlin on this planet for nearly 300 years. After the Mystery Schools were closed, we also closed down the Merlin, waiting, just waiting – not for an individual, but for a group – and that is why we assemble here today.

< Emergence 11 > You, my dear friends, are the new Merlins. You're the magicians. You're the magic, the shape shifters, the time travellers. You're the ones who bring magic to energy. Merlin is going to be here in the next era of Shaumbra, for the next ten years at least, being the energy magicians.

< Emergence 11 > You start to really understand why you're now ready to be the new Merlins on the planet. No longer is there just going to be one who carries the title and holds the energy. Now there will be thousands and thousands. You could say the new Merlin is perhaps a facet of you. You could say the new Merlin is the human and the Master integrated together. Magic simply means beyond the limited spectrum that most humans live in. That's it. Magic simply means that there is so much more than what most are possibly aware of, and it's right here. It takes no effort. It takes no work to be that Merlin. And that's what we're going to be doing, because, dear friends, you're going to realize that you're truly just energy – magical energy. Magical energy.

< Emergence 11 > Let yourself become a Merlin, a magician, a time traveler and a shape shifter. You've chosen to stay on this planet in human form, and you certainly don't want to keep doing it the same way you've been doing it in the past. You want to have the freedom. You want to understand and use energy in a way that you've never done before. You want to break out of any of the old limitations, and that's what we're going to be doing from here on. Merlin, the energy Master. Merlin who understands that all energy, every energy they perceive is theirs. Merlin understands that they are the dance of energy on this planet, beholden to nobody, to nothing. Where we go from here, you're going to want to be that energy magician, developing that whole new relationship with energy.

< Emergence 11 > The Merlin is the wisdom that we've been talking about for so very long. The Merlin replaces, perhaps, the word “Master.” You now become true Merlins. It is the wisdom, and in Merlin there is no energy. There is no need for energy. In Merlin, the wisdom is not thoughts, because even – you're going to recognize – thoughts as you used to know it start going away, to be replaced by the gnost and the wisdom. So in the Merlin there are no thoughts. There is simply the wisdom, the knowingness and the gnost.

< Emergence 11 > Do not call on the Merlin to do things for you. Rather become the Merlin and then do it. Do not call on the Merlin to do things for you, to heal your body, to correct a financial situation, to bring a new relationship, to make you happy, because that is not the role of the Merlin. You will be charged with becoming the Merlin at that point. So do not call on the Merlin to make the human life better, because in these next few years, the word “human” is absolutely going to go out of your vocabulary. You'll remember the days of being human, but you will no longer be the limited human that you know now. Do not call on the Merlin, but become the Merlin.

< Emergence 11 > The human is now the energy and the experience follows. The human – you – become the energy. And you might think, “Well, aren't I thoughts?” No, the thoughts now turn into energy. And you might think, “Aren't I consciousness?” And the answer to that is you never truly were. You never truly were. There is consciousness within the trinity of the Self, but the human itself, no, there's not consciousness. There are thoughts and emotions. There are memories and there are feelings, but there was never true  consciousness in the human. Now we change it around from being experiential that brings in energy, into energy that allows for the experience of your choosing. There's a huge difference, a huge shift in this.