You are the boss / You make the choice

who is centered in all of who you are;
master; creator; sovereign being; I Am;
who takes full responsibility for yourself;
all energies come in to serve you;

< Teacher 7QA > Watch what happens when you bring these energies in, because they are going to end up supporting your creatorship. You're the boss. You're the one guiding and directing. You bring these energies in, and instead of overwhelming you or stopping you, they're going to reorient themselves, re - how would you say - convert themselves and become actually a support. It is a wonderful thing. Don't be afraid of fear. Indeed. Thank you.

< Returning 4QA > Aspects are the creative expression of yourself, they are created to experience different things in life, and the premise is that the soul always remains pure. The soul or the core self is not broken or distorted. It does not need fixing, but yet the soul creates aspects to go out and experience. Some become stuck. Some actually have had great accomplishments. Some become so disassociated with yourself that you feel disconnected. You feel fragmented or broken. Sooner or later all of the aspects, every part of you, needs to come back to home, come back to you. And for many Shaumbra they are choosing to do it and you're choosing to do it in this lifetime. That's one of the essentials of ascension. You can't go into ascension without taking all of yourself.

So we have this wonderful course in Aspectology, how to invite the aspects to return back to you. We spend several days going into the psychology of aspects - what will bring them back home, how to handle the stubborn ones, even how to handle the darkest aspects. Those voices that so many of you hear in your head come from those aspects. They play games. They are masters at manipulation, and they want something that you have - your soul. They're not souled beings at all. But they don't think that you're an effective boss or manager, they want your job. Through Aspectology, we help you to understand how to reintegrate, how to basically love yourself so they can finally love you too.

< Returning 6QA > Important, one word: Leadership. Leadership - for yourself first. Lead yourself. It sounds strange, but humans don't generally lead themselves. But for you here, you're in a kind of an interesting - I don't want to say conflict, but you have about five different dynamics going on around you and there's no leader to make the choices and to lead the energy. These are all within you, of course, not external. Leadership within yourself, then more leadership within your family.

< Returning 7QA > YOU make the choice. Stop letting those OTHER parts make the choice. You, the divine human, the one who makes the decisions, the one who chooses your creations, YOU make the choice. Now there's a lot of integration work here and what I would like you to personally do is to take a look at the lack of safe space all around you and why that is there, because that is truly - that is really the bigger issue in this. Why aren't you safe? Why are those aspects still trying to terrorize you? And what will it take for them to come home?

< Returning 10 > Some of you have said, "But Tobias, you said they were going to come knocking at my door. They were going to be there." Well they are, absolutely. I can see their energy waiting patiently. But when are you going to answer the door? When are you going to take responsibility for yourself? And until you do, you're not going to see them or feel them, even though they are there. They want - they, meaning humanity - wants the new teachers, a new way of teaching and a new way of leading. They want what you have to offer, but you have to pull that sword from the stone first. You have to accept the I Am-ness of yourself.

< Returning 10 > When you become high definition in your personal life, it's no longer just green. It moves. It's living. It's changing. It's always responding to you. That's an important point - always responding to you, something as simple as the color green that you take for granted. "It's just there, it's just green," you say. Not at all in a high definition life. It is changing, it is very much like a chameleon, and it's always there serving you. But if you haven't taken ownership of yourself, it's just green. That's all it is. It's the same with everything in a high definition life.

< Returning 10 > These are the potentials of the New Energy. They're not just lofty ideas. I mean, they're practical things Saint-Germain is going to be talking to you about. Living in high definition, your car is no longer a car, and it changes and it looks different. Food, the same thing. We could go down the list, but dear Shaumbra, to be part of this high definition living in the New Energy requires one basic commitment: A commitment from the heart, a commitment that you are the creator; you are the manager of your life; you're the owner of everything that you do - and no excuses. Period. No excuses. No excuses.

< Returning 10 > Arthur took responsibility for himself, and this is a very important point here. He took responsibility for himself, indeed, and he became strong. He became mighty. He performed miracles. And Merlin, in the true story of Arthur, Merlin was within Arthur (an aspect of himself) as well as it was an outside being. Arthur didn't need to go to the outside Merlin for the magic. He didn't need to consult with some other being, because it was already in. Merlin on the outside was his reminder that it was on the inside.

< Returning 10 > Now, Arthur, of course, lived in a different time and energy than you did, and one of the things that Arthur did that you might be prone to doing also, but not quite as much, Arthur started taking on not only his own responsibility but everyone else's. Everyone else's. He started to carry the weight of his court on his back; and the weight of his people, his subjects, on his back; the weight of his land, and it became too much for him. And it caused him to forget the basic principle of being true to himself, real with himself. So in the end Arthur took his sword, in anger and despair, and threw it back into the lake. He let it go, and he's here to remind you that you don't have to do that.

< Returning 10 > Remember that it's not about taking everybody else's responsibility. He still is sad about that. Sad … sad, because he realized he was trying to take away a great experience from them - their own experience of discovering their I Am-ness. He was trying to give them his experience of his I Am-ness. He was trying to take - doing it out of sympathy - taking their problems off of their back. That's what caused him to throw the sword back in the lake. And he has asked forgiveness of all those who he worked with of trying to be their I Am-ness, when in reality all he had to do was to be his.

< Master 3 > So anyway, Shaumbra, you come to the point here in getting back into trust with yourself. Every part of you - your body, mind, spirit, your aspects, the God within, your divinity, every potential experienced and not, every potential to be - truly wants to serve you. It is you. It is you.

I'm going to be encouraging you to constantly go back to trust. Not control. The captain of a ship controls their ship; but you as the captain of your own destiny, you don't need to control. You're going to turn out to be the dreamer, the creator, the imagination being, and let all the rest of the parts do their thing to support that. It doesn't need a lot of structure. It needs heart. It needs feeling. It doesn't need the brain looking at how to create patterns to get a few extra dollars in your life. This is about living in passion, manifesting in a much simpler way - much, much, much simpler way.

< Master 8 > And they actually quiet down for a moment. They're ready to pounce again at any point, but they quiet down for a moment. In this sacred safe space is when you really start hearing your real voice, your Body of Consciousness voice, your aware voice. So this is a safe space. You know all these voices haunt you at times, but now you're really starting to realize the I Am. You're not letting them run the farm anymore, you're taking back the leadership. You're taking back yourself. You're taking back the I Am that I Am.

< e2012 3 > When you think about who on this planet are the ones that you would want leading, who are the true Standards, whether it's in government or religion or business, there's not a lot of them out there right now. That can be changed. That can be changed by you becoming your own leader. And that's why I said this is a big one. This is probably … whereas you get an "A" on your religion, you probably get a "C-," maybe even lower, on your self-leadership. That's one of the lower rankings. You haven't allowed yourself to lead. You've got a pack of aspects that are kind of, well, it's like the prisoners running the asylum in a way.

< e2012 3 > So your own leader of yourself - that's a difficult one, because you don't necessarily trust you. You probably wouldn't elect you if you were running for office. You're not sure if you have what it takes to be your own leader, so you defer all the time. You defer to someone else, something else, another time. You're deferring right now, say, "Well, I understand what Adamus is saying, but I'll think about it tomorrow," and you don't. So there's a lack of leadership. It's a boat without the rudder, no sail, no steering wheel, no engine, no anything. It's just drifting.

< e2012 3 > These are all happening right now, and they're all happening within you simultaneously. You see the correlation? You can change the planet, or you can contribute to the change that people are asking for on this planet, by taking it within yourself, by developing your own leadership, by bringing in New Energy, by allowing abundance, by everything we've talked about today. It's not about going out and joining some political action committee or renewing your membership in some energy holder group. It is about doing these things on the list for yourself. For you.