imaginer / visionary / dreamer


< Creator 9 > Then there are the "imaginers," the ones who think that if they visualize, and they create the picture of something in their mind, then it will come to them. Occasionally this works, if there is enough energy poured into it.

< Teacher 5 > As you create, as you take pure, raw energy and begin to create with it, it then transforms itself into mathematical equations putting this pure raw energy into a type of logic. But the logic itself doesn't hold the answer. The logic itself - the logic of mathematics - is not the source energy. The logic, the mathematics, did not create the universe. You did. You creators. You imaginers and dreamers. You angel beings, who came to Earth, who did this magnificent job of lowering your energy. You're the one that created the potentials and ultimately the reality. And then you can understand it or you can interpret it through the numbers and the math.