< Master 8 > You have another waveform called - well, let's call it human. The human waveform goes something like this. That human part, which really takes up the vast majority of your awareness right now, it has a whole different set of dances and desires. It has a lot of agendas, because it generally doesn't see spirit and it believes it's acting on its own. So it becomes very defensive, very isolated, and it wants things like survival. This is old Lemurian programming, survival. Go to Earth and you stay there - you get into biology, because then you can have some experience - but you stay there. So you survive. Old programming.

< Master 8 > I hope that we're going to be able to take away that programming to survive, because it really is a pain in every way. You don't need to survive; you need to live. So it wants survival. It wants, to a degree, comfort and pleasure. The pleasure portion comes out of old Atlantean programming. There is a pleasure center that was programmed into everyone. Why? Because you could make people work really hard and do amazing deeds when they get a little reward at the end of the day - when they get a little sex, a little alcohol, a little acknowledgment, whatever, a little power. So this is the comfort and the pleasure portion.

< Master 8 > You have divine will. Tobias said it to you years ago, and that's the channel that you forgot. You didn't want to hear it, truly. He said, "There's divine will." The will of your spiritual wave, spiritual dance, actually will override the human will (snap) like that. Instantly. And it accounts for a lot of the things that have happened in your life. Your spirit isn't inflicting those negative experiences, but there are things that are far more important to your spirit, your divine, than silly human antics and desperate attempts to control, to have pleasure, to fix an identity and to survive.

< (Next) 7 > People want to survive. Absolutely. It's one of the basic instincts. There was a point in Lemurian civilization where the human angels embodied in physical matter didn't really want to survive. They didn't know if they really wanted to be here. But in the Atlantean era, it brought about a whole different concept - survival.

< (Next) 7 > So humans are focused on survival, which is interesting in itself also, because survival in this modern age is really quite easy. Everything is there. All the tools, the energy, the technology - it's all there. It's being withheld. Survival is doled out to humans in so many countries, including this country, as just enough. Just enough. The carrot in front of the horse.

< (Next) 7 > There's this whole hypnotic overlay that's put out there - and sometimes you buy into it - that there's not enough. We're going to have shortages. So, yes, survival, and I stop and point at this particular item here (fortune telling), because it's being manipulated right now; being manipulated by people who want to make money, who want to have control, who want to scare humans. One of the easiest ways to do it is saying, "We're going to have a shortage." And there are none. Please believe that. Believe it in your own life. You don't have to run out of anything. Nothing.

< (Next) 7 > I'll talk more about it at our workshop in Sedona, how to command the energies, how to alchemize energy. Energy goes from one form to the other to the other, and it can be alchemized or transmuted or changed by every human. But you have to believe and trust in yourself, and you have to realize that you are Merlin. Merlin simply took energy and changed it from one state to the other. So let's, for Shaumbra, never worry about survival. The worst case is what? Worst case - you die! Yeah, worst case, you die, we come and have a big party over here, and then you have the choice, do you want to go back for more?

< Kharisma 4 > We've come a long way together, and you could say it will get more intense, and that's good because you're going to feel more alive. We've come a long way together and there is no room anymore in your life just to survive, just to get by. No room. It is truly a matter of to survive or to be alive. You didn't come here to survive, and that's part of the conflict. That's what does make you different than other people. That's why sometimes you think you're strange and different and everything else. It is, because you will not tolerate surviving. You will fall off of a very tall metaphorical ladder if you're just surviving past this. You won't let yourself.

< Kharisma 4 > And in the meantime … and I don't really care because it's happened already anyway. I can see it when I look at you, any of you. It's done. The realization, the mastery, the enlightenment, whatever – it's done. So I'm not worried about it. The only thing that I find painful is when you're just surviving, when you're not truly alive. The only thing that I find difficult is looking at you knowing that it's already there, knowing that you're afraid to realize it, maybe. You're putting it off. You're waiting for that other kernel of corn next to you to pop first to make sure it just doesn't pop and go invisible when it does.

< Kharisma 4 > My friends, we can't wait anymore. I don't think you want to, but yet it's happening. Yet, there is this hesitation. We can't wait anymore. I've said before that enlightenment, realization is a type of thing you want more than life itself. But yet there is that hesitation, holding back. So it comes to the point where you're just surviving. There's part of you that knows it, and it's going to push you off the ladder. Not me. Not some conspiracy, but your self pushing yourself right off that ladder so you can feel alive. That's a wonderful thing about near-death experiences. Oh! They're amazing.