structure / system / organization / order

; network; rules and regulations; custom; rut; pattern;
; focus; direction;
mass consciousness;

< New Earth 11QA > this is the time to release the systems. This is the time to put the old books back on the bookshelf, for you will not find the answers there.
We have talked in previous discussions that the greater part of yourself, the True Self as you would call it, has been in a type of cocoon, an inward-looking type of energy. It is time that that True Self is emerging. It seeks to reunite with you, the one that carries human consciousness. It will stand and patiently wait your True Self until you release, until you put down all of your old systems. You are attempting to define yourself and God through systems, through the intellect.

< Embodiment 7 > You focus on this lack of abundance. You are so stuck in it. And, the fact is that there is the potential of money abundance just waiting to come into your reality. But, you are not letting it. You hold Old belief systems about it. You think that you have to work within the system. I will tell you one thing - in my lifetime as Saint-Germain I never worked within the system. The system is mass consciousness, and it will grab you and pull you into it so quickly. Tobias has asked you if you are ready to leave mass consciousness, and most of you said, "Yes." But, you are still stuck in it. You have to work outside of the system.

< Embodiment 8 > You're under such a wonderful hypnosis. We're going to work with you for these next few weeks in helping you to see for yourself how you are hypnotized, see for yourself the fear of leaving the system that has you trapped. You are going to see your own fears of what it is like to leave the system, not just to be a little better within the system, but to leave it.

< Embodiment 11 > Being in this pure moment together like this without expectation, literally allows you to spiral and to transform into a new level of living, a level that you could not comprehend in your Old Energy human mind. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to know details, structures, controls. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to have everything defined through the brain. You transcend that.

< Clarity 9QA > Indeed, not at all, not missing the point at all. However, however, you are still - you and so many other Shaumbra - you're still so embedded with old belief systems and overlays and fears... you're still interconnected to so many old networks... you're still operating in the 3-D world from an old sense of duality... that now you find yourself fighting the very systems that you're actually a part of.

We're going to say this: First, disconnect from all of these old things first, before you go out and attempt to fight the system, because right now the system is very strong. Right now - how to say - you're fighting duality from within it. Allow yourself to fully disconnect and ascend and then you're going to find out that, in a way, the system doesn't even see you anymore. Right now they see you! Their energy is focused on you. You are very obvious to them.

Go ahead and take care of these - what I would call - incidental things, so that you can focus your energy on this process right now of disconnecting from Old and activating your essence, because right now it's going to be very difficult for you to do this work if you're so tied up in these rather mundane things. All of you are going to find out, after you let go of old consciousness and overlays and old networks, that the system doesn't even see you. You don't have to "not" pay your taxes - they're not going to know that you should be paying your taxes in the first place.

< MNEC2006-A > There is flow of energy and then the energy receives structure or order out of what you would call chaos or nothingness, but what is truly potential, and this structure or order is important for the work that you do. It is basically a focus or direction.

< MNEC2006-A > There is nothing wrong with structure. It is very appropriate, but as you have learned over seven years, the important thing about structure is to have it very malleable, very flexible and open, free to change its form at any time.

It is important to move the energy into structure, ground it into the type of creation you choose to create, and then allow it its openness, allow it its ability to change and flow in response to you and the reality state that you are in in a given moment.

So often when energy is structured it is applied to the moment but then it is not allowed to be free to move into the next moment with you. So now you create something called history or baggage, because you didn't allow a structure to freely move along with you.

< MNEC2006-A > Now, this brings up some issues. If you are sitting here in this room, if you are physically present, you have been in an order or a secret society in the past, haven't you. And that is how we have known each other, that is how you and I have connected our energies. For some of you the orders go back to the Essenes. Others, the Knights Templar. Others, to the Brotherhood. Others, to the Illuminati, and for some of you in particular, the Rose Cross. Orders are created, at the appropriate time, for humanity. Orders are created to bring structure, focus, organization and manifestation to particular energies at a particular time.

< MNEC2006-A > We know it brings up some issues with you and, in particular, with my friend Cauldre because so many of you have said "Never, never, never again." Yes, indeed, Cauldre and I did a bit of battle last night. (some laughter) He was in a state of high anxiety as some of you are experiencing right now. If you feel your heart palpitating, if you feel the sweatiness in your palms and under your pits, if you feel a bit of anxiety, it is because you have been in an Order before. And through those orders, blood was drawn, blood flowed and it was usually yours. (some laughter)

< MNEC2006-A > You were persecuted for your beliefs. You were persecuted for what you were trying to do at the time. Because of your experience with the Orders, the Orders that you loved so deeply, great pain was brought to you. And it wasn't just the blood, it was the emotional pain. The emotional pain for many of you of being asked to leave the order. The remembrance of what it was like to step before the council on Earth at that time and be asked to leave. The feeling of rejection, the feeling of being put out from a group who you loved so dearly, who you committed yourself to so dearly, who you fought for, who you defended.

But I ask you to take this moment to remember and to feel the energy of that moment when you were asked to leave, and why you were asked to leave. And although it has caused difficulties and hardship for you ever since, there was a reason, my dear loved ones.

You had grown so much in your own right. You had become so enlightened and experienced in your own way that the Order itself was no longer appropriate for you. You were asked to leave to go out and discover things for yourself now, to go out and collect and to learn and to grow on your own so that we could come back together again at this moment, in this day of convergence, with all you have picked up along the way, with your wisdom and your love, with the lessons you have learned about yourself and about humanity, and bring them back to this spot.

You have been out harvesting Life, learning Life. You were the teacher who went out to become a new student so that you could return again once more as a new Teacher. And that is why we asked you to leave. It was an honor, although it may not have appeared that way at the time. It was a blessing to you and to All That Is.

< MNEC2006-A > You've been on your own for a long time now. It has been lonely, it has been dark at times and difficult. But now we come back together in this convergence of Shaumbra to reunite, to bring our energies back together, to re-form ourselves in a new way under the banner of the Order of the Crimson Circle on planet Earth. This is the first spiritual Order - bar none - the first spiritual Order of the New Energy. We know that because we helped to organize these. We know it because we see who goes out and who comes back. We see who organizes and who truly is in the New Energy.

< Teacher 1 > The surface issue, if you were to look at it, is about your past lives in Orders. As Saint-Germain said you were thrown out, you were asked to leave. But you were asked to leave, not because you had done wrong - even though that's what you had felt in your heart - you were asked to leave because you had outgrown it, because the elders of those Orders, working with angelic Beings on our side, knew that you were stagnating your energy by staying within the Order. You were suppressing your own growth. You'd gone beyond what the Order could give you and even beyond what you could give back to the Order. So you were asked to leave - go out on your own - so that you could become your own sovereign Order first.

< Teacher 1QA > This feeling of loneliness is very, very common amongst Shaumbra, because you have gone out on your own; you have left old Orders and organizations; you have left your angelic family; you have left everything that you were connected to; you've disconnected from even things like the Field. So you are by yourself. The gift in this is that you're learning to become a sovereign Being. You're learning to find the happiness within. You're learning to find that your own God-self is within. You're learning to bring in all the various aspects of yourself that have been scattered all over, but yet this loneliness is persistent because you can continue to feel energies of family and friends and things that you've disconnected from - again, a very, very common feeling.

< Teacher 4 > Energy (potential) is in a generally neutral state and it can be activated by desire. It can be activated by passion or need or fear. But it is just in a neutral state waiting for you to activate it and do something with it. Energy that has been activated by individuals or groups at some point can be released from them, and it just goes back into its neutral state after a certain evolution or time progression. Other energies are activated and never released but rather put out into mass consciousness. Sometimes when these energies are not tended to they tend to go into a bit of a state of confusion. So we use the term "Order" meaning that we are bringing direction and we are bringing a specific motive to energy.

< Teacher 4 > Order doesn't mean control. Order doesn't mean things that you relate to from past lifetimes when you were within religious orders, when you took certain vows, when you had very disciplined and strict lifestyles. An order today can mean something totally different. It can mean purpose. It can mean a type of community. It can mean a type of common bond that humans have with each other.

< Teacher 4 > So we talked about the Order of the Crimson Circle on Earth, which has planned by all of you has to do with going through some of these dynamics that happened between the Old Energy and the New and then for some of you choosing to go on to become teachers because there will be many, many humans who will encounter the same type of ascension symptoms that you have gone through and they too are going to need a bit of rescuing.

< Teacher 4 > Oftentimes the ones (their partners) on Earth who are carrying out the same message simply don't know any better. They became hypnotized. They started preaching all of this rubbish, spewing it out to humans basically to keep them in the old divided energies of masculine and feminine. And they're going to continue to do it. In a sense you could say they have their own order on the other side, highly organized, very broad and they know exactly how to manipulate individual and group consciousness.

< Teacher 8 > Let's talk first about this whole illusion of time. We've discussed it before but it becomes more pertinent right now to the work that you are doing. You could say that you are actually, in a way, in a sense, going backwards through time. You're going backwards through time. This is the principle that the energy of Merlin... and by the way Merlin was many different individuals. It was almost like it was bestowed from one to the other over the ages. Merlin wasn't just one being. It was a title - it was a wizard's title that was given to many, but there is an overall energy, you could say, an order of Merlin.

< Teacher 10 > We have heard him talk about numbers before and the alignment and the significance of this alignment of the calendar tomorrow. Of course, there is no significance at all, it just happens to be aligning all together! (laughter) And here you thought there was going to be some deep hidden meaning. Actually, there is a sliver of truth in this. Any time when you get the obvious alignment of things, it helps to show you that everything in the universe is in its perfect order. It helps to ... you can actually tap into that energy of the alignment of these days and months and hours, something that doesn't take place very often but it is taking place tomorrow, because it helps you to recognize and to understand that there is order in everything.

< Teacher 10 > It is something I talked to the group of Shaumbra about one week ago in Kelowna, talking in this ascension school about the fact that the omniverse is in perfect order. Everything is in order. It may appear to be chaos at times - particularly from your perspective here on planet Earth, locked into this human body and trapped at so many times by the human brain - but everything is in perfect order.

< Teacher 10 > There is all these debates back and forth about the omniverse, the universe, and its seeming chaos and all the disorder. Everybody worries about where is it going. Well, it has been going just fine since the beginning. It has been going the way it's supposed to be going. It is perfect in every way. Stand back for a moment. Go behind the short wall - but go a long way behind the short wall - and you'll understand that it is in perfect order. Absolute perfect order. Humans are doing what they're choosing to do. They're doing what they're choosing to create. Sometimes perhaps it may not be the smartest thing. Perhaps sometimes they're choosing the hard way over the easy way, or they're choosing struggle and suffering over joy and fulfillment, but it's still in its order. It's the way they want to experience things.

< (Next) 5 > I have yet to meet a guru who is enlightened. And I've never met a guru who enlightened anyone else, ever. Because any system that doesn't keep it simple actually pushes it off somewhere else. It's been thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of years where humans have been trying to make it very difficult. Why? They make it complex because nobody's ever really caught on. They really haven't. Nobody's ever really figured it out. So what they do is devise some complex system, put you through the maze, take your money at the same time, and then you walk out of it thinking, "Well, I'm just not good enough. I didn't get it," because it was complex.

< (Next) 5 > I think it was Tobias who said, just before he left, there's going to be burning of cities. He didn't say my city and other cities, but that's what's happening. You're seeing it. Mass destructuring of systems, of science, of math, of medicine, of banking that have been around for 500 years or more. It's time for that to change. That's what's going to be happening. The important thing for each and every one of you is to remember your safe space, to remember you're divine, to remember how you can bring life into your life. Remember really what you're here for - creating potentials for the new world.

< (Next) 12 > This is not just a religious or spiritual trend. Matter of fact, it's a consciousness trend that's taking place. It has nothing to do with religions. Religions don't like it. Religions, as humans tend to do, they get very into their system. They get very caught in it, and then they power into it. In other words, there's certain people and groups, organizations with power, they don't want anything to interfere with that. Well, unfortunately, any time you have a power structure, sooner or later it will come down. And that's a good thing. Any time you create something with control and generally power - because control and power go hand in hand - it will break down. Any time you create something in freedom and liberty, any time you create something and give it absolute freedom, the same freedom your spirit and your soul has given you, it will thrive and it will evolve.

< e2012 8 > Humans beings are wonderful until they get in an organization. Any organization – a company, a church, a benevolent foundation – I don't care what it is. What is it about humans? Wonderful individually, but the moment they organize, you have control issues, power issues, hierarchal issues. This is where the sexual energy virus comes in. It loves organizations. Once humans organize it brings out sometimes the very worst of them. Why is that? Beacause it's not meant to be organized. Ultimately, sovereignty is about loving, accepting and owning yourself.

< e2012 8 > So organizations right now take away from that. They really do. Organizations generally don't want sovereignty. They don't want equal voice. They don't want a lot of individuals; they want conformity. They want rules. They want compliance. So here you have grand humans, but they organize in groups. You know. You know. Within – well, not to mention your families – you know within your companies, within your political organizations.