destructuring / de-patterning


< Master 10 > And then a really interesting thing happens. You go into phase two. "Ouch." That's what I'm going to call it, "Ouch." Ouch! The other one, "What's That For?" Or, as I like to call it, "Destructuring." Destructuring. Ouch, ouch, ouch. You've all been there, done that, and you're still feeling the side-effects from it. You're ready to go Home, whatever that means. You are now becoming a wise spiritual person. You even start talking different to other people with a kind of arrogant, obnoxious, om-ing type of sound, and something happens. Your life falls apart. You destructure.

< Master 10 > Now, you've got a tremendous contradiction. You're a spiritual person whose life is going downhill. You've told other people how great you're going to become, and now you're becoming nothing. They laugh, "ha, ha, ha," behind your back, once in a while right at your face. You lose your job, your spouses, your health, your mind; everything falls apart. You're destructuring. Celebrate! What's happening is a variety of things. You are now in the experiential part of awakening. All the old religious values start to shift and change, all of the belief systems.

< Master 10 > This period, this "Ouch" destructuring period can last anywhere from approximately 10, 15 years for those who are fast-tracking, to 3, 4, 5 lifetimes or more. Slow studies, maybe 20, 30 lifetimes. Truly. Think of your accumulated garbage, all the accumulated beliefs and delusions and illusions and anger and wound and everything else. Think of how long it took to accumulate that. And think of how long it might take to clear it. So we had a bet about the awakening: how long would it take for what we would call, I don't like the term, but a more advanced - let's call it more desperate (laughter) - human to awaken? General consensus was 3, 4 maybe 5 lifetimes. My dear friends, you've cost me a lot of spiritual moolah! (money)

< Master 10 > This ("Ouch") zone here is where we'd like to concentrate. In helping people to understand what they're going through is relatively common, and it's going to be okay, if they can get through that. In this destructuring zone is also when they really feel the loss of their spirit guides, where they feel so alone, where nothing makes sense anymore.

< (Next) 1 > What happens now, and what's going to be such a factor for you, is suddenly you realize that you couldn't have experienced all of the potentials for all that would be, because you would get to a point - let's just say it's the point of I Am and New Energy merging together - where there is potentials that could have never been imagined by you or by God, ever. Brand new potentials that were never there before. You had to destructure yourself to make room for some of these potentials that were never imagined, even in the heart of hearts of God.

< (Next) 4 > There's a lot of humans that think that patterns make life simpler. No, no, no they don't. They make life more confusing, more things to have to remember, less freedom. Freedom is the birthright of your soul, and patterns restrict that and make life much more challenging, a lot more difficult. So what you're going through right now, you have given yourself the gift of de-patterning. De-patterning. You probably had little - maybe big - clues in your life about it, but the structures you were in before are going away.

< (Next) 4 > It's very disconcerting at first, because those patterns kind of helped you stay in line. Those patterns helped you make sense out of day-to-day life - they really didn't - but the patterns are going away. The patterns of marriage, relationships, money, food, diet, health - all of the patterns are starting to break apart. So now you have some fairly apparent patterns on the surface. And, by the way, as you de-pattern yourself, you're going to find a lot more freedom. You get past the discomfort. You find a lot more freedom. It affects other people around you more than it affects you, because they're used to your patterns.

< (Next) 5 > Remember back in here (before the "X") was destructuring, what appeared to be chaos, what appeared to be your life going to hell, the self-doubt, everything else, and filled with a lot of makyo. You would try to counter or to soothe these difficult challenging feelings by giving yourself a lot of makyo, giving yourself, "I am a spiritual being," and giving yourself esoteric intellectual things that were actually compounding the challenge.

< (Next) 5 > But in a way, that was good. The more makyo you threw onto the fire, the bigger the fire got, the worse you felt, and it was like a fire of, well, as Kuthumi would know, of cow dung chips, and it smelled really bad, but it kept burning. It kept the energy going. You got to a point where you said "I don't even believe my own makyo anymore. I don't know who I am." And, of course, then there is the trying to find answers out there, trying to find answers in everyone else other than yourself, and then it doesn't work. Doesn't work. What do you do? You try to go out of existence.

< (Next) 5 > You try to go out of existence; you try to get absolutely so numb, so unfeeling and indifferent; you shut down your mind so you can't think anymore, not even rational; you shut down your body so it's not rebalancing - you basically are angry with the body for putting you in this horrendous journey on Earth - you shut down the body. I'm amazed at some of you sometimes, your body is amazing. It should have died by now! It should have gone toxic on you. It really should have - it's amazing - because of what you were putting it through and the lack of allowing yourself to heal. And the junk they put in the bodies these day.

< (Next) 5 > So in here there's the destructuring. There's the makyo that's put onto the fire that actually keeps the process going, it keeps it heated up. This is what you've been going through. Thank god you're done with that process. A little residual left, but you're done with it. Thank yourselves for that. Yeah, give yourself a hand. And you know the beautiful thing about what you designed here is you can't go back. You cannot go back. That's the beauty of it. Some of you fear that, but you cannot go back into it. And if you do, I'll be there. I'll be there keeping you out.

< (Next) 5 > I think it was Tobias who said, just before he left, there's going to be burning of cities. He didn't say my city and other cities, but that's what's happening. You're seeing it. Mass destructuring of systems, of science, of math, of medicine, of banking that have been around for 500 years or more. It's time for that to change. That's what's going to be happening. The important thing for each and every one of you is to remember your safe space, to remember you're divine, to remember how you can bring life into your life. Remember really what you're here for - creating potentials for the new world.

< (Next) 6 > So the mind puts God outside of itself and still can't figure it out. And then at a certain point the mind starts really falling in on itself or really starting to attack itself, because it's angry. It's frustrated. It hasn't figured it out, so it starts turning on itself. And that's when you think you're going crazy, but you're really not. You're just destructuring, and evolving, actually. Evolving into the new mind.