God / divine / sacred

1. Spirit from Home/kingdom; Eternal One; God the Father; supreme being;
2. the king and the queen; Father/Mother God; Unity; balance; sharing; compassion;
3. entity who has a sovereignty and creator ability; souled being;

< New Earth 2 > Now when this separation occurred - this creation of the opposites - it began at the very core in the center of All That Is. That has been referred to as the Great Central Sun - that which you know as God, the Eternal One. And the separation emanated out from the center into this creation, into this dimension of consciousness. A separation went forth like waves into all that existed. As the waves moved through the consciousness and through matter, it broke those pieces and thoughts and energies into two. Then each of you went into that consciousness of opposites and began your work.

< New Earth 6 > Think of the physics of this, think of the physics. Here you sit, supposedly as humans, and invite Spirit into your space, invite us into your space. This melding, this overlay of consciousnesses, creates truly a new dimension. It is not a dimension that you can relate from what you would normally think as in your third or fourth or fifth dimensions. My friends, this dimension does not own a number. It is a new dimension, a new consciousness that is created when humans meld with Spirit like this. Here you sit in a safe space. You open your hearts. You invite All That Is (God, divinity) into your being. This creates a new and sacred energy, a sacred consciousness. This is the consciousness and the state of being that you will walk in in your "now" time.

< New Earth 9QA >
God chose to draw and to paint one day, and created a magnificent painting, like none other that He and She ever created before. It was a beautiful painting. In the heart of God, God wanted so deeply to not just paint the picture but to live within it, to experience it from the inside - not just to create it as an outside element. So God chose to go into the creation, to go into the painting, to live within it and to truly understand the beauty and the depth and the love of the painting that He and She created. God went into the painting and forgot that He and She were God. This allowed the opportunity to truly, truly live within the creation.

That is you, my friends. You are God. You created the painting. Then with the deepest of love and compassion you chose to live within the painting, to forget that you were the painter. So here now you act out your experiences and your drama from inside the painting. But in the new energy you will remember that you are the painter. So, my dear friend, what an excellent question and what an excellent way for understanding the value of art. Look at it the other way around, that you are the painter of All things, that you are merely living within your creation. As you allow the expressions to come forth from your entire being - not just your mind, not just your heart - but from the single energy point… as you allow those expressions to go forth, that will be what you call ascension, that will be once again becoming the painter.

< New Earth 13 > This, my dear friends, is the time of the new energy of Earth. With the spiritual physics such that they are, this is truly the first time in the history of humankind on Earth that it is possible to bring in the energy of the Divine Self. Oh, you and others have tried in the past. You have tried to figure out God. You have tried to be holy and spiritual. You have had journeys in past lifetimes in religious orders. You have started many religions, as we have mentioned. But until recent months of your time, it has not been possible to truly begin bringing in this divine energy. The veil was thick. The True Self was in a cocoon of sorts. The vibration of Earth was not appropriate. We come now to the time where it is now possible to bring it in and to begin working with it and to begin using it.

< New Earth 14 > The first truth, dear friends, is that Spirit does not know the outcome of your journey here on Earth. God does not know what is going to happen. You have all been under the belief system that your journey on Earth has been planned in advance. You have thought that the outcome was known. Your churches teach that well. They teach you that God knows all. He even knows what you are going to do next. Dear friends, the truth of this, the truth of Spirit, of the Eternal One is that God does not know the outcome. A little frightening perhaps. A little frightening to know that you, each of you here, each human upon the Earth, you are the ones creating. You are the ones creating each new moment in time.

< New Earth 14 > From your earliest ages, you have been taught that God knew the outcome. If that were so, dear friends, why would you be here in the first place? Why would you be going through the challenges and the difficulties and the new experiences if God already knows the outcome? God loves you dearly and would never ask you to sacrifice if the outcome were already known. The Eternal One does not know the outcome. Think of this when you work with others in their healing. Think of this when you teach others. This is one of the true roadblocks that humans have. When this is released from the core consciousness of who they are, much progress in the new Earth energy can be made.

< New Earth 14 > Our second truth on this day is that God has no agenda. God has no agenda. Again this may be somewhat difficult to understand. You, especially the ones that have been called "Warriors of the Light," have assumed that you were supposed to go in one direction, a direction that you have called light. God has no agenda like the human does. God does not understand "good" or "bad," "light" or "dark," "right" or "wrong." These are human conceptions and terms. There is no agenda. Therefore, dear friends, we ask why do you judge yourself so harshly? There is no agenda here. It is about experience. Your journey is about experience. From all that you do and all that you go through, this gives all of creation important feedback. But again there is no agenda.

< New Earth 14 > Our third truth on this day is one that may be difficult for you to understand, but there are some here that are truly beginning to grasp the concept. Dear friends, God and your angels and all who are on this side - we cannot do it for you. We hear your prayers. We hear you asking for help. We hear you asking for us to change situations in your life. The enlightened mind, the enlightened heart understands that we cannot do it for you. When something happens in your life now that is synchronistic… when something happens at the appropriate moment or the appropriate time, we thank you for thanking us, but, my friends, you should be thanking yourself for all that happens in your life.

< Creator 1QA > There will come a point when Cauldre no longer channels the Crimson Council. When he feels as comfortable bringing up his own divinity, when he finally faces that the God is within him, he will no longer be channeling us. When you finally realize that God IS you, you will no longer be listening to channels. You will no longer be students. You will be the teachers. There will be no need to channel.

< Creator 2 > You were always pushing the envelope, always seeking new experiences, new experiences that allowed the Eternal One, the Creator, God, or Spirit - by whatever name you call the Oneness - to continue to expand. The experiences that you had within the circle of All That Is, within the original creation, allowed that circle to continue to expand. Then you began pushing the outer edges of creation. You began creating at the very fine line of existence of All That Is, if you could possibly fathom that. You began to have experiences there that were given in love by you to Spirit, and accepted by Spirit in thanks and honor.

< Creator 6 > Lesson Two : Accept your human self, and you will come to know your divine self. This is a core lesson. Accept all that you are. Accept your human self. Jack came to a point where he had to learn to look in the mirror and see beauty and see love and to see God in the mirror. Do you know what we mean? You need to come to this point within yourself, where you can see yourself as God, for indeed you are! Being in human condition is a joyful, grand and loving thing. There are scores and scores of entities tonight in the outer circles that are desiring to do this, that are desiring for this experience. Accept your human self, and you will come to know your divine self.

< Creator 7 > I, Tobias, want you to remember the energy here right now, the energy that tells you that you have the Christ seed within you, and you always have. Follow none other than the God within you! You will be challenged in these days to come, as you make the final link of your circle. The challenges will be difficult, and that is why we bring this subject up on this night. Are we saying you will have an alien encounter? In a way, yes, we are. It may not happen while you are driving down the road at 1:00 AM and come to a railroad crossing. (audience laughter) It may come in your sleep. It may happen, and most likely will happen, as an old remembrance coming through like a freight train, a remembrance that brings fear and that cripples you and immobilizes you. When that happens, dear friends, we want you to come back to this energy of this day, when Spirit, when Yeshua and the Crimson Council and Tobias sat in front of you, and said, "Dear ones, you are the God that is awakening. Have no others come before or above you."

< Creator 10 > The Divine Will is not owned outside of yourself. The Divine Will is contained within. When you move into Divine Will, when you release the old Free Will, you once again make a type of connection with Spirit. It becomes a conscious connection and a conscious understanding that you have not felt for eons of time. Divine Will is not sitting and waiting for God, for Spirit, to tell you what to do. It is an understanding that it is already a part of you. It is an inner understanding that Spirit is there, that there are no outside voices to listen to, that Spirit and God and Divinity and the Christ Consciousness is already within you. Divine Will is listening to this deep, passionate inner voice.

< Creator 11 >
In the Kingdom, all was One. All was singular. There was a singular expression in the Kingdom. But at some point in this Oneness, in the love and the bliss of Home, Spirit, All That Is, the Eternal One, God, knew that it was time to take an inner look. It was time to come to a greater understanding of why existence existed. It was time for All That Is to take an account of Self, of all of creation, of all that had been done. Everything up to that point had been a singular outward expression.

< Creator 11 > The very moment Spirit even contemplated looking within, even contemplated taking a look in the mirror at Self, what had been one became two. God now had the ability to look at Self. What had been a singular energy in the Kingdom now became the King and the Queen. It became what you would call a "male" energy and a "female" energy. And there was a "marriage" between the two. There was still unity, there was still oneness. But now, because Spirit even thought of looking within and contemplating Self, it instantly created a duality of sorts, different than what you have here on Earth, but it created two energies that we call the King and the Queen, the Mother and the Father.

< Creator 11QA > Your True Self is awakening now. It is emerging from the cocoon where it has slept for so long. It is awakening and coming forth. But interestingly enough, even though this is a more complete Self, it is also like your own child who glows from within, a Christ Child. It is yours to care for and nurture and feed. It is interesting that it is the "complete" you, the True Self, the Divine Self. You would think, would you not, that it would be appropriate for you to give up control to your True Self? You would think this would be the Father/Mother God energy coming back for you. But instead it is the Child. It is the Child energy. It is your creation. And it needs your nurturing. Now, we will talk more of this at another time. But in your long journey here, and to get here and your many experiences, you have created your own child, called your divinity, just as the King and Queen through their love created Jack. This will give you something to think about!

< Creator 12 > That next level is to bring in your new relationship with Spirit. Up until now it is not been quite so possible or quite so easy to understand and to truly know God. Up to now it has not been quite so easy to understand who you truly are, to see yourself as an angel in the mirror. You have had to work at it and struggle. Even then it has seemed elusive and distant. Spirit has seemed like some intellectual concept, far and removed from you. It has seemed to you that you have been placed here on Earth, not knowing what you were here to do exactly, not knowing your relationship with Spirit, but desiring it and longing for it.

< Ascension 1 > All of creation is watching. Now you understand the importance of your work? All of creation is watching and waiting and wanting to know. We are waiting to come in, waiting to expand the first circle into the realities that you have created (second creation), which do not exist within All That Is. Much to think about here! (Home/Spirit/God/Oneness/King and Queen comes to you.)

< Ascension 3 > We see that with the events and the major leap in consciousness from four weeks and four days ago that changes will continue to sweep the world. What we see is that there will be a change at the core level of your own churches and religions. There has been much energy focused on these recently. This will continue. The churches that hold an imbalance of energy, that hold duality, can no longer survive in the new energy. The churches that promote separation between God and man cannot hold their own as you move into the new energy. The churches that create an enemy, the devil, other religions… they cannot move so well into the new energy.

The churches hold a tremendous imbalance of duality energy at this time. You will see them always associated with the core of the problems, as you have for thousands and ten of thousands of years. You will see this continue, but you will see their walls come crumbling down, meaning they will be forced to change, to be more open, or they will crumble and be out of existence.

< Ascension 3 > Most of the energy of duality is held in those places that were built to worship God. Most places that were built to worship God hold a tremendous imbalance of a male and female energy. That must come to a stop in order to move into the new energy. The ones who hold the power of these places, of these churches and philosophies, understand this. By understanding it, they become more fearful, and they make ignorant remarks to the press (referring to Jerry Falwell’s remarks after the September 11 events). By becoming more fearful they will also become more righteous, and they will hold on tighter than ever before. It is because they feel they are losing their grip. They are losing their foundation. As the new energy comes to be, it is not appropriate for that old imbalanced energy of duality to be there.

< Ascension 3QA > Why? … is such a good question, and it is about your journey. It is about your search. It is about your ascension. It is the question that has been asked by entities ever since we left Home. It is about your journey on Earth. Ever since you left Home there has been one basic thing - the search for God, the search for God. When you were in the void and creating this Second Creation, the real question was about where to find God, how to get back Home. As we all matured, we understood it was not about getting back Home. It was about creating something new. But, the search for God continued.

The Order of the Arc was created, it was to help define a very imbalanced energy (duality), an energy that was searching for God. It was an answer to the question "why." It was about a venue and an experience that would enable you, and then ultimately us, to once again know God, but a different relationship than you had with the King and the Queen when you were Jack. The relationship now comes from within you. The relationship is yours to hold personally. It is about integrating your divinity.

Why? If you return to the story of Jack, you will recall that we chose our words very carefully. It was said that Jack was the prince, the son of the King and the Queen. One day he would inherit the throne. But, he wanted one last journey. Why? It was to understand how to bring the energy of Home, how to bring the energy of God, how to bring the divineness into you directly, into your experience and your being. Jack did not have ownership of this when he was in the Kingdom. In order to be a true creator, Jack needed to discover this on his own.

You have been searching for God ever since. You are beginning to understand the dynamics of this and how this works. It is difficult. It does not come so easy. Why? It is the fulfillment of a circle that started the moment Spirit contemplated Self and began a whole dynamic of new creation, of duality, and of experience. It is the completion of Spirit’s quest to know Self, to know of expression by living through experience.

< Ascension 5 > This issue of worthiness… all of you… is one that I would like you to release. That has been so challenging for all who are here and connecting. You have felt unworthy of the god that sits within you. You have felt you have done things wrong in your lives or in the past or before you came here. In this New Energy that you walk in, release any feelings of unworthiness, and know that it is time for you to integrate your birthright as God, as a divine human.

< Ascension 5 > When I walked the Earth with so many of you, I shared a message that "You are God." It was difficult for most to understand then, and difficult for most to understand now. But, what I did, dear friends, was because of you. It was because of the work that you did. It was because of the efforts that you put into your journey that it was possible for a human, for me, to truly manifest this (God) on Earth. But, understand what I am saying. It was not me. It was because of you. It was because of all that you had done.

< Ascension 5 > It is time for you to accept this (God) within yourself. Oh, we are such a family, and there is such support here. It is time to accept the god within, to bring this through. And, as my dear friend Tobias has been saying, "It comes up from you through the Language of Ah."

< Ascension 5 > The message that all of us brought to this Earth thousands of years ago was so simple. Go back to that energy and remember, "You are God also. You are God also." You are worthy of all that comes with this. You are worthy. And, Cauldre is worthy of having me sit here with you. As a matter of fact, dear friends, it is I who am honored. It is I who am honored to be here.

< Ascension 5 > And, on this season that you call Christmas, it is not about a child Jesus being born, or a man Jesus walking the Earth. This season is about the birth of your own divinity within you. Use this time to nurture yourself. Use this time to celebrate your own God-ness. Use this time to be in joy. And, remember always, you are family. We are always here with you. We do not need a big ceremony or long periods of time to bring this energy in. We are here always for you, walking with you, sharing your journey with you. Feel the energy of I, Yeshua, and all of the others who come in. Indeed we are your family.

< Ascension 6 > You do not go back to "1." In their spiritual teachings, so many talk about going back to "1," similar to talking of going back Home. But you do not go there. As God, you continue to expand, and you continue to express in new ways.

< Ascension 6 > When you were at home in the Kingdom eons of time ago - but not so long ago at all - the energy was about oneness and singularity. When you left Home, went through the Wall of Fire and eventually came to Earth, it was about "2." It was about polarity. It was about the mirror image. It was about seeing yourself, dear God, in a new and different way that you could have not seen in the energy of "1." So, you created "2." You have been in that energy for so very, very long. Earth has been about the energy of "2," polarity, light and dark, the lessons of good and bad, male and female, opposites. Your journey on Earth has been to understand, at the most intimate levels, what duality, what "2" was about.

< Ascension 6 > Now, we shift into a new energy. You are not only shifting into a "4" year, but you are also shifting into the fourth age of God-man, of God-woman. There have been three ages before this. We will not go into all those details on this day, for we like to talk, (chuckling) but sometimes we are asked to keep our discussion within time limits. But, you are entering into your fourth age as God in human form.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron has been depicted as the one who sits closest to Yahweh, the one who sits next to God, indeed, the one that sits next to you. Metatron is one who holds the balance between human and divine, but could not do it directly because of the immense responsibility and energy behind this. He had to use others.

< Ascension 6 > Imagine the shape of a star, of a five-pointed star. At the top of the star is the first of these five senses. It is the SENSE of AWARENESS. Now these are etheric, spiritual, divine senses, the first being awareness. You developed this sense immediately when you left Home, when you left the Kingdom. Up until this time, you really did not have an awareness of who you were. You simply were. But, when you left the Kingdom and went through the Wall of Fire, you immediately developed a sense of awareness. This is the "I am" Sense. "I am part of God, but yet I am my own identity." It is the first of these five senses.

< Ascension 6 > Moving again counterclockwise on this five-pointed star is the divine SENSE of COMPASSION. Compassion. We also call this the Unity Sense. This is the divine sensitivity that gives you an understanding that you are I Am, but you are also part of All That Is. This sense of compassion allows you to see God in another's eyes. It allows you to feel and to understand another. This is what links you to every other human, to every other animal and to every molecule on this planet. This is the sense that links you to All That Is.

< Ascension 7 > As you accept all of who you are, and as you accept the fact that you are God  Ethat you are Spirit  Eas you accept this into your being, you become so much stronger. You become so much more aware. This opens new dimensions and whole new areas of consciousness for you.

< Ascension 8 > You, Spirit… you, divine one, have also been learning to understand your own identity. As you do, as you come to understand the identity of your own divinity, then you begin to understand God. It has been said that you could never figure out God in your head. And, indeed that is true. It comes in through your heart. And, it comes in after you learn to understand your own divinity. When this happens, dear Shaumbra, then Home comes to you. As we have told you, you never go Home. That was not the purpose of all this. You don't go Home. Home comes to you.

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to OWN your divinity? To not only love it, and to not only know it, to not only have it in freedom? But, dear ones, are you ready to own it within you, to understand that it IS you, to hold it within you, to not try to hide who you are? Are you ready to own that this is yours? Your divinity was not given to you by any other. You have had it all along. It has been sealed. It has been locked away by seven seals, held tightly within. The seals are now ready to burst open. It is like they have been filled with stress. That is what you have been feeling, the seals wanting to burst open, all seven of them, not one by one by one. The seals do not open that way. They open in unison. They open together. Are you ready to own what comes forth, to accept it within your being and to know it has always been there? It has only been locked away. Are you ready to own the God that you are?

< Ascension 9QA > The Fruit of the Rose is your divine lineage. It comes truly comes through and manifests when you sit in the void we have discussed today. It is the solution that has not been brought in yet. It is a potential solution that exists in a neutral or dormant state. But, it has always been there. It is all of the answers that you have ever sought, but you could not come to realizations until the appropriate time. We have said before that, in a sense, you have already buried the answer for yourself, along your path. You have already created all of the potential solutions before you got there. This is the Fruit of the Rose. It IS your divinity. It IS that part of God that you brought with you from Home. It is your individual identity in meld with the essence of Spirit.

Now, that does not mean that the answers have already been worked out. It means the energy for the solution is there. It still takes you living in human form, living in the "now," to bring the solution to realization. There requires participation at all levels of your being. Your divine consciousness has been behind the seven seals that are now opening. The Fruit of the Rose is the unrealized solution, but the solution that has always been there. The Fruit of the Rose does not contain the exact road map and directions for the solution, but it contains all of the energy for realization of it.

< Ascension 11 > You can never, never find God through your head, through your mind. Humans have tried for eons of time. Many of you still try to figure it out in your heads. You think that if you can help to understand the hierarchy of the angels that you will figure out how to get to heaven. It does not work like that. You try to figure out this soul of yours through the mind of yours. It does not go that way.

< DivineHuman 1 > As we mentioned in our last discussion, this clarity also has its challenging moments. You will begin to see through the façades that other humans put up. You know, humans… they put up large walls. Do you know that sometimes we cannot see through these? If a human chooses to be off the radar screen, they can put up a type of energetic field where none of us, even the most powerful of the angels, cannot see through. If you do not want God to see you, God cannot, for you are God. And you have just played a hiding game with yourself! Do you see? (audience laughter) Humans do put up these walls. They put up these walls and filters for good reason also. It is a type of protection so that they are not inundated with all sorts of vibrations and information and frequencies and feelings.

< DivineHuman 4 > The true understanding of God is that of total compassion, TOTAL compassion and understanding that God wanted to experience war. God wanted to experience forgetting who He and She truly was. God wanted to experience what it was like to walk in that beautiful human body of yours. God wanted to experience your own creation. That is compassion. That is God. And, that is something that you will never read about in the old books or the old religions that still rule the souls of humans on Earth.

< DivineHuman 5QA > Duality was a wonderful game that you (God) created to help you see both sides of yourself, to help you see the mirror in order for you to understand who you were (* in the kingdom). But, now you are moving into a time and energy of "I Am. I Am Spirit. I Am God also. I Am the light, and I Am the dark. I Am That I Am." (* re-uniting of the king and the queen, male and female)

< DivineHuman 6 > The divinity, the God that you are, is so simple. But, yet you try to make it so complex. It is so simple. It is there right now. You test your powers at times. You say, "If I am God also, then why can’t I create grand abundance for myself? Why can’t I heal my body? Why can’t I read the thoughts of other humans? E/font> Dear friends, you are putting your energies in the wrong place, in the end result. You are not putting the energies in the moment. When you focus on abundance, surely you will have abundance problems. When you are always worried about a relationship, when you are worried about your health, you will always have these as problems. It is about being in the moment, being in the Now.

< DivineHuman 6 > This Divine Self is you. It always has been. It comes in now. It comes in to be such a part of you. It wants to share in a way it never could before. You will find now that as you rely on yourself for your own guide, that as you stop looking outward, as you stop looking for external dates that keep you from being divine… you will find that this Divine Self truly takes care of every need. You, God, truly take care of every need that you have. The abundance will flow into your life. Your health will return. The relationships will come to you appropriately when you do not focus on them, when you live in the Now, when you are divine.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear friends, life will have its challenges. But, as we have said, "It’s not about you." You will see conflict all around you. You will be called to new places. You will be called to different types of work. Remember, it’s not about you. Remember that in every situation you are involved in, you, God, have already come up with the answer. Get out of that human brain, the one that is in fear and panic. Sit in the middle of difficult situations and watch how the Divine Solution unfolds in your life. It will unfold in your life.

< DivineHuman 7 > "Is there a God?" This is one we get over and over again from you. The answer is "No" … and "Yes." In the terms of the traditional human way of thinking, there is no God. Humans have been taught that God is a all-powerful male figure in this place of heaven. Even though, Shaumbra, you know better, you still have this imprinted in your mind. You still think there is a big guy up there. You still try to connect with that energy. In those terms there is no God. There is no Creator who has any sort of judgment on you. There is not that type of God.

< DivineHuman 7 > Yes, there is a God, a God that is within you, that has always been you. There is a God-source, a Home, which birthed you. There was the energy of the King and the Queen who loved each other so much. When they looked each other in the eye, and their love connected… this birthed you… yet a new energy… the Explorer energy (Jack)… the energy that would take the love of Spirit and bring it to new places… bring it to new dimensions… bring it into what had never existed before.

There is the God, and the compassion, and the oneness that has always loved you. There are the mother/father energies that you speak of. But, you see, you think that God is separate. You think that God forgot about you along the way. You think that you took the wrong turn on the path. And, now you've got to work your way back Home. There is not a God in those terms.

There is a God in terms of what sits here right now, and what exists all around you, and what exists into the multi-dimensional layers of the universe. There is a God who sits within the Kingdom and misses you, misses you so much. There is a God who is coming to you, for you are expanding the energy of Home, and God is coming to you. So, when you ask us the question, and you get back that funny answer, "yes and no," that is the reason.

< DivineHuman 9 > The universe, dear friends, you, dear God, are always fulfilling and always unfolding. The universe, the omniverse, is not limited in any way that would ever create a problem for you. It is always responding to you in every moment. You and your soul are responding to yourself in every moment. There is no lack, only in the illusion that you have. There is no illness, only in your illusions. God is not withholding anything from you. But, God… sometimes you pretend it's not there so that you can experience something. But now the need for those types of experiences can be gone.

< DivineHuman 10 > She asks you now, and for this next week and a day of time, to breathe in the energies of the King and the Queen… of Home… the love of God that birthed you… the love of God that gave you the same Creator energies that they had. What a gift! What a gift! What a way for Spirit to truly understand love - it was to create you, and then set you free.

< NewEnergy 1 > So, when you say you are God also, it is different. It is different than certainly the Old Energy, the Old illusion of the old man with a long white beard, sitting in heaven. That is so long gone. It is different than your concept of an - how do you say - All That Is. So many of you have held the concept, the feeling, how you are all interconnected and that Is-ness makes up the Ones-ness, and that is God. That is different also. You are God also means you are all those things, but you have had the unique, the unique experience of your journey as an angel, of your journey on Earth as a human and now coming full circle, so it is different.

< NewEnergy 1 > God loves you dearly, always has. It has always been within you. In the understanding of God's love for you, perhaps you can understand the love for yourself, and therefore, the true love, the true love for other humans, for life around you. To understand how you are God also is to understand the compassion that Spirit has always had for you - total compassion, total love, even in your darkest moments.

< NewEnergy 2 > In the times of Lemuria, dear friends, you did not have churches. There were no religions. There was not even the understanding of God! There was no need to try to understand at that time. You were coming into this Earth to experience what it was like to be in human body… and also to help balance out the biology… and to also help Gaia develop the life system here on Earth. You had difficulty holding your energy in the physical body. It was rather challenging. But, it was a fun game to play. As the energies became more and more focused, you were able to hold yourself in biology.

< NewEnergy 2 > In the time of Atlantis, a wonderful and sometimes difficult time, you helped to balance the biology so that it took its basic form that you have today. There was much research done back then about how to create this body vessel, how to make humans look generally the same. But even in the days of Atlantis, with all of the understandings of working with energy, we did not have an understanding or even a concept of God. We did not talk in those terms. We did not even think in those terms. We did not have the consciousness. In a sense, all that we understood was the human. The human was God at that time. We did not understand so much about the Earth and the stars. We came to great understandings about the human and the biology.

< NewEnergy 2 > Until some 6,000 years ago there was not the understanding of God as you would know it today. Six thousand years ago there was hardly even what you would call religion. It wasn't in the consciousness of humanity at the time. Religion, as you know it, has only been around these last 6000 years. And, yes - to the one who just asked - that is why some religions believe that mankind is only 6,000 years old in spite of scientific evidence that says otherwise. It was only 6,000 or so years ago where there came to be the conscious understanding of God, and therefore, religions were established.

< NewEnergy 4 > Archangels are not humans, indeed. Archangels do not have souls of God, like what you have. They have a type of persona or a character about them. But, they are truly archetypical energies. Metatron is that part of you that is your voice in Spirit. Metatron is that part that is so sharp and so intense. And, yes, sometimes it is easier to think of him as a "he," as a personality, as an entity. It is all YOU. Raphael is an archetypical energy that manifests with you at the time of fear. Raphael - Rapha, energy - has been such an important part of the Crimson Council and the Crimson Circle. Indeed, his energies show up in the very story of Tobit, or Tobias, as you would know it. It is a story of a journey, and it is a story of fear.

< NewEnergy 5 > It is so difficult for us to even define God, as it were, so we will not try, so you will not go intellectual, trying to figure it out, other than to say, "It is simple. It is loving. It is unconditional compassion." You see… in your former journey you were trying to find God. You were waiting for an outside manifestation. You were waiting for something to appear to you. Over the course of this lifetime you have asked over and over again for signs. You have asked for a presence to appear to you. For the most part this hasn't happened, so that you didn't become distracted by this… so you didn't begin to think that God was external… so that you didn't think God would only come occasionally.

< NewEnergy 5 > Spirit has always been there within you, but it has been dormant, in a sense. Now, the love of God, the God that you are, the God of all things, the Elohim, can come in and be with you. When you try to figure it out, when you try to grasp it in your mind - like some of you are doing now - it is elusive, isn't it? It goes away. That works through the heart, through the soul, and through the spirit. God defies explanation or definition, so that it can simply be "is-ness." Can you open now to feel the "is-ness" of Spirit here in this room? Can you be in such a place of peace with yourself… to know the presence of God is in the molecules in the air… in the cells of your body… in the light that shines all around? The essence of God dances in the fire. It flows into you through the foods that you just ate.

< NewEnergy 5 > But, God is not impersonal. God is not simply an energy. God has the character of all creation… the love of All That Is. God has such a presence within you and all around you. And, it is appropriate on this day, on this gathering after the recent alignment of the stars that the energy of God can be here. There is not some far-off place called "heaven." There is not some point a long, long way from here that holds the energy of Spirit and is limited to that. It is all around. It has always been within you, waiting to come forth. It is simple. It is loving, unconditional compassion.

< NewEnergy 5 > Let yourself feel this energy of Spirit within and all around. And, feel the character… feel the warmth and love… and, again without trying to define, without trying to define. The moment that the energy of God is defined it immediately changes. It immediately limits it. It is a difficult concept for humans who always work in their minds, for humans who are opening up the heart right now. You can begin to truly feel, truly feel.

< NewEnergy 5 > Some of you even hide parts of yourself now from the energy of the Elohim that is in the room, that is within you. You know you can do that. You can hide from God. You can hide from God. You can close off parts of yourself. Your religions teach you that God can see everything and knows everything - not true! You can hide from the angels and hide from God. But, when you do, you're also hiding from yourself, you see.

< NewEnergy 7 > Your journey has ended. The seeking has ended. You are in a New Energy. You are in a place where the divine seeks to come in, where it will do so anyway. You don't have to force it. You don't have to regulate it. You don't have to push it. The divine comes into your reality. As we said in a recent gathering on the full moon, when questioned by Shaumbra about what they should do in their life right now, "Get out of your way." The divine energies are coming in. You have planned it this way. You chose to experience it. Get out of your way. You have come to this point where the journey ends, indeed. You've come to this point where you can begin playing with New Energy in a whole new way of creating, of being a Creator.

< NewEnergy 9 > God is simply a reflection of human consciousness - that is all. Do you realize that in the days of Atlantis we didn't even understand the concept of God? We didn't have a God. If someone had come up to us and talked to us about God, we would have had no idea of what they were referring to. We were trying to find the source of life, the fuel that ignited all of life. But, we didn't understand the concept of God.

< NewEnergy 9 > Religion as you know - the understanding of God as you know it - is really only some 6000 years old. Initially, as the consciousness of God started coming into humanity, there were many gods. There were gods of rain… gods of dirt… gods of the sun… of the moon… of everything. There were bird gods. There were monkey gods… every type of god you could imagine. It got very confusing, keeping track of them (some audience laughter). Then, it was a question of which god is stronger… which is bigger. And, then there were wars between the gods, created in the minds of humans.

< NewEnergy 9 > It wasn't until the time of Abraham when - how to say - God talked to Abraham, and said, "There is just me… one God… that's all. We don't have to have many gods. There is one." It was really the consciousness of humanity talking to Abraham, saying that it is time to understand that God was within… that there is a oneness to God… that there are not all these separate gods fighting each other, vying for control. You see… that was human consciousness at the time. That is all consciousness could comprehend.

< NewEnergy 9 > So, God came to Abraham, and said, "There is me. There is one." And, consciousness embraced it. Humanity embraced it. This drew together, once again, so many of what we call "the family of Hapiru," the ones who are the Jews. They have been working on this concept, this understanding, long before humans ever came to Earth. So, they were drawn together, and there was one God then. The many gods seemed to disappear. They became one.

< NewEnergy 9 > But, then humans tried to control it and make it their God and their way. God became a man… a white man… with a beard. And, he was old, and he had a bad temper (audience laughter)… one moment saying, "I love you. I love you so much." And the next moment saying, "You will go to hell forever." What kind of God is that? It was a God that supposedly gave all sorts of rules to Moses. Moses was not given rules or commandments. They were commitments from Spirit. But that is a whole other story.

< NewEnergy 9 > Yeshua came to Earth to try to help others to understand that God is within. It is one. It is many. But, it begins from within. From Abraham and all of the descendants and all of the energies in the area came many religions - the Christian religion… the Jewish religion… the Muslims… and many, many others - all claiming to have a truth about God… all claiming that if you didn't follow this truth, god would send you to some terrible place.

< NewEnergy 9 > Man created God… you see. The consciousness of humanity is God. It is time for that to change. It is time to go to a whole new level of Truth, Shaumbra. Some might call it blasphemy. Some might call it Satan. Some might fear because it has been so ingrained within humans - deep, deep ingrained this energy of God - that we have to hold on to the Old ways. We have to appease God. We have to worship God. Now, Shaumbra, you have so much wisdom. Why would God need to be worshiped? Honoring yourself, loving yourself, having compassion for yourself… ah, that is the New consciousness of God.

< NewEnergy 9 > So many of you were there during the time of Yeshua, even were there during the time of Moses and the time of Abraham. You've been following… you've been actually leading this whole thing. So many of you were there in the early days of the church with Peter. So many of you helped to start churches all over the world. Some of you got tired of what you had started in the past, and started a whole new church, a whole new way. But, it was just based on the Old Energy, the Old consciousness of God - God is male… God is punishing… God is separate… you see… always separate… living off there somewhere in the heavens, but not manifest here on Earth.

< NewEnergy 9 > It is time for a New God on Earth - a God that has compassion… a God that is living on Earth… a God that is no longer separate… a God that loves joy… a God that loves creating and expressing… a God that is imagination. Some of you ask now… you scratch your heads, and say, "But, is God personal? Is there a singular God somewhere, perhaps off in the heavens in another dimension?" That is a very difficult question to answer. It is like the question, "Why are I here?" (audience laughter) Yes, indeed, there is a - how to say - there is a singular energy of Spirit. And, you connect with it all the time. But, it has been kept distant and separate. It is part of you. It is not a God who pulls strings, makes you dance like a puppet. It is not a God who has any rules at all… no rules.

< NewEnergy 9 > Indeed, there is a God, but not like what you could possibly have imagined yesterday - not the guy in the sky… not the Old Energy… certainly not judgmental… certainly without any rules. So, you say, "Well, how could God be tangible, if there are no rules, where it is all just this 'lovey' thing? Who's controlling everything?" There is an energy that transcends anything you could understand on Earth, an energy of - what you would call on our side - Truth. Feel it for a moment. It is not about laws. It is about Truth. There are many levels of it. It is not about control, for you don't need to have control when there is evolving Truth. You only have to have control when Truth is limited and suppressed.

< NewEnergy 9 > There is an energy on our side and on yours. It is the New God… a New consciousness… a New Truth… where all things are - how to say - in a flow… where all things are balanced in their own way… where all things want to be expressed. But, it is NOT the Old God, the bearded guy on a big chair.

< NewEnergy 12 > Dear friends, THE DARKNESS IS YOUR DIVINITY. It has been hidden away. It has been hidden away for so very long. Oh, yes, indeed, the divine IS the darkness. That will give you all something to ponder for a long, long time.

< Embodiment 3 > Let us take a look now at embodying changes within yourself. Let us take a look at the physics here of how changes occur. Changes are natural. As long as there is any energy and any type of entity - or what you would call a soul - to correspond to that energy, there will be changes. It is the nature of Spirit and the God that you are to have continual evolution, expansion, and new expression of energy. This means to say here that there will always be changes.

< Embodiment 7 > What you have is energy that is stuck, energy that has been formed by you and, in a sense, is boxed in, or structured by you, and it can't get out. You try beating on it. You try forcing it. And, you try willing it. And, every time you do and it doesn't work, you feel less and less empowered than before. You feel that certainly there has to be some supreme being or some higher force that's going to come down and save you, come down and take you away from this unempowered state of being. There is not. There is not. You are the supreme being. You are all connected to the supreme being.

< Embodiment 11QA > We give you a bit of riddle, a bit of an understanding here about who you are, who Spirit is. You see… Spirit was… and now is… and isloves… and expands… loves to find joy in creation. Yet, in creation Spirit finds that everything is, and it always was (All that was). That will give you something to reflect on for a period of time. It is the basic understanding of Spirit and of creation. You see… Spirit is this dynamic energy that always was. It changed into "is" when it wanted to find out more of itself and to express itself through creation. But, it found creation simply is. Everything is there, and it always was there… you see. And, that is where you are at right now, Shaumbra. The synchronistic life: it already is, and it always was. It is allowing yourself to be the radiant Creator… always is… and always was. (was: potential / is: expression)

< Embodiment 12 > First, Shaumbra, understand that God is not power. Human consciousness right now equates God to power. It says God can create clouds and lightning and trees. God can move objects. God can do all of these powerful things. Humanity is still in the consciousness that God is power. There is a direct, related energetic link between the two concepts - God and power. When it boils down to it, the religions of the world still feel that God is power. They are frightened of God and her power.

< Embodiment 12 > This seems like a small thing, Shaumbra, but it is large. It will help you to understand consciousness. It will help you to understand how people act the way they do and how you see the things that you do. Old Energy is: God is power. New Energy, new consciousness, says that God is simply expression… expression… continually creating, and a creation that doesn't need power behind it. Power is an Old Energy concept.

< Embodiment 12 > But, now in the New Energy, God (all that is/all things) is simply expression (of neutral poential/source). It doesn't need power. It doesn't even need the old negative and positive. Imagine and feel for a moment, existing and creating in your world that doesn't need to activate negative and positive. It doesn't need the Old Energy balances. It operates in a New Energy type of expression. You see, expression and force, or power, are two different things. We know we are dealing with semantics here. And, the English language sometimes is very limiting. But, imagine… feel for a moment operating in a synchronistic life where you don't have power. It is simply pure, clear expression. That is one very important thing to remember. God is not power. God is expression.

< Clarity 1 > Let us release the concept that God is power. And, breathe in the pure expression of Spirit. Breathe in the pure expression. As you begin to understand that God is not power… God does not giveth and taketh away. God simply is. God is not an individual being, but rather in all things. Spirit has no agenda, has no desired outcomes. It simply is. You could say God is - Spirit is - your expression, your experience. Let us be the first here to put into consciousness that Spirit is simply expression. And, expression in the New Energy doesn't need a force or power behind it.

< Clarity 1 > God is not a power. It is an expression. Spirit is expression of life - not just life here on Earth - but life, the ability to be, the ability to express, the ability to create in your spirit. It is that simple.

< Clarity 3 > Do you think God tries? God just does. God watches as the results unfold. God has no agenda about how the creation unfolds. God creates and then frees, breathes life and energy and creation into whatever she chooses and then gives it freedom. That's why you're here. That aspect of God that you are breathes life, gave you freedom, and said, "Go out; go out into nothing and create whatever you choose. Call me if you ever get stuck."

< Clarity 7 > You're given this sovereign potential. God in your own right, but how can you learn how to be a God (severeign being) in your own right if you're continually interconnected with all of these old systems, you see. How can you be a God in your own right if you're still feeding off of the field. How can you be a God in your own right if you're still running back to the crystalline realms that are part of an angelic mass consciousness, you see. So you cut yourself off from the crystalline realms consciously.

< Clarity 7 > Odd, that you would be living in, what we call, the Christos or the crystal time on Earth but yet cut yourself off from the crystalline realms. But you did it and I did it so we could have our own. So we could discover our own, for how are you ever going to be God also - sovereign and whole unto yourself. A God with all of the capabilities, with all of the energetics of the source of One, but yet unique in your own way.

< MNEC2006-T > You have to understand all this time that the element of spirit was not really understood. Back then the alchemy of Atlantis was to try to find the source of life force energy but spirit, as you know it today, and religion as you know it today, were not part of the Atlantean consciousness. There was no understanding, no concept of God. There wasn't a word to describe God. The alchemy or the search was to try to discover what caused life. What fueled and energized life? What was the source? So while much of the research was being done in Atlantis on the mind, there were many that felt that the source of life, or spirit, came from the mind as well. So there was research. There was experiments, and there was also very inappropriate misuses of energy in mind control.

< Teacher 3 > There's not a God with all of the answers. There is a God who chooses to evolve and expand, a God who chooses to experience on every different level, and you are that God. You have the answers. They don't come from the mind, they come from an expanded consciousness - a new consciousness that you are evolving into right now.

< Teacher 9QA > I have to share with you right now. "Spirit," "God" - first of all, throw out those words, Jesus Christ! (Tobias and audience laughing) Even that - throw that out! But what you would call Spirit, God, whatever, is not energy at all. God is not an energetic being. Energy is just a tool. Your soul does not contain any energy whatsoever. Energy is just a tool, a fuel if you would.

< Teacher 11QA > God is a fabrication of man. God is mental. God, as Saint-Germain has said - I would never dare to say! - but God is nothing other than the sexual energy virus at work.

God ... this whole concept of God is actually relatively new. It wasn't known in the times of Lemuria or even Atlantis. God was manufactured by man to help explain the unexplainable. But in doing so, the concept of God took on all of the attributes and qualities of men and women themselves. So now you have a God who is distant and removed and angry and judgmental; a God who doesn't listen to your prayers; a God who truly is more of a control mechanism than it is of a partner.

When I say that you are New Energy Artists, one of the most important things you're doing and one of the, perhaps you could say, most challenging and dangerous things is you're going to present to the world the new God. A God that isn't in the Bible. A God that isn't angry. A God that isn't some grand powerful all-knowing being. God is simple. God is pure. God doesn't have agendas. God doesn't care whether you go to heaven or hell, because those are your creations, not the creation of God.

I can tell you what God isn't but only you can experience this concept of what God is. If I tried to explain it in words, you would go mental and it would get stuck there. Your own mind would then twist and distort the purity and the simplicity of this thing called God. So I'm going to ask you to allow yourself to experience the energy of God - of you - in your life; to experience it in your living art gallery; to let the energy of God come in, but without expectation.

There are so many expectations about what God is. Can you, Shaumbra, let go of God? Of every thought and notion and concept of what you thought God was? Can you absolutely let that go? That's a bold step. Then, can you teach others the beauty of letting God go?

Now these words could come off as blasphemous, threatening to the ones who hold on to an Old Energy concept of God so dearly that they would fight for it and they would kill for it. But perhaps that's part of the problem in the world right now, and perhaps, just perhaps, this is the next frontier of consciousness: the new God on Earth. The old God - it's time for that to go away. It used to be that you would have thousands, tens of thousands of gods. Then it was all boiled down to one God. Then it became a God that was rather human-like in their characteristics. Now it is time to move into that new God, but it is up to you to experience that for yourself.

< QuantumLeap 7 > This is not what you would call a theory. This is the way that consciousness and energy work. They have always worked this way and they will always work this way. Consciousness is divine. Divine is the Master, and the Master sums up all of the energies to serve it. You are consciousness. You are the Master. You take that breath of receiving … let's do it again - the conscious breath of receiving ...

< Returning 4QA > I would have to say look in the mirror. You're going to see kind of a distorted representation in the mirror, but it's a good beginning place. You know, humans and angels have searched for God since the beginning of time. And the joke - God's joke - we've told some bad jokes here before, but God's joke is that you already have it. It was always there. Why would Spirit ever create you or express you without putting all of Itself right in you? So it's not a treasure hunt or it's not any type of search. It's already there.

< Master 3 > You know, my definition of God, actually … it's not singular. It's not this big angry old white man with a beard up in heaven. That's somebody's God, but hopefully it's not your God. What if God is the accumulated potentials of the past - everything that was and could have been - all the potentials of the past and all the potentials of the future, everything that could be? What if God is everything except this moment? Potentials - every potential, including things you experienced and those that you didn't and everything that you're going to experience and those that you won't - what if that's God? And you as God Also are here in the present moment pulling in these energies (potentials), bringing them into reality in this moment, bringing them into you? Just an idea, something to chew on in a few nights when you're trying to get to sleep.

< freedom 1 > When Spirit, the Eternal One, gifted you with your potential sovereignty, your unique I Am-ness, said, “Go forth. Discover yourself. Discover the I Am,” you did. All of you did. Any souled being did. But they came to a point, a point that still exists, a point that's still in its form of stuck energy because of stuck consciousness. Consciousness of all of the angelic beings played and had fun and created cosmic, angelic experiences. But at a certain point, this consciousness –your consciousness, the consciousness of your angelic families, of the Order of the Arc and everything else – suddenly stopped and said, “The next step is freedom.”

Freedom from what? Well, essentially freedom from Spirit. Freedom from Home. Freedom from God. Freedom from the Eternal One. You see, as children of God, we all come to the point of even releasing that. Some of you saying, “But, but, but … how can I possibly have freedom from Spirit? Am I not Spirit? What happens when I accept my freedom from Spirit, from the Godhead?” Well, you suddenly accept the I Am-ness and your own sovereignty, free and independent – something that Spirit always wanted. Always wanted.

< Discovery 5 > There's been an evolution of God. As I've mentioned before, in Atlantis there was no consciousness of God. No word for it, no discussion, no churches. It just wasn't even in consciousness. It was totally unknown. It wasn't until much, much later on that the concept of God put into many other beings, beings of a higher force or power, god of the air, of the sun, of the Earth and all these other things brought down into one God but then placed out there as a guy and placed outside of self. But now is the age where a few, not many, but a few are beginning to understand that God always has been right there.

< Discovery 5 > And that divine, that soul of self, is filled with love and compassion and acceptance and would love for itself as the human expression to have abundance and joy and everything else. But it kind of doesn't care if the human doesn't pick that. Because to the soul, it's just a big experience. It's just grand experience. There really is no death. There's no finality. It's just a big cosmic “Wow.” See, the human cares. The human gets all wrapped up in it. But imagine now if that soul, that God that was out there now just slowly makes his or her way over and it's like “Let's just do the dance together now.” Yeah. You lead.