The energy of God/Spirit/All That Is.
love of Spirit; energy from source; universal energy; Eternal One;

< NewEnergy 5 > We have a very, very special guest today. The energy of our guest is very simple, very loving, and very nurturing. This guest has no agenda. This guest is filled with compassion and love for you. It has been a long, long time since you've truly allowed yourself to feel this - this being that we bring in today. There has been so much separating you from the potential of our dear guest. But, now is a good time to bring this in. So, we ask you to get out of your heads for a moment, to relax, to feel at the most intimate and sacred levels within you… as we invite in the energy of the Elohim, of God. Quite a guest we bring in! The energy of God, of Spirit, All That Is… simple, loving, and unconditional… not some man with a white beard that sits on a mighty throne.

< NewEnergy 5 > It is so difficult for us to even define God, as it were, so we will not try, so you will not go intellectual, trying to figure it out, other than to say, "It is simple. It is loving. It is unconditional compassion." You see… in your former journey you were trying to find God. You were waiting for an outside manifestation. You were waiting for something to appear to you. Over the course of this lifetime you have asked over and over again for signs. You have asked for a presence to appear to you. For the most part this hasn't happened, so that you didn't become distracted by this… so you didn't begin to think that God was external… so that you didn't think God would only come occasionally.

< NewEnergy 5 > Spirit has always been there within you, but it has been dormant, in a sense. Now, the love of God, the God that you are, the God of all things, the Elohim, can come in and be with you. When you try to figure it out, when you try to grasp it in your mind - like some of you are doing now - it is elusive, isn't it? It goes away. That works through the heart, through the soul, and through the spirit. God defies explanation or definition, so that it can simply be "is-ness." Can you open now to feel the "is-ness" of Spirit here in this room? Can you be in such a place of peace with yourself… to know the presence of God is in the molecules in the air… in the cells of your body… in the light that shines all around? The essence of God dances in the fire. It flows into you through the foods that you just ate.

< NewEnergy 5 > But, God is not impersonal. God is not simply an energy. God has the character of all creation… the love of All That Is. God has such a presence within you and all around you. And, it is appropriate on this day, on this gathering after the recent alignment of the stars that the energy of God can be here. There is not some far-off place called "heaven." There is not some point a long, long way from here that holds the energy of Spirit and is limited to that. It is all around. It has always been within you, waiting to come forth. It is simple. It is loving, unconditional compassion.

< NewEnergy 5 > Let yourself feel this energy of Spirit within and all around. And, feel the character… feel the warmth and love… and, again without trying to define, without trying to define. The moment that the energy of God is defined it immediately changes. It immediately limits it. It is a difficult concept for humans who always work in their minds, for humans who are opening up the heart right now. You can begin to truly feel, truly feel.

< NewEnergy 5 > It is time for all that to end now. There is nothing else to seek. There is nothing else to try to achieve in an Old Energy way. The journey ends. And, now the experience begins. The journey ends. And, the enjoyment begins. The journey ends, and the realization and manifestation begin. There is nothing to search for anymore.

There was nothing ever that was truly lost that you had to find. You just allowed yourself to go through what appeared to be this grand journey, this quest, to find the divine, to find the solution. And, what you discovered, indeed, is that it was always there (Elohim). But, you had to go through. You had to go through all of your learning, all of your lifetimes, in order to come to a full understanding that it was always there.

< NewEnergy 5 > Some of you even hide parts of yourself now from the energy of the Elohim that is in the room, that is within you. You know you can do that. You can hide from God. You can hide from God. You can close off parts of yourself. Your religions teach you that God can see everything and knows everything - not true! You can hide from the angels and hide from God. But, when you do, you're also hiding from yourself, you see.

< NewEnergy 6 > Now, why would you have created so much space, so much room, and only occupy a little bit of it here on Earth, a tiny, tiny speck in comparison to your whole universe? Why would you have done that, Shaumbra? Ah… indeed, so that Home can come into your reality… so that the angels from the celestial realms - which are not in your outer space, by the way - the angels from the inter-dimensional realms can come in. The energy of Home, of Spirit, of the Elohim, can come in. You see… you built this grand, grand hotel called the universe, anticipating many, many guests.