opening up / expanding / go beyond

1. peeling away layers/barriers; exposing your heart/soul/spirit/essence; feeling directly;
2. expansion; evolving; unfolding; devoloping; expressing; expanding consciousness;

< DivineHuman 8 > In our gathering last month, you acknowledged that power was an illusion. Therefore, dear friends, when you open up, when you allow yourself to feel once again, you do not need to worry about somebody intruding on your space or energy. You see, you have closed down so much. You have put up those barriers so that another entity could not control you, consume you, steal your energy, control your mind, control your life, or enslave you in any way.

< DivineHuman 8 > Right now we sit together in an Expanded Now. It includes you in this moment, fully present with us. But it is expanded, because it is not just you, the human, sitting in the chairs, or laying on your sofa, or on the floor. It is not just that portion of you. See, you expand. You open up your energy fields to include other things in your moment (time and space, reality, dimention). You include Moses and I, Tobias, even though we are a couple of old dead Jews. (audience laughter) You include us in your moment.

< DivineHuman 8 > In the Expanded Now, you do not have to leave your body or your reality to go out into the other dimensions to visit us. You are not denying your humanness or the moment (time and space, reality, dimention) you are sitting in. But, you are opening up your energy. You are expanding your energy field to include us. As you expand your energy field, you also include all of the aspects of who you have been in past lives. You are including all of that energy in your Now. As we sit here right now, most of you are not afraid to open up. You are in the sacred energy of your divinity, and of the family Shaumbra. So you can open up to include all of the experiences of your past lives. You can open up to include the other realms.

< DivineHuman 12 > It was the departure of these things in the Old way, but you had to truly let go of them. You had to fully release them, not anticipating that they would come back later. You had to genuinely release the Old. Then as you expand in your own right, all of the things you released can come back and expand also. The physics of the New Energy is that as you open up, as you expand, God expands also. It is that simple.

< NewEnergy 3 > You are going to see technologies moving faster, and faster, and faster. So, as we've talked about before, more patents will be filed in these next few years than ever before. You're going to see breakthroughs in the medical fields, in the technical fields, because the energies are moving so rapidly. They are picking up a momentum right now. Part of the reason for this, part of what has really made it possible is communications. Do you realize that your Internet - what we are speaking over right now - is barely eleven years old? A blink of time! Look how it has impacted your Earth - eleven simple years! Radio, and television, and telephones have only been in practical application for about 75 years… a way of communicating… of opening up.

< NewEnergy 10 > All of this that is happening to you right now is coming from within… the divine Christed energy coming to you… into your reality… into your Now moment as you breathe… as you embrace life… as you open up. Some of these feelings that you have been getting lately - this feeling of parts and pieces wanting to come together - all play into this. It is the Christed energy wanting to become part of you and part of your life.

< NewEnergy 10 > When you come to this safe space inside and outside, an energy that allows you to be everything that you are - everything that you are - that is when the imagination can truly, truly have a stage to perform on, when you can open up and allow all of these energies to come in. This is where the imagination has wings and can fly. It is a wonderful thing. It is where you can open up now.

< NewEnergy 10 > So, you are in the safe energy, and now you can begin to open up into these other realms. You can have multiple realities occurring together at the same time. Your imagination has wings. It can soar, but it brings the energies back to you. It is about breathing these in. It is about feeling so safe to have these things begin to happen in your life and so comfortable, all while being in human form in the Now moment. It is not about you denying the humanness. It is about expanding the humanness, all at the same time.

< NewEnergy 11 > Indeed, as Cauldre spoke of recently, he had his own scare, feeling that he was losing his balance and was told that it was this thing called vertigo, but it was not truly the reason. It is about opening up and walking between. When you do this, it does tend to cause an amount of physical or even emotional imbalance. You are used to holding a very rigid and tight pattern in the third dimensional world. You are used to being very limited and very linear.

And, now as you open up, it does cause some sensations in your body and some in your mind, as well. Some of these may be uncomfortable at first. Sometimes you will feel very warm in your body - other times very cool - when those around you are not feeling a shift in temperatures. This is one of the first and most obvious signs. Sometimes you will feel very lightheaded. And, some of you will feel nauseous because all of the energies of you are changing. We ask you during these times to simply take a deep breath and understand it is because your body is adjusting to the changes in your dimensionality.

Sometimes you are going to get very forgetful in your mind. And, this is most delightful for us (audience laughter), for you stop using that head of yours so much. And, you have to go and learn to rely on the divine guidance system and the divine knowingness for the answers. Your head seems to be like in a freeze-lock position where nothing can be perceived or processed. You can't remember even your own name at times. This is because part of you is pushing you, and asking you to use your divine intelligence now. It transcends… it supersedes anything your mind could have done.

Some of you will blame all of these symptoms on getting older - or for the women - on menopause. Some of you go to the doctors, and they give you a very traditional - how to say - analysis. And, they send you home with one of those little slips of paper, telling you to stop and get some drugs in the meantime. We are not opposed to this, but we ask you before you endeavor into these drugs to ask your body and your mind if these are appropriate for you. In a sense, you want to go through some of the sensations right now that are occurring. You don't want to put another wall in place.

Now, there are times when we have seen the humans who have tried to open up too fast. This can cause a major imbalance. Ask your being how fast you can expand and open.

< NewEnergy 11 > He (Kuthumi) will be here to help you walk between these worlds and share much of the knowledge that he gained when he was on Earth. He will be helping to bring in also the energies of St. Germaine at specific times. So, you may be feeling - how to say - double-teamed from both who come in. But, dear friends, dear Shaumbra, we know you are serious about this opening up. We know you would not be satisfied by staying within this shallow 3-D reality. We know you are bursting at the seams, so to speak, to want to open up, but still not quite sure what this means. So, we send in all of the appropriate energies now to work with you.

< NewEnergy 11 > We ask you to listen and to be aware of their energies. These are energies, by the way, both of Kathume and St. Germaine who you have known before and worked with before. There is a trust that is already built-up with both of these entities. There is an additional trust that comes to play because they have both been on Earth for many, many incarnations. So, you can relate to them unlike beings sometimes who have never been on Earth and do not have the empathy or the actual experience to know how far things can open, or how fast they can open, and still stay in balance.

< NewEnergy 11 > We look at this group of Shaumbra… and smart, when we talk about smart, we are talking about your wisdom, what you have learned and your ability to put it into play in a reality. It is not about taking some IQ tests. The sooner that IQ tests are released from your school system, from your education, the better. That has been one of the most limiting and devastating tools that are used these days. The energy is very imbalanced. So, it has nothing to do with IQs. It is about spiritual wisdom. It is about knowingness. And, it is about allowing yourself to once again fully open up.

< NewEnergy 12 > You sit in this Now moment in a safe energy, in a sacred energy. And, it is safe to open up to everything… everything… everything that you are. We have talked about being in the Now moment and allowing yourself to express once again… no more holding back… allowing yourself to be grounded in the Now moment… but so fully open and expanded that you can express. Dear friends, this safe energy - this fully expanded energy, grounded in the Now moment - is where the miracles occur. But, the true miracle - the true miracle - is the remembrance of why you are here, the remembrance of who you are. The true miracle is the open and free consciousness.

< Embodiment 1 > Imagine now for a moment here what your divinity was doing… playing with all of the potentials that could have been brought in, experiencing those on your behalf. Those things it would like to share with you in your life now. That is why we stress the imagination. That is why we said it is time to open the heart and the mind… because we knew that when the divinity was embodied within, when the essence of the OH energy was accepted and brought in, there would be stories to tell, experiences to share.

< Embodiment 3 > Let us take a look now at embodying changes within yourself. Let us take a look at the physics here of how changes occur. Changes are natural. As long as there is any energy and any type of entity - or what you would call a soul - to correspond to that energy, there will be changes. It is the nature of Spirit and the God that you are to have continual evolution, expansion, and new expression of energy. This means to say here that there will always be changes.

< Embodiment 5 > As you are moving energy and opening yourself, you are becoming so much more sensitive to everything. The moment you open yourself it attracts outside energies… it truly does. It attracts the outside energies of other people, even if they may not be aware of it because there are portions of them that want to be released, that want to be transmuted. And, they find their way to you on the - what you call - the psychic realms and inter-dimensional corridors. They have been bombarding you for weeks now, coming into your reality. And, you think they are yours. You think some of the feelings of anxiety or depression are yours. Some of them are. A lot of them come from the outside. You think some of the feelings of - how to say - being trapped and imprisoned are coming all from you, but most of that is from the outside.

< Embodiment 5 > The anxiety is deep right now for many of you because you can feel impending change. You can feel something is going to give. But, the question is - is that something within you, or something outside of you? You are feeling an anxiety because you are more sensitive than ever. Yes, you are opening up your sensitivities, and you are feeling everything. You are feeling anxieties from within yourself, AND in the world all around you. These can be overwhelming. The anxieties and all of these energies can be overwhelming.

< Embodiment 6 > And, there are flowers… many flowers… and many gardens surrounding my cottage… colorful… reaching towards the sky… spreading their leaves… opening up… not closed and tight, Shaumbra… but opening upfearless acceptance of everything around them… being so vulnerable that they can open their beautiful, delicate leaves and petals and expose themselves… expose the essence of themselves fearlessly. Shaumbra, do you get the point? And, they are beautiful. And, they hold an energy. Yes, they do… they are energy holders in such a way. They hold an energy of beauty. They hold an energy of Gaia. They hold an energy of balance. They hold it so that you and I can fly off into the other realms and know there is always something holding that beauty, always that connection back on Earth.

< Embodiment 6 > Shaumbra, I'm trying to prove a point to you of how delightful, and exciting, and joyful, and potent the imagination is. The imagination is allowing your true energies to come out and play. Through the imagination you can expand yourself, allow yourself into the other realms, and then through the other realms, where there are other energies, bring these back and manifest them on Earth.

< Embodiment 6 > Anything that is holding you back, any prisons that you are in, are of your own making absolutely. And, you can free yourself, not for yourself through force, not for yourself through some type of willpower mental exercise. You free yourself simply by opening up, giving yourself permission. It is time to evolve the identity, to evolve YOUR identity. That means letting go of the story, a story that is you in this lifetime. It has served you up to now. But, it's had its limitations. It is time to evolve the identity to become more of who you truly are.

< Embodiment 6 > It is the time to give yourself permission to be free once again. It is time to open up that imagination. Stop denying it. Yes, you can be in this cottage. You can be in the Shaumbra room. You can be experiencing energies from all levels and dimensions… if you let yourself… if you let yourself. We can't do it for you. I CAN'T MAKE YOU OPEN UP. I can't make you let go of the things that are holding you back. YOU CAN. It is simply about making that decision and then doing it. It is simply about allowing the imagination to be as real as what you call your reality now.

< Embodiment 6QA > And so it is, Shaumbra, that we return to the energy of my cottage, the energy of the Shaumbra Room. And, I invite all of you to come here whenever you choose, whenever you need a get-away, whenever you need to experience or re-experience what it is like to use your imagination. You have done it once today. You allowed yourself to do this silly thing of going along with the story, going along with this visualization. But, what you've done is truly give yourself freedom to let the imagination expand.

< Embodiment 9 > And, change is the most wonderful thing. You see, you are trying to solidify yourself in that story. But, the story - even the story - doesn't want to be the story any longer. Even the story that defends you and protects you and supports you knows that it is time for it to be released from its structure. Every energy ultimately has to be free of a structure. Every energy has to soar. Every energy has to be able to expand. As Tobias says, energy seeks resolution, fulfillment, and freedom. You have trapped energy in this illusion, in this body, in your identity. And, it is time to get out of that.

< Embodiment 9 > It is also about opening up, getting outside of that story that you're in. It's not about diminishing the story or getting rid of it. Some of you think that's what we are saying. Releasing is freeing the story, not getting rid of it, not hiding it. You can never, never successfully hide energy. Sooner or later it comes back up. We are asking you to release it from the structure that it has been placed in. We're asking you to take off all limitations about everything within you… limitations on the way you think… limitations of what you think is up or down… limitations that you have about wealth… limitations of energy. We are going to ask you to open up.

< Embodiment 9QA > Adamus talked to you about this whole concept of living beyond. It involves the intimate - the deepest and most intimate - trust with yourself. He talked about the concept of the total, unconditional love. And, again, you have heard the concepts. But, now you are going to start living this way, the total love of self, reintegrating every part of who you are. He talked about expanding, going beyond the limits. And, God knows, there are many limits that you create. The limits actually help you to understand the reality around you. But, the limitations and the restrictions on the energy also lock things into place.

< Embodiment 9QA > Your dear partner and friend who crossed over is not in the gathering today because there is so much that happens during a crossover and transition time. It generally takes a minimum of three Earth days up to many months for that entity to be ready, particularly in this dear one's case. And, the transition worked quite well, but there are so many details to attend to energetically with those who are left behind. So, they were not able to attend today. One of the things that will come into play here is the relationship between the two of you now - one of you here in the 3-D realm, one on the celestial realms - working together to essentially show others how their energy can extend beyond the 3-D reality. Sometimes it helps when there are beings on our side who can help basically stretch their level of consciousness out. And, that is much of the work that you are going to be doing, as it is about expanding consciousness and moving it into other realms while still remaining here in the 3-D.

< Embodiment 10 > So, Saint Germain talked to you about going beyond, living beyond, having such an intimate trust in yourself, to know that you already gave yourself the tools. Oh, the tools aren't the tools that you would think of. They are not a specific method. It's not a specific type of ceremony that you have to perform. It's not a key hidden word… none of those things. It is about trust. It is about embodying everything. The moment that you bring back in every aspect of yourself and bless it and love it is when you discover this key. As long as there are parts and pieces of you that are scattered out there, parts of you that you don't love, parts of you that are trapped in energy, you won't be able to see what is already right there.

< Embodiment 10QA > And, so many of you have controls and limitations also when it comes to sexuality, too much to even get into a discussion here. You have infinite controls. Most in that was placed there, Shaumbra, the sexual controls that you have, because you were protecting yourself. So, you shut down. Now, it is time to open up. Try doing it a little bit different way. And, we are not speaking to you. We are speaking to all of Shaumbra.

< Embodiment 11 > You know, every past life that you have created continues to live. You granted it beingness. And, it continues to live out in the other dimensions… not here on Earth, for the most part, occasionally, but not generally. Your past life aspects live on and on and on. They are not Creator-beings like you. They cannot create New Energy, new space, but they continue to swirl, to expand in the very energies that you granted them.

< Embodiment 11QA > We give you a bit of riddle, a bit of an understanding here about who you are, who Spirit is. You see… Spirit was… and now is… and isloves… and expands… loves to find joy in creation. Yet, in creation Spirit finds that everything is, and it always was (All that was). That will give you something to reflect on for a period of time. It is the basic understanding of Spirit and of creation. You see… Spirit is this dynamic energy that always was. It changed into "is" when it wanted to find out more of itself and to express itself through creation. But, it found creation simply is. Everything is there, and it always was there… you see. And, that is where you are at right now, Shaumbra. The synchronistic life: it already is, and it always was. It is allowing yourself to be the radiant Creator… always is… and always was.

< Embodiment 12 > And, yes, you can expand into these easily if you jump on some of these energy flows that we talked about the other day, if you get out of the box. Hop onto a spiral. Call upon a circle. Float along an energy that goes up and down. Some go in and out, you know. Some of these energies go in and out, one moment here, next moment not. You feel you're in, and you feel you're out. Hop on one of these. Get simple… get simple. Tell yourself that you're choosing clarity, and you're going to be able to see the tree for what it truly is. You'll see that this illusion - that it has bark, has roots and leaves - is but one layer and level, but one illusion.

< Clarity 1QA > When you begin to open up, when you begin to clear now, that this Old way of handling your life, dealing with your life, this thing called logic, begins to change. It is very difficult to even imagine going out of a state of logic because logic was… well, so logical (some laughter). It was designed to make absolute sense out of a very focused and limited amount of energy standards or a limited amount of criteria. And, it did allow you to operate within this reality.

< Clarity 1QA > But, again, as you expand, you're going to find it challenges the logic. You are going to find that you need to get out of just that way of existing. You say, "But is there a new logic?" No, there is not. There is a new way of being, but it is not logical. It does not follow a linear path. It is totally different. Some of you are already experiencing now this whole way of living in a New Energy, but yet it is difficult to define. It is difficult to understand. The mind becomes so overtaxed, or it just simply doesn't understand the data coming in, so it goes into a type of freeze and sometimes - how to say - a total meltdown.

< Clarity 2 > In this last month, Shaumbra, you have birthed Shaumbra, taking it out of the far and distant etheric realms, birthing it, bringing it into Earth now so you can use it as a tool. You can use our guest yourself in ways that were not possible in our last Shoud or any of the previous Shouds. You can use this energy now for your own good and for that of humans who are ready, willing and able. This energy of Shaumbra, the entity, continues to evolve and change. It doesn't remain static and neither do you. It continues to have its own dynamic type of spiral or evolution. It has - as you have - the desire to express. Since it is God energy - just as you are God energy - it has a desire to expand, express, discover and create.

< Clarity 2 > You are opening up your full self. Oh, and you already know this in ways that you couldn't have imagined. You are expanding. You are growing. You are getting back in contact with your true voice, your open self. And, as you do, as you change the very nature of your identity, there is that human aspect of you. It's a part of you, an aspect of you. The human self… we don't want to call it the ego, although some of you may identify with it. But, it is the human story, the "little self" that is wondering what the hell is happening (some laughter). It is wondering what are you doing.

< Clarity 5 > You say, "But is this just talk? How do I bring it out? Is this - how to say - just the imagination?" Absolutely! Through the imagination, through opening up your own set of belief systems, it (shadow potentials) can come in and be expressed. You will be amazed at what it can do for the body.

< Clarity 6 > There's been a disconnect between you and soul. You've been crying out for things that perhaps really weren't that important to the soul. Ultimately, the soul wants simply to expand and to re-create over and over again. The aspect that you hold on so tightly to in your life, that aspect of you, the human, sitting here in the chair, wanting just a few more years of life on Earth, doesn't really matter to the soul. It doesn't care. That part of yourself isn't concerned about things like that. Sometimes that part of you, which you blacked out, knows far better, knows sometimes it is time to end a life in order that it can re-create itself.

< Teacher 3 > There's not a God with all of the answers. There is a God who chooses to evolve and expand, a God who chooses to experience on every different level, and you are that God. You have the answers. They don't come from the mind, they come from an expanded consciousness - a new consciousness that you are evolving into right now.

< Teacher 9 > I have to laugh sometimes - what humans call real and what they don't. Houdini and some of the other great illusionists and the magicians and those who work with the Merlin energy understand absolutely nothing is real. Nothing. It's all an illusion. Or to say this better, it's all a temporary creation. Because even the creations that you create, that others do, they're going to change. The energy will continue to expand. That is the one thing about Spirit, about God, whatever you want to call the overall energy. That is the one thing is that it is always seeking expansion and expression. That is the one thing about Spirit - always wants to express itself and then expand. Express itself and expand. You know why? Because Spirit is in joy. Spirit is in love, and that's what the energy of love does - continues to expand and express.

< Discovery 1 > You cannot expand your consciousness – let's call it open your consciousness – through thinking. You just cannot. You can increase your thinking a little bit, but you cannot increase your consciousness. Most people think in terms of very linear consciousness. In other words, you're doing one thing at a time, one level of consciousness. When in reality, consciousness is multilevel, multidimensional. You can have many states of consciousness at the same time. Multiple states.