< NewEnergy 3 > You are going to see technologies moving faster, and faster, and faster. So, as we've talked about before, more patents will be filed in these next few years than ever before. You're going to see breakthroughs in the medical fields, in the technical fields, because the energies are moving so rapidly. They are picking up a momentum right now. Part of the reason for this, part of what has really made it possible is communications. Do you realize that your Internet - what we are speaking over right now - is barely eleven years old? A blink of time! Look how it has impacted your Earth - eleven simple years! Radio, and television, and telephones have only been in practical application for about 75 years… a way of communicating… of opening up.

< NewEnergy 3 > Your printing press, which was the first major change in communications, was only in more recent years of your total life cycles on Earth… it was only very recently. It is interesting to note that when the printing press was first developed, the first commercial application, the first communication that went out from it, was the Holy Bible. Those who worked at the printing press, who made books… they were tortured by other humans. Their places of business were burned, burned to the ground because there was a fear that if communications were opened, all humans - particularly communications about what was in the holy Scriptures, what had been held for only a few humans in the church - if this was put into the hands of the common man and woman, that it would be difficult. They would lose control.

< NewEnergy 3 > Communications over these next few years will increase. There are technologies right now that are being worked on, that will absolutely amaze you. It is difficult to explain, but they involve a type of holographic vibration.

< NewEnergy 3 > There is a new language that will be developed in the next few years. You see, humans are still held back by their languages. There are many, many languages on Earth. The languages are incomplete. It is difficult for us at times to communicate with you in words because the English language is so limited. There is a new language that is being developed right now. It is more of a universal language. It is one that combines certain types of math, new - what would you consider to be - digital algorithms. This will be a language that can be written, in a way, but more than anything, sounded, sounded, not necessarily spoken. It will be a sounded type of language. It will be, in a sense, based off of some of the research, some of the work, being done on your Internet.

< NewEnergy 3 > Most likely this language will first appear on Earth here in these next few years with a small group of children. You see… they will be playing. The kids who understand technologies, or like to play on the Internet, but want to communicate with people on the other side of the world… they will begin playing with a new type of language. It will be a game for them, a secret code. But someday it will get out. There will be some researcher, someone who understands it is more than a game. It is a new method for communicating.

< NewEnergy 3 > Communications will have such a big part of what happens here in the next few years and also what happens after. Communications are really helping to open the First Seal for humanity… the separation. You see… as all of this happens, the seals begin to open. You have gone through the process and will continue to go through the cycles. Humanity will begin opening the First Seal with this quantum leap. It is happening now. You are separated from each other because of languages. You are separated.

< NewEnergy 3 > Communications is helping to open the First Seal. As it does, that will help bring Home into the energy of Earth. All of this works together. The First Seal is the seal of separation when you left the Kingdom of All That Is. Oh, you have carried that with you ever since - that separation… that longing to go Home… that longing to feel the love of Spirit. But it will be opening. It will be opening through communications. It will be part of this quantum leap. Separation also goes into the veil. It helps to create the elements of the veil. The separation is no longer, as things come back together. As Home comes to you, the veil also begins to disappear.

< NewEnergy 3 > Your physics and your reality is comprised of energies that are vibrating at certain levels. They go in cycles. For instance, sound travels as a cycle. It goes up, and it goes down, depending on the range. The speed and the distance of the cycles determines how you perceive the sound. Everything vibrates around you right now. That is what helps to create this reality, this thing you call matter and mass. Your body is not solid, although it may feel that way. It is energy particles that are vibrating at various speeds. That is what your entire reality is comprised of. That is what even communications are made from - vibrations. All the elements are vibrating. They go up. They go down. They go at various speeds. But, there is a yin-yang to the vibration. That is what creates everything around you. It is all about vibration.

< Master 3 > Your body's communication system is an elaborate yet simple network of magnetics, electrics, energy movement, a lot of different types of physics, a lot of different pulses going out. But your body has this amazing communication system. That's what allows you to do several things at one time - to eat, to walk, to think. The body is sending out little signals, little pulses, constantly. Millions, millions of them per second all over your body. Isn't it amazing you don't actually have to control it or keep track of all that? It's doing it on its own. It's a miracle of physical reality.

< Master 3 > The communication system in your body generally works pretty well with itself. But there are times when one part will stop communicating with the other. The heart is notorious. It gets out of contact with other parts of the communication system, and of course you have some type of heart disease or heart attack. The heart - the physical heart - is also associated with the energy heart. It's not your soul, but it is indeed a very integral part of your sensing and feeling. It gets out of communication at times. Definitely the communication between your body's network and you - let's not call it your mind, but let's call it your consciousness - there's a big gap there.

< Master 3 > You know, for instance, in the communication system between your consciousness and your body if I hit you hard … Sorry, honey bee. If I hit you hard, you know it. The communication system snaps into place. Consciousness says, "I've been attacked by this Adamus" - in love, in love - and it tells you to be alert. But generally your consciousness is so out of communication with your body's communication system. The system is running right now, but it's running on low energy and very, very Old Energy. And it's running on the foundation of doubt and fear.

< Master 3 > So, your Pakauwah, when you invite it inside of you, goes back in and helps to reconnect with your body's communication system. The communication system doesn't speak a human language. It doesn't speak French, unfortunately. It doesn't speak English. But it creates a dynamic and a pattern and a familiarity, and I want you to get back to that. I want you to get back to being familiar with your energy body.

< Master 5 > Suddenly, there's a whole different type of communication, as we are doing right now. Oh, you're hearing the words, it's kind of sinking in, but it's not the important thing anymore, because there's something else very intimate in a beautiful way going on between you and I. It's being carried through the voice, but it's also coming out through every part of me to you. Therefore, it becomes very engaging, very compassionate, and it becomes soul-to-soul rather than mind-to-mind. And that's where we are going.

< (Next) 8 > I love jewels. Crystals. You are a crystalline being. You have literal crystals inside you right now. They're not necessarily physical, but you have crystalline structures that keep your spirit, your body, your mind all supposedly flowing harmoniously, crystalline structures that allow this network of communications within you to take place. So these crystals (holding up the rubies) kind of remind your Body of Consciousness.

< Kharisma 7 > Consciousness. Awareness, but not thinking awareness. Awareness where actually there is almost no active thought. Awareness so that there are no words any longer. No need for words. No need for definition, any of that. That is consciousness. And then the Master learns after that state of true awareness, then how to communicate it. And we're going to be going there, more and more about communication. Actually the real communication is coming from a very deep connection. Everything else is kind of distraction. The real communication is taking place at a different level. What's really happening right now is you communicating with you.

< Kharisma 7 > Sensuality is meaning awareness at every level. I talk about consciousness. The consciousness is awareness, but sensuality is when that awareness is, you could say, applied and experienced. Sensuality … that's when consciousness is really experienced. You can't make this sensual orgasm. You can't demand it, make it that it's here. You can allow it. You can't force yourself through thoughts to have it. But you can open up and allow it, receive it. So let's do that right now. We're not trying to configure sensuality here. Just allowing it. Can you hear you communicating with you, without words? Just with that sensuality.

< Kharisma 7 > I told you before that in consciousness, where we're going, it's also about communicating. But can you hear that real communication? I'm not talking about from your head thoughts to you, but from You to you? Ah, that's sensual. That is very sensual. Listen. Listen to that sensual expression taking place in you at every level, in the “and.” How long has it been since you had that deeply, deeply personal wave of inner sensual experience in the body, in the mind, in the spirit, in the I Am? Probably too long. Just not enough of that true sensuality, feeling, awareness in the intimate levels, creativity, wisdom, I Am-ness.

< WIngs 9 > You know I have said now that energy is just a communication. A communication. That's all it is, whether it's communicating as music or it's communicating as light or it's communicating as money. It's just communication, all of it. And nothing happens with that energy, which is just communication, until you're present, until there is consciousness. Nothing. That's life. When consciousness meets energy, when consciousness allows, when it is present – I Am Here – suddenly the energy starts moving and we have life.

< Emergence-3 > Sam talked about communing. You see, he, as an Ascended Master, realizes that all energy is communication. It's the soul communicating. It's singing to you. Just like this song sang to you, it's singing to you. Every bit of energy in anything, even if it's something you'd consider bad or negative, it's still just energy and it's all communications. This song that just played was communing with you. It's music, of course, one of the greatest ways to commune. It's music, but it's communing on many different levels. You weren't just hearing the musical notes, the singing in your ears. It went far beyond that. It's kind of almost, in a way, I don't want to call it a test, but it's a question put before you, “Are you ready to feel deeply into everything?” a song like this. “Are you ready to feel deeply into your own life, into everything that you do?” because that's where we're going, deep sensuality.