words / voice


< Teacher 9 > Words are very interesting, they carry specific energies with them.
Words are very interesting - and very limited. On Earth you have many different languages. The languages develop the words that bring about the energy, whether it is a picture or a feeling, but the words convey a very specific vibration. And as I'm talking now through words to you, we're changing, we're playing with the vibrations, with the symbology in words. Language comes from the mind and words come from the language. So words are a thing of the mind.

< Teacher 9 > Words are very limited, but it is the way that humans communicate, and it is the way that you have been led to believe that you have to communicate. Words limit the true energy, but yet you use words in everything that you do. You do. You use words in even areas that are basically nonverbal. You use words to define things. You use words to shape the energy of something.

< Teacher 9 > Language is an incredible study. Words are an incredible energy. They're symbols. As I'm talking here, some of you ... the words, now, are getting very blurred. You can't even seem to understand what I'm saying because we're starting to go beyond words. You say "There's just noises coming out of Cauldre's mouth right now." When you're in a very defined 3D dimension, when you're perceiving only in the 3D, the words have very specific meanings. But as you expand the words seem to get blurry now. They don't make as much sense. The symbols aren't quite as coherent, because you're starting to work at a different level. You're starting to go beyond words.

< Teacher 9 > Thought doesn't require words. You think all the time but it doesn't have to be expressed verbally. If every thought had to be expressed verbally, you'd never stop talking! But the one thing about thought that is true and that is limiting is you put words or language to thought. Think of Tesla, for instance. You have just gone through a series of words to define your thoughts. Now, perhaps you were thinking "Tesla - magic, creativity, invention, energy, Edison." But as you were thinking, your brain was attaching a word to it, you see.

< Teacher 9 > You are very trained to attach words to thoughts. That is how you communicate or have communicated with yourself in the past. This is going to be interesting for you to play with, henceforth, watching how you put thoughts into words. You're defining the energies through thought in your mind and into a word. You have to. You've been trained that way. You have to put it into a word even though you're not speaking it. It still is being translated into a word. Thinking goes into words.

< Teacher 9 > You see, even in this room of feeling, which goes beyond the mind, beyond thought, you are still using words to define what you are feeling. The feelings that you are perceiving in here are flowing back into the thought, into the mind, and then you are attaching words around it. Again, you've been trained to do this from your earliest days, from lifetime and lifetime of using language to create the symbols to define the perceptions.

< Teacher 9 > Words are used to define your perceptions on all levels, and herein lies one of the barriers or one of the fallacies of energy work. It's been flowing back down through the mind and into words. It's almost uncontrollable. It's the way your energy has been trained and it has served you well. It has helped you to understand things. It has helped you to define energies. It has helped you to share your definitions of your feelings and your thoughts with yourself and then with other humans. It's kind of a commonly accepted practice. We'll take feelings and thoughts and put them into words. Sometimes the words are spoken, sometimes they're written, but they all go into words sooner or later. It's kind of like a funnel - funneling the energies down and down and down until they can be put into a word.

< Teacher 9 > Now a word may contain many levels of energy. When I say a word such as "tree," there are many levels in it, but it is still a word. It still is a definition and it still has its limitations. These limitations of energy expression, while having served you well, are now driving you crazy. There is something beyond, and you know it, but you just didn't know how to put it into words. You felt it, but you didn't know how to define it, because humans, even the angels, have been trained that there's certain limitations of consciousness.

< Teacher 9 > An interesting thing happened after Earth was inhabited by angelic beings who turned into humans and languages were developed to help explain what was very foreign and very odd to angels. After the languages were developed, and after the angelic beings-turned-human died and came back to the nonphysical realms, the languages started coming back with them. Particularly, in what we define as the Near Realms - those realms that are still connected to the energy of Earth, and there are many. Many angelic beings in the Near Realms - the nonphysical earthbound realities.

< Teacher 9 > The language has come back over with those who are coming here in between lifetimes, so much so that in the Near Realms you will find that generally the angelic beings speak languages. Generally, they are also very attached to the native language that they used in their previous lifetime. So literally in the Near Realms you have angelic beings who cannot understand each other. Some speak German. Some speak English. Some speak Japanese. So even on the angelic realms you find that there are languages being used to define energy, used to define feeling and thought. So much so that this is even seeped out past the Near Realms and the energy of language has even gone into the Crystalline and beyond.

< Master 4 > "In the beginning was the word." You all know that, but do you know what it means? The beginning. It was a bad translation. Bad translation. And if you really go into what it means, the beginning is the breath. Aandrah knows that. The beginning was the breath. It had to be. When Spirit sent you forth, it had to be with the breath. It was actually the first breath that Spirit ever had, actually. Up until Spirit gave to you Its full love, there was no breath. That's why It Was That It Was. That's why it wasn't the expression. Spirit had to express, had to open up and experience. So Spirit took a breath and therefore, you are. In the beginning is the breath. In the beginning the breath created the word.

< Master 4 > So we have the breath and the word. What's the word? Well, the word is expression. The word is expression setting forth. But what about the word? The word. The word is trapped. It's trapped. The word is trapped within you, and we're going to get it out in a few minutes. When I'm talking to you and I say, "What is it you want? What do you want to have happen? What are you choosing?" And I hear this little voice, this tiny little voice. I'm not talking about volume; I'm talking about intensity and passion and desire. What happened to it? And if you can't express it through your voice, who's going to believe you? Not your soul. Your soul doesn't hear you. And I'm not talking about yelling. I'm talking about being real and authentic and letting it out.

< Master 4 > You talk words that come from your mind and there's no heart in it. You have wants and desires and there's no intensity. You say, "But I don't know how to create." No, because you have to open up and it starts in the voice. Oh, it's not that your voice is magic. But if you can't do it there, if you can't express it from this very simple rudimentary place, how is Spirit going to hear you? How are your aspects going to hear you? How is your soul going to hear you? Your soul cannot hear you. You speak human words softly and your soul can't hear you. It wants to hear you, it wants to know you, but you're hiding. You're hiding.

< Master 4 > And if you can't speak in a human voice and get your passion into it, now that energy is suppressed. All that energy and potential is just stuck and trapped in these different places, and it explodes sooner or later. And what happens when it explodes? Well, you scream out. You yell out. You're real and expressive, but it's usually too late. You've usually done a lot of damage by then. Ah, you can always correct it, but it's a waste of time.

< Master 5 > As you go without words in communicating with any of us, as you don't define it in English or German or Romanian, as you go beyond the need for words, this is where you are going to discover yourself outside of your mind. It's going to put you in touch with such a beautiful true part of you that defies explanation. You're going to learn how to really communicate with every part of you again.

< Master 5 > In doing so, you're going to come back to your true voice of your spirit. When you do that, when you come back to your true inner voice - not the sound voice, but the inner voice - it changes your physical voice. It changes the way that energies come up and through. You see, right now when you speak, I'd say generally all from about here (head). When you speak it's a mental process putting it into words. But when you speak from your spirit self, it comes from here (heart). It doesn't need to go here (head), and your mind's not going to be jealous; it's got enough other things to do. It doesn't need to come through here, it comes from here (heart) then it comes straight out through your mouth. It bypasses the mind.

< Master 5 > And again, the mind doesn't matter. But it bypasses the mind so when a word comes out of your mouth, when a sentence or an entire story comes out of your mouth, it's no longer words. It's energy. It's feeling. It's consciousness. It's love. It's compassion. It is the I Am coming and expressing through you. So no longer does it matter how eloquent the words are, how large your vocabulary is. It doesn't matter how you put words into sentences. It becomes a complete expression and the people who are around you suddenly start feeling something different from you.

< Master 5 > Suddenly, there's a whole different type of communication, as we are doing right now. Oh, you're hearing the words, it's kind of sinking in, but it's not the important thing anymore, because there's something else very intimate in a beautiful way going on between you and I. It's being carried through the voice, but it's also coming out through every part of me to you. Therefore, it becomes very engaging, very compassionate, and it becomes soul-to-soul rather than mind-to-mind. And that's where we are going.