< NewEnergy 3QA > The languages that we used in Atlantis were nothing like what is spoken now. They were a singing language. Your language is very flat. As we speak to you right now, it is relatively monotone. You are forming symbols through your mouth, different sounds through your mouth. But, it is so very flat. Now, if we were to channel, and Cauldre would sing our channels, there would be highs and lows, and then there would be a whole new vibration. But, this is the type of language that all of us had back in Atlantis. It was the singing language.

< NewEnergy 7 > "Live" - such an interesting word! "Live" - the antithesis is "evil" - "live" spelled backwards, contained in this wonderful word of the English language - "live." You see… the English language is indeed appropriate for so many things because it is based on other languages and other vibrations, other cultures that were put together in the new language. It contains many of the - how to say - the very old energies of the Atlantian song language, indeed. It contains energies of the Limurian, the vowel language… that are all put into this… a part of the English language. But, in this word "live"… spelled backwards is "evil." Contained in "live" is also the word "lie." It is also the "veil," dear friends. All of these things… but the essence is about living.

< Embodiment 2QA > We have said so many times that the Atlantean languages - that you all have used - have been the singing languages. Now the languages are flat, very un-dimensional. But, it was that in Atlantis - and we will not have Cauldre try to sing this time (audience laughter) - but we all used the singing languages. And, through some of the music, such as what you have heard today, it could help bring back the singing languages, which contain so much more information and understanding in a single little packet than the normal human words.

< Teacher 9 > Words are very interesting, they carry specific energies with them.
Words are very interesting - and very limited. On Earth you have many different languages. The languages develop the words that bring about the energy, whether it is a picture or a feeling, but the words convey a very specific vibration. And as I'm talking now through words to you, we're changing, we're playing with the vibrations, with the symbology in words. Language comes from the mind and words come from the language. So words are a thing of the mind.

< Teacher 9 > An interesting thing happened after Earth was inhabited by angelic beings who turned into humans and languages were developed to help explain what was very foreign and very odd to angels. After the languages were developed, and after the angelic beings-turned-human died and came back to the nonphysical realms, the languages started coming back with them. Particularly, in what we define as the Near Realms - those realms that are still connected to the energy of Earth, and there are many. Many angelic beings in the Near Realms - the nonphysical earthbound realities.

< Teacher 9 > The language has come back over with those who are coming here in between lifetimes, so much so that in the Near Realms you will find that generally the angelic beings speak languages. Generally, they are also very attached to the native language that they used in their previous lifetime. So literally in the Near Realms you have angelic beings who cannot understand each other. Some speak German. Some speak English. Some speak Japanese. So even on the angelic realms you find that there are languages being used to define energy, used to define feeling and thought. So much so that this is even seeped out past the Near Realms and the energy of language has even gone into the Crystalline and beyond.