language of Ah

new divine inner communication; divine language;
expression of divinity that is coming up;

< New Earth 8 > There is much information here that we would wish to convey, and again, much of it is difficult to put into the language of words, so open yourself well to receive the new language, the new language. We ask you to meld this or combine this language of energy with the words that are spoken here for the truest understanding.

< Creator 5QA > With the advent of the fourth element there will be a new series of communications that come from within you. There will be a new and a different type of communication that comes through to you. This will require several changes. First it will require that you allow space in your day for "listening time." It will require you to acknowledge there is a divine communication that is coming from your essence. It is trying to link to you, to bridge the gap through duality.

< Creator 5QA > These communications will come in all forms. They will help to guide you in your life. They will help to alert you to upcoming situations. These communications will be - since we have used many analogies of the ship - like an automatic navigation system on board a ship, complete with radar for looking around you to see what is not obvious to the human eye. The communications will be like a speed control on your ship that regulates the speed at which you are creating and processing. It will be like communications that would come from a compass to tell you what direction you are heading in.

< Creator 5QA > And yet this analogy falls short because these communications will be much more multidimensional. They will help you to know things. They will help you to have knowingness of situations as you stand in your divine moment. They will help you see beyond what has been obvious up to now.

< Creator 5QA > There are certain symptoms that you will feel and know. You will know that your divine being is attempting to bridge the gap, to link to your conscious human self. When you are not quite listening so well to this new communication, you will feel an intense sense of irritation and aggravation. When your physical body needs caring, does it not call out to you for attention? Is it not an irritant until you place energy in that physical situation and bring back proper balance? When you are not listening to your new inner communications, you will have a very intense feeling of aggravation and uneasiness. This may cause you to become more aggravated, but eventually it will cause you to sit in the divine moment in stillness and listen!

< Creator 5QA > Now for each of you, you will come to understand these communications from your divine being in different ways. Some will literally hear these. Some will have a knowingnesses. Others will have a very strong sense of intuition. There are many ways this will manifest for you, and again we will get into more detail of this in upcoming sessions. But it is to know for all who are Shaumbra, all who are connecting with us now, that now is the beginning time for a new type of divine inner communication.

< Ascension 4 > You are taking my energies in, and you are processing them. You are struggling. You are trying to define what I’m sending you. You are bringing this in, for the most part, through your heart, but you are trying to process it through your mind. That is the old way. That is the old way. There is a new language that you will use to communicate, first with yourself and then to others, that does not run through the mind. This is where it will be challenging for you. You do not know where else to process this energy. You are so used to processing it in the brain. You are used to trying to define the energy.

< Ascension 4 > It is not defined by the brain. It comes in at a different level, through your entire being. This will be the challenge for you. When you go inside and ask yourself the questions, you will be in a place of quiet. You will not process through your mind. You will bring the answer from within you, but you will not try to define it or judge it in the mind. You will not hear words in your ears or in your mind. When you go in and ask yourself the question, the answer will come in the Language of Ah.

< Ascension 4 > Now, we see that you are doing this more and more. You are seeking the answers from within, and this is a wonderful thing. But, we see that you have been getting frustrated because you think you cannot hear, or you feel that the answer was not appropriate. And, you are correct in that assumption. When an answer would pop into your brain, you say, "No, I do not think so much that is the answer." You were correct. You were getting other interpretations.

< Ascension 4 > When you ask a question within, you place it forth to your being, and you allow your divine being now to process, to work through, and to come forth with the answer. And, then you simply wait. Do not try to figure out the answer in your brain or hear it in your ears.

< Ascension 4 > So many of you here have felt bad. You have said, "I do not feel things. I do not hear voices. I do not get a picture in my brain." And, at this point in the ascension process, count yourself lucky, because you do not have to unlearn any habits that do not serve you anymore. Those of you who have had the gift of hearing, or vision, or sense, feeling things - we tell you now, it is time to change.

< Ascension 4 > You will start getting the answers from a new place. It will be spoken to you from your divine center. We will call it a "Divine Processing Center." And, it will come in the Language of Ah. You will not hear it. You will not necessarily feel it. And, you will not see it in your brain. So, you say, "Tobias, I do not understand. Where will this come from? How will I know?" AH! You will know! It will strike you. We cannot tell you where this place is, because we know what you will do anyway. You will go in your mind, trying to figure it out.

< Ascension 4 > There is no figuring out in the Language of Ah. It simply is. It is a knowingness that comes through you. You will know it is truth. You will sense its truth, unlike that little voice that you have not trusted and at times that has mislead you. In this Language of Ah, you will know it is true, and you will go "AH." It is quite simple.

< Ascension 4 > The difficulty in using the Language of Ah is that you will want to try to figure it out in your human brain. That will not work in this new energy. The brain is a wonderful thing. It helps guide you. It helps you go through information. It helps you to discern things. It is a storehouse of knowledge and facts and figures. It allows you to drive a car and operate your computers and such. It allows you to understand things at the level of energy you have been dealing with.

< Ascension 4 > Speak only to yourself in the Language of Ah. Ask the question. Allow it the space that it needs. Do not try to process through the brain. Understand that the answer may not come for days or weeks of time. And, it may not be the answer that you expect.
We are laughing, because we are trying to explain a concept that is so new that even we have difficulty explaining it to you. We are trying to give examples, but we do not want you to get so intellectual about this.

< Ascension 4 > How do you connect with your divinity? How do you communicate with all of who you are? It is not through the English language or French or any others. It is not even through the vision of the mind. Some of you have had that gift of vision. It is not through the senses. It is at a new place. It is your divine center. You will be communicating within your own being to yourself now for 30 days. You will get frustrated. We know that. You will get angry. You will want to put all of this down. But then, you will go back to it, and you will continue using it. Then, you will get it. And, then you will go, "Ah. Now, I see. I feel. I understand where it is, and I didn't have to struggle in my brain. I am now able to communicate with my Divine Self in a language I never knew before, in a language that I did not even know existed. It is a language of energy and vibration."

< Ascension 4 > Do not try to define it right now. Do not try to even put a physical place on it. Allow it to just be, and it will come to you. At the appropriate time the answers will make its way through your divineness, and it will make itself present and aware to you on your conscious, human level. As the doctor (Mindy Reynolds) knows, it is like a giant bubble coming up, coming up. It comes up from within you, and it comes to the surface. When it comes to the surface, it expands and expresses. And, that's when you go, "Ah, now I get it."

< Ascension 4 > The Language of Ah is something that you will use more and more and more on your path. As you become proficient with it, you will use it for so many things in your daily life. Call it the miracle language, because it is. It will help you to communicate first with yourself on levels you never knew existed. Then, it will help you to communicate with all other things.

< Ascension 4 > This is a new language, by the way. Now, it is similar to the language that we use on this side, the language that we use with each other. Our language here has a vibration of… we are trying to define for Cauldre. It would be like… we would call it "saleebus," "saleebus." It is a type of language we use here to communicate with each other. It is an energetic language.

< Ascension 4 > Your body uses a language of its own, an energetic language to speak to itself. You do not hear all the chatter of the cells and the molecules and the organs of your body, but yet they speak to each other. You do not have to, fortunately, have your brain get involved in all of these communications that go on within your being. It would overwhelm you. But, there is a language that communicates within every cell, every atom, every molecule of your body, every limb, part, and piece. They are all communicating. It is a language that does not run through your brain. It is not a language that you have to define. It simply is. This new Language of Ah is similar to that language that your own body uses for communicating with itself. But, it is on a new level. It is on a new level, because it involves your awakening divinity.

< Ascension 4 > We caution that some of you will be trying to go back to some old ways. You will say, "Oh, this is much like something I studied 20 years ago." And, we tell you right now, it is nothing like what you studied before. We guarantee it. This is new. It is a new language. The divinity that you have now was not there 20 years ago. The consciousness that you have now was not there. You cannot go back in any book and find this. It is new for you and you alone.

< Ascension 4QA > If you were communicating with a child, he or she would not understand a word you said, if you were speaking in your verbal language, whether it is English, or Spanish, or any of the others. They would not understand. When you communicate with a child, it is done on other levels. That is why you have been struggling to communicate with your own divinity, to communicate with your own Self and to meld with it. That is why the old ways have not worked. There is a new language, and it is not run through the mind. It is not spoken in words. You will not hear it in your ears, at least not at first. Again, it is somewhat difficult to describe, but it just must be applied. You must practice. You will find this space.

< Ascension 4QA > Now, we do have to say this language that we speak of - the divine language - it is new. It has not been used so much in the past. It has not been studied and used by other groups of humans. Unbeknownst to Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), when we came in and started working with him, this was the language that we began with with him. This is how we talked. He is not so much a psychic! (chuckling) He is not so much a sensitive at all. Even when I knew him in physical form, he had a difficult time getting through the day on his own! (audience laughter) So, he does not possess a special gift. And, this was part of our agreement with him. We would come in and communicate at a different level. That is why it took several years for him to integrate this.

< Ascension 4QA > When we speak to you in these gatherings, so much of it is in the new language. That is why some of you go into "the zone." That is why some of you are so acutely aware, almost hyper-sensitive, because we are using this new language to communicate, first to feel, to read your thoughts, and then to bring them in and up through Cauldre. This is the new way. Eventually you will understand how to bring in and translate the Language of Ah into human words. But, it will take a while. Initially, while you're working with this, remember your divinity is like a child. Do not try to talk to it like a human adult. It is on a different level. It is on a different level. It will take some work.

< Ascension 4QA > Don't expect it immediately. If you hear a voice in your head when you ask the question, it is not coming from the place of most truth and most integrity. It will take you a while to use this language. It will not come into your head as a direct answer. You will not hear it. But, then in a matter of time… then you will go "Ah." You will get it. It will come from a new place within you.

< Ascension 5 > This Language of Ah will emerge from within you one way or the other. It is like a seed that is germinating and sprouting within you. It will continue to do so one way or the other. The Language of Ah, the divine sense, will come through. But, dear friends, if you play with this tool, if you put it to practice, it will come up faster. It will come up healthier, and you, as a divine human, will be more balanced than if you just let it come up any old way.

< Ascension 5 > You have been searching for the understandings that will bring balance to your life. You have been searching for the tools that will bring you to the levels that you have dreamt of. The language of Ah is the most basic in your new ascension status. Play with it. We challenge you to play with it. And, when perhaps it does not work as you expected the first time, continue playing with this. This will give it vitality and energy and freedom to burst forth in your life. It is not an intellectual game, dear friends, as we said so many times at our last gathering. The Language of Ah is a vibration of your divinity that is coming into your reality now.

< Ascension 5 > What you should know is that it works… it works in the moment, and it works spontaneously. It works without effort. It works with ease. The reason why it worked for you the first time is because you simply let it, because you acknowledged your own divinity and your own God-self. And, then you let it come through. And, it did, as if by magic, but the magic is you. When you went back and tried to repeat the process, you were now in your intellect, and you were blocking the natural flow of this coming through. That is why you went into the wall. That is why you got frustrated.

< Ascension 5 > It is time for you to accept this (God) within yourself. Oh, we are such a family, and there is such support here. It is time to accept the god within, to bring this through. And, as my dear friend Tobias has been saying, "It comes up from you through the Language of Ah."

< Ascension 5 > We tell you now where it comes from. It comes in through your seven senses. That is not a mis-channel. It comes in first through your seven senses. It is much like the story of the farmers. The Language of Ah comes in through the senses that you are already using and already aware of.

< Ascension 5 > It comes in through your sense of hearing, but it is not hearing like what you have known before. It is a new way. In the Language of Ah you will be sitting with a group. You will be sitting with an individual perhaps. And, you will be listening to their words, but yet as the Language of Ah emerges through your sense of hearing, it will it be like having an expanded or new sense of hearing. You will not just hear the words of the others around you. You will hear something between the words, and it will be a knowingness, and a deep understanding that causes you to go, "Ah!" The Language of Ah, the Divine language… it comes in through your sense of hearing.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah comes in, dear friends, through your sense of vision. It comes in through your eyesight, but in a different way. When you are in a situation, you’ll see it one way through your literal, visual eyes. If you stand back just a moment, and you allow the Language of Ah to come through your sense of sight, you will see something new. There are those who have seen something in this room today, the energy of Yeshua. They have seen it with their eyes. That is what is happening. It is coming in through your sense of vision, this Language of Ah. And, you will begin to see things that have always been there, energies that have always been present, but your sense of vision was limited. And, now it is opening up, and the Language of Ah, the divine language, comes through the eyes.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah comes through your sense of smell, dear friends. It does. Your sense of smell (Tobias, taking in a deep breath)… it is, in a way, an intuition. It is feeling. You use it much more than you are even aware of. Some of you classify it as one of the cruder senses of the human experience. But, your sense of smell is very subtle. You don't just smell odors, dear friends. You smell energies. The Language of Ah… it is like a new sense of intuition, a "sense of scents." As you allow it to come forward, you will have a knowingness that comes through your human ability to smell out things. You will have an intuition when you are in situations. You will have a new understanding that comes in through this nose of yours.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah also comes in through your human sense of taste. Taste. But, when it comes in through here, you have a new and a better level of judgment and discernment. Instead of things being black or white, good or bad, you will have a new taste, a divine taste of things. It is also a type of intuition, but it is centered in a type of judgment. You will not so quickly go to a black and white judgment, rather you will go to a new level that is tied in to the Divine Will. The Language of Ah… it comes in also through your taste, through your discernment. You will have a new type of discernment and understanding of things that are in your reality.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah also comes in, dear friends, through your sense of feel, through your sense of feel, or touch, as you would call it. You are used to nerve endings in your skin. You are used to the physical, the body touch. But, as the Language of Ah emerges, it will come in through that sense also. You will have a new touch of things, a new feeling of things. It will allow you to do things much more powerfully than ever before, such as healing that is associated with the hands, feelings and sensations that are associated with the skin. You will have a type of intuition and understanding and premonition that comes in through the touch, through your skin.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah emerges from your current human senses. It will birth. It will blossom from within through that you are already using. But, it will add new perspective to your hearing, to your sight, to your smell, to your taste, to your touch. It will add a new dimension to each one of these things. But, what do you think happens in the meantime, as this language is coming forth? You will have change and transformation in each one of these human senses in the meantime, much like the farmers went through much change when they went from a central processing center to an intranet system with individual processing centers. It was not easy at first. There were challenges. There were some breakdowns. There were days they each wished they had stayed with the old ways of doing things.

< Ascension 5 > And, there were days when the farmers lost money and lost production. There will be days when you will be sick. There will be days when you will be down, when you cannot hear a ___ we say (blank space left on purpose by Tobias). (audience laughter) There will be days when your skin and your body itch. There will be times when you think you are just getting old and decrepit, but dear friends, the Language of Ah… it comes from within. It comes through all of your senses.

< Ascension 5 > The central processing center for the farmers represents the brain. All of your current human senses are connected to your brain, even though it is a sense in itself, even though the farmer who managed the central processing facility was also a farmer. All of your other senses of feel, touch, taste, sight, all of them are connected to your brain. They have been connected to your brain. But, now each one of your seven senses with the Language of Ah is getting their own processing center. In the new divine energy, information does not have to be processed through the brain, the sense that is the furthest away from the other senses. Things do not have to be shipped to the brain anymore before they are distributed into your life.

< Ascension 5 > Each one of your senses in the divine energy has its own form of intelligence. And, we do not like to use even that word. They have their own form of responsibility and responsiveness. In the Language of Ah you will not send the information back through the brain. The brain does not really want it anymore. The information will come independently through that hearing, the knowingness; through the sight, the insight; through the smell, the intuition; through the taste, the discernment; through the touch, the sensitivity.

< Ascension 5 > Understand the Language of Ah works through each one of your current seven human senses. But, now it operates individually. Yes, they are all intra-connected. They all understand when you have an experience through your new sense of touch, using the Language of Ah. All of the other senses will be aware. They may pitch in to help at the appropriate time. They may limit their production in order to make the production of the hearing the most powerful at that time. They will work to balance each other, for they are connected. But, much like an intranet, there does not have to be a central processor. They are independent, yet they work together.

< Ascension 5 > Be the ones who discover this Language of Ah, the divine language, coming in through the brain, a sense of its own, but in a way that no longer judges, in a way that doesn't have to store vast quantities of information anymore. That is the old way of storing things. It is old. All things now will be brought to you appropriately in the "now," just like the farmers who adapted and adjusted to their new technology. They no longer had to store goods. It was all done just in time, on demand.

< Ascension 5 > Your new Language of Ah will not be stored. Your divine energy does not need to be stored for a long, hard winter, or a cold and rainy day. It comes to you just in time at the most appropriate moment when you need it - in the "now." No more storing and saving. Release that. It will happen in the "now." A bit frightening for many of you, for you are used to having great storage bins of information, of emotions, of money, of goods, of all sorts of things. But, now it will be just in time.

< Ascension 5QA > This Language of Ah, the divine language… it is even part of the sense of your mind, your intellect and all of the experiences and the understandings of your company and its competitors and the market and the people behind each of these. These have been stored in your brain, but now with the divine language, you will have a new sense of balanced judgment about what is really going on.

< Ascension 6 > It is not just the seven human senses where the Language of Ah will come in. It will come in through your awareness for who you are now, a new awareness for the angel that you are. It will come in through your imagination. Your imagination will be ripe, and it will be bursting in these days to come. It will come in more than ever with your compassion for others and for yourself. Do not reserve compassion just for others. Bring compassion into your body and for yourself.

The Language of Ah will come in through the ability to focus, the ability to funnel energies in. This is what Nancy was doing with her cooking. She was taking raw energies - the ones that the farmers worked on - and bringing these in, focusing them. That is what your divine sense of Focus does. Your universe is filled with energy, raw, undefined energy. Focus makes it possible to bring it in and apply it on your level. This will be an important one for you to work with this year, not what we would call the most fun one, but so very important.

And, finally Expression. If Nancy had just imagined her cooking and had compassion about it and had focused on what she was truly hungry for, she would have starved if she hadn't expressed it, if she hadn't gone into her kitchen and begun the work.

< Ascension 6 > Now, the Language of Ah comes in and is available to you in these five divine senses. These senses that have always been there. This is how we operate on this side. We do not have things like smell and taste. Now, we can smell and taste things through you when we activate our sense of compassion. That is how we relate. That is how we understand what you are doing. We use this compassion so much in our dealings with humans.

< Ascension 6 > As you work with the energy of the Language of Ah, this will enable you and your empowerment to create things in a way you never would have thought possible. And, you know what? We know you already know this. You won't rush out and try to create all sorts of money, all sorts of material things, because that is not what is in your heart. That is not what is in your heart. You will create things that will ultimately bring others into their divinity. And, when you do, dear friends, when you use this language of your own divine being, the abundance will be there automatically. Not because God said you were worthy on this specific day, but because you have created an energy balance that places it there. It may come from strange or unusual places that you have not been so used to, but it will be there.

< Ascension 7 > The Language of Ah is so simple, so simple. It is a new way of perceiving and understanding. We have not gotten into the details yet of this, but it is a new way of collecting and gathering energy and bringing it into your being and using it in the most efficient manner. But, for right now, the Language of Ah is a way of perceiving and sensing on your divine levels.

< Ascension 8QA > There is, and it is simply to get out of your damn head! (audience laughter) Now, that is meant for all of you, not just for the one asking this. You grind away… oh, we can hear those gears in your head going at times! And, you grind away. You have a gift, a new understanding, the new Language of Ah. Inspiration will come into you. It will come in, and it will come up to your head at some time because that wonderful brain of yours is still needed for implementation on this human plane. But, if you allow yourself, there is so much knowingness within you. We’re not just talking of this spiritual knowingness. With spiritual knowingness comes knowingness of the way things work or should work. Be in the Language of Ah. And allow duality to leave.

One of the few things that blocks the inspirational process - the boulders in the river - is the brain. It is the brain. Now, do not misunderstand us. The mind is a wonderful thing. It is indeed, but it is not the pinnacle. It is only part of the process. Occupy that brain of yours by doing mundane tasks… go out and mow the lawn… go out and shovel the snow… and do those things that will take your mind off the moment. These understandings that are already within you - and we can see them - they will come forth. There are so many understandings within you, you know. They are like packets, waiting to be opened. They are like presents within you. They are yours. You do not get them from somewhere else.

< Ascension 10 > Your "new identity" will be nothing like your old. You held tightly to your old identity and to who you were and to what you saw in the mirror. In the New Energy it is not that way. You will not have an identity that is locked in. It will be very flexible, very fluid. With your new identity, you will be aware of self, but you will also be more aware of all things around you. This awareness will come in through the divine senses, through the Language of Ah.

< Master 5 > In doing so, you're going to come back to your true voice of your spirit. When you do that, when you come back to your true inner voice - not the sound voice, but the inner voice - it changes your physical voice. It changes the way that energies come up and through. You see, right now when you speak, I'd say generally all from about here (head). When you speak it's a mental process putting it into words. But when you speak from your spirit self, it comes from here (heart). It doesn't need to go here (head), and your mind's not going to be jealous; it's got enough other things to do. It doesn't need to come through here, it comes from here (heart) then it comes straight out through your mouth. It bypasses the mind.