celibus / saleebus


< Ascension 4 > This is a new language, by the way. Now, it is similar to the language that we use on this side, the language that we use with each other. Our language here has a vibration of… we are trying to define for Cauldre. It would be like… we would call it "saleebus," "saleebus." It is a type of language we use here to communicate with each other. It is an energetic language.

< Ascension 6QA > As you already know, sacred geometry is about taking raw energy, beginning to define it, which would be the imagination, and then to bend it, or re-direct the focus of it in different ways. We use… we do not call it sacred geometry here. It is more of a form of "celibus," which is more of a universal energy. Now, your challenge is to take the bends and the arcs and formations of raw energy depicted through lines, which become complex mathematical formations, and then to understand how to use this on Earth. Use it to add to the leg of the star that represents focus. As we said, this is also called the "power point" or the "power aspect." Understand how to use this sacred geometry to again increase the power levels of this.