Ascension Series 4
Presented at the Crimson Circle November 3, 2001
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Tobias: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather here together in our sacred space for yet another meeting of the Crimson Circle and the Crimson Council. It is such a delight to be in this space with you today, to join together our energies with you who are here.

We are getting more and more used to this, as you are getting more and more used to it. Have you noticed, dear friends, that this shifting in energy, where we meld together with you, is not so surprising any more? It is not so difficult to make that transition. It is much smoother. We can now glide in. We can, like the wind, be with you and meld with you and love you and sit with you.

Ah, we were telling Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), when your music was playing (prior to the channeling), that we remember a time, not even so long ago, when the transition and the shift in energies were much more difficult. We would come in with a very large entourage. There would be many who came in with us specifically to weave and adjust the energies to make it possible to communicate with you at all levels.

But now, feel around, dear friends. We do not need this large group to come in. We do not need these major shifts. We can come in almost as easily as when you walk into the door of this place. That is because each of you have moved along so far on your path. You have come into so much new consciousness that we can connect with you so much easier.

We have much to discuss on this day. We appreciate the breathing work that you did earlier. We ask all of you now to once again integrate. Integrate your own divinity. As we heard said earlier, dare to integrate your divinity by breathing in. Dare to achieve what you have been seeking for so long. Dare to fan the flames of your awakening divinity, much like a smoldering fire that is ready to leap forward. As you know, the simple breath upon it will cause it to ignite. It will cause it to come to life. That is what it is like when you breathe in. Breathe in now all the way down to your toes. Breathe into your arms and your fingers. As you do, feel the energy of your own being, and then connect here to the energy of I, Tobias. I am energetically breathing in also to connect to you. It is that simple. It is that simple.

We have often said that we do not need to go into long discussions any more, long discussions that sometimes even test your intellect. Do you know it is as simple as consciously breathing in your divinity? It is awakening within you, but when you are not consciously connecting with it, then you wonder why all of these challenging or unusual things are happening in your life. It is because you are birthing this Christ seed within you. You are birthing divinity within you. When you breathe this in, it melds. It allows this divinity to ignite within you, to come forth in your life. And then, do you know what, dear friends, watch out, because there WILL be changes.

Oh, we hear so many of you saying, "Dear Spirit, dear Tobias, dear whoever-I-can-complain-to-on-the-other-side (audience laughter), why are all of these things happening in my life?" And, we smile, and we chuckle, and we say, "Because you are divine, because you are going through an incredible process." It is the process that was known to you and that was promised to you before you left Home, before you left the Kingdom. It was the promise of going off on your own, outside of All That Is. Yes, you exist outside of All That Is. Cauldre still tries to figure that one out, and he will never understand as long as he does it through that brain of his!

You left Home with the promise to self and to Spirit that you would go off on your own. You would learn what it was like to be outside of All That Is, what it was like to be a creator in your own right. You left Home to release the reins, to release the connection from Spirit. You did that intentionally. You did that with the love and the approval of All That Is, the Eternal One, the King and the Queen - whatever name you would like to attach to it. You had the approval of the most loving being to leave, to go off on your own. And now, eons of time later, and with so much experience that there would not be enough libraries on your Earth to hold all of the information of your experiences… eons of time later, you now come to the point where you are fulfilling the very reason you left Home.

That reason is to understand your own identity outside the realm of All That Is, to connect with that identity, to experience through it, and then at a given point, to integrate your birthright, the Christ seed within, your God-self, to integrate that into everything that you are. That is why we are sitting here with you now. That is why you are here, dear, dear friends. And, that is why I, Tobias, sit here with you on this day.

You are at that magical, miraculous, incredible point, where you are coming to the full completion of the circle. You are coming to the point now where you are completing the circle. And, that is when you integrate your divinity.

"Why is it so difficult to do?" you ask. We hear you asking that all of the time. It is so difficult because it has never been done before. Truly. You are the first to be doing this. You are the ones paving the way. It is difficult, because so much of you still clings to the old, for you are familiar with it. You are used to the old ways. There is a certain comfort in the old ways, even if they did not serve you well, even if they were somewhat painful. It was a known quantity. Here you are, dealing with the unknown, and to make it even more frightening, we do not know!

We have told you time and time again that you are the first going through this. We are the ones on the other side of the veil, loving you and hugging you and hearing you curse at us (audience laughter), hearing your frustrations. We hear you asking us, and whoever you can find on this side, "What is the correct way? How should I approach something?" We can only smile and love you and tell you that we do not know. You are the ones going through this. You are the ones who hold the answer. And, when you come to believe this and experience it, then you will move through this whole process with so much more ease and grace. It will not be so disruptive on your physical being. It certainly will be much less challenging on your mental being. You are the ones going through this for the first time. That is why it is so difficult.

You can stop the process at any time. You can take even a vacation away from this ascension journey, if you need to simply rejuvenate your being. You can raise your hand and say, "Spirit, and Tobias, and all of the others, this is not for me anymore. I want to have a somewhat less crazy life. I want to go back to the comfort of my own home. I do not want to be pushed and challenged so much." And, we honor this. We honor this totally, for we understand. As Cauldre always tells us, "We do not see you going through this, Tobias. We do not see the others. You are back in the luxury of the other side of the veil." As he says to us so often, "You come down here and try this." (audience laughter) And, as he also says to us… Cauldre says, "Tobias, I cannot wait to be YOUR teacher." (more audience laughter)

Dear friends, it is a joy to be here. Feel the energy. Feel our heart here on this day. Feel your own heart on this day. Aah… we love these moments. We would love to bottle these up. And, you know what? You can. You can. You can hold on to this energy, and it will be there for you always. You can hold on to this thick and glorious and healing and wonderful energy that you sit in now and call on it at any time. It does not disappear when you walk out of here. It only goes to a place within you that, at times, you forget to access. But, it is always there. Together we are creating an energy that is as tangible as the wallet that you sit on, or the purse that is beside you. It is that tangible. It can be brought up within you at any time.

We mention this energy because it can also be shared with another human. There will be a time soon, when you are sitting in front of another human, and you would like them to experience the blessed energy, the wonderful energy that we are sitting in together now. You would like to help them experience this, to give them a taste of this sweet place we sit in. And, you know, you can help. So, breathe in. Hold this energy for a moment. Remember what it feels like, and know it can be shared with another human.

Now, there are many things we will do here today. But first, we have set the energy for a transformation to take place here. There are things that seem to be blocking you. There are issues that are in your way. We would not choose to use the word "healing," although that is probably what you understand and relate to more. We choose to use the word "transforming." "Healing" implies that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. That is duality. Judging that there is something wrong with you is duality.

That does not work for you any more. You are finding this duality game does not work for you any more, aren’t you? You, who are banging your head on things, and yes, you who are bruising your legs and your knees… you who are burning yourself, and all of the other assorted things…. this is because you are trying to solve your issues using duality tools. They do not work any more.

Now, we do not so much like the word "healing," so we will use the word "transformation." There are issues that we have been asked to bring forth today. For some of you these are physical issues, nagging pains, and the fear associated with what might be wrong inside of your body. Do you know the fear you hold about what is going on in there is worse than the actual reality? You who are running into difficulties in your head, trying to figure things out… you feel like you are running into the wall. You who are running into emotional crisis, who are on a roller coaster, who cannot understand why one day you are high and the other day you are low… it is time to put all those issues out here.

This is a safe space that we sit in. Put those issues out now. You do not need to hide them within. Put those issues out. We will work here on a transformation, but we ask you to understand that every one of those things that was occurring, whether it was a physical illness, a problem in the mind, or an emotional roller coaster… they were all there to serve a purpose. They are there to serve a purpose. They are responding to your changing consciousness. You have been trying to figure out what these have been telling you. You have been wondering why this pain was in your being. You have been saying, "But, Spirit, but Tobias, I'm supposed to be Shaumbra. I'm supposed to be above these things. These should not affect me." And, you know what? You are correct, but you have been approaching it through duality.

Now, step into your Divine Will. Step into this divine moment and allow this to be transformed. That means not placing an agenda on it, but rather allowing it to be released from the old energy hold that it has been in and to transform itself into the solutions that you seek. Do this now. Let this issue, this problem, this illness out. We will work with all of this energy here. We will work with each of you on the non-verbal levels to transform this. As the wise one said earlier, "If you dare. If you dare." Because when you let these energies out, when you release them, a transformation occurs that will lift your consciousness and your enlightenment to a new level.

Do you know, there is even part of you that does not know if it is ready to go to a new level? Because you do not know what it is like, you are not so sure, so you tend to hang on to things, or to let them go little by little by little. But now, dear friends, if you dare, let it go - all at once. Let that old energy that has been making you ill… let it be transformed. Not healed, not changed, not hidden under a rug, and not destroyed - but transformed. Energy can only be transformed. Humans want to change things and heal things or run from things. You remember our story of a month ago of the four lightworkers and the snake. Energy can only be transformed. It can only be placed in a spiraling motion that raises it to a new level. The transformation receives its energy when you release the old ways, when you release the darkness and the fear.

But now, on this day, let us do it right here - if you dare. Place that issue or issues - yes, to the one who just asked, you can place many issues out to transform. But, understand, at the core of it, that it is not Tobias, or any other, or even Spirit transforming it. It is you, because you are allowing this transformational process to take place. You are moving past the consciousness of healing. You are moving way past the consciousness of changing. You are moving into a consciousness of divine transformation.

And, as we have been speaking here, we can see the changes occurring within so many of you. We can see a swirling, spiraling energy. This is the indication of transformation that is taking place in this very room. When each of you walk from this place, or for those who are reading when you put your book down, you will notice something different. When you walk out of these doors, the world will appear slightly different to you. You are releasing the darkness within. You are transforming it. Remember the words that we say on this day. You will no longer heal, and you will no longer change. It is transformation.

Now, this process will continue the rest of our time together here in this intense transformational energy. This process will continue in this safe space that we sit in. This is such a wonderful place to do this with humans who are so open and willing to change. Simply allow. Some of you, we see… you are struggling. You are wondering, "Am I doing it right?" (audience laughter) There is no prescribed manner for this. If you wonder what you should be doing right now to help affect this transformation, simply breathe. Do not make things so difficult.

Now, so many times we invite others to these gatherings. Do you know, in a sense, they stand in line and ask to be guests of the Crimson Circle? The talk here on this side - the "buzz" as you would call it - is that there is this group of humans who call themselves Shaumbra, who have for the most part walked the Earth many, many, many lifetimes. There is this group of humans who are family, direct energy with us on this side. This group of humans… they used to sit around with us. They have gone to Earth now. They are making tremendous progress. They are the first to walk into the New Energy. They are creating the templates. They are creating the new grids, these humans.

They line up here - if we could only sell tickets! They line up here to come to your gatherings. They want to see what your energy is like. They want to see the transformation that is taking place. They talk about it for days and weeks beforehand. One of the problems that I, Tobias, have is to make the selection of who is allowed to visit when we gather. (teasing) I have made a few enemies here on this side because of this! Today, I have a number of my companions and my co-workers somewhat upset with me, for I have not opened the energy of this room for any visitors. No, I have reserved it for myself! (audience laughter)

Today, there are no visitors. It is just you, Shaumbra … and me. (more laughter with Tobias chuckling) It feels so good not to have this other commotion on our side (more laughter). We can share this space together. Feel the difference in this room. Feel the quieter, calmer energy. Oh, they get so excited when they come in here, and sometimes Cauldre, when he is doing his channeling thing… it even disrupts him, and I have to tell him to just focus on the words. But, today we do not have that interference. So, let’s just sit here for a moment. (more laughter) This energy is so sweet! It is so nice to have you all to myself!

Now, this is being done for a reason, as much as I enjoy feeling all of your energy. This is being done for a reason. And, the others on my side truly do understand. They truly do. I will be giving them a report at the end of our time together. There is a reason for this, which we will cover. But, before we move into the next portion of our discussion, once again - and I cannot say this enough, breathe life into your being. Breathe divinity up from the very core of who you are. This is the fastest and the simplest way for your divinity to come in. Spend a moment. I will ask Cauldre to be in silence for a bit. Simply breathe this in, and then we will move in to the next segment of our discussion.


Now, let us review what we have been working on for the past period of time. We began our discussion several years ago with what is being called "the New Earth Series." We began our discussions with you by saying that your guides had departed, that they had left. In that first year of time, starting with the information about your guides, we talked about the Earth splitting in consciousness between the old and the new. Oh, you are seeing it now more than ever. You are seeing the two consciousnesses as they go their own way. You are seeing the ones who still hold firmly to duality, and are trying to fight their way out of it.

And, then there are the others - family, Shaumbra, the ones who have been bold and daring and who are moving into their divine nature. This is the new Earth. This is no longer about duality. It has a balance of four. It is no longer about you. It is about All That Is.

In that first series we talked about changes on Earth and things that would be happening. We talked about some core and essential thoughts, all as a way of preparing you for what was going to come, all as a way of setting energy. Remember this first year, this New Earth Series. Remember it when you teach your students. Remember to go back to some of the basics with them to help them understand the way things work.

Then, we moved into the "Creator Series." We went through a new level of basic information. We talked much in that year about acceptance, learning to accept, learning to get out of duality, and learning not to vote anymore (audience laughter). We talked of stand behind the short wall. It is only when you stand back that you can begin to understand how things truly work. Otherwise, you will be caught in duality. Otherwise, you will be taking sides, if you do not understand how things truly work. By standing back and accepting all things, including yourself, you learn how things have been created. And then, you learn at some point how to begin to affect a transformational process.

We talked to you in that series about Divine Will, and we know some of you were quite angry or confused. You did not understand why you would need to release your Free Will. But now, we look at you. You understand. You are learning more and more each day to understand what Divine Will is. It is a consciousness that sits above Free Will. It is a consciousness that melds together all things and seeks an answer at the highest possible level, not the answer in duality. Divine Will seeks an answer above that, an answer that you could not have possibly known was even there before.

In the Creator Series we talked with you also about things like "dancing with what comes to your front door." You are still struggling with this, we see. You are still trying to understand the spiritual physics of this. It is quite simple. You are energy beings, housed in physical body, but you are energy beings. You attract the appropriate things to you. You have been used to having to go out and find things. You are used to having been the hunters. But, when you enter this divine space, when you are fully grounded in your new house, then the appropriate things come to you.

You are finding, more and more, that the appropriate things do come to you. You do not need to panic or fret or go chasing up and down the streets, knocking on every door, trying to find an answer. You are learning to stay in a place of divine calmness in your own new house. And, it will come to you, sometimes just in the nick of time - and we know that aggravates you! (audience laughter) But, it comes to you. Then, it is up to you to dance with it. Then, it is up to you to write those books, once you have the inspiring idea. Then, it is up to you to do the work.

And yes, you may have to sit up late at night at your screen-thing that you look at. And, you may have to get up early in the morning and drive a distance to make these ends meet. That is your responsibility. That is your part as a human angel. Those things we cannot do for you. Do you know, even when Cauldre tries to do this channeling at his keyboard, we do not understand it? It is confusing to us. We cannot type for you. We cannot answer the phone for you. We cannot drive to a different city for you. You must do these things. But, when something comes to your front door - an enlightenment, an idea, even another person, even a new opportunity - it is then up to you to dance with it, to do the work.

During the Creator Series, we went through many challenging lessons, lessons that challenged most of you at the deepest levels, frustrated many of you, and delighted a few of you.

Then, we moved into the current lessons, what we have called the "Ascension Series." That is where we are. We have finished the first three. We are at a milestone of sorts. We will be moving into a different energy now.

We started this series by letting you know, dear friends, that you have already ascended. You have already crossed through that vibrational line that separates you from your old human self. You have already moved from one lifetime to the other and stayed in the same physical body. You have already finished the Book of Life of all of your lifetimes. No more karma, no more contract, simply clear and empty space to create in any way you choose. And, we are so tickled at the words that were said at the opening of this gathering, "if you dare, if you dare, you can create anything!" You do not believe that so much yet, but you can create anything - if you dare. Instead of taking one small step, take one very large one. This is perhaps a little frightening at first, but you will see what a difference it makes.

Remember we told you several months ago, during the first lesson of this series, it is not about you anymore. It only feels like it's still about you, because you allow it to be. You allow things to affect you. It is not about you anymore. There is no contract. There is no karma. You are here now in service. You are here for a totally different reason.

And, then we spoke to you of taking ownership of your divinity. We actually changed the lesson along the way… because we saw that you were holding a concept of your divinity, but you weren't owning it. You were thinking it, but you weren't BEING it. So, we talked to you of truly owning it. It is yours. It does not belong to us. It does not belong to any angels or archangels. It is yours. Begin to own it. Begin to care for your divinity and to nurture it.

Then, we spoke to you in our last gathering about the darkness. We talked to you of releasing the darkness. It seeks release. It is not there to purposely make your life miserable. There are still attributes within you that need this transformational process, that need you ask, "Dear snake, why are you in the road? Why are you here?" Demand the answer, for this snake truly is miserable. It truly seeks release, but it will hold on as tightly as possible until it knows that you are genuine and sincere. The snake needs to know it can trust you. Then, it can release its old ways. Then, the transformation takes place, when the darkness allows the release to take place, because you have been in your truth. Then, a new energy bursts forward. It comes up, and it begins this transformational process that you are going through right now, that you are experiencing right now.

Now, we ask you to think in terms of all that we discuss with you, things we are channeling from you. Think of these, and remember these when you guide your students through this process. Think of the very steps that you have taken along the way.

Today we would like to talk to you about something that is quite simple. You will find it very challenging at first, very challenging. That is why we wanted to spend extra time grounding the energy today.

All of the answers are contained within you. So, you say, "Tobias, if they are, why do I not feel these, and why do I not hear these? Tobias, why is it when I ask the question within that sometimes I receive a bad answer? Sometimes I get this crazy voice, so I shut it out. I shut it out because I do not feel so comfortable with it."

There are those of you who seek to talk to us on this side, and you try to tune in, but you cannot seem to pick up the frequency. You cannot seem to understand it. We are here today to talk about a new language, a language that we are going to begin speaking in to you. It is a language that we ask you to speak in to us. It is a language that, more than anything, you will use to speak in with yourself.

Let us back up a moment and review how you have done things before. We will bring up some examples that we spoke of a week ago when we talked of four humans who had different ways of searching for God. Perhaps you will relate to one or more of these. Let us tell you of the four humans searching for God.

The first human attempted to find God through her intellect. She was an excellent student. She was extraordinarily smart. She worshiped the intellect, for it had done much for her in her lifetime. She read all the books on religions. She read different philosophies, all of this in search for God. It took place in her mind. And, as we said to the group one week ago, she is STILL searching for God.

You will not find Spirit in your mind. Oh, you will learn a lot! You will expand that brain of yours. You will have much information stuffed in there, but you will not find your divinity. You will not find God in the books. You will not find God in your mind.

Your processing, as humans, goes through the mind. Everything is funneled through it. Now you are going to learn a new way. You take what is happening in your life, and you flow it in through your mind when you attempt to talk to us and Spirit. We can see the stress and the pressure on your brain because you are attempting to run everything through there. You have been trained to do this. It is not a bad thing. But now we are going to transform and move to a new way.

Then, we spoke a week ago of the human who searched for God through spiritual rules and the regulations. This one was a minister, and was proficient at understanding the Scriptures. He felt he could find Spirit by following the rules precisely, by doing certain deeds on certain days in certain ways. And as you know, this does not work. That is why we have asked you to release ceremony, other than the ceremony of joy. Do you understand that?

We ask you to release ceremony because you become trapped in it, much as this human in our example became trapped in rules. Do you know if you took all of the rules to heart, you could not move? You could not do anything! If you study these rules carefully, you will find they contradict one another. They were based on a consciousness of the time, and they applied to certain groups. If you try to follow these 2000 and some years later, it will hurt, because they do not apply to the energy that you are in.

There are those of you who think there are rules of the new energy and the new age. For instance, you try to talk to us in such funny words at times. You think you have to be careful about using the word "could" rather than "may." You think you have to define everything so precisely. Do you think that we are that stupid? (audience laughter) Do you think we cannot feel your passion and your thoughts and your emotions?

We really do not listen to your words - ever! (more laughter) We FEEL you. It is not the words. Some of you are so afraid of using the word "no" or "perhaps" or "maybe." We understand what you mean. Do not get locked in the rules. That is duality, dear friends, thinking there is right and wrong. And, you will not move gracefully through this ascension process.

Then, there was the third human who was searching for God through her emotions. We told the story that she would go to her church service every Sunday, and she would get that hit of energy, and she loved it. But, within an hour or so when she was out the door, it would seem to leave. It would evaporate and dissolve, and it would be gone. During the week she would go to these new age meetings also. (chuckling)

She did not care about any particular philosophy. She did not hold to any school of thought. She liked going to meetings. She rarely heard a word. She liked going to meetings and sitting in the energy. She thought she would find God in this energetic hit. But, she wasn't owning her own Self. So it would evaporate. It would leave. She was trying to find God through the emotions, through the energy hits that came about. She is still going to a lot of meetings, and she has not found God.

Our fourth human - one so much like all of you - had done the studying, had followed the rules, had gone to the meetings and had found that it had gotten her to a new place. They were wonderful things, but she was ready for the next step. So, she began. She began going within. It is so simple. You have heard these words before. She began going within. She began listening with compassion, first to herself, compassion for herself. What a wonderful thing! What a bold thing, being compassionate! But, what we did not tell at the time, and what we will share with you now today, is how she listened.

We sit with you here for a moment. We are not going to talk. We are going to send you certain energies, certain feelings. Open yourself up to these for a moment, even if you are reading these words. We will take a moment to do this. Simply open yourself to energy that I, Tobias, send out to each of you.


Now, what you are doing right now, so many of you are doing… you are taking my energies in, and you are processing them. You are struggling. You are trying to define what I’m sending you. You are bringing this in, for the most part, through your heart, but you are trying to process it through your mind. That is the old way. That is the old way. There is a new language that you will use to communicate, first with yourself and then to others, that does not run through the mind. This is where it will be challenging for you. You do not know where else to process this energy. You are so used to processing it in the brain. You are used to trying to define the energy.

What energy am I sending you now? I am sending you the energy of a tree, because we know… Cauldre, he likes trees. We are sending you the energy of a pine tree. We are sending you its essence. You have been trying to define it in certain ways, and that's where you have been struggling lately.

We will talk about this more through the rest of this series, about specific tools and about specific ways. Today we are going to talk to you in this Lesson Four of the Ascension Series about "The Language of Ah." Lesson Four … the Language of Ah. It is not defined by the brain. It comes in at a different level, through your entire being. This will be the challenge for you.

When you go inside and ask yourself the questions, you will be in a place of quiet. You will not process through your mind. You will bring the answer from within you, but you will not try to define it or judge it in the mind. You will not hear words in your ears or in your mind. When you go in and ask yourself the question, the answer will come in the Language of Ah.

Now, we call it the Language of Ah, not because it has a high spiritual meaning, but because as you learn to deal with this, when the answers do surface … you will suddenly go "Ah." (audience laughter) We did not want to call it by some other name, because we did not want you to get so intellectual about the process. It is so simple - AH.

Now, we see that you are doing this more and more. You are seeking the answers from within, and this is a wonderful thing. But, we see that you have been getting frustrated because you think you cannot hear, or you feel that the answer was not appropriate. And, you are correct in that assumption. When an answer would pop into your brain, you say, "No, I do not think so much that is the answer." You were correct. You were getting other interpretations.

Now, when you ask a question within, you place it forth to your being, and you allow your divine being now to process, to work through, and to come forth with the answer. And, then you simply wait. Do not try to figure out the answer in your brain or hear it in your ears.

So many of you here have felt bad. You have said, "I do not feel things. I do not hear voices. I do not get a picture in my brain." And, at this point in the ascension process, count yourself lucky, because you do not have to unlearn any habits that do not serve you anymore. Those of you who have had the gift of hearing, or vision, or sense, feeling things - we tell you now, it is time to change.

You will start getting the answers from a new place. It will be spoken to you from your divine center. We will call it a "Divine Processing Center." And, it will come in the Language of Ah. You will not hear it. You will not necessarily feel it. And, you will not see it in your brain. So, you say, "Tobias, I do not understand. Where will this come from? How will I know?" AH! You will know! It will strike you. We cannot tell you where this place is, because we know what you will do anyway. You will go in your mind, trying to figure it out.

There is no figuring out in the Language of Ah. It simply is. It is a knowingness that comes through you. You will know it is truth. You will sense its truth, unlike that little voice that you have not trusted and at times that has mislead you. In this Language of Ah, you will know it is true, and you will go "AH." It is quite simple.

The difficulty in using the Language of Ah is that you will want to try to figure it out in your human brain. That will not work in this new energy. The brain is a wonderful thing. It helps guide you. It helps you go through information. It helps you to discern things. It is a storehouse of knowledge and facts and figures. It allows you to drive a car and operate your computers and such. It allows you to understand things at the level of energy you have been dealing with.

But, we will move beyond that. We will speak in the Language of Ah. We will do that now with you. Remember, we just gave you this exercise a moment ago with the tree. We will do it again. We will speak to your Divine Processing Center in the Language of Ah. Remember to keep your brain out of it. Do not try to feel anything, and do not try to think anything. We will speak to you in this language now.


It is difficult, is it not, to keep your brains out of this?


Now, this will take practice and practice and practice on your part, but make it fun practice. Speak to yourself in the Language of Ah. Do not seek your answers from us for the next 30 days of time. Do not even try to talk to us. Do not talk to angels who are not there anyway, or guides. Do not talk to Tobias. I will be busy doing other things (audience laughter). Speak to yourself. Do not talk to others. Do not try to use this new language on them. We will show you how to do this later. We will show you how to communicate with a myriad of things. But, for 30 days be celibate. (audience laughter) Not literally!

Speak only to yourself in the Language of Ah. Ask the question. Allow it the space that it needs. Do not try to process through the brain. Understand that the answer may not come for days or weeks of time. And, it may not be the answer that you expect.

We are laughing, because we are trying to explain a concept that is so new that even we have difficulty explaining it to you. We are trying to give examples, but we do not want you to get so intellectual about this.

How do you connect with your divinity? How do you communicate with all of who you are? It is not through the English language or French or any others. It is not even through the vision of the mind. Some of you have had that gift of vision. It is not through the senses. It is at a new place. It is your divine center. You will be communicating within your own being to yourself now for 30 days. You will get frustrated. We know that. You will get angry. You will want to put all of this down. But then, you will go back to it, and you will continue using it. Then, you will get it. And, then you will go, "Ah. Now, I see. I feel. I understand where it is, and I didn't have to struggle in my brain. I am now able to communicate with my Divine Self in a language I never knew before, in a language that I did not even know existed. It is a language of energy and vibration."

Do not try to define it right now. Do not try to even put a physical place on it. Allow it to just be, and it will come to you. At the appropriate time the answers will make its way through your divineness, and it will make itself present and aware to you on your conscious, human level. As the doctor (Mindy Reynolds) knows, it is like a giant bubble coming up, coming up. It comes up from within you, and it comes to the surface. When it comes to the surface, it expands and expresses. And, that's when you go, "Ah, now I get it."

The Language of Ah is something that you will use more and more and more on your path. As you become proficient with it, you will use it for so many things in your daily life. Call it the miracle language, because it is. It will help you to communicate first with yourself on levels you never knew existed. Then, it will help you to communicate with all other things.

This is a new language, by the way. Now, it is similar to the language that we use on this side, the language that we use with each other. Our language here has a vibration of… we are trying to define for Cauldre. It would be like… we would call it "saleebus," "saleebus." It is a type of language we use here to communicate with each other. It is an energetic language.

Your body uses a language of its own, an energetic language to speak to itself. You do not hear all the chatter of the cells and the molecules and the organs of your body, but yet they speak to each other. You do not have to, fortunately, have your brain get involved in all of these communications that go on within your being. It would overwhelm you. But, there is a language that communicates within every cell, every atom, every molecule of your body, every limb, part, and piece. They are all communicating. It is a language that does not run through your brain. It is not a language that you have to define. It simply is. This new Language of Ah is similar to that language that your own body uses for communicating with itself. But, it is on a new level. It is on a new level, because it involves your awakening divinity.

How do you talk to yourself? How do you communicate with this new Self? You have been trying lately. You have been struggling to bring it in through your mind. You have been using old energy ways, and they do not work. It is difficult for us to explain all of this, because once again, we do not want you to intellectualize the process. It simply is. It is a way of connecting with who you are.

How to practice it? Ask yourself questions. Talk to yourself. Do not talk to us, remember. Talk to yourself. Then, be still. Be quiet. Be in a place of calmness and peace. Expect nothing from the old energy, but expect everything coming up through your divinity. Do not expect things in an old energy way, but expect everything new. You will find you are learning to truly communicate with all of who you are without words, without thoughts, without a certain type of vision or feeling like you have been used to in the past.

This will be challenging. Even now we can hear you saying, "But, Tobias, how do we communicate without thoughts or words or feelings or visions? These are the tools that we have used." We understand that. We understand. We cannot tell you exactly where this new language comes from. All we can tell you is if you practice, and you work with it, all of a sudden you will go "Ah."

We will be speaking more of this new language throughout the rest of our series. We will be pushing you to use it. If you truly want to be masters at this and understand it, you will need to work on it regularly. You will want to work on it daily. You will want to work on it when you are driving in your car. And, you will get frustrated with it. We know that already. You will get very frustrated, trying to find and define where it comes from.

When you get tired of banging your head into the wall, and you get angry with me, and you wonder what this is all about… when you let go, all of a sudden there will be a stream of divine consciousness that comes flowing through you. In that flow is contained the answers to those things that you have asked about, as well as other things that you haven't. And then, you will go "Ah." And you will get it.

We caution that some of you will be trying to go back to some old ways. You will say, "Oh, this is much like something I studied 20 years ago." And, we tell you right now, it is nothing like what you studied before. We guarantee it. This is new. It is a new language. The divinity that you have now was not there 20 years ago. The consciousness that you have now was not there. You cannot go back in any book and find this. It is new for you and you alone.

It is yours, this way of communicating with Self in the Language of Ah. It is yours. Own it. And, if we hear you trying to call us up, we will pretend we are not at home (audience laughter). If we hear you calling up other entities, we will go talk to them, and we will tell them not to pick up the line (more laughter). We want you to work on your own for 30 days of time. Work diligently. It will be difficult and challenging, but we know that you have it in you. Bring up this language of Ah. It will come to you. It will not be in your mind. You will get a headache if you try to bring this up through your mind. Do not try to bring it into the mind. It will come into another place.

I, Tobias, will have a big smile on my face as I am sitting up here resting, for I do not have anything to do for 30 days (audience laughter). And, when I am in my spiritual hammock (more laughter) enjoying the fresh air on this side, I will smile when I hear "Ah." (more laughter) I will know that one of you has gotten it!

Cauldre, he says that we have not defined enough what this language is, but we will have to throw this back on him and the others who think like this. You are trying to define something in your intellect that cannot and should not be defined there. You want to know exactly what to do, and what it will feel like, and how you process it in that human mind. That is not the way, Cauldre, or any of the rest of you.

It is simple, but you need to work on it. You will get to the point even with yourself in these next 30 days where you are not defining your conversation or your questions to your full Divine Self in words of the mind. Initially, you will probably want to do this, but as you work on this, you will set up a communication with your divinity, with your God-self, where even you do not use words. You do not try to create it in the mind. It will happen very quickly, then it will go back and forth, this communication path. You will just sense or feel the communication. And, it will come back to you in the form of a response and a reply. It will not go through the mind.

Now, that is all that we have to say on this subject on this day. You have your homework now. We will stay here through the rest of the day, but after that you are on your own. You will find this to be one of the single most powerful tools in this new energy. It is the language of communication of divinity. You will understand it within your being first. You will understand how you can transform your own life through this. Then, we will work with you later in helping you to understand how to communicate with others - other things and other beings - in this new language.

We enjoyed this time together. We enjoyed seeing the transformation that has taken place here in between our words. You have allowed the transformation, the release of what does not serve you anymore to help propel you to a new place. Those things that have been bothering you lately, you have allowed to transform. When you walk out of this room, use the Language of Ah to understand what happened and how it happened. Remember, the Language of Ah does not come through the mind. You will feel it in other places.

We will return in a short bit to attempt to answer your questions, but we will really push you, each of you. We will push you to have these answered in the Language of Ah on your own.

And, we have to make one more comment before we depart. Cauldre has been talking to me behind the scenes throughout our day. He says that he thinks this "Language of Ah" terminology is corny (audience laughter). He says, "Tobias, could you not have come up with some grander name, some long word that sounds impressive, so when we talk to each other, we can be proud?" And, he says, "It will sound so lame to talk of this Language of Ah." (audience laughter) And, we tell him, and we tell you, we did this on purpose! We do not want you to treat this as some lofty, intellectual concept that is reserved for those who have special favor. "Ah" is for everyone. "Ah" is simple. "Ah" is enlightenment expressed in your reality. "Ah" is a wonderful thing. "Ah" is what you also do, dear friends, when you let out a breath of release, and transform. AH!

We love you dearly, and you WILL be alone for the next 30 days (much audience laughter).

And so it is.



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