spiral / evolution

cycle; circle; swirl; votex; evolving; expanding; unfolding; growing;
continual evolution and expansion; natural cycle of evolution;
spring-summer-fall-winter; east-south-west-north;

< Ascension 4 > But now, dear friends, if you dare, let it go - all at once. Let that old energy that has been making you ill… let it be transformed. Not healed, not changed, not hidden under a rug, and not destroyed - but transformed. Energy can only be transformed. Humans want to change things and heal things or run from things. You remember our story of a month ago of the four lightworkers and the snake. Energy can only be transformed. It can only be placed in a spiraling motion that raises it to a new level. The transformation receives its energy when you release the old ways, when you release the darkness and the fear.

< Ascension 4 > And, as we have been speaking here, we can see the changes occurring within so many of you. We can see a swirling, spiraling energy. This is the indication of transformation that is taking place in this very room. When each of you walk from this place, or for those who are reading when you put your book down, you will notice something different. When you walk out of these doors, the world will appear slightly different to you. You are releasing the darkness within. You are transforming it. Remember the words that we say on this day. You will no longer heal, and you will no longer change. It is transformation.

< Ascension 6 > Now, we do love the energy of our family here. We love the energy swirls that are taking place here in this room with you.

< Ascension 8QA > When you hit some low points - and you will, you will - it is part of the cycles of the ups and downs, the on and off of energy. It is part of the way duality itself is releasing itself. When you go into the lows, that helps duality transform, release. So, do not scramble to try to get out of the lows, but honor the space that you walk in. So many of you are concerned that if you let go when you are in a low, you will fall into the pit, into the abyss, never to return again, to be eaten by some dragon of the deep dark. (audience laughter) Dear friends, it does not work that way for you any more. It does not work that way. When you are in a low, don't try to force yourself out of it. Understand it is an energy cycle. Understand, in a sense, with all that is happening within you, that there is a spiral that will take place that will work you through it at the appropriate time.

< Ascension 9QA > So many of the elements of duality will change around you. Things will not be so linear. It may seem like they are going in swirls when you have been used to going down the track in a straight line. You are releasing the bonds that created a linear type of existence. Now, you are going to an existence that is a spiral, but not limited to any direction, not limited to any phase.

< Ascension 11QA > First of all, release the perception that there is no time on our side. We don't know where this comes from. There IS a type of time on our side. It is not like it is on yours. We do not walk around with these watches on our hands. But, there is a progression and order to events that take place. In our energy, on our side of the veil, ALL things are NOT taking place all at one time. That would be so confusing for us. At the extreme end of thought, you are right, there is no time, for you will find that all things are like a circle, all things come back. But, it is an expanding and spiraling circle. Events do not fall back on themselves. So, in a sense, there is a sequence of events.

< DivineHuman 10QA > It is an illusion that the universe is large and old. The universe is circular, and it is expanding in a spiral. The universe cannot be defined with any of the measuring instruments that you have right now. You can explore the universe by expanding your consciousness, staying in the source, but we don't think the information you give to the scientists will make them feel good. (some laughter)

< NewEnergy 2 > Some of you have become quite frustrated and a bit depressed. You have said, "I have gone through this difficulty. Why do I feel I am back on the same merry-go-round again?" Dear friends, it (cycles of process of expanding understanding of self) is not a merry-go-round. Indeed, it is spinning, and it is circular. But, it is series of cycles that continue to expand outward and outward… a spiral going both up and down… a spiral going to all sides… a spiral that is inter-dimensionally.

< NewEnergy 2 > So, you go through these cycles of expanding, expanding awareness of Self. You will continue to go through these. Understand that it spirals up and down… sideways… in and out. It can be such a blessing and a joy when you realize you have reached the end of one cycle, and you are ready to begin a new cycle. A new awakening comes to you. Have joy in this. Play with this. Each time now, Shaumbra, when you come to the completion of one of these cycles, a new level of divinity can integrate with your humanness. Something happens here. We have talked about this. We gave it some new definition.

< Embodiment 4 > The aspects of your Atlantean self - nearly all of you have had those - come back to visit now because it is a time of change. It is running a similar pattern to Atlantis. In a sense, you could look at the energy cycles or spirals of the Atlantean times. And, you can then look at the energy spirals of your current times. And, they would appear to be twins. They would appear to be very, very similar. They are similar because you were involved in both. They are similar because they were both approaching times of quantum leaps of energy. They are very similar because it approached the time when the divine energies could begin truly manifesting and embodying on Earth. The similarities are very, very similar.

< Embodiment 7 > To take something, to take raw energy and convert it into matter is a very complicated, very complex equation. It is a massive series, massive series of pluses and minuses. The pluses and minuses tend to align themselves in a type of spiral. The spiral generally would have 12 elements to it. In the center of the 12 spiraling elements is a neutral element, or what you can say the connection back to "the field." If this sounds like the DNA model, it is. But, we don't call it DNA. We call it "energy structuring." Off of any of these 12-stranded energy structures, it spins other structures in every direction, every dimensional direction.

< Embodiment 8 > I (St. Germain) was simply the slave from the working-class who was brought into the temples to serve you, to bring you your meals, to clean up your wastes. I was there to make your life and work easier. Interesting that I also got caught in the middle of your experiments. Literally, on a day when one of the experiments with energy was spiraling in a way that you didn't understand, and you could no longer control, I happened to walk through the wrong door at the wrong time, this little slave boy, and get caught up in it. I was taken into this vortex of energy that you had created and basically placed in a - what you would call - a crystalline structure that I could not get out of… you see… and you could not get me out of.

< Embodiment 8 > Belief systems… any belief system will try to prove itself and grow itself. That is why you are here. You're a victim - or the lucky recipient - of your own belief systems. You have to be willing to let go 100 percent. And, here's what I (St. Germain) did. I didn't have a choice. I was locked into this energy, after walking into your spiral in the Temples of Tien and getting frozen, and being left by you. You didn't know what to do. You didn't know how to get me out. So, you ran. I became part of your karma.

< Embodiment 11 > You know, every past life that you have created continues to live. You granted it beingness. And, it continues to live out in the other dimensions… not here on Earth, for the most part, occasionally, but not generally. Your past life aspects live on and on and on. They are not Creator-beings like you. They cannot create New Energy, new space, but they continue to swirl, to expand in the very energies that you granted them.

< Embodiment 11 > Being in this pure moment together like this without expectation, literally allows you to spiral and to transform into a new level of living, a level that you could not comprehend in your Old Energy human mind. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to know details, structures, controls. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to have everything defined through the brain. You transcend that.

< Embodiment 11QA > The surprising information in all of this is quite simple. It is that in creation you don't need to create. In other words, there is no such thing as creation, at least not in your terms. Your terms were always such that there was a proactive outer force taking place that would cause creation, that would make things happen, that would manifest things in your life. But, ultimately there is no creation because it always is, and it always was. Everything is there.

Creation is no creation. It always is, and it always was. That is the spiral of Spirit… Spirit was… Spirit is… Spirit loves to create… which always is… and always was… it is a spiral. That is who you are. Allow yourself to shine from this moment on.

< Embodiment 12 > And, yes, you can expand into these easily if you jump on some of these energy flows that we talked about the other day, if you get out of the box. Hop onto a spiral. Call upon a circle. Float along an energy that goes up and down. Some go in and out, you know. Some of these energies go in and out, one moment here, next moment not. You feel you're in, and you feel you're out. Hop on one of these. Get simple… get simple. Tell yourself that you're choosing clarity, and you're going to be able to see the tree for what it truly is. You'll see that this illusion - that it has bark, has roots and leaves - is but one layer and level, but one illusion.

< Clarity 2 > In this last month, Shaumbra, you have birthed Shaumbra, taking it out of the far and distant etheric realms, birthing it, bringing it into Earth now so you can use it as a tool. You can use our guest yourself in ways that were not possible in our last Shoud or any of the previous Shouds. You can use this energy now for your own good and for that of humans who are ready, willing and able. This energy of Shaumbra, the entity, continues to evolve and change. It doesn't remain static and neither do you. It continues to have its own dynamic type of spiral or evolution. It has - as you have - the desire to express. Since it is God energy - just as you are God energy - it has a desire to expand, express, discover and create.

< Clarity 2QA > You are whole and complete unto yourself. And, to have creation, you don't need destruction. That is an old dualistic concept. Creation is unto itself. It is constantly evolving. It is like a spiral. It is constantly moving and expanding. And, expanding can be in and out all at the same time.

< Clarity 7QA > It's all with a wonderful soul purpose. "Soul purpose" being letting go of the Whole or the One, becoming full and complete in yourself, which reinvents the One once again. A wonderful spiral of energy.

< Teacher 5QA > You don't need to go into a destitute situation. You're the only one who can make that choice. And we know you've made it in your mind, but you also have to make it in your heart. You've said to yourself that you don't want to suffer but yet in many ways you're still choosing it. It's about going in and letting every part of your being know that it's okay. Kuthumi gave the story today about you, the parent self, the god self going into the energies of the rest of you, the other aspects, and assuring every part of you - the financial part, the health part and the relationship part - that this is all a natural and very sacred process.

< Teacher 6 > A new energy pathway has been created in the collision of the two opposing elements smashing back into each other. An energetic pathway that allows in an energy that exists in a different dimension. Current understanding and the current consciousness of dimensions is very, very crude - very crude and very rudimentary. Many humans equate it with being simplistic - we have the third dimension and the fourth dimension, the fifth. It doesn't work like that. Dimensions are an amazing thing. It's a flow. It's a swirl of energy. Dimensions don't necessarily know limits or boundaries unless they have been structured that way by the human belief system or consciousness.

< Teacher 12 > You tend to work in a spiral, continual evolution and expansion. Not just a circle, but a spiral that continues to grow and to grow and to grow, until some point it can spiral no more within its known consciousness and you go outside of the patterns of the spiral itself. That is what is happening right now, particularly as we approach this time of the Quantum Leap.

< QuantumLeap 6QA > Snakes right now in this consciousness … now please understand this wasn't the consciousness or the symbology of snakes twenty years ago or a hundred years ago, but right now snakes have to do with the spiraling of the energy. Some of you would relate it to the kundalini, but let's go somewhat beyond that. It is the upward evolution of energy but in so the fear of that expansion. So many of you are having dreams about snakes and your misinterpreting these as being either like a sexual type of dream or a forbidden fruit type of dream. It is actually an indication that your own energy is now expanding both in your body, your mind and your spirit, but there are certain fears along the way of what will happen next. In the New Energy you don't have to worry about what's going to happen next, you're just going to experience it. There's such a tendency in the Old Energy to want to know the outcome before you actually jumped into the situation.

< (Next) 11 > You've done all of this - that big evolution - and part of you is not really sure if you're ready. Part of you is not sure if you're even ready to get out of that (spiral), because eventually you're not on that spiral anymore. Spiral, you realize, is an illusion. The mind is trying to fill in 'what ifs.' What if you suddenly had the grand realization in this moment, it all came together; suddenly you're a true Master and these energies just came flowing in, instantly aligned without efforting? Suddenly, you're going to be very different than everybody else. A lot of people won't like you. Look what happened to Jesus. That's where we're at. That's, again, a great starting point for Keahak.

< (Next) 12 > When you call forth for the evolution of your soul, you get it. You get it. It may not always be what this aspect wants or what your mind expects, and sometimes I know you go into, oh, a sense of confusion, consternation and frustration that it's different than what you thought it was going to be, but it's exactly what you need. It's exactly what you are choosing. This is it, where we gather together like this, where we have some laughs, which is … that's a miracle in itself, that spiritual beings have learned to laugh again.

< (Next) 12 > This is not just a religious or spiritual trend. Matter of fact, it's a consciousness trend that's taking place. It has nothing to do with religions. Religions don't like it. Religions, as humans tend to do, they get very into their system. They get very caught in it, and then they power into it. In other words, there's certain people and groups, organizations with power, they don't want anything to interfere with that. Well, unfortunately, any time you have a power structure, sooner or later it will come down. And that's a good thing. Any time you create something with control and generally power - because control and power go hand in hand - it will break down. Any time you create something in freedom and liberty, any time you create something and give it absolute freedom, the same freedom your spirit and your soul has given you, it will thrive and it will evolve.

< e2012 10 > You come to the end of the line, and that line is – and this is going to sound strange for a bit, but breathe it in – evolution. Evolution. You've come to the end of evolution. Does that mean you die now, or you go backwards? No. Not at all. You've been programmed and you bought into evolution. Constant evolution. You believe in evolution of the mind – learning more, getting wiser, having more problem solving abilities – so you've been conditioned for that, programmed for it. And that's what you basically have lived for. That's what you have, you know, “I'm becoming an evolving being.”

< e2012 10 > Now, you've got this being wonderful consciousness, and it is dripping with this wisdom. Now is the time to take this – this essence, this wisdom – and live it. That is truly what it's about right now. When you stop evolving, then you start living. When you stop doing your mental attempts at evolving, (a) you'll realize how unnatural it was; (b) you'll realize how incomplete it was; and (c) you'll realize that the real joy – you and Spirit now – being that wisdom, living it. Your consciousness, your Spirit wants to go into experience now.