matter / particle / physical form


< Embodiment 7 > To take something, to take raw energy and convert it into matter is a very complicated, very complex equation. It is a massive series, massive series of pluses and minuses. The pluses and minuses tend to align themselves in a type of spiral. The spiral generally would have 12 elements to it. In the center of the 12 spiraling elements is a neutral element, or what you can say the connection back to "the field." If this sounds like the DNA model, it is. But, we don't call it DNA. We call it "energy structuring." Off of any of these 12-stranded energy structures, it spins other structures in every direction, every dimensional direction.

< Clarity 1 > Let's talk about clarity. You see, nothing is what it appears to be. The chair you are sitting in is not a chair at all. You've only accepted the belief system and the illusion that it is a chair. You accept the chair that you are sitting on as an icon, as an energy bundle that allows you to put your body, which is also an illusion; it (the body) is an energy bundle. And, then you can put your bundle on the chair (another bundle). It is all an illusion. Now, some of you have tried to power your way through the illusion. I've had a few laughs at watching some of you spend countless hours trying to overcome matter… you see. But, what were you doing? You were using force on matter. You were actually intensifying the illusion… you see.

< Clarity 1 > Before things are even brought into reality, before they are formed into matter, they exist on the invisible side. We don't want to say the other side of the veil; that wouldn't be accurate. But, they exist in a neutral state, sometimes directly in your third-dimensional reality base, sometimes outside of it. But, they exist in a potential. And, then they are all brought in, and brought to manifest. So, going back to the example of the chocolate, it is the ingredients. But, then let's go deeper. Yes, indeed, it is the atoms - we hear some of you saying - it is the molecules. It is all of these things that make it up. But, beyond that there is a whole other subset of structure. Similar, in a sense, to what the atomic structure will be to the physical universe, there is an energy structure of potentials.

< Clarity 1 > We are asking you to return to core root energy. You aren't going to get there logically. You're only going to get there by allowing yourself, by understanding the building blocks of energy. It starts as potential. Everything… everything starts as potential. Then, the potentials, like bubbles, flow into your reality because you are calling on them. One way or the other, you're calling on the potential. As these bubbles of potential cross over that thin line that separates the material from the nonmaterial world, it starts transmuting, changing its energy. It turns from potential into energy. From energy it can turn into matter. It can turn into something material. It can also turn into simple etheric energy that you can use in your own life.

< Clarity 8 > It is not like we are sleeping. We definitely don't go to - how to say - other facilitators. We know how to find the space within us, the space of what we call the One Breath, the space of our own crystalline realms, to rejuvenate our energies. The Earth is very draining - very, very draining on any energy. It is not just the magnetic pull of Earth, it is not just being in matter. But the way that Earth and humans and those who are in the near realms feed off of each other. It becomes very draining.

< Clarity 8 > Being in matter can be very draining. It is an unnatural state of being for an angel to be in a physical form. That can be draining. So we find that we work together as a team on this side. A whole group of us - the Crimson Council - continually working with you, continually coming in, expanding our energies in your space, but then we also have to withdraw at times.

< MNEC2006-T > Ault, the original name of Atlantis. Ault was the second era of humanity. As most of you know, Lemuria was the first era. Lemuria was the time that the angelic beings began coming into matter, descending their angelic energy, taking on physical form, integrating with what you would now call the third dimension or the physical reality. That was the first era of humanity, and then along came Ault, Atlantis.

< Teacher 6 > It is a physics, what you would call a spiritual or a omniversal physics that is taking place. It is not necessarily a belief system. It just is. It is the way that you have worked to construct the universe and bring it into physical form. The potentials that occur in this bubble here - the collision. We froze-frame right when the two energies smacked into each other. The potentials are nearly unlimited, and there's the potential to bring in what we call New Energy. So instead of just the sum total of dark and light coming together, we now have something far, far grander.

< (Next) 1 > Right now there's a need to understand how energy and particles move in and out of supposed reality. They're always real; it's just that you can't always see them. But right now it would help complete a lot of very big scientific and cosmological questions. Particle physics. You see, a particle can move in and out of reality. It can actually travel great, what you would call, distances in moments, in an instant. Even the discussion came up recently, is there a beyond speed of light? Yes there is, by the way.

< (Next) 1 > It's there. Just hasn't been recognized. It's almost like some of these new advanced answers have been just sitting in limbo waiting for somebody to acknowledge that it's really amazing, really brilliant the way energy moves and flows and the way then particle move in and out of different dimensions, different states of realities or different pods of potentials.

< e2012 2 > It shows that when they collide matter - you know what matter is, because it matters - and antimatter, which you don't know what it is. It's invisible. Nobody really has a good grasp on it yet. A lot of theories about it, but you know it's the antithesis, because in duality consciousness, everything that appears here has to appear over here. Everything that has a high has a low. Everything that is light has a dark to it. Every goodie-two-shoe aspect of yours has a bad-ass aspect to it. It does. That's the way duality consciousness works.

< e2012 2 > So here we have the scientists zapping little particles from their laboratory in Switzerland over to a laboratory in Italy, smashing the particles together. What do you think happens? (someone says "Faster than the speed of light") Faster than the speed of light!! I thought that nothing was faster than the speed of light. Oh, Einstein, there is! There are many, many things faster than the speed of light, including your consciousness - starting at your consciousness - going into even your thoughts, going into feelings. Those are all faster than the speed of light.

< e2012 2 > In these experiments also, you had antimatter and matter forced into each other. What was the net result? It says right in the article. Pure energy! Pure energy. Pure energy. Haven't we said for a long time that when things are released from its stuck state or its state of expression - you're a state of expression - when thoughts are released from its state of belief, when aspects are released from their state of torture, their state of wound, it is very similar to the same experiment, in a way. So here you have these matter and antimatter smashing into each other. It goes back to pure energy. What happens when you release something from its state of expression, its state of being? It goes back to pure energy.