<New Earth 4> There will be adjustments - large adjustments - in your magnetic grids of earth that take place, causing some physical discomfort and definitely emotional imbalance. You will be able to literally see this occurring if you plot your magnetic (field) intensities of earth, and the magnetic (pole) movements of earth. From this, you will be able to see the changes that occur after the date of December13, 1999. Again, it is the energetic halfway point between the major measurement that was taken in 1987 and the conclusion of this time period in your year 2012.

< New Earth 9 > To heal yourself, simply allow the body to heal. This will be a most challenging point for you, for you feel you must have a certain mindset, that you must keep a certain direction of your mind, that you must think positive affirming thoughts. That was the old energy. In the new energy, in the new world, my friends, it is simply allowing. Imagine, if you would, every cell in your body shaped like a triangle, an equilateral triangle, and in the cells many are pointing in various directions. There does not seem to be symmetry. In the new energy when you are allowing, all of the cells line up and point in the appropriate manner. There are magnetics involved here that cause the alignment to happen. It is up to you, the new energy, the new Divine Human, to allow this process.

< Creator 3 > In addition to the two known primary strands of DNA there are at least ten secondary strands. Around each primary strand, there are two secondary strands that embrace it. And then around these bundles of strands there are other magnetic DNA strands that embrace and encompass it.

< Creator 5QA > There are recent changes that have been occurring at your deepest inner levels, levels deeper than even your DNA, levels that go into your magnetic structure and your vibrational structure. It is now becoming much more efficient and much easier and much more clear for you to start translating these inner communications. This will take practice. This will take work on your part, but once you begin to grasp and understand how this is done, this will be a very large step in your own empowerment and in your own ability to become a creator.

< Ascension 8QA > Indeed as the grids are being changed, this reduces the strong grip of the veil. As the grid work is being completed, it also provides the potential to release duality all around you. Duality, in a sense, is held in place by the magnetics of Earth, so you will find polar shifts occurring more erratically than they have in the past. The magnetic poles of Earth have always shifted, and there are patterns within these shifts. At times they are rapid, and at other times, they are very slow. If you would ever plot these changes in the intensity of magnetic shifts, you will see that they correspond to consciousness changes on Earth. You could almost map these compared to world events.

So, now you will see more erratic changes in the polarity of Earth. Is that not appropriate, as you release duality (polarity), that the Earth poles would also, in a sense, lose their grip? Cauldre asks us to interject that you can literally chart this through your scientific services that are available - through your Internet.

The magnetic poles of Earth will shift quite erratically and dramatically, and then they will almost come to a standstill. And, all of this will greatly confuse your scientists because they will not understand. But you will. You will, because you will know it's indicative of the changes that you and humanity are going through.

At the same time the intensity of Earth's magnetics will also fluctuate. It will change back and forth. There will be periods where the magnetics will get stronger, and then much weaker. And, again this will confuse your scientists, because it will not follow the patterns of the past. What you are going through is not normal. It has not happened in the past. And, indeed the vibrational resonance of Earth will continue to change. It will continue to increase. It has increased dramatically in these past few years of time.

In a sense, it is a very crude indicator of your own vibrational changes, your heightening vibration. So, you will see this… what is called your Schumann resonance… increase, but it will not be in a predictable pattern. This is similar to what we spoke of at the beginning of our session today. You will see changes all around you. You will see extremes of polarity taking place in human consciousness. Then you can see how this change in consciousness then affects the magnetics and the vibrations of Earth. All of this is a delightful and wonderful way of saying that you are on course, that you are on the path. It is time for the energy of duality to transform into this New Energy of "four" that we have spoken of.

That is why we come to you on this day with, not a lesson, but an acknowledgment, saying that you are coming to new understandings of love, a love like you have never known before, and a love like Spirit has never known before. And, it is coming from within you.

< Ascension sp > You are coming into a consciousness where you are able to hold in your divinity. You are coming to a time where the grids have been changed and altered in response to your growth. It is a time when the work of Kryon in changing the magnetic balances is coming to an end.

< DivineHuman 6QA > There is a type of gridwork for the New Earth. It is not magnetic. It is not crystalline. It is very difficult to describe.

It is not light, either. There is a crystalline structure on the New Earth. It is different than what you have on the Old Earth. On the Old Earth you needed very intense and strong magnetics to both keep you in and to keep others out. You also needed the crystalline grids and the crystalline energies in Gaia to support life form. On the New Earth it is a New Energy that is the making of this grid.

< DivineHuman 7QA > They are using a type of water-based substance to try to collect this energy in space. They know it is very potent. While they are on their space missions, outside of the strong magnetics of Earth, they can utilize this energy. But, past efforts to try to bring it back to Earth have failed. Now, as you know, the grids changed. Things became different just a month ago. They went into space, quite recently, knowing this. Dear friends, they understand that the grids have changed.

< NewEnergy 11 > The magnetics of Earth are changing. The magnetics are diminishing. There is not nearly as much magnetic hold on Earth as there was 10 years ago or 20 years ago. It has continued to change very rapidly. But, it won't just reduce itself. There will be days where it will intensify itself. It will go back and forth, creating a very unusual pattern, if you were going to chart this out.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, between the electromagnetics changing, the intensity of the magnetics changing, even the gravitational pull of Earth, and the Schuman resonance… all of these things are affecting the body and the mind. All of these things help hold a focus on this 3-D reality… you see. And, now they are changing.

Many people cannot handle this in their body or mind. They do not understand what is going on. You, Shaumbra, have a different understanding. You have gone through the difficult changes. You are no longer tied into the mass consciousness. You can still feel the changes in your body and in your mind at times. But, you are not dependent on it anymore. That is why we asked you quite some time ago, "Are you ready to leave mass consciousness?"… so that we could take you out of those energies… so that you are not so dependent on the electromagnetics of Earth for balance and adjustment… so you didn't have to depend on the cycles of Earth to hold your balance. You allowed yourself to leave a while back.

< Clarity 8 > It is not like we are sleeping. We definitely don't go to - how to say - other facilitators. We know how to find the space within us, the space of what we call the One Breath, the space of our own crystalline realms, to rejuvenate our energies. The Earth is very draining - very, very draining on any energy. It is not just the magnetic pull of Earth, it is not just being in matter. But the way that Earth and humans and those who are in the near realms feed off of each other. It becomes very draining.

< Clarity 9 > As you know from your human physics and earth physics that you know it appears solid. It is not. It is spinning... atoms and micro-atoms and sub-atoms that are all spinning. A magnetics... we're going to deepen every physical object that's below this - subatomic particles are a very interesting or different type of magnetics than you would generally think of - but it is magnetics... and they are all spinning and moving. And there is great distance between them, as you know, between the physical parts. But they create a network, interconnected to each other, to then manifest as a chair.

< Teacher 10QA > The magnetics are linked to the changing of consciousness and you'll find that the magnetic poles of Earth are shifting in a somewhat unpredictable pattern. They have been for a while, and if you would chart the actual changes of the magnetic poles for the past several hundred years and then you overlay what you would call your significant newsworthy events, you're going to find direct correlation between an event that happens ... for instance September 11th, or for much of the world for when Kennedy was assassinated or the World War II ... you're going to notice a correlation in the movement of the magnetic field change. It doesn't occur on the day of the event, but it occurs in response to the event.

< QLCeleb 4 > Take a deep breath, oh and open that imagination of yours that has been trapped like my crystal prison, and through the imagination feel the sparkles of New Energy consciousness that are flowing, flowing all around the world right now, that are literally going to change, over a period of times, things like the magnetics of Earth. The gravitational force of Earth adjusting itself to the new consciousness. Can you imagine having this thing called gravity to keep things in place but not having it be such a detriment to your physical body? That is coming. Gravity itself is going to change. It doesn't mean that all of a sudden objects are going to start floating off, it means a new way to integrate yourself with this thing called gravity and electromagnetics of Earth.

< QuantumLeap 3 > The environment right now is changing rapidly. The poles are, as you say, warming up. But more than that, the magnetic polarity of Earth is going to change, reverse itself, in your lifetime. Now, you're not going to fall off the Earth. (laughter) It's not going to have catastrophic implications, but it will have major implications on the relationship between you and the Earth. The poles are reversing. More and more you're going to read about the environment. Sometimes it's enough, as Sam sees in the news, to get very depressing. "What are people doing to Earth? And what is Earth doing to people?" Well, they are developing a new relationship with each other.

< QuantumLeap 8 > The Earth as you know it right now - the physical Earth as well as the electromagnetics, the magnetics, the portals of Earth and all of the other associated structures that help create Earth - can hold approximately 10 billion people under the current systems that the Earth has. You're at 6.5 billion now. This number of 10 billion will be reached in approximately 2033, based on current growth rates and potentials. So that leaves, dear Shaumbra - you can do the math on it - that leaves approximately 25 years. Twenty five years is something that nearly all of you are going to see in your lifetime.

< (Next) 5 > By the way, as mass consciousness shifts, so do the poles of Earth. The magnetic poles of Earth shift as well. The axis of Earth shifts. There's a direct correlation between those. So just a little shift in consciousness creates just a little shift in the magnetics and the axis of the Earth.

< (Next) 6 > The ahmyo moment is when you just trust in love in yourself. It's the epitome of grace. It's when you let that doubt go. It's when you love yourself. In that ahmyo moment you realize that everything is already there, it just needs to be called forth. Every part of your DNA … oh, so much of the DNA has been hidden or elusive, waiting to come out at the right time, waiting to open up, and that's what so many of you are going through right now - change in your DNA, change in your biology, change in your magnetics.

< (Next) 6 > When these New Energies come in, essentially re-forming themselves to ride on light waves, it tends to create a shock for a lot of these beings (animals), because it changes the magnetic properties that are in the air and that are in the Earth, the magnetic properties that keep a balance of things happening on Earth, keep things held together. So when one of these energy beams or energy waves come in, it literally instantly throws off the magnetic forces - which particularly birds and fish are very sensitive to, it's how they do a lot of their guidance, and a lot of their memory, you could say, is on these waves of magnetics - throws them off, creates such an overwhelming trauma it kills them. And you're going to see more of it.

< (Next) 6 > Is it (New Energy beam and magnetic shift) going to strike you? Is it going to throw you off? Probably not, because actually the human magnetic system, and how the DNA relates to magnetics, is actually not as sensitive as an animal's. However, that being said, your DNA is much more complex than what any scientist, what any researcher even knows about. Your DNA is very complex. It's blossoming right now like a flower, opening up to reveal parts of itself, parts of your encoding that have always been there but have been closed down.

< e2012 4 > Now, we talked this year about re-ordering. Re-ordering means that you are changing the way you are focused or centered into external things around you – gravity, polarity, duality, electromagnetics, regular magnetics, light and energy being the primary ones. You are connected into all of these things – you've made the choice to get connected into them – because those connections, with those primary elements, allow you to have an experience in the physical reality. They've kept you in this kind of a hologram. They've kept you focused, but they've also kept you limited – part of the life design.

< freedom 8 > Energy comes from, number one, the Earth, this planet. It's probably your most immediate connection with energy. It's always flowing up from Earth, and the atmosphere. It's always here. You use it every day for everything that you do. Earth-based energies. Now, it's an important level, because it keeps a grounding force. If it wasn't for Earth energy and its associated magnetics and electromagnetics and other earthly type of characteristics, if it wasn't for that, this all wouldn't be held into place. It would be difficult to stay in the human body. But it's at a very elemental level.