animals and plants / life forms on earth


< DivineHuman 5QA > The consciousnesses are very multi-level. For instance, an individual bird such as a blue jay may have a consciousness of his own. And, then there is the consciousness of all blue jays, the "blue jay" consciousness. Then there is another level - the consciousness of birds. Then there is another level beyond that - the consciousness of animals. Then it incorporates the consciousness of all of Earth. So, it is very multi-layered and multi-level.

< DivineHuman 6QA > When all of you came to Earth - before you had physical body - you seeded the Earth. Yes, you read about this all the time, about the Star Seed. But, understand it was you coming here in preparation of yourself in human biological form. You seeded the Earth and seeded Gaia with energies that sprouted as plant form, as animal form, as life form all over.

You said that you would need these energies of the animals to keep a balance for Gaia, and to provide you with nutrients for your body from the plant source and the animal source. And you also knew that the animals could be there in service to you, in a sense, a reflection of your own energies, of your own love. Animals have held such an important balance for both Gaia and for yourself.

Your domestic pets take on so much of your consciousness and your energy. They are separate. They have a separate spirit. But they absorb so much of your energies and your consciousness, so they reflect back to you. Take a look at your relationship with your pets, and you will see your relationship with yourself. The animal spirit and elemental spirit that have been holding in an energy of Earth for you no longer need to hold that energy. So, they are choosing to leave. Their job is done.

And many of the species of the animal kingdom are going through their own changes in response to your own changing consciousness. For instance, the deer population is thinning as they change their biology. They are going through a natural purging process. It is not because humans are bad. It is not because you are being punished. It is not because you have such terrible ways.

Look at the deer population with compassion. They are going through their own purging of Old Energies. They will come through with stronger bodies more capable of handling the new environment and new energy around them. They are transforming their own species, so honor them for this. It is difficult to watch, at times, because you love the animals. But, much like even the plant forms, the trees, they go through their own natural thinning so they can adapt to the New Energies.

< DivineHuman 6QA > Here is how it works. When you, all of you, first came to Earth before having physical body, you seeded Earth with your energies. You seeded this rock of earth with new life. You placed very special energies all around the Earth that now form a crystalline lattice, a crystalline gridwork. These crystalline grids then helped to bring life as you know it on Earth - the plants, and the waters, the animals, all of these things. The crystalline grids help to bring that to Earth. The crystalline grids are the giver of life to Gaia. Now that your consciousness has changed, now that you are putting two feet into the New Energy, this changes the crystalline grids and adjusts them. It also releases a whole new energy. In a sense, you could say that you buried this energy in the Earth long before you came here. You buried it and said, "It will not be available until my consciousness, my vibration, is at a certain level. And, then it will come forth from the Earth."

< DivineHuman 6QA > There is a type of gridwork for the New Earth. It is not magnetic. It is not crystalline. It is very difficult to describe.

It is not light, either. There is a crystalline structure on the New Earth. It is different than what you have on the Old Earth. On the Old Earth you needed very intense and strong magnetics to both keep you in and to keep others out. You also needed the crystalline grids and the crystalline energies in Gaia to support life form. On the New Earth it is a New Energy that is the making of this grid.

< DivineHuman 9QA > For so long on Earth there have been energy placeholders and balancers. All of you had spirit guides at one point. They were energy placeholders. They left when it became appropriate for you to own your divinity. There are many elementals and animals in the world that held energy for so very long. They were balancers and placeholders. Many of them have chosen to leave now or to change their job.

< DivineHuman 9QA > There have been many placeholders of many different types - human placeholders, those from the animal kingdom, even those from the angelic realms. We want you to look at your pet - you who ask the question - to feel your pet, and to understand that this dear loved one has been a balancer and a placeholder for you.

< DivineHuman 11 > Gaia created many kingdoms on Earth to support a balance of energy. She created the plant kingdom - the trees, the plants, the flowers. And through the plant kingdom she expresses her joy for your presence on Earth. She expresses her love and her feeling of beauty for you. She loves to have you play in her garden. Within the plant kingdom is a very special energy. It provides nourishment and shelter and heat. Gaia and the plant kingdom are continually renewing and recycling to help sustain you here on Earth in your physical body.

< DivineHuman 11 > Gaia helped to create the dear animal kingdom, the ones who provide you with nourishment and warmth. Some of you have feel that it was not appropriate to eat the flesh of an animal. We honor you for your choice, but for those who do partake in this, understand that these animals give of themselves to help you maintain your body here on Earth. The energies of the animal kingdom are changing now. They no longer have to support you in the way that they did before. In a sense, they are leaving. Oh, you will still see chipmunks… deer… a grizzly bear here or there… plenty of cows… all sorts of other animals. But, the vibration is changing.

< DivineHuman 11 > You may not be attracted so much to the flesh and the meat as you were in the past. It is not a religious thing. It is not a rule. We do not want anyone to claim that Tobias is making a new rule about meat. We are saying your vibration is changing, and so is the vibration of the animal kingdom. So, you may not find yourself inclined to eat this type of thing. Listen to your body. It will tell you.

< DivineHuman 11 > Gaia will not leave in a giant windstorm like that. But, she is shifting her energies now. She is changing; therefore, you will find the plant, and animal, and aquatic kingdoms changing. We know that you get angry at times. You wonder why certain things are being done upon the Earth. But try to look at it from behind the short wall. Sometimes what you think is a careless act of human clumsiness that potentially harms the environment… it is part of the change. They are just unconsciously participating in a process of releasing. You know, dear friends, Gaia is so immensely powerful. She can heal herself - thank you. You do not need to save her. You only need to save yourself. She can heal quite well.

< DivineHuman 11QA > The basic energy of a dog is to be in service to you. A dog connects deeply with Gaia. They love to roll in Gaia. (audience laughter) But, a dog is here really to be in service to you. It is a reflection of you. It comes here in service as your pet. However, when its biology is unfulfilled, when it is hungry, it will override its obligation and its commitment to service in order to feed itself. At the inner level it knows it must sustain itself before it can ever serve you.

< DivineHuman 11QA > Your hunger was the spiritual hunger, the soul hunger… wanting completion of your journey… wanting to release from Old commitments and Old karmas… wanting to accept all of the divinity that is within you, and the divinity that has been held by the others - by Gaia, by the Anazasi, by the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom, and the dolphin kingdom.

< DivineHuman 12 > Gaia… and even the Anasazi… and even the animals… and the devas of the Earth… they have been departing. They have been leaving and withdrawing their Old energy and their Old relationship to you. As they depart, you accept the responsibility. Aah, this is a key point - then, they can come back. They can come back more full and in the New Energy in a whole new way. The Old Energy, you see, was a bit off-balance. It required placeholders of energy to fill in where you were not complete. As you release all of the Old, and you begin to accept the God that is within you, then all of these things can come back in a dynamic New Energy way. You lose nothing. You gain everything in the New Energy.

< NewEnergy 7 > We went into great details about this in our wonderful School II - coming to Earth… projecting your energies into matter for first the time… placing your energies into life forms on Earth… into the molecules and even the atoms… to feel what it was like to place etheric energy… to place angelic energy into matter. From there you placed your energy into various types of animal forms - into the dolphins and into the whales. You rode with them, so to speak. It was not your body. You simply placed your energy in them. You can do that now today… when you place your energy in a bird… or a dolphin… or one of your pets at home. You can feel what it is like to place your living energy into another being.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, we bring this up to help you to understand all of the things that are going on in the world around you. They are not sure - other people and animals, and even trees - are not sure how to find their balance anymore because it is changing. If you take a group of birds, for instance, they are tied into "bird" energy, the "bird" mind. Indeed, and this "bird" mind is not the mind that is inside the physical body. It is not the brain, for the bird brain is quite small actually, as you know. That was Kathume's joke, not mine. And, it was a good one for his first time.

The brain inside a bird, for instance, is quite small. They do not need to process large amounts of information in the brain. It is meant as a very small storage device for data that is used on an ongoing basis while they are on Earth. What they do is they tie into an electromagnetic energy, a frequency, that would be called "bird" frequency.

You wonder why they can fly - many hundreds at a time - fly together in a formation. It is not that they have little cell phones and talk to each other (more laughter). They are connecting on the electromagnetic "bird" frequency. And, they all tune into this. And, when the bird frequency says, "Shift a wing this way or shift that way," they all shift. They are simply responding to "bird" frequency. They do not need a massive brain to store information because they are getting it on the outside.

It is the same with most wild animal forms. They tie into the frequency of their species. It is that way also with the plant life. They tie into frequencies of their species. Trees talk to each other, communicate through the electromagnetics. Your body does this also. The cells and the molecules talk to themselves on certain frequencies, electromagnetic frequencies that allow communication. It does not require a brain.

< Embodiment 11 > Every Creator being, every souled-being has the ability to re-create, to continue perpetuating the creations, to create over and over again. This Creator ability is not inherent in inanimate objects, in things like trees and most animals. Most of your pets even are not Creator abilities. They do not radiate an energy like you do. You are a Creator being. Your radiance is the extension of your creation. But, yet you have been living in this very controlled vessel that you sculpted. And, you are not radiating any longer, not to the degree that you could be. There is no continuation of your energy. In other words, you have everything so tied up in your story, tied up in the overlays, the belief systems, and the hypnosis that your true Creator energy is not free.

< Embodiment 11 > You notice, for instance, that your radiance, your divinity, shines upon everything. That is why even your car, the automobile you drive, takes on your energy because you are literally coloring it with your divinity. You give it a name, your car, sometimes. It takes on you and your attributes. It is filled with your energy. Your animals and pets are filled with your energy. You are radiating to them. The ones who you are close to in your life… you are constantly radiating, shining, glowing. And, after a while some of these things, whether it is people or objects, take on so much of your energy attributes that they even begin looking like you, sounding like you. They take on some of your identity. You see, the Creator being has that capability to do that. The chairs that you sit in… they take on your life force essence.

< Embodiment 11QA > You don't have to be cruel to these animals. The animals will actually, literally walk into your laboratory, giving of themselves. We said before - energy comes back to serve you. And, it does if you honor it and love it. Animals give of themselves in honor and love to be part of this tremendous discovery and new understanding. Honor the love and thank them for partaking in this experiment.

We have to say that the type of pain that a human would feel is not at all like the pain an animal would feel. The consciousness is not around it. Perhaps, the physical body of the animal responds, but there is not the consciousness that responds. So, we do not think this type of work is evil or cruel or abusive to the animal as long as it is honored.

It would go so far in this Earth at this time, the human society that eats meat and that eats animals, if those who are at the slaughterhouses and at the locations where the animals were killed to honor them before they were killed for their food. They would love this. It would make the food so much more energetic, and it would change the entire energetic construction of energy on Earth right now. But, simply honor the animals that you work with. Love them, call them by name, and then kill them (some laughter)… in honor. That is what they are there for.

< Clarity 5QA > Animals - what you call animals, these wonderful beings who take on physical body - were here as a type of energetic placeholders for Gaia. As the consciousness of Earth changes, and particularly as the New Energy comes in, they understand in their breed sense or tribal sense, you could say, that they can let go of this role that they have been playing. They do not need to be here any longer holding an energy for humanity or even for Gaia. So, you will see many of the various breeds go out. They will be replaced, however, by a more evolved type of energetic animal being that comes to Earth, something that has a closer conscious relationship to Gaia.

See, right now so many of the animals… their energy is based in the response to the human needs and response to duality. You see the animal kingdom doing much like the human kingdom does. They take male and female roles. They fight for their food. They are very protectional with themselves or with their family. They are, in a sense, mirroring much that has to do with the human itself.

So, as the human changes, the animal will change also. And, don't view this with a heavy heart. View it as, in a sense, a release or a freedom that they have. They also want to evolve. Their species wants to evolve.

The polar bears that you talk about will evolve into a different type of species. Birds that are leaving the planet are evolving into a difference type of species with a different resonance. You could say that the bald eagle was almost extinct at one point. And, what happened is that it changed its energy dynamics and its consciousness so the new breed of eagles that are coming in are quite different energetically. They may still have very similar biological aspects, but there is something different about them that even those who tend to the wildlife will tell you that they are quite different.

It is the same with humans. The new ones, the new babies coming in, are quite different than the humans a generation or two generations ago. So, it is a natural evolution. Honor it… honor it indeed.

< Clarity 7QA > These loving beings, they also absorb the energy of their owners or of consciousness and then reflect that. So a pit bull is simply, again, a reflection of portions of humanity, the portions that can be very loyal and affectionate but can turn in a flash and take off arms and legs.

There are ways to help release old mass consciousness energy out of animals. Sometimes they get very stuck in their owner's energies and it is not always necessarily fair to them. They absorb the owner's energies and get so caught in it, they don't know how to get out. So there are some very simple techniques that will help release a pet out of its owner's energy and disconnect from it.

< Teacher 3 > A consciousness. Well, now where do you find that? It's not in your brain, it's not in your physical body necessarily. Consciousness is all around. Consciousness is very close to you and very, very far away. Consciousness is awareness. Awareness first of self, of identity, and then ultimately of everything. That's what consciousness is. You are consciousness. You're consciousness that has a unique identity. You were granted this thing that we call - or you would call - soul beingness, as Spirit. Not all beings have a soul. Trees, planet Earth, most animals do not have a soul being like you. Soul being also is the key to creatorship, or holds the keys to creatorship. You are a soul being. You are consciousness.

< Teacher 9QA > I have to say the bees are very energetically sensitive creatures, much more so than many of the other animals and insects on Earth. They are very susceptible to electromagnetic patterns, and the bees are shifting their orientation. They're not leaving Earth, they're just shifting where they play right now.

< QLCeleb 4 > The sparkles of New Energy that are going out to the crops, to the trees, to the plants. They have been attended up to now by the devas and the nature elements (soil, water, fire, air, wind) who have been helping to maintain the balance of these energies on Earth. And now the fairies, the devas, the nature elements, they can start releasing from Earth. They can let go of the job they've been doing because now there is something that is called the new consciousness that works directly with Gaia without the intermediaries. And the honeybees fly off at the same time.

< QuantumLeap 8QA > The function provided by the bees, this pollination, is changing. As Gaia is leaving… and dear Gaia has held the energy of the Earth for so long, but it was always known that she would leave so that humans could accept the responsibility of their Earth. They don't need "the Mother" taking care of it anymore. As the consciousness evolves, humanity needs to take responsibility for the planet it lives on.

The bees are leaving - not all at once, they're not going to be gone overnight - but they are leaving. Energetically, plants and flowers are going to change the way that they pollinate, that they do their inner workings, and it's going to be in a large part with the assistance of human consciousness. Plant life on Earth, and the animal life, is actually quite adaptable. It's the humans who aren't always so adaptable! So, indeed the bees can leave and it will be replaced by a whole new type of physics on Earth.

< Returning 1QA > Remember that humans are going through a grand change - countries and the Earth and even the animal kingdom. There are some species that are completely leaving Earth right now. They have been a type of energy holder. They are leaving Earth to make way for new species, new types of, what you would call, the animal forms and the plant forms. So it's not necessarily about the endangered species for something the humans did wrong. There are some that are just choosing to leave. They want to go back to where they came from, and more than anything else, they want to make room for the new.

< Returning 6 > Even when groups - whole groups of humans - leave the Earth at one time, there is a choice behind it at some level. Some of these groups have been so connected to their particular culture or their ancestral and cultural karma that they can no longer stay on Earth the way they were. So at some level they're agreeing for mass exodus. Some of the animal and plant forms on Earth know that they don't need to serve humans and the Earth in the old way, so they will leave. Every time there is an exodus, it is an opportunity and an opening for the next generation and the next cycle and evolution to come in - and that is what's happening on Earth.

< Returning 6QA > Let me say here that every animal on Earth is here in service … is here in service. The angelic/human kingdom is the grandest. Every animal - chicken, every cow, every deer - every animal is here in service one way or the other. They give of themselves to feed Earth, and right now it is a way that protein is supplied on Earth. It will change, indeed, but it's not a religious or a spiritual thing. The body will change how it brings in and utilizes proteins and nutrition and other things. But it doesn't mean that you have to convict yourself to a life of being a vegetarian. There are times, literally, when your body does need that meat. Not every day and not in huge portions, but it does because of the genetic coding that's in it right now.

Simply ask your body. What does it want? If there is days you feel like going lighter or nothing but water. There's other days when it's going to need or want meat of some sort. Indeed, you are correct in saying that sooner or later the enlightened humans move away from meat, because they don't need that heaviness. But it's not about because of the poor animals. Honor the animal, whether it is while it is in growth, while it is in slaughter, or while it is in the plate in front of you. Honor it. That is a transmutation of energy of what you call the cruelty.

Humans are going to become more aware of the raising and the production and the honoring of livestock - and plants, by the way. On your list here, you didn't say anything about those poor heads of lettuce (laughter) and the bean sprouts, because it is not that much different than the animals. It is about the human honoring them. So, we thank you for your question …

They all have consciousness, indeed. And I do not say that jokingly. Honor the food that you put into you and you'll find your own biology changes what it needs. There'll come a point, absolutely, question being asked - "Will I be able to drink just water and breathe air?" Absolutely, but don't force it. It will happen naturally.

< Master 7 > Birds, cats, dogs, other animals are not souled beings - with a very few exceptions.

< (Next) 6 > Well, there are species that have been on the Earth for eons of time that have been part of the energy of Gaia and that have been serving a purpose, keeping an energy balance. Their time is up, they're not choosing to be here, and more importantly, they're making room for new species.

< (Next) 6 > When these New Energies come in, essentially re-forming themselves to ride on light waves, it tends to create a shock for a lot of these beings (animals), because it changes the magnetic properties that are in the air and that are in the Earth, the magnetic properties that keep a balance of things happening on Earth, keep things held together. So when one of these energy beams or energy waves come in, it literally instantly throws off the magnetic forces - which particularly birds and fish are very sensitive to, it's how they do a lot of their guidance, and a lot of their memory, you could say, is on these waves of magnetics - throws them off, creates such an overwhelming trauma it kills them. And you're going to see more of it.

< (Next) 12 > No. You, human beings, have consciousness. Everything else is a response to consciousness. Everything. Everything. Other people, yes, but put them aside for a moment. Everything else, including the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, these things are all the response to your consciousness. You created them. Your consciousness is like a multidimensional magnet. It's attracting and repelling. It's solidifying, it's deconstructing. All the time this is going on. So, dear friends, consciousness is constantly bringing things in, putting things out.

< Emergence 2 > Now we've got the human, filled with a lifetime of experiences and not knowing what to do with it. And typical of the human, it says, “What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to figure this all out? What does this mean? Maybe I did something wrong?” What does the human do then? It goes right back into another experience. I guess it's an obsession with the human or maybe just its role – to be one that experiences. What happens so often though, what actually created this phenomena called reincarnation, is the human keeps saying, “I have to go back and back and back into experiences to learn a lesson, to maybe come to some enlightened spiritual concept. I have to keep going back.”

< Emergence 2 > Reincarnation is an unnatural reality. The consciousness, the motivation of humans actually created it. In the original creation of this planet, there was no formula for reincarnation. Back then, even the animal kingdoms and the plant kingdoms, they didn't reincarnate. But once humans started doing it, everything started doing it. It's gotten into this crazy cycle, “Keep going back.” It's kind of a consciousness that, “In order to understand my experiences, I have to have more experience.” That's kind of a never-ending road, you know. “To try to figure out all this, I just need to dive into more experience, hoping that perhaps a new experience might provide the clues, the keys, the answers,” and it doesn't. It's just another frickin' experience.