indigenous people; natives;

< DivineHuman 11 > Oh, they were waiting, the Anasazi. They had been holding such an energy (energy holder), waiting for Shaumbra to come, waiting for Shaumbra to step up. They had been holding it for thousands of years. They were waiting for the gathering last week, and they rejoiced. They rejoiced. They rejoiced, and sang, and danced. They were thankful for the time that they had here. But, they knew it was time to handoff to Shaumbra. It was time for you to take on the energies of reflection (mirror, opposit, balance) that they held for so long.

< DivineHuman 11QA > Your hunger was the spiritual hunger, the soul hunger… wanting completion of your journey… wanting to release from Old commitments and Old karmas… wanting to accept all of the divinity that is within you, and the divinity that has been held by the others - by Gaia, by the Anazasi, by the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom, and the dolphin kingdom.

< DivineHuman 12 > Gaia… and even the Anasazi… and even the animals… and the devas of the Earth… they have been departing. They have been leaving and withdrawing their Old energy and their Old relationship to you. As they depart, you accept the responsibility. Aah, this is a key point - then, they can come back. They can come back more full and in the New Energy in a whole new way. The Old Energy, you see, was a bit off-balance. It required placeholders of energy to fill in where you were not complete. As you release all of the Old, and you begin to accept the God that is within you, then all of these things can come back in a dynamic New Energy way. You lose nothing. You gain everything in the New Energy.

< Clarity 8QA > Indeed there are many delightful aspects to this question, and what you are asking here is if indeed you can do what Saint-Germain has done: Choose the timing of your own physical death; walk out of your body; leave the body remains for Earth; walk out of your body and find your way to the Bridge of Flowers.

Indeed that is possible, however it is always nice to have somebody take a walk with you, not to tell you how to get there but simply to help you go on this journey. However, if you choose to do it yourself, especially after going through the DreamWalker School, you're going to remember the path of the Anasazi. You're going to remember the ease of getting to the Bridge of Flowers. You're going to remember how easy it is, once you leave behind your physical body, to not get caught up in all of the drama and the connections from Earth, and to make your way very quickly to the Bridge of Flowers where you'll be met by your angel friends and family.

< (Next) 12 > They talked to the indigenous, the First Nations people, the, what you call, the Indians, about creating this new Atlantis here. The indigenous ones totally understood. It is part of their lineage and part of their history that they passed down from generations to generations, "Someday this great land would house people from all over the world, people of high consciousness, people of understanding of what's going into the new era of humanity." And the original dealings with the indigenous ones were favorable and fair, equitable and truthful. Unfortunately, later on it turned out that some of the indigenous didn't really want to give it up, as they had agreed to.

< (Next) 12 > The Anasazi's - let's talk about them - they understood that at some point this land would house people from all around the world looking to set up the land of liberty. They left, all at once - poof! Oh, you could say, well, it was a disease - it doesn't matter. You could say it was a mothership - probably not. No matter what you say, no matter what history says, it doesn't really matter. But they understood, and many of them incarnated back into what you would call the early settlers in this land.