water (sea,ocean,lake) / aquatic kingdom


< Creator 8 > He (Jack) came to the great ocean. He was posed with a question at that point - whether to continue on, or to go back to the kingdom. But as you know, Jack could not resist the temptation to journey onward. He set sail upon the waters, on this new type of energy that he had never been experienced, this energy that we metaphorically call the water.

< Creator 9 > When you first started coming to this place of Earth in your light body, you found it particularly comfortable and appropriate to place yourself in the states of water, for they were not as harsh to your being as the land. You spent much time placing your energy into the aqueous forms that were developing on your planet. Dear friends, among your favorite life-forms were the whales and the porpoises and the dolphins. You spent much time experiencing these new life-forms, for you loved this energy. You loved the playfulness. You loved your ability to express a spiritual wisdom within this physical body. Even to this day you have an affinity for these beings.

< Creator 9 > Make no mistake about it, it was you and the other angels who came here that seeded this planet with energy, that now has transformed a rock in space into a living organism, into Gaia, into life that has sprouted. You came here in light body and set the energy templates for Earth and transformed it into a dynamic living and growing force. Gaia is you, for you came here and seeded this place. The oceans and the lakes are you, for you swam in them before you ever came here in physical body. The trees, the flowers, and the plants that feed you … are you.

< Ascension 1QA > Now again we could discuss this at great length, but the greatest advances in your cancer treatments will be found in the natural substances. The ones who are working with this today have not yet found the appropriate ways to release the energies that are in these substances. Specifically, yes, the ones that come from the seas and the oceans will carry the most potential, but is not limited to just that. There is a belief or a feeling that if you simply ingest the substance that it will have the appropriate effect on the diseased tissue within the body. But there is yet another step, a processing step that these extracts must go through before their true healing and balancing capabilities can be released into the body. There is still a doorway that is closed between the potentials that exist within these and the assimilation of these into the body. Much, much of this is going to waste now, for it passes right through.

< DivineHuman 11 > There is one more kingdom, the aquatic kingdom, as we talked about recently in the place of the water and the rocks, what you call Pahrump (Nevada). You came there and placed your energy with Gaia in the water. Gaia supported you when you first came there, and you were not in the harsh type of biology that you are in now. You to allowed your angel energies to swim in the oceans, then to meld with the dolphins and the whales. This is talked about in the Bible in the first pages (1-21). You will see yourself in these passages. Spirit - you - created the whales that swam in the oceans. They got used to being in this type of reality. The aquatic kingdom is changing also.

< DivineHuman 11 > Gaia will not leave in a giant windstorm like that. But, she is shifting her energies now. She is changing; therefore, you will find the plant, and animal, and aquatic kingdoms changing. We know that you get angry at times. You wonder why certain things are being done upon the Earth. But try to look at it from behind the short wall. Sometimes what you think is a careless act of human clumsiness that potentially harms the environment… it is part of the change. They are just unconsciously participating in a process of releasing. You know, dear friends, Gaia is so immensely powerful. She can heal herself - thank you. You do not need to save her. You only need to save yourself. She can heal quite well.

< DivineHuman 11QA > Your hunger was the spiritual hunger, the soul hunger… wanting completion of your journey… wanting to release from Old commitments and Old karmas… wanting to accept all of the divinity that is within you, and the divinity that has been held by the others - by Gaia, by the Anazasi, by the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom, and the dolphin kingdom.

< NewEnergy 6QA > It could be said that the whales, and the dolphins, and so many of the other aquatic animals, carry - how to say - carry a very wonderful energetic attribute. So many of you, who are now in human form, first came to visit this place of Earth by projecting your energies into the whales and the dolphins. This is not to say that you had the soul of a whale or a dolphin. You simply… they were a taxi for you. They were a vehicle for you. You allowed your energies to go into theirs. And, they provided a wonderful, wonderful space within their body and their energetic being so that you could get used to all of the energies of Earth.

They have also carried - how to say - a very strong remembrance of your past, of the path you took to get to Earth. They also have carried a very strong energy for Gaia. They have been placeholders and energy holders for you and for the Earth for a long, long time. You are very connected specifically to these type of living beings.

< Clarity 7QA > The oceans and their ratio of water to land masses was very deliberate. The oceans have a way of handling and cleansing energies and there is simply a certain amount of energetic space that is needed per person on Earth. It would be difficult to go into some of the - how to say - the formulas about this, but imagine that you needed to live in a space that was a thousand square feet and now you are being pushed down into fifty square feet. It just causes the body and the spirit to lose their sense of cooperation and the person wants to leave.