< Creator 8QA > There are specific types of rocks here that can also absorb old energy patterns and even negative energies. When you go into your mountains and are amongst these rocks, they help to pull these old energy vibrations from you. They help to pull negative vibrations away.

< Creator 9 > You first came here when Earth was somewhat of a barren place. You came to seed your very energy on this planet, as well as to get used to duality in a slow vibrational state. You would come here and place your consciousness and your energy into the Earth herself. You would place your energy in rocks, so to speak. You would place your energy and your consciousness in the dirt. As the essence of life began to form on Earth, you placed your vibration into the smallest life forms to experience being birthed into a living organism on this planet. Over ages of time, you placed your energy into the more sophisticated life-forms that were developing on your Earth. All of this took place over a very long period of time. But from the dimension that you operated in, it was not so long at all.

< Creator 9 > Make no mistake about it, it was you and the other angels who came here that seeded this planet with energy, that now has transformed a rock in space into a living organism, into Gaia, into life that has sprouted. You came here in light body and set the energy templates for Earth and transformed it into a dynamic living and growing force. Gaia is you, for you came here and seeded this place. The oceans and the lakes are you, for you swam in them before you ever came here in physical body. The trees, the flowers, and the plants that feed you … are you.

< Creator 11 > As funny as that may seem dear friends, each object, inanimate as it may seem, has a vibration level. It has an identity of its own. We have said to you before in previous channels that rocks will start talking to you! And it is true. They have their own vibration pattern and they can communicate with you. You will experience more and more of this in your life as you truly begin to understand what it is like to be a creator. You will see it manifest in your life.

< NewEnergy 7 > This planet that you are on right now was just a rock. You impregnated it with life force energy. You brought it to life… all of you… all of you, Shaumbra. All of humans created this place… a place so beautiful and so joyful… so filled with the expression of Spirit that you wanted to live inside of it… to come to life… yes.