life / life force

  1. essence of the energy from the source;
    essence of the energy birthed from the unity of King and Queen;
    expression of love of God;  divine spirit/essence;
  2. expression of God placed into matter;
  3. having its own unique identity and ability to evolve/express/expand itself [life force];

< DivineHuman 10 >
The Spiritual Artist that you are created the pathways to lead you to this place. The Spiritual Artist that you are used creativity as your paint and your brush to make all of this happen. Your canvas was a void in the beginning. It was nothing, and you filled it with the cosmos. You filled it with something called life. When you came to Earth and took on that body of yours and took on duality, you forgot about creativity in so many ways.

< DivineHuman 10 > We are talking about an energy, a life force that flows through you and creates in the moment. Dear friends, understand that you are not an intelligence. You are energy. As you began to define yourself through many lifetimes as an intelligence, you lost the creative flow. Intelligence was something that you developed through a series of human incarnations. You developed the thing called the mind. It has served you well, but it is tired now. It wants that creativity to come back into your life.

< DivineHuman 10 > Creativity in the New Energy is as essential as the breath. Creativity and the breath now meld together in your Now, in the moment. Creativity is your birthright. Creativity is the life force, the divine Spirit, flowing through you in the Now. It wants to express itself. You can express yourself when you release all of the preconceived notions of what life should be.

< DivineHuman 10 > It is time to open yourself to the creative flow. You have been afraid of it. You use excuses to say, "I am not creative. I do not know how to draw, or paint, or dance, or any of what have previously been thought of as creative talents or tendencies." No, creativity is different. It is life flow, Spirit flow, in you, being expressed in the moment. It is time to express, Shaumbra. And, that is why Metatron is sitting right next to you, once again encouraging you.

< DivineHuman 10 > Dear friends, allow creativity to flow through you, the expression of life to flow through you. Otherwise, it will cause a type of pain. When creativity in a New Energy human is blocked or inhibited, you will go into some type of pain. It needs expression. It needs flow. You have had creativity, creative energy, ever since you left Home. You have blocked it in these many, many lifetimes.

< DivineHuman 10 > Creativity, life force energy, moving unbounded in you and through you is the essence of the New Energy. Do something, beginning now. If you're not sure what, breathe in, breathe in, and then follow your passion. It is that simple, dear Shaumbra. You have made it complex. You have approached it with the Old Energy mind. Now, approach it with a New Energy spirit and creativity. It wants to come out. You want to come out and play. It is time.

< DivineHuman 10QA > So, why oh why would you have this large, large living room? It is so that guests can come in. It is so that when Spirit expands from the Kingdom through you, it has a place to play in this thing called the cosmos or the universe. What is being learned here on Earth about life force and life forms will then be carried to other planets and other places, places that right now seem uninhabitable by the likes of human forms like you. But, the human form will take on a whole new dynamic as we go into the New Energy. The universe is not so large, but it is indeed not at all what you think it is. The universe is the New Home for the expanding Spirit. And, you are the ones who are creating it.

< DivineHuman 11 > So much transformation can be done with sound. There are Shaumbra listening or reading right now who are working with this as a type of therapy. For those who are having difficulties and out of balance, there are certain frequencies that are conducive to helping bring back balance. This is not a new thought at all. Scientists have discovered long ago that sound has such a dramatic impact on life force energy.

< DivineHuman 11 > Gaia - Mother Earth as some of you call her - is an angel. She is a singular, angelic energy. This angel, Gaia, has been responsible for maintaining the flow of life force energy on Earth. She came here when the earliest of the angels came to visit Earth, to seed Earth with the new energies that would eventually bring life to this rock. Gaia went through so much preparation prior to coming here. She has a seat of honor in the Order of the Arc (the Archangels). Her seat has been vacant for so very long while she has been visiting Earth. She is the energy of the goddess of birth and of life.

< DivineHuman 11 > In the early days of Earth the angels were not grounded at all. Gaia had to work very hard to help pull the energy into the feet, into the Earth. She gives you life force energy from Earth. You receive from below as you receive from above. She has been such a supporter for you in this way. She gives back energy to you, just like she is doing through your toes right now, giving you life force energy, helping to release the Old Energy that no longer serves you, and bringing in a fresh supply, over and over again.

< DivineHuman 11 > She is changing in response to your changing consciousness, slowly withdrawing her energies, slowly going back to the Order of the Arc so you can take those energies within yourself. As you do, you will come to a whole new type of understanding - one we will ask you to feel here in just a moment - of how rejuvenation of biology truly happens, how the cleansing and releasing truly happens. Gaia asks you to feel this capability within her now for a moment, the ability to clear and to renew, to birth over and over again, where no energy is ever truly dead. It is just cleansed. You see, you will be taking in these energies. You will be the ones who are providing a life force energy and the balance that goes with it.

< NewEnergy 5 > We know you are concerned about the environment because this is the precious place of Gaia. And, you are taking it (the responsibility of maintaining life force on earth) over now. We know you are concerned about the quality of your water, and your air, and your land. But, can you step back first, and honor it, and understand the process, and understand more than anything that the energies of Gaia and the Earth are so much stronger than the physical energies of humans? Gaia can take care of herself quite well (some laughter), as so many of us, including myself and you, experienced in Atlantis.

< NewEnergy 7 > Truly what you are doing when you are creating and expressing - you are giving life to thoughts, ideas. They are yours. You are the Creator of these things. But, you give them life of their own, in a sense. It is playing the role of a Creator right here on Earth. These ideas then take on the New Energy attributes. And, they continue to expand in every different direction. They emanated from you, but now they have a life of their own. That's what the New Energy is truly about, dear friends.

< NewEnergy 7 > So, you came to Earth, and you took on these bodies for good reason… to feel what it was like to live… ah, to feel what it was like to live inside your own creation! It is one thing to imagine things. It is quite another thing to live things. So, you created a wonderful place called Earth. You took life force energy, divine energy, and were able to put it into matter and bring it to life. This planet that you are on right now was just a rock. You impregnated it with life force energy. You brought it to life… all of you… all of you, Shaumbra. All of humans created this place… a place so beautiful and so joyful… so filled with the expression of Spirit that you wanted to live inside of it… to come to life… yes.

< NewEnergy 7 > You will always take with you the wisdom, and the knowledge, and the enlightenment of what it was like to live. Then, you will be able to have a wonderful melding of the etheric energy, the energies that can shape and shift very quickly. You will have a deep understanding of living energy. This is why you chose to come to Earth. In doing so, it helps to answer so many of the questions of the omniverse. You wanted to know what it was like to live.

< NewEnergy 7 > Life is a sacred… sacred… sacred thing! There are very few entities on the angelic realms that have ever gotten to experience what it is like to live… truly live… place their energies into matter and bring it to life… and grow it… change it… express in it… feel it in every different way.

< NewEnergy 7 > It is all about life… indeed. Indeed, it is all compassion. Compassion and life put together create the greatest experiences.

< NewEnergy 7 > It is simple. Life is simple… you see. Stop trying to figure it out. At this point of where you are at it is either about embracing life, or it is about dying. Perhaps, not tomorrow… it might be several years. But, you will slowly fade away. You've seen it happen to others, others that you love, how they slowly fade away. If you don't embrace your life - embrace the life energies - this is what happens. If you embrace life every moment of every day, take joy in everything, everything… if you embrace it - these New Energies that we talk about, these things that we say "when it will come to you" - they will come to you. They are sitting outside of your energy field right now because you're not sure.

< NewEnergy 7QA > I want you to be the ones who show the others that you can reverse a process that has been in place ever since you have been on Earth… this process of karmic cycles… this process of being born… and then dying… and coming back again and again. I want you to be the ones to show others you can reverse the process even of aging of the physical body. Show them how to bring life into biology… even while you are in the body… to bring a rejuvenating life force back into it… to make yourself younger in appearance… to make your body more vital, stronger, more resilient… to show them that you don't need to take knives to cut out part of your body when it was in disease… that you can take life, life force energy, Spirit energy, and allow it to flow into that imbalanced part of your physical body to reinvigorate it to heal on its own. It was designed by you to do that, to heal itself. But, when you cut off, when you suffocate the life force energies that are flowing through you, nothing happens. The body deteriorates.

< NewEnergy 8 > Look at it this way. Imagine an actor - which could be male or female, Cauldre asked us to explain - an actor who has many scripts to choose from. She reads all the different scripts. And, while she's reading them, she has feelings. She's imagining what it would be like acting these out on stage. She has dozens and dozens of scripts, and is trying to find the one that she chooses to act out.

She finally makes the selection. She goes up onto the stage, and she begins acting. She begins playing out one of the scripts, one of the potentials. But, even while she's up there acting, she's only acting out the essence, and not the details… you see. She is ad-libbing, while she is going. She has remembered the essence of the play, of the script.

But, she is also allowing all of the energies to flow. She is allowing the imaginative energies and the creative energies to have a life of their own. Otherwise, the play, her acting, would be very stiff, very limited. It would have no joy in it. So, she is simply taking the essence of a script and allowing it to flow on stage. Your imagination is like this.

< NewEnergy 8 > You are the Imaginers. You are the Creators. If you choose now, breathe THAT reality into your life and ground it. Breathe it in. Give it life. Give abundance life - in YOUR life. Don't worry about the details. Everything will come to you. There is so much more to this, dear friends, than meets the ears, the eyes on this day. It is about a new way of living. It is about creative imagination. It is about embracing life, and then choosing how you want to live. You see… you're expanding your energies now. You're allowing yourself to feel again, opening up this thing called imagination. It is one of the New tools. It is very New.

< NewEnergy 9 > God is simply a reflection of human consciousness - that is all. Do you realize that in the days of Atlantis we didn't even understand the concept of God? We didn't have a God. If someone had come up to us and talked to us about God, we would have had no idea of what they were referring to. We were trying to find the source of life, the fuel that ignited all of life. But, we didn't understand the concept of God.

< NewEnergy 9 > In Atlantis we looked inside the human body to try to find the source of life, the fuel of life. Why? Why - so we could take it. We could take it out of somebody else's body and put it into our own. But, it wasn't a spiritual thing. It was a very scientific thing. When we failed to discover it inside the body, then we started to think it must be out in the stars somewhere. We tried to find ways to bring it in to us.

< NewEnergy 9QA > We don't want to say it is temporary (some laughter). As you go through the awakening process - and, again, this could be another Shaumbra symptom - some of the drudgeries of human living become very annoying, become very difficult. You find it is hard to expend your energy and to place time into doing these things. The odd thing that starts to happen, though - and we are seeing it with many Shaumbra - difficult to explain here… but you were locked into a routine of cleaning… that things had to be done at a certain time and in a certain way.

But, what is going to happen in your life is you can break out of the routines. You don't have to do cleaning every Monday evening once a week. You can let some of those concepts go. And, what will start happening is your house will stay cleaner on its own (audience laughter and applause). Your physical home, or apartment, or the place that you live does contain its own energy. It is your energy, but it has its own life force behind it. So, there is a literal distinctive energy in your house and in every one of your houses. If you start living in a New Energy way, the house responds. There is not so much dirt or dust. It tends to take care of more of itself.

So, we say to you, simply let all of these Old things go. We know it is a drudgery, but it is basically trying to tell you that you don't need to do it the way you did it before.

< Embodiment 3 > Now, we have to back up for a moment and say that there is a difference - at least from our perspective - of the spirit energy of you and of the soul energy. Your soul is the collective of everything that you have ever done and been and thought. It is ALL of your experiences. That is your soul. But, your spirit is the life force energy within you. The spirit is actually the one resisting all of these changes.

< Embodiment 5QA > As you will notice with this whole new phase of energy moving, when you apply your creative energies and your life-expression energies to anything that you do, it will have so much more impact to it. As you help to move energies from the other realms in you and through you, it will awaken your own creativeness, your own creative/divine center. And, it will help you to express yourself in ways that you could never have imagined.

< Embodiment 7 > Other times you bless it with its own life form energy. You send it on its way. You let that energy continue forming and shaping on its own. You give it the initial life, then you bless it and let it go off. The example of this would be in your human reality where you have children. You help to birth them, but then you let them go off - most of you do - let them go off on their own. These creations of yours that exist in the other realms are all non-souled. In other words, they do not have Creator right or Creator potential of their own. They are your creations. Sometimes you call these "the aliens." They come back to you because they are your children, in a way. They're your celestial children, but they are non-souled.

< Embodiment 8 > Another form of hypnosis comes from the governments of the world. Now, you have to understand that the governments - and there are many, many, hundreds of different governments on Earth - the governments are strictly a representation of the consciousness of that group of people. But, that consciousness takes on its own life form energy. The government takes on its own type of persona. And, it has an influence over people. It hypnotizes them. That is all it is, Shaumbra - hypnosis. We are not saying it's bad. We're just saying that it's a set of belief systems that are so strong that you can't get out of them.

< Embodiment 11 > You notice, for instance, that your radiance, your divinity, shines upon everything. That is why even your car, the automobile you drive, takes on your energy because you are literally coloring it with your divinity. You give it a name, your car, sometimes. It takes on you and your attributes. It is filled with your energy. Your animals and pets are filled with your energy. You are radiating to them. The ones who you are close to in your life… you are constantly radiating, shining, glowing. And, after a while some of these things, whether it is people or objects, take on so much of your energy attributes that they even begin looking like you, sounding like you. They take on some of your identity. You see, the Creator being has that capability to do that. The chairs that you sit in… they take on your life force essence.

< Clarity 1 > Spirit is expression. It is a life energy, but not a life force energy. And, you are Spirit… you are Spirit. Those conversations you were having were with yourself, you see, all the time. Oh, it was indicative of the separation that you had between the human self and the spirit self.

< Clarity 1 > Let us take a breath. And, clearing means allowing the clarity into your life, allowing yourself to perceive things as they really are… what a concept when you begin perceiving them as they really are rather than the illusion (facade, masquarade) that they pretend to be… how much easier it is to work with everything. We are going to come back to this time and time again. We are going to dwell on it. God is not a power. It is an expression. Spirit is expression of life - not just life here on Earth - but life, the ability to be, the ability to express, the ability to create in your spirit. It is that simple.

< Clarity 3 > We said to you last month that it was birthed. It had been a concept. It had been in the embryonic stage. It had been developing. You could feel it stirring. So many of you could feel it all around you and inside of you, this energy of Shaumbra. And, because of what you were doing, because of your desires and your creations, and because of this large infusion of New Energy on Earth several months ago, you could actually birth this Shaumbra. It becomes an archetypical energy, just as the energy of Raphael, Metatron, Gabriel, and so many of the other archetypical energies. They are real. They have their own identity. They have their own perpetuance of life force energy, meaning they continue to grow. They continue to expand. They continue to unfold themselves.

< Clarity 4 > Do you feed your physical body with life-force energy foods, like vegetables and fruits? Do you feed your body meats, or starches and breads and grains? Do you feed your body with water? Do you feed your body with alcohol? Do you feed your body with sugar? And, again we are asking you to be the observer. There is no judgment at all, for you can indeed live an entire life feeding yourself with high sugar and very little other nutrients, whether it is from the plants or from the animals. And, you can sustain your body. But, be aware of how you feed your body, how it goes in, how it feels, what you are thinking as it goes in.

< Clarity 7 > I mean this is a large scale deal, Shaumbra. Having to go inside for your own personal energy. Not relying one bit on spiritual energy from the outside - life force energy from the outside. Going into your own. A bit scary perhaps, but it can be done. I have done it. Others have done it. Not many, and never before, a large group. That is where you're going right now. Releasing ... if you can imagine from all of those connections or wires or grids or patterns, whatever you want to call them, that keep you connected to the field. Those things that are feeding you and feeding your reality. The fuel you are using in your reality landscape. Now we're going to cut it off.

< MNEC2006-T > There are so many different concepts of spirit and what it is and what it does, and humans tend to assign a human value to spirit through their various gods and deities. They tend to give it a very human persona and they give it all the power. They give it all of the dominion over themselves and over humanity. Humans set up many different gods, many different sub-gods. There has been a great distortion of this whole concept of spirit. Spirit is just life force, the breath, the original. Spirit and the breath mean birth. Movement of energy.

< MNEC2006-T > Somewhere within you, you know that there is a thing of spirit. You know that there is a life force within you that is yours personally. You know there is one life force or spirit within everything. Some of you even know that the life force within you is unique to you. Many still think that the life force is one large homogeneous energy, and it is not. It is not. Spirit is very personal. Spirit is very much in you, but right now in the consciousness of humanity, spirit is so misunderstood. It is so distorted.

< MNEC2006-T > You have to understand all this time that the element of spirit was not really understood. Back then the alchemy of Atlantis was to try to find the source of life force energy but spirit, as you know it today, and religion as you know it today, were not part of the Atlantean consciousness. There was no understanding, no concept of God. There wasn't a word to describe God. The alchemy or the search was to try to discover what caused life. What fueled and energized life? What was the source? So while much of the research was being done in Atlantis on the mind, there were many that felt that the source of life, or spirit, came from the mind as well. So there was research. There was experiments, and there was also very inappropriate misuses of energy in mind control.

< Teacher 7 > So now here you are in the idea phase and you decide now perhaps you'll give it a try. You'll see if you can manifest it. It's a creation at this point. It has a certain life force energy behind it. It has a certain energy pattern and dynamic. Let's say you're trying to create a new type of food product, since we'll be talking about that shortly. You have a desire. You've imagined it. Now you're going to start bringing a focus of energy into it. Here you're crossing a chasm. You're crossing a chasm that goes from idea into focus. You're going to be bringing it into reality, into this world.

< Teacher 10 > I see how some - some, particularly in this continent - load their plates full, trying to get - how much nutrition can you get on your plate? And a lot of it is not nutrition because so many of the foods right now carry so little life force energy. Even foods that are freshly picked out of the gardens right now have a factor of about two in terms of nutrition and life force energy when they could easily have a factor of thirty or forty. The food that you eat has so little effect, truly, on the body that you have to eat five or six times a day.

< Teacher 10 > Your body and the food that's taken in don't understand this whole thing. The food has been taught to believe that it has to have a certain type of basis for storage and utilization. The food actually could be a lot more intelligent. That is what we are going for. That is what one of the scientists here in particular is working on - intelligent food that carries a high level of what you would call life force energy; and an intelligence of how to nurture and distribute itself throughout your entire body; and how to store the appropriate amounts of nutrition to last days and even weeks without having to eat again and without having to store it as fat. That is coming, Shaumbra. That is right around the corner.

< kharisma 9 > Life is whatever you basically imagine it, choose it to be with the Kyeper. The Kyeper. There's this air, physical air, ethereal air, it creates a fabric like a material, like a beautiful glistening material. You throw your Kyeper on that fabric and it creates your life. Most people don't know that and they don't do it consciously; they just kind of splatter on that fabric. But there's this beautiful fabric and with the Kyeper you can create anything you want. Where you're going, where all of us are going is beyond, into whatever you want. There's this fear that there is going to be some darkness. You just laugh at the darkness. Yeah, it's going to be there. It's going to be yours. You just laugh at it, and then we become whatever we choose to become, and continuing to evolve it, to expand it, to make more of that painting on this air and ether fabric. It's that simple. In other words, none of it matters. It's only what you choose. So, but a part of it is trusting yourself.

< WIngs 9 > You know I have said now that energy is just a communication. A communication. That's all it is, whether it's communicating as music or it's communicating as light or it's communicating as money. It's just communication, all of it. And nothing happens with that energy, which is just communication, until you're present, until there is consciousness. Nothing. That's life. When consciousness meets energy, when consciousness allows, when it is present – I Am Here – suddenly the energy starts moving and we have life.

< WIngs 9 > Never again mistake energy for life. Life is when you are present, when you're no longer dreary, when you're no longer wandering in that endless search for some sort of meaning to life, when you are no longer boring, when you choose to be in your creation. It sounds pretty obvious – to choose to be in your creation – but most people don't. (a) They don't acknowledge “This is my creation”; (b) they do not understand energy. They are still working for it, rather than letting it work for them. And most people are not fully present, meaning conscious, “I Am that I Am. I Am Here, because I've chosen to be.” Boom! The energies change now. Your energies change. They immediately go into service to help create the experience within your creation. It's that simple.

< WIngs 9 > Energy is not life. Energy supports the life experience. Again, a very simple point and some of you are going, “Well, yeah. That's kind of obvious.” But now would you live it? Would you live it? And that means getting out of the gray dreary, coming back to a real passion. Not the old human passion, but the real passion is, “I create, I experience.” That's it. “I create my creations, and I can do it while I'm in mass consciousness. My creations, and I can then experience them.” You'll stop wondering, “Well, how come nothing ever works out for me,” and “I want to be abundant, but I'm not,” because you still are equating energy and life, putting them as the same thing. You're still thinking that energy is life. It's not. You are the life. Allow energy now to support your creations.

< WIngs 9 > Energy is not life. They're two separate things. Life occurs when consciousness is present; energy then goes to work for you and you have what you now call life. Life doesn't have to be in a physical body. By the way, that physical body is not life. You say, “Well, no, I'm alive.” But your physical body is not life. It is energy. That's all. It's energy in the form of a body. Then you think, “Well, okay, it's my thoughts – the thoughts that are going through my mind. That's life.” No, actually it's just energy. Your mind is nothing other than an energy incubator and it creates thoughts. It's constantly churning out thoughts, but that's not life. Being in your thoughts is not life. You're just adrift in energy when you're in your thoughts. Make sense?

< Wings 9 > The human self has been filled with emotions. It's been living in a sea of emotions. It's been addicted to drama and emotions. There's no place for that where the Master goes. It's false, a false reality. It's actually false energy dynamics – emotion, drama, all the rest of that. When one doesn't understand the difference between energy and life, they tend to get very addicted to drama. It's one of the few things that brings a little energy into their life. There's no place for that in a Master's life. The Master is dealing with the Master's energy, with pure energy.