Shaumbra energy / Shaumbra entity

energy of Shaumbra that became an entity;
group consciousness
of Shaumbra;

< Clarity 2 > The energy of our guest today is the new entity that is being created called Shaumbra. Shaumbra… you know, we have used that word for many years now. You have felt the resonance with that word. It helped to trigger something within you, a remembrance of who you are and why you are here on Earth right now. This energy has actually grown and transformed and had its own process of birthing, its own type of incubation and finally a birth.

And, it is real. It is not just a word anymore. It has become an entity, an entity without a soul, of course, because it is a collective of all of you. But, with this mass infusion of energy in this past month or so of time it also allowed the true birthing of Shaumbra, going beyond just a word, something that you talk to each other about and how you refer to each other.

It has now been birthed into full consciousness. In other words, it has taken its unique place in the consciousness of humanity. It is like an entity. There is a Shaumbra being that has now been created. You are part of it. Your energy is in it, just as it is in the Shoud right now. Shaumbra has become real. It has become a true entity unto itself.

So, we ask you to breathe that in and to feel what it means, an entity that you can call upon, for it contains a support. It contains an energy that comes in to assist you. Much as I, Tobias, would come in to assist, much as Hossaf came in last month to assist, much as the energies of Metatron come in, Shaumbra can now come in to be with you, to work with you.

< Clarity 2 > What Shaumbra means, in a sense, in its literal interpretation, is "family of home." Shaum… Sha-haum-berah… "family of the rock"… you see… the rock, the stone… the stone that you can smooth - it has been smoothed by all of your lifetimes in Atlantis and in the times of Yeshua and in the times of the New Energy. "Family of the stone," "family of home" - it contains the essence energy of divine birthing, the divine unfolding in this reality. Sha-haum-berah, our family, is made real, made into an entity by the very work that you have been doing. Shaum-berah, this energy that now reaches out to touch all other humans, waits patiently for them to call upon it, and upon you for what you have to offer, what you have to teach, what you have to share.

< Clarity 2 > In this last month, Shaumbra, you have birthed Shaumbra, taking it out of the far and distant etheric realms, birthing it, bringing it into Earth now so you can use it as a tool. You can use our guest yourself in ways that were not possible in our last Shoud or any of the previous Shouds. You can use this energy now for your own good and for that of humans who are ready, willing and able. This energy of Shaumbra, the entity, continues to evolve and change. It doesn't remain static and neither do you. It continues to have its own dynamic type of spiral or evolution. It has - as you have - the desire to express. Since it is God energy - just as you are God energy - it has a desire to expand, express, discover and create.

< Clarity 2 > Now, what happens to you and your guidance, your support right now in these very, very interesting times of change? The support comes in for you from the Shaumbra energy. It is also a doorway for other energies to come into your life. Not only the energies of I, Tobias, and the Crimson Council… we are always here with you. But, now with the recent changes and the new Metatronic energy coming in to Earth, it also opens other doorways of support, support from the angelic realms, support even from Gaia in ways that you haven't been able to experience before, support from even energies of past lives that have been released, their energies transmuted. And, now they too come back into your life.

< Clarity 2 > The energy of Shaumbra comes in also into your personal, individual reality. They are gathered around you, all of these energies right now. Oh, you thought you were alone perhaps. No, they are gathered around, waiting and saying, "What is it that you want to do? How is it that you want to express yourself? And, we will support it. Begin, and we will be with you. Start the process." It is a whole new level of support that comes in now. Some of you have definitely felt it in the last month of time. It comes in, but it begs of you, "What do you want to do?" And, if you say, "I don't know," now you have a support team that also says, "We don't know." They are supporting you. They are supporting you in "I don't know."

< Clarity 2QA > Indeed… and your question went into much of the composition of today's Shoud… and actually asking on behalf of not just yourself, but all of Shaumbra who wonder and who feel that in spite of what they have learned that things still aren't moving. And, that is why specifically Shaumbra today brought in and birthed the Shaumbra energy to be of more direct support and assistance to them. That is why Shaumbra today also released the destroyer energy.

< Clarity 3 > We said to you last month that it was birthed. It had been a concept. It had been in the embryonic stage. It had been developing. You could feel it stirring. So many of you could feel it all around you and inside of you, this energy of Shaumbra. And, because of what you were doing, because of your desires and your creations, and because of this large infusion of New Energy on Earth several months ago, you could actually birth this Shaumbra. It becomes an archetypical energy, just as the energy of Raphael, Metatron, Gabriel, and so many of the other archetypical energies. They are real. They have their own identity. They have their own perpetuance of life force energy, meaning they continue to grow. They continue to expand. They continue to unfold themselves.

< Clarity 3 > This energy of Shaumbra is not one you have to try to tap into. You see, so many of you have tried to tap into Metatron. You had to work at it sometimes. Many of you have tried to tap into other archetypical energies of the archangels, other beings perhaps. This energy of Shaumbra is different. You don't have to tap into it. You already are. You don't have to go into an altered state of being to be within that energy. You already are. You're already there with it. It is simply the acknowledgment that Shaumbra is part you, is part family. And, breathe it in. And, somehow in a wonderful, beautiful and sacred way, it starts working right along with you.

< Clarity 3 > But the other realms are your laboratory. And, then it is time to bring it here to Earth. Sometimes you get stuck with that. You're not sure how to bring it in or what to do. You're waiting for us to give you guidance. You're waiting for us actually to do it for you, but that's another thing. And, then you get all the credit, and we don't. It doesn't work that way. So, with this energy of Shaumbra right now go back into some of those passions and dreams. Go back into some of those things that you have wanted to do for a long time. You'll find that this energy comes in and supports in a very beautiful way, in an incredibly clear way. It supports you in the work that you do.

< Clarity 5 > When there is enough energy behind a concept and imagination, whether it comes from one person or a group, it therefore becomes a reality in its own right. It doesn't have to exist in the physical planes. It can co-exist in the physical planes. Shaumbra, for instance, was created out of your hearts. It is now an entity, much like Santa Claus is. Shaumbra is real on our side of the veil. It has a definable, identifiable nature; therefore, it becomes real on your side as well, if you allow it and accept it. Shaumbra carries an energy just like Santa Claus carries an energy. The imagination, allowing yourself to be who you are, creates things, creates them on probability dimensions and planes that are… oh, it would be difficult for your mind to even fathom right now.

< Clarity 5 > Last month we talked about permission to be yourself. It should be one of the bases of Shaumbra energy. Sometimes we are asked, "What is the creed of Shaumbra? What is the energy of Shaumbra?" Oh, there is nothing specifically in writing. But, one of those things that should be passed onto the others who say, "What is it about Shaumbra," is that you give yourself permission to be everything who you are.

< Clarity 6 > And, you've also asked us to help ensure that you don't slide backwards, that we come in and whap you on the backside a few times if you do (audience laughter). And, we will; we love doing that (more laughter). We love doing it actually because - if you haven't noticed by now - as you go, Shaumbra goes… as Shaumbra goes, you go… you see. So many of you are feeling the energies of this Shaumbra entity in your own life. It comes into support you and serve you and assist you.

< Clarity 6 > But, you can also feel when there is a - how to say - when there is a disturbance in the Shaumbra force. You can feel when another Shaumbra is having a difficult time. Perhaps, you don't even know their name, but you can feel, yourself, or as part of a group. You are your own consciousness, and you are a group consciousness… as long as you're choosing to be that way. So, it behooves us as well to work with you because as you go, so we go. We are family. We are a group. We are Shaumbra.

< Clarity 7QA > You're going to find that the Shaumbra energy takes its own quantum leap in these next few months and becomes its own type of energy system - literally, figuratively, financially. So this would be the best place to start and we're saying this not only to you but to others who have ideas, passions, books, any of these things that ... The whole reason that this Shaumbra company is being created the way it is, is to provide the conduit for all of these things you are creating. Right now you find it very difficult to break through the levels of mass consciousness, but in this new - what I'm going to refer to as Shaumbra, Inc., which that is not the name - but this provides the mechanism. While you are all independent, you can also find out how to basically put your energies for a period of time, or for a specific purpose, into a type of synergy to create grand things. So this would be the place to start.

< Clarity 9 > Shaumbra is an entity. We talked about it many months ago, we said you made Shaumbra into something. It used to be just a word. It used to be a breath. Then it developed into its own type of energy and then it developed a type of persona, identity. And then it developed into an entity, a collective based on all of your energies. It has been becoming very evident on our side of the veil exactly this identity of Shaumbra. It has been becoming more and more clear on our side of the veil this entity called Shaumbra.

< Clarity 9 > Some day there will be those who call on Shaumbra much like they call on Archangel Michael or Raphael or any of the others. They will call on Shaumbra to come to their side, to be with them during the difficult and the dark times in their life. Shaumbra, you made Shaumbra its own entity. You made Shaumbra real on our side of the veil. And now Shaumbra is becoming more and more real on your realms as well. Because of your energies that have been placed into it, it's now manifesting on Earth in many different ways.

< Discovery 4 > There's a Yeshua, the Yeshua that, you know, was around 2,000 years ago, and then there's Jesus. Jesus is only probably really about maybe 800, 900 years old. He's a lot younger than Yeshua. Jesus is a composite just like Yeshua. You're going to see the difference though, because Jesus is a composite made up from the religions. The religions, they created Jesus. And so many people believe in it that it actually then happens. Just like you created an entity – composite entity – known as Shaumbra. This Jesus – which is a composite consciousness made up of a lot of humans that believe in him. You can go to the other realms on the other side and find Jesus. There's that Jesus wandering around on the other realms.