an energetic entity created through human belief and imagination just like Santa Claus;

< Clarity 5 > Oh, then there is Jesus. You see, at one point Yeshua and Jesus were the same energy. But, now they are not at all. There is an entity on our side of the veil called Jesus, quite different from the energy of Yeshua. Jesus is perhaps the more contemporary version, but a version built from - how to say - the belief systems of the Christian churches right now. Jesus has manifested on our side of the veil, therefore can be felt on your side as well. This energy of Jesus is quite different from Yeshua. But, it is the ones that - how to say - have put their energy together, wanted to be saved, wanted some type of judgment, wanted a - how to say - a figurehead or a leader, so they created this energy of Jesus. It wasn't there before. It didn't actually directly come out of Yeahua's energy.

< QuantumLeap 1 > But what does it mean - Bearer of Light, Expander of Consciousness? There is no Lucifer. There is not a Lucifer, at least as depicted by the churches who use it as a control tool over humans. The only Lucifer or Satan there is is the ones that have been created in consciousness by organizations or churches or those who want to believe it. So, yes, it creates a - what we call - a group aspect, just like the energy of Jesus.

< QuantumLeap 2QA > In terms of the Christ Consciousness/Christ Seed, again, we deal with all of these different definitions, but it comes from the root energy "crystal" or "Christos," "clear" or "new." It is not that it has to do with Jesus Christ, as it were, or the Christ that you read about in your holy scriptures. It is about the clearness or the newness. So when it was referred to that the Christ Seed had been planted, the Christ Consciousness is here, it means the new. Basically, New Energy.

Two thousand years ago so many of you were here on Earth in that general time era to plant the seeds of new consciousness that are now coming out. You've come back to be the ones to harvest what is coming in as new consciousness so you can therefore share it with others in the world. This is the new consciousness I talked about earlier.

< Discovery 4 > There's a Yeshua, the Yeshua that, you know, was around 2,000 years ago, and then there's Jesus. Jesus is only probably really about maybe 800, 900 years old. He's a lot younger than Yeshua. Jesus is a composite just like Yeshua. You're going to see the difference though, because Jesus is a composite made up from the religions. The religions, they created Jesus. And so many people believe in it that it actually then happens. Just like you created an entity – composite entity – known as Shaumbra. This Jesus – which is a composite consciousness made up of a lot of humans that believe in him. You can go to the other realms on the other side and find Jesus. There's that Jesus wandering around on the other realms.

< Kharisma 2 > Then there's Jesus – whew, bpt!! (he's illustrating crucifixion; laughter) Not going to get too far with that one. He doesn't tend to elicit a lot who are really interested in enlightenment. They're interested in suffering. They're interested in having someone die for their sins. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's the consciousness that they're in. Now there's Jesus – the one's that is worshipped, the one that's put up on the cross, the one who is going to save everyone – but then there is Yeshua