agendaright or wrongduality;

< New Earth 9 > We have seen many spiritual people attempt to sabotage their mind, which is interesting, for it cannot be done. We have seen many spiritual humans opposed to their own mind for they feel that this is the root of disharmony. Your mind does not create judgement, for that comes from another place. Your mind is a processing area. As you have read in your books, only a small portion of your mind is being utilized, and this is a true statement. And up until now those unused areas of the mind have been blocked intentionally. They are now becoming available to each of you who walk in the new energy. Love your mind. Trust your mind. Honor your mind in the new energy. You will need it to store more information and data and electromagnetic impulses than you ever have.

< New Earth 10 > Now in your Holy Scriptures there was discussion of an event that would take place upon your Earth in the End Times. The event has frightened many up until this time. There is great fear surrounding it. We choose tonight to discuss this area. In your Holy Scriptures it said that one day Jesus would return - Christ would return - and all those that have died would wake from the dead to come forth to be judged. My friends, this has caused many of you great distress. You have chosen perhaps not to want to believe it, but even at the innermost part of your being, there was the fear that there would be a judgement day. And indeed there is. But it is not like what has been written or what has been taught to you by others.

< New Earth 10 > With the change of the energy at the end of your previous year (1999) and the opening of the gates that held in the consciousness of your True Self - of your Christ Self - the Christ has come forth. As we have said, in similar gatherings, there was to be a day when the consciousness of Christ descended on a crystal staircase (your DNA) and came down to reunite and to meld with you. And now that this is occurring within each of you, as the Christ consciousness is coming forth through your DNA, through the strands, through the staircase, each of your aspects of past lives that have been buried are now asking to come forth for their "judgement."

< New Earth 10QA > For the human self who is dying and still continuing to hold onto the human dimension, it is indeed harrowing. Humans have been taught that when they die there is either judgement or nothing. They attempt to hold on for as long as possible. This experience of going through the doorway, so to speak, will bring up the greatest fears in the human, will bring up the greatest terrors. Many, many we hate to say, hold on so closely to their human concepts that they stand in line even now, even after they have crossed over, waiting to be judged by the one they call Jesus, waiting for Judgement Day. What they are truly doing in this state is a self-evaluation but it is not needed. They are punishing and judging themselves. It is a harrowing experience. When the human consciousness, the human grip, is finally released, there is great relief. When they understand that they have not died, there is not a jury on our side waiting to judge them, there is not a place of hell where they will burn forever, there is overwhelming joy at this point. There is tremendous release, and generally at that time is when this spirit of that soul then says, "I’ll go back."

< New Earth 11QA > In our gathering a month ago we went in to release the residual energy of past lives that still existed but were trapped on Earth. We worked with all of those to bring the dead from their graves back to life for judgement day, so to speak. For most at this time it is not appropriate to go back into past lives; however, if there are specific blockages that are making it difficult for you to move forward, then you will be guided specifically to go into those past lives. If you are being guided there, my dear, then continue with this work.

< New Earth 14 > There is a passage in your holy scriptures that we have mentioned before that talks about the Christ coming back for the final judgement day. In this passage it says that the dead will rise, and they will be judged. My friends, the interpretation of that is somewhat different. It is that when the Christ energy returns to you, returns to your being, it is then that each of the past lives that has lived upon this Earth is now free to be released from Earth, free to go Home. This also frees Gaia of a tremendous burden that she has been carrying, the burden of all of your past lives. And again, my friends, you wonder why you feel lonely and empty at times. For you were once surrounded by all of your karma, all of your past lives, but that now is leaving and departing. That leaves only you. Oh, they honor and they thank you and they come back for special occasions like this.

< Creator 10QA > They, in a sense, are working with you. For the most part they do not need the type of healing work that you believe you should offer to them. They do not - Cauldre challenges us here - but we continue. (audience laughter) They do not even so much need the type of prayer that you do.

Now there is an exception here. That is when they go through their transition where they are still heavy into the energy of Earth and of being human. This lasts for anywhere from a period of three days up to several months. You will be able to feel their need to be forgiven and released by you or others that hold them back. They have a need to be told that they are in a good space and an appropriate space.

There are those who come to our side who so deeply and firmly believe in judgment that they sit and wait for it. It takes some work on our part and your part to help release them from this. There are those who are in hell even to this day. They have been there for quite some time, for they choose to believe in it, even though there are angels on this side who are working with them to try to break down those old belief systems. But it is difficult when there is an engrained belief that they belong in this place called hell. It is difficult to get through to them. They think, oddly enough, that the devil is trying to trick them once again - to release the concept of hell.

When another comes to our side, release them. Forgive them if there are unresolved issues. And know that they come back to serve you. They are the ones who join the team of your runners, so do not feel that they need your healing all of the time.

< Creator 11QA > We do not place any judgment on the appropriateness of this type of action. But we tell you that when this occurs, when there are those who condemn another, they are adding to their karmic bucket. This could be all who are involved in the process of judgment, from the judge and the jury and your officers of law and even the public. Even those who read the newspaper and decide if this person was right or wrong, to be killed or let live. There is a karmic reaction within your soul to this. So we ask you to be cautious before condemning or judging.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah also comes in through your human sense of taste. Taste. But, when it comes in through here, you have a new and a better level of judgment and discernment. Instead of things being black or white, good or bad, you will have a new taste, a divine taste of things. It is also a type of intuition, but it is centered in a type of judgment. You will not so quickly go to a black and white judgment, rather you will go to a new level that is tied in to the Divine Will. The Language of Ah… it comes in also through your taste, through your discernment. You will have a new type of discernment and understanding of things that are in your reality.

< Ascension 5 > Each one of your senses in the divine energy has its own form of intelligence. And, we do not like to use even that word. They have their own form of responsibility and responsiveness. In the Language of Ah you will not send the information back through the brain. The brain does not really want it anymore. The information will come independently through that hearing, the knowingness; through the sight, the insight; through the smell, the intuition; through the taste, the discernment; through the touch, the sensitivity.

< Ascension 5QA > This Language of Ah, the divine language… it is even part of the sense of your mind, your intellect and all of the experiences and the understandings of your company and its competitors and the market and the people behind each of these. These have been stored in your brain, but now with the divine language, you will have a new sense of balanced judgment about what is really going on.

< DivineHuman 2 > The group who is here today welcomed the angels to their side… wanted to know what just happened to them… where they were… where they were going to… what comes next. There were many in this group who were waiting for some type of judgment, who are waiting for the angels to bring them to a place of judgment. Some of them thought that when they felt the golden, warm glow that emanated from this space that they were being brought to the place of judgment.

< DivineHuman 2 > Do you know what the human fears so much? This thing of judgment has been ingrained through your religions. You have been taught that there is some type of retribution, some type of judgment when you die. Most humans carry this fear with them when they cross over to our side. This is the most difficult thing for us to deal with. There is no judgment. There is no jury waiting for you. Yeshua is not waiting to judge you, nor are any of the others.

< Embodiment 3 > The mind is the vehicle that stores data. It has remembrances… has a memory bank. And, also it has been granted the gift of making judgment. So often you think that it is the mind that is blocking you, the mind that is resisting (to changes). You associate ego with the mind. And, you think the mind is somehow trying to stop you. And, you battle your mind. You go back and forth. I watch you. I hear you doing these things in your mind.

< Embodiment 8 > There are intelligent, well-meaning people who believe that there is this place called "heaven." They believe, actually literally, in this being called Saint Peter, who has this register and looks you up after you leave Earth to see if you have been naughty or nice (some laughter)… or perhaps that's Santa Claus (more laughter). In that belief, Shaumbra, reality occurs; it does. Reality occurs because the belief system is there because there is this hypnosis that has been laid out, and people have fallen into its trap. So, there is a hell, and there is a heaven. And, there is judgment on the other realms because the other realms are filled with nothing but grand potential.

< Embodiment 8 > You want an experience? You can have it on the other realms, the nonphysical realms. You can go to heaven. You can go to hell. And, there are millions of souls laying in rest, waiting to be judged, waiting for Yeshua. It is difficult. And, you work with them at night. You are the type of EMS workers for those who are so locked into their own beliefs and their own type of hypnosis. Hypnosis works on both sides of the veil. It does. The churches of Earth have laid out this energy of fear, this energy of the devil. And, it still lays so heavy upon mankind. It (religion) is a relatively new creation and invention. Truly, only in the last six or seven thousand years of humankind has there been this hypnosis of religion. Prior to that we didn't have it.

< Clarity 5 > Oh, then there is Jesus. You see, at one point Yeshua and Jesus were the same energy. But, now they are not at all. There is an entity on our side of the veil called Jesus, quite different from the energy of Yeshua. Jesus is perhaps the more contemporary version, but a version built from - how to say - the belief systems of the Christian churches right now. Jesus has manifested on our side of the veil, therefore can be felt on your side as well. This energy of Jesus is quite different from Yeshua. But, it is the ones that - how to say - have put their energy together, wanted to be saved, wanted some type of judgment, wanted a - how to say - a figurehead or a leader, so they created this energy of Jesus. It wasn't there before. It didn't actually directly come out of Yeahua's energy.

< Discovery 8 > Next it was used for simple memory and the simple kind of a relationship of time and space. The true light body really doesn't understand time and space. Doesn't want to. It doesn't acclimate well to time and space. So it's like a big puffy, drifty thing. So it was very difficult to stay embodied here. But through this connection device called the mind, you were able to do that. The mind also allowed a discernment in this dimension that the divine intelligence, let's say, really didn't have. Divine intelligence had no familiarity with this physical reality, and therefore, very little sense of any discernment.

< Discovery 8 > But you, as the human representative of the soul, the one who's gone through all the lifetimes, you've learned a lot of discernment in this planet. I'm not talking necessarily judgment, you have that too, but discernment. Don't put your hand on the hot stove; it's going to burn. That's kind of a very simple basic discernment. Don't walk off the edge of the cliff; you don't have wings like a bird. So you learn these things along the way, and the mind serves a very brilliant purpose in that.