earth-bound realms; ⇔ heaven

< New Earth 10QA > For the human self who is dying and still continuing to hold onto the human dimension, it is indeed harrowing. Humans have been taught that when they die there is either judgement or nothing. They attempt to hold on for as long as possible. This experience of going through the doorway, so to speak, will bring up the greatest fears in the human, will bring up the greatest terrors. Many, many we hate to say, hold on so closely to their human concepts that they stand in line even now, even after they have crossed over, waiting to be judged by the one they call Jesus, waiting for Judgement Day. What they are truly doing in this state is a self-evaluation but it is not needed. They are punishing and judging themselves. It is a harrowing experience. When the human consciousness, the human grip, is finally released, there is great relief. When they understand that they have not died, there is not a jury on our side waiting to judge them, there is not a place of hell where they will burn forever, there is overwhelming joy at this point. There is tremendous release, and generally at that time is when this spirit of that soul then says, "I’ll go back."

< New Earth 10QA > There are entities that, because of their belief system and because mostly of the guilt that they remain in what you would call a very dark or very depressed state. There are entities, my friends, from your previous lives that are like that, that are in a sense trapped. When you leave this Earth, there is a portion of that personality from that lifetime that can remain in the energetics of Earth (crystalline grid), even while your more pure self, or Truer Self, returns to the room referred to. A portion of you, a portion of your soul, can remain behind. When we took you through the exercise earlier this night of having the dead awaken and come for the judgement, which was simply you, thanking them and them thanking you. This is part of the process that you are going through - to release those lifetimes that are held in that type of energy limbo. Indeed they want to be released from that but do not know how. Indeed it is truly only you that can release them. As we have said before, even Spirit cannot. It is you that must offer this to them. With the enlightenment that you and the others here have you now have the capability to do this, to release your past lives, to allow them to walk through the tunnel of ascension.

< Creator 4 > In this zone at the edge of the first circle is where you have experienced some of the most traumatic and difficult things that your soul has ever gone through. If there is ever an understanding of what hell is like, it was there. If there was ever true war and combat, it was there, and this hurt you deeply. It is something you and the others who were there never felt or experienced before. There was disharmony, and there was to an extent an energy destruction.

< Creator 4 > But friends, understand that none of this was a mistake. There had been an agreement with Spirit that you would be explorers, that you would go out to areas of creation that had never been explored before. You would learn something new, and none of you, neither you nor Spirit, nor any of us, knew what this would be. It is now called duality. There was so much energy behind this, so much focus here, so much intensity in this experience at the edge of All That Is, that it literally catapulted you into a new place called the second circle, the second creation. It took you from the caterpillar through the cocoon to be here on Earth.

< Creator 4QA > It is to honor her for all she has brought into your life. When one departs Earth and come back to our side of the veil, they often bring with them guilt and tears of sadness. There is energy that they bring back over. It is best to simply honor them. We are somewhat harsh here with you tonight, but so many humans pray for one who has crossed over to the other side, praying that they go to heaven, praying that there is no bad thing for them, like going to hell, praying that they find the right space.

My dear, and all who are here, simply honor them and thank them for the process, for being part of your life. You do not so much understand the energy that we are in back here. We are often curious why you are praying for them to go to someplace that even we do not understand or see. At times it can be confusing to them because there is an energy that is placed around their being that is trying to direct them to a place that does not necessarily exist!

Now, indeed there are legions of angels who guide those who are recently departed safely back on the journey. But it would give those who have crossed over the greatest joy if they looked back and saw another human honoring them. It would begin to dissolve the veil so quickly when they look back and could see that you understood the journey.

< Creator 5QA > It is no surprise that we use this concept of the wall of fire. In your religious books, the wall of fire is depicted as hell, of being sent to hell for an eternity. Has it not seemed like hell in some cases with your many lifetimes on Earth? When you left Home, when you left the first circle and went through this wall of fire, you knew and we knew that you could never return Home. The Home that you left would never be the same because of the work that you did on Earth. We do not mean, dear friends, that you will never reunite consciously with your divine self and with Spirit and All That Is. What is meant in this concept is that all things changed when you went through this wall of fire. It is interesting that your own religions have used this concept but changed it to mean something bad, something that does not come from truth. But the symbols and energetic elements are still there. Indeed we anticipated this question, and there is much significance in this.

< Creator 10QA > They, in a sense, are working with you. For the most part they do not need the type of healing work that you believe you should offer to them. They do not - Cauldre challenges us here - but we continue. (audience laughter) They do not even so much need the type of prayer that you do.

Now there is an exception here. That is when they go through their transition where they are still heavy into the energy of Earth and of being human. This lasts for anywhere from a period of three days up to several months. You will be able to feel their need to be forgiven and released by you or others that hold them back. They have a need to be told that they are in a good space and an appropriate space.

There are those who come to our side who so deeply and firmly believe in judgment that they sit and wait for it. It takes some work on our part and your part to help release them from this. There are those who are in hell even to this day. They have been there for quite some time, for they choose to believe in it, even though there are angels on this side who are working with them to try to break down those old belief systems. But it is difficult when there is an engrained belief that they belong in this place called hell. It is difficult to get through to them. They think, oddly enough, that the devil is trying to trick them once again - to release the concept of hell.

When another comes to our side, release them. Forgive them if there are unresolved issues. And know that they come back to serve you. They are the ones who join the team of your runners, so do not feel that they need your healing all of the time.

< DivineHuman 6QA > It is also an interesting metaphor. It has been used by the churches to refer to Hell, to refer to as the opposite of Heaven. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire and went into the Void, you looked back. You looked back, and what did you see? A great Central Sun, a great single brilliant light that was the Wall of Fire surrounding the Kingdom.

< NewEnergy 11 > There is not the type of hell over here that is so often - how to say - talked about on Earth… unless the human who leaves really wants to go there and feels they need to be there. But, it is not permanent. There is so much guidance here on our side, and particularly with the work you are doing with the Crimson Council and with the other archangels. You are so tied in here that when one who is close to you and loves you comes to our side, they immediately have friends. They are immediately surrounded by the specialist angels on our side who are the greeters and who welcome the humans back. When you have a heavy heart, when you are holding a song of sorrow in your heart, it is sometimes difficult for the ones who have crossed over to fully cross over.

< Embodiment 8 > There are intelligent, well-meaning people who believe that there is this place called "heaven." They believe, actually literally, in this being called Saint Peter, who has this register and looks you up after you leave Earth to see if you have been naughty or nice (some laughter)… or perhaps that's Santa Claus (more laughter). In that belief, Shaumbra, reality occurs; it does. Reality occurs because the belief system is there because there is this hypnosis that has been laid out, and people have fallen into its trap. So, there is a hell, and there is a heaven. And, there is judgment on the other realms because the other realms are filled with nothing but grand potential.

< Embodiment 8 > You want an experience? You can have it on the other realms, the nonphysical realms. You can go to heaven. You can go to hell. And, there are millions of souls laying in rest, waiting to be judged, waiting for Yeshua. It is difficult. And, you work with them at night. You are the type of EMS workers for those who are so locked into their own beliefs and their own type of hypnosis. Hypnosis works on both sides of the veil. It does. The churches of Earth have laid out this energy of fear, this energy of the devil. And, it still lays so heavy upon mankind. It (religion) is a relatively new creation and invention. Truly, only in the last six or seven thousand years of humankind has there been this hypnosis of religion. Prior to that we didn't have it.

< Clarity 4 > There are so many beliefs about death. Saint Germain has been talking about this, some of the oddest, strangest beliefs about death. And, they are true because what you believe is then what you bring over and experience when you get to our side. And, there is no one, single right answer… other than what you believe is what you get when you get to our side. You will create it. If you believe in hell, you're going to be in hell. If you believe, as Cauldre does, that hell can be fun, hell will be fun (some laughter). You see… there is even a belief system or food behind the word "hell." It's become so much a part of consciousness. You say "hell." You say "Satan." It immediately starts feeding.

< Master 7 > So they hang onto their yesterdays and then when they can't deal with their yesterdays and they go out of their body into nothingness, then they go to counseling to remember their yesterdays to remind them that they're really existing; and then the counselor gives them little drugs that makes them forget about their yesterdays; and now they're in deep, deep yogurt. Now they can't even be in nothingness, and do you know how frustrating that is when you want to be away from it all and you can't? But you're not here either? Where are you? Hell. You're in hell at that point, and it's hard to get those humans back.

< (Next) 10 > At the same time all this is going on, there are parts - a lot of parts - of the Near Earth realms … these are the nonphysical realms that you could say surround Earth. That's where the ghosts and the spooks hang out. That's where your aspects that are all screwed up tend to hang out when they're not pestering you. That's where beings with very deep convictions, strong belief systems, particularly those of a religious nature; this is where the addicts and the others hang out in between lives. They don't go to heaven; they don't go to hell. They go to the Near Earth realms, which is kind of heaven and hell all at once.