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demom = fear = god = ruler;

< NewEnergy 8 > Much has been distorted, as you know, in the revisions of the scriptures that had to place this one who understood - how to say - the magical arts… Myriam, who knew how to deal with energies of the invisible. So, they had to present her as the darkness, as the witch, as the whore. It is even written that Yeshua had to drive seven demons out of her. And, dear friends, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Yeshua worked with her (Myriam), and she with Yeshua, in helping to meld the energies of the seven chakras together, to open these - as we do with you - the Seven Seals to release the Old beliefs and energies behind them.

< NewEnergy 8 > Perhaps, you could call these demons. They were just Old belief systems that were trapped in the seven chakras. Myriam and Yeshua worked together to open these together… no demons… simply an opening… and then a melding and unification of the seven chakras into one. And, when the integration was completed, and there was one chakra of expanding energies, when there was one chakra, then she could truly begin doing the work that she had come in to do.

< NewEnergy 8 > This (4th dimension) is an energy where we meet you quite often. It is very difficult for us in most cases to come in extremely close, so we meet you in the fourth. We ought to write a song (some laughter) about that - "Meet You At The Fourth." Just feel here for a moment. Allow your imagination its freedom here, please. Allow your imagination its freedom. Let it soar for a while. We're standing beside you here. There is nothing to fear. Let it soar here for a moment. It is a wonderful energy. Yes, indeed, once in a while you do encounter some rather demonic energies here, but they can do nothing to you at all. They never could, you know.

< Embodiment 1 > Yeshua went off into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. And, you went with him on a level of your own. You were there with Yeshua. You were there to take a look at what the darkness really was and wasn't, for up until then it was not so much understood. Yes, it was portrayed as these demons. Oh, they were given names, and they were given their own identities. They were bad excuses for things humans didn't like about themselves. As much as they would put the energy of the almighty into outside gods, into idols, and many, many gods, they would also put the energies of what they didn't like about themselves into all of these demons and into this entity called Satan and Lucifer.

< Embodiment 1 > Yeshua didn't accept either one of these things. He didn't accept that there were gods in - how to say - all of these different types of idols. He didn't accept even that there was a God in some far-off heaven. He didn't. He did not. He has been misquoted so much in Bible. He didn't accept that there were all of these demons. And, he didn't accept that there was this energy of Satan that was going to overtake everyone if they didn't follow some crazy set of rules. So, he went off into the desert to discover for himself. Oh, he believed in what you would call Spirit or God. But, he didn't believe it the way the churches, or any of the cults, or any of the groups were portraying it. He was so confused. Does that ring a bell, Shaumbra?

< Embodiment 1 > And, so Yeshua went off into the desert to take a look at what felt right to him, at what was real. He didn't battle the devil. There came the understanding that the devil was part of him. There came the understanding that there had to be some type of reason for it. It wasn't put there as a test to him. It wasn't put there to make him feel any less human or any less angelic. Why was it there? What was this darkness? And, indeed, Yeshua - and all of you at that time - came to the realization that the darkness was everything that was rejected by the human self. The darkness was everything that was rejected by the spirit self.

< Embodiment 1 > You have felt it (the darkness is the divinity). You have known something that was being taught by the spiritual teachers, the churches, wasn't quite right. You have tried to make it right. You have tried to join in and participate. You have tried to make yourself feel perhaps what the others were feeling, but you couldn't because you have always known something different. From 2000 years ago you have understood inside what this whole issue of the light and the dark is. You have understood that there are no outside demons… unless of course you want there to be, you see.

< Embodiment 1 > Oh, there are a vast majority of humans on Earth right now… they want there to be an outside demon. They want to battle with it. As miserable as it gets, they want to battle with it. They want to have something to be righteous about, something to blame their own lives on, something to pour their negativity into, and something so they can continue to play the role of victim. So, they create this thing - Satan, Lucifer. It doesn't exist on our side.

< Embodiment 1 > Come up here… when you're ready (audience laughter). You won't find the energy of Satan and Lucifer. Now, you will find this - how to say - this type of devil here that is created in the consciousness of the humans who want to believe in it. And, it serves them. It serves them as their master. And, it comes to haunt them. And, it comes to tempt them. And, it comes to play with them. And, it comes to make their life miserable. It serves them. They are creating it. They want it. They create it. You don't need it anymore in your life. You don't need the opposing forces. You don't need to be battling anything. You have gone beyond that.

< Embodiment 8 > So, let us talk for a few minutes about why you are hypnotized. What is causing this? Why are you in this state of being? First of all, there is the influence of the churches. I spend much of my time and energy on this right now because, as I have said, the churches carry the most diseased energy on Earth of any right now. The energy of the churches - or of religion, in general, most of them, not all, but most of them - carry so much fear and so much duality. And, they have a grip on people. And, they have people hypnotized. They have people hypnotized, believing that there is a right and a wrong. There are people walking on Earth right now that literally believe in a devil, children that are frightened of this thing called Satan.

< Embodiment 8 > You want an experience? You can have it on the other realms, the nonphysical realms. You can go to heaven. You can go to hell. And, there are millions of souls laying in rest, waiting to be judged, waiting for Yeshua. It is difficult. And, you work with them at night. You are the type of EMS workers for those who are so locked into their own beliefs and their own type of hypnosis. Hypnosis works on both sides of the veil. It does. The churches of Earth have laid out this energy of fear, this energy of the devil. And, it still lays so heavy upon mankind. It (religion) is a relatively new creation and invention. Truly, only in the last six or seven thousand years of humankind has there been this hypnosis of religion. Prior to that we didn't have it.

< Clarity 8 > Fear, at its core level, is just energy. It is just energy. It has been assumed to be bad energy. Fear is such an overlay right now that it literally stops people in their tracks. It causes them to do things they wouldn't normally do. Fear is this… well, just feel the energy of fear for a moment. Fear is the demon. Fear is the destroyer. Fear is the darkness and the unknown, at least in the concept or the overlays that you have right now. But when you really feel into it, fear is just energy. That's all it is.

< QuantumLeap 1 > There are so many myths about Lucifer. Let's begin with the name. The name "Lucifer" derives from the Latin - which I will not say - the Latin term meaning "the bearer or the bringer of light." References to Lucifer are almost nonexistent in the Bible. For some of you scholars, if you truly go and count, almost none. But yet the energy of Lucifer, the Devil, the bad guy, the deceiver is so strong in human consciousness right now. It is a symbolic representation of the demon.

< QuantumLeap 1 > But the point, our point, was it's time to shake up some of the humans that are really stuck - and this would be a way of doing it! They are so stuck in some of their ways, their fears and their demons. They love their demons, by the way. Oh, so do you, and that's why we're here today. (laughter) They love their demons. Their demons are their gods because they rule over them. They rule over humans.

< QuantumLeap 1 > This energy you call Lucifer doesn't really exist. It's an aspect of group consciousness, of those that choose to buy into this all-powerful evil being who's going to consume their soul, but it really doesn't exist. It's not there. Satan ... Satan - a derivative of an old Hebrew word meaning "adversary; one who goes against." There is not a Satan living in hell or anywhere else, but these are all demons that you have agreed to. Many of you have let them go, but you still have the demons of one sort or another within you.

< QuantumLeap 1 > There's a wide variety of demons, indeed. You give them different names or different relationships in your aspects or your facets, but they're your demons. We're going to ask you to confront them, meaning to acknowledge them, today and to understand why you've made them into demons, to understand they are yours. One of the things that humans tend to do is deny their own demons. They'll give it to somebody else. They'll say, "This isn't my demon. This is Lucifer, a fallen angel." Lucifer has his own club. Lucifer, Satan, whatever you want to call it. So they give names to the demons, put it outside of themselves, but the reality is, it is yours. It is your demon. That's the first thing in demonology (laughter) is to understand that it's yours.

< QuantumLeap 1 > The moment you try to say, "But that is coming from this place called hell," where the demons are some disincarnate beings that have attached themselves to you and are draining your energy. The moment you say it is some alien demon, the moment you give it credit to make it larger and more "is" than yourself, now the demon has control. It's part of you, but it's controlling you. It even goes beyond that Little Human aspect. It doesn't let that Little Human aspect get all the attention any more. It's taking the attention.

< Discovery 9 > It's been said that you have a planning session before you come back, come to a new lifetime. Some actually do. Most don't though. No, most of the time when somebody comes back for another incarnation, they have no idea what's going on. They're drawn by the compelling and magnetic forces of emotions and memories and karma and other people; sucked right back to the planet without the benefit of even knowing where they're going to end up. But we kind of know where they're going to end up. They're going to end up right back with the family that they've been connected to for a long time. So most people really never have this type of planning session. They go from one lifetime to another to another, tumbling through time and space; tumbling through challenges and difficulties; tumbling through their own demons and darkness; once in a great while surfacing for a bit of air, but not so often.