end times

times of predicted potential earth destruction;

< New Earth 10 > Now in your Holy Scriptures there was discussion of an event that would take place upon your Earth in the End Times. The event has frightened many up until this time. There is great fear surrounding it. We choose tonight to discuss this area. In your Holy Scriptures it said that one day Jesus would return - Christ would return - and all those that have died would wake from the dead to come forth to be judged. My friends, this has caused many of you great distress. You have chosen perhaps not to want to believe it, but even at the innermost part of your being, there was the fear that there would be a judgement day. And indeed there is. But it is not like what has been written or what has been taught to you by others.

< Ascension 1 > Many of you came in at this time, knowing that your energies would be needed shortly after this battle (WWII). Most of you were standing at the gates, waiting to come in as soon as this final clearing, this final battle of light and dark, took place. You rushed in. You found every available means of getting here, and now look at what you have - a big population boom! Many of you came in, rushing in at that time, knowing that there were challenges and difficulties ahead. Yet you made choices. You selected from the many potentials that existed to come in at that time, in your late 1940's, your 1950's, your 1960's. These were the turbulent years. These were the years that were predicted to be the End Times. Many on our side of the veil - many, many, many - assumed that there would be a final clearing and destruction of Earth in order to bring things to the next level.

< Ascension 1 > As you reflect now back from your deathbed, remember those times of the early 1960's where the Earth - and all that had been built, all that had been cultivated - could have been destroyed with a simple push of a button. Dear friends, there was a moment when all of us on this side of the veil gasped. We closed our eyes, figuratively. We held our hearts. This came within precious seconds of happening. We could not intervene. We cannot intervene. We can simply send love and balance, and we can only do it through you. But when you opened your being to receive this from our side, it added power and energy to your own thoughts of love and balance and moving forward. We tell you, it was within seconds, but it did not happen. There are stories that will come out in the next decade when things are revealed on your side about how close it came.

< Ascension 1 > It had been prophesized by many for hundreds and thousands of years that even if you (human) did not destroy yourselves that there would be potentials and there would be set ups in the Earth herself for this to happen. This was caused by the need of Earth to release all she had held. The time was appropriate. The time was appropriate. It was predicted. It was even put on the celestial calendar that you would find yourselves at the end of times. The Earth would begin collapsing from geological events. It was predicted that August 1999 was the beginning of the end, when the quakes and the storms and the volcanoes would rattle Earth apart. It was only a potential, but it was one that seemed to be highlighted, seemed to be the chosen potential of all things.

< Ascension 1 > You realize that you knew something was up, approaching the end of the millennium. You knew it was not about just a calendar change. It was not a Y2K bug. It was something much different. It was a potential, a strong potential for termination: August, 1999. Dear friends, look around. Think about what we are telling you. As you sit on your own deathbed in this lifetime, you look back, and you have to chuckle, for this very group of Shaumbra began coming together in the strongest of ways two years ago in August, 1999 (the first published Tobias channeling was in August 1999, " The Departure of the Guides"). In the subsequent time, in these two years since, your group worldwide has connected very, very quickly. When termination did not occur, you knew it was time for the next level, the next understanding.

< Ascension 6 > As you read your newspapers, you will see the swings happen also all around you. Do not let it throw you off balance. Do not let the world situation frighten you. Do not go to the place, dear friends, of feeling your world is going through an Armageddon. Perhaps, in a way, your world IS coming to an end, but not like you thought. Not with disaster, not with the type of terror and destruction that you have seen in your past lives (Atlantis). The world, as you know it perhaps, IS coming to an end, an end of an age, an end of a time, an end of an old balance. You are entering into a new. It will be a year of swings for you.

< Ascension 6QA > Dear friends, after your September 11th the world did not fall apart, because you had changed your consciousness. There was a group that got out of duality, a group that stood behind the short wall. Difficult as it was during those times, you stood behind the short wall. You brought in Divine Will, rather than "polarity will." You helped to influence. You helped to make this a much more peaceful and smooth transition. Indeed, there were events that were difficult to understand or embrace at the time. But look, in these few short months, what change has occurred in the world. It was not the end of the world in terms you would have thought. It was not major war and conflict.

< Ascension 8 > You are wise enough now to understand that your world is not coming apart at the seams. You are wise enough now to release that anxiety that you held for so long that perhaps this is the end, the Armageddon. You are wise enough now to understand that this is duality playing in extremes, much like children play in extremes at times. They are trying to find the limits. They are testing their own abilities. They are trying to find the boundaries if there are any, so they play to extremes. That is what is happening on your Earth now. That is what you can expect. As we have said at the beginning of this Ascension Series, it is not about you any more. It is not. The world is evolving and expanding. And from our perspective, it is all a beautiful and wonderful thing. It is all part of a process.

< Ascension 11 > You are in the end times now. Much has been written about this. Much has been discussed of the end times. You are in the days of revelation. And, what a wonderful thing it is to have the revelation of who you truly are and where you have come from. It has been written in your holy scriptures, this Book of Revelations, to be a dark, and punishing, and ugly thing. But, dear friends, the name of the book itself - Revelations, new revelations and new insights… it is what happens indeed.