final clearing / final releasing

great karmic clearing;

< Creator 1 > Now let us talk for a moment about this lifetime of yours. You (designated ascendee) have come in to this lifetime to complete the last chapters of your book of life here on Earth. You have come in to clear the last portions of karma and to fulfill your contract. You have spent much of the early years of your lives doing this. You met others who you had karmic conditions with that you were choosing to get over. You had family relationships that provided the conduit to resolve karma that had accumulated, that had brought experiences for lifetime after lifetime. You spent much of your early years working with these matters.

< Creator 1 > During this time period there were many difficult experiences for you and what you would call lessons, although we choose not to use that word. There was much final clearing, for in a sense what you were doing was completing the book of your life, and the book that contained the stories of many, many lifetimes. You have been working on completing those final chapters. And then, my friends, as this was done, you came to a point of feeling perhaps lost, confused, or disempassioned. You had completed your main contract in life, and your main goals in life.

< Creator 1 > As you wrote those final words in the final chapter in the book of your life, we know many of you experienced great sadness and then a feeling of loss, a feeling of lack of purpose. That is because you finished what you came here to do, but there was one caveat in that. You knew if you could finish that book in record time, you could write a new one. That is why you are here now. But that book has no guidelines or margin lines or preset number of pages. You are creating it as you go. That is what you are doing here.

< Creator 3 > Their journey has been long and difficult and trying. They are ready to go Home. Hug this one that is next to you, for they have endured so much. They are the ones - this you that sits next to you - they are the ones who carried out the final chapter of the book of your life, who went through the difficulties and the hardships in the early years, who chose the hardest of the hard paths. They are now ready to go Home. Dear friends, thank this one for having endured so much on behalf of your entire soul!

< Creator 11 > James was much like many of you. James came into this lifetime for a clearing, for a final clearing and completion. James chose a family lineage that he had been with in the past.

< Ascension 1 > You look back on when you came to Earth in this lifetime. For some it was shortly before the great war (World War II), the war of light and dark. You knew your energies would be needed on Earth during this war and immediately after it. You knew that this was a turning point and a challenging time for all of human history. You knew prior to coming in that there was a great karmic clearing that would take place and with it all the learnings and the understandings and the emotions. This was a phenomenal time period shortly before your World War II. It was, as your books and prophets would say, the final battle, the final battle of light and dark.

< Ascension 1 > But you know, dear friends, it (World War II) really was not about light and dark. It was the final clearing for much of humankind. It was the final clearing for major spiritual families that had came in. For the ones of Israel - indeed - it was a time of clearing and retribution, with the rest of the world watching. The world watched to see if they would hide, or to see if they would take part, to see if they would raise their swords for justice and love, or to see if they would turn their back on their own brothers.

< Ascension 1 > Many of you came in at this time, knowing that your energies would be needed shortly after this battle (WWII). Most of you were standing at the gates, waiting to come in as soon as this final clearing, this final battle of light and dark, took place. You rushed in. You found every available means of getting here, and now look at what you have - a big population boom! Many of you came in, rushing in at that time, knowing that there were challenges and difficulties ahead. Yet you made choices. You selected from the many potentials that existed to come in at that time, in your late 1940's, your 1950's, your 1960's. These were the turbulent years. These were the years that were predicted to be the End Times. Many on our side of the veil - many, many, many - assumed that there would be a final clearing and destruction of Earth in order to bring things to the next level.

< Ascension 2 > Even before you came to Earth in this lifetime, you had a long set of goals and objectives. You had an extensive spiritual contract. You had a checklist of things to work on. In a sense, this was the lifetime of final clearing. Now you are transitioning, as you have ascended. There are no contracts. The difference between ascending versus dying is that now you get to write the book. Now you get to create what it is you want and who you choose to be. It is no wonder then that in your new ascension status things are blank, things are in neutral. Things are waiting for you, waiting for you to react. The transformation process you are going through… it will last for a period of time. There will be ups and downs in your journey, but understand that it is all simply part of a process.

< Ascension 2 > The clearing that you worked on so diligently in the earlier years of your lifetime has proven to be quite successful. You have cleared old karmas. In a single lifetime you have taken on more karma, more clearing and more lessons than you have in the past ten lives put together. That is why it has seemed so intense up to now. And all of this time that you were clearing past lives, you were also clearing ancestral karma. Oh, no wonder some of you are tired to the bone! Tired to the bone. No wonder some of you long to return Home, thinking you do not have the energy to go forward. But dear friends, I, Tobias, and all the others who come in on this day, are here to tell you that going forward will not be like the past. It will not be filled with lessons and contracts and karma. Period.

< Ascension 7 > You ARE able to hold this divinity in. That was one of the big questions that you and that we had, particularly going into this lifetime of yours. You felt relatively certain that you would be able to overcome the karmic challenges, the final clearings that you set up for yourself. So many of you took on several lifetimes worth of karma in one life. But, you felt confident that you would overcome this in a single lifetime, or half of a single lifetime. But, none of us was so sure how well you would be able to hold the energy of divinity within you as you transitioned into the New Energy.

< Ascension sp > Understand that all of the elements that come now - the winds, and the earth, and the fire, and the water - are part of the transformation from duality. It is part of the final clearing and final releasing.

< Ascension 11QA > With your job, or lack thereof… you are trying to hang on to the Old. But, dear friends, let go so that you CAN go into the New, so that your divinity - and everyone of you here, everyone of you who is touched by this message has a divinity, make that very certain. No misunderstandings about it… none of you was missed in the divinity department. You all have it. You've been stuck in things because you've been wondering, wondering if you are truly ready, if you are truly worthy to have that final letting go of the Old.