millennium / year of 2000


< New Earth 4 > Now, as the angel Bill (Austin) was speaking of before (during the meditation), of a thousand years ago at a place called Stonehenge, the ones who were there, the ones who were finalizing the energy for that time, to make way for the new time, the beings who were gathered around whether it was in the specific geographic location or whether they were connected by heart, these humans who had been holding the energy had been preparing it for the second millennium. These, my friends, were you and others who are family. So if there was a familiar feel to that journey, it was because each of you were there, and each of you knew at that moment, when Spirit asked if you would come back in another thousand years to be here gathered together again, to pass the baton of energy of the old to the energy of the new, to pass that baton from your right hand to your left hand. For it is that each of you will carry the energy into this new age. It was you that was there a thousand years ago and you that returns again. You are indeed "tenders of the light".

< New Earth 12 > Now as many of you know, there were predictions that at the end of your millennium would be the end of your Earth. As you know, all of you sitting here, this did not happen. It did not happen because of your intent and because of your work and the efforts of all that walk in human form and all who help. There was a set up that was put in place eons of time ago. If the Earth had come to a conclusion as you know it now at the end of your millennium, there was a set up, a planetary set up that would have allowed for the release of the remnants of energy that remained on Earth.

< Ascension 1 > You can see there was another knocking at the door that came different and came stronger as you began approaching the millennium years. For many of you here and reading this, this occurred shortly around the time of your harmonic convergence, when the measurement was taken, of whether to go or not go. Again decision points, potentials, potentials that you as individuals and as humanity selected. Many of you felt that knocking on the door in those years shortly after this harmonic convergence. So many of you, the majority of you, came into your next level of awakening and understanding at this time.

< Ascension 1 > You realize that you knew something was up, approaching the end of the millennium. You knew it was not about just a calendar change. It was not a Y2K bug. It was something much different. It was a potential, a strong potential for termination: August, 1999. Dear friends, look around. Think about what we are telling you. As you sit on your own deathbed in this lifetime, you look back, and you have to chuckle, for this very group of Shaumbra began coming together in the strongest of ways two years ago in August, 1999 (the first published Tobias channeling was in August 1999, " The Departure of the Guides"). In the subsequent time, in these two years since, your group worldwide has connected very, very quickly. When termination did not occur, you knew it was time for the next level, the next understanding.

< Clarity 1 > Oh, 1999 was pivotal because there was still the overwhelming potential and fear that Earth would have its termination with the advent of the millennium, the change in the - how to say - in the energy on Earth, not just by the calendar, but in the energetic dynamics. There was the potential in August, 1999, for everything to start falling apart.

Take a deep breath and clear and feel the person that you were back then with all of the burdens you were carrying… the fears that you had… the uncertainty… but yet… but yet a type of beautiful crystalline energy within you… the Christ-seed energy that was seeking… that was wanting to find itself… that was wanting to find resolution. That is the part of you - the Christ-seed, wanting to find resolution - that has kept you going through some of the most difficult times these past six years, through the releasing and the processing, through the uncertainty and the doubts that you have faced in your life. It has kept you going.

< Teacher 5QA > Most of you came to Earth anywhere from 30 to 60, 70 years ago of time knowing that the time wasn't quite right, that there was things that had to change on Earth. First we had to get through the potential of nuclear war and the devastation of Earth. And we had to get through the millennium period, another potential time for the Earth energy basically to collapse on itself. We get through all of that and now in the past six years of time, we're marching towards this New Energy era. So the time is right.

< Teacher 10 > Now, here we are in very recent years, in the past, oh, let's call it seven years of time. Again, the speed is going faster and faster and faster. The spirals are growing bigger and bigger. This is human consciousness. Taken into its measurement are things like human activity; brain power; what you would call the spiritual consciousness or recognition; one's relationship with themselves; and one's relationship with others in their outer world. These are all part of the quotient of human consciousness.

< Returning 1 > Many of you went through some issues after the year 2000. You had prepared yourself for some type of end-time scenario where you would be a transition worker - a transition from physical body into the nonphysical realms - helping others as they crossed over during a time of great change on Earth, a revisit to the times of Atlantis and its end days. But it didn't happen and in your heart you never truly wanted it to happen. Neither did the rest of the humans on Earth. The consciousness was about moving forward, moving into the new era, as we have done.