dream walk / dream walker / flower hospice

  1. expanding consciousness into other dimensions;
    interdimensional travel; dreaming; visioning;
  2. transition worker;
    escorting others in the other dimensions;

< Embodiment 9QA > There was a whole session done in this place of San Diego regarding death and dying, the need for what has been termed "the flower hospices." The need for "dream walkers"… it used to be a long, long time ago that there were dream walkers that literally would assist those who were transitioning. These were human beings in the days of Atlantis and in some of the other cultures, human beings living on Earth who understood the nature of transitioning. They were literally employed as dream walkers to escort the ones who were departing, to escort to them over what we call the "Bridge of Flowers."

They literally worked in an altered consciousness, again while staying in the physical body. But, they worked in an altered consciousness, standing ready to walk with the one who was dying up to a certain point on the Bridge of Flowers. At the certain point the humans would let go and the angels on our side would take over. It makes for the most balanced and beautiful transition. But, imagine now the way your culture works: a person dies, and they have to find their own way to the Bridge of Flowers. They have to find their own way across this great chasm. And, it is frightening, and it brings up issues. And, it makes the work of transitioning so much more difficult for all of us. It has a tendency to cause many humans to become very, very Earth bound.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed, what you did was intuitive in the dream-walking. And, it made the journey for her so much more friendly and warm, less lonely and fearful. There are some zones that the being crosses through on the way from the Earth dimensions into what you would call the angelic dimensions. It is very easy for a being to get lost or confused along the way. In some of the harder cases in this - but not involving your mother, but we're using it as a general example - sometimes when a spirit, the energy first departs the physical body and starts its crossover journey, there are non-physical beings that are very close around that sometimes want to play tricks or try to frighten the just-released soul.

And, they will - how to say - it's like getting a bad taxi driver in New York City (some laughter). And, they will give you one heck of a ride until you make the choice to get out of that car and get a better taxi. So, it is very confusing sometimes for the souls that have just departed the Earth plane. They're not sure where to go to.

We - how to say - we can only come in so close because - we're trying to explain this - we can't be right there for the human who crosses over because they're not going to accept us when they first cross over. They need the consciousness of a human in a type of expanded, altered state of being to help them make that first half of the journey over the Bridge of Flowers. From there we can greet that person and take them the rest of the way.

So, your work was very intuitive, and because of the relationship with your mother, very loving. And, it made her transition here very easy. She didn't get distracted along the way. She didn't go down into any of those dark alleys.

These beings who take some of those routes and get off on some of the bad astral streets… they are eventually found and brought back. But, it is a very frightening experience on some of these other dimensional levels. What you would call the forth, even the fifth dimension, tend to have some very needy and very depressed energy.

But, there are also some wonderful con energies in there. These are dis-incarnate beings who do not want to come fully to our side and have learned to exist in these realms. It is a subculture within itself. They don't want to go back into physical form. They don't want to come fully back onto our side. And, they will resort to all sorts of trickery to try to take energy from the one who has just departed.

The reason for the school for the dream-walking is to help those who are learning how to do this dream-walking not get caught and not be deceived in some of these other realms… how to go through some of the potential obstacles and challenges… how to keep the soul energy of the person who has just died at a very calm and balanced level… and how to tell a few jokes along the way… and how to have fun along the way. But, also one of the reasons why we do this training is there is an overwhelming desire for some of the more ancient dream-walkers… once they got to the Bridge of Flowers they would come right over with the one who had just died. And, now we have two on our hands instead of one (some laughter). So, part of the training is how to get back to the human realms.

< Clarity 1QA > The transition is in process right now, meaning that there are energetic movements within her that are already leading to this. But, when humans who are still energetically fully present here hang on, it makes the transition very difficult. It is about letting go. And, during the actual period, the final period of transition, simply it is best to hold the hand of the one who is transitioning, to breathe with them. If you get into their breath, and let them get into yours, the transition will be absolutely filled with love. And, allow your grieving afterwards, but understand it is your grieving for you. It is your grieving for a being who was here on Earth who you shared with physically. But, allow for your grieving without holding onto them. Saint Germain is going to get into the details during the Dreamwalker School about how to actually escort one over to the other side.

< Clarity 3QA > Indeed… no, I cannot. This dreamwalking has to be… we have an agreement here with Saint Germain that we cannot tell you where. If we do, then it is going to prevent you who are - and you especially - are very strong in this area. It is something that you know well. You have done before. You're doing it now, but differently in this changed energy.

But, we have an agreement here not to go in and tell you where you are. You have to feel your own way around. And, we are not doing this to be cruel. But, in a sense, you are in a dark room. The lights are off. And, you're not familiar with the room at all. You have never been there before. But, if we start telling you where the furniture is… and where the walls are… and where the holes in the floor are… and where the ladder is about to fall down (some laughter)… then you're always going to come back. And, you're going to be here every month, asking about a client.

The client wants you to trust yourself. The client wants you to find your way around. They're not going to be very happy if you're coming to us with all of the questions because then we might as well try to be doing the dreamwalking, if we possibly could.

So, you are in this dark room by yourself. Now, go deep into your feelings. Go beyond that mind of yours, that mind that ticks away all the time. Go so deep into your feelings. Where are you? I'm asking you right now - where are you in the dreamwalk? You know. (Pause.) That would be a question back to you (some laughter).

Yes, you can see clear. It is about clearing your energy. You take a breath now. You take a breath. It is clear. You're just afraid to say it. I know we're putting you on the spot here, but you have agreed to be on the spot (some laughter).

How do you truly feel? (Pause.) There was much hesitation in the original answer. And, we're going to go back and ask you again - how do you truly feel?

We're going to ask you to keep going into the feeling. You're in your mind right now. You know it, and we know it. You're very good in this area of dreamwalking, but you have to get out of your mind. You can feel the sensations, but you're putting it up in your mind. And, you're doubting yourself. We'll give you a slight hint (more laughter). The client is closer than what you think.

Very much so, but even closer right beside you right now. And, you have felt that, but you just doubted yourself. You just needed that confirmation. You could feel the energy around you. And, then your mind clicks in, and you're trying to then analyze it. This is a pure feeling thing. Being a dreamwalker is pure feeling. Your feelings have been there. Now, go with them. Your client would like to move on (more laughter).

We thank you for being so bold as to stand here because it wasn't a question that you alone were asking. It is a question that all Shaumbra is asking - how do I know? How do I realize? How do I trust myself so much that I can get out of my mind and get back into feelings?

< Clarity 6 > And, by the way, I, Tobias, am without any - how to say - agenda. I'm going to suggest that sooner or later every Shaumbra go through the Dreamwalker School. It is information that… it is not about death. It is about new realities and new probabilities. That's what it is truly about.

< Clarity 8QA > Indeed there are many delightful aspects to this question, and what you are asking here is if indeed you can do what Saint-Germain has done: Choose the timing of your own physical death; walk out of your body; leave the body remains for Earth; walk out of your body and find your way to the Bridge of Flowers.

Indeed that is possible, however it is always nice to have somebody take a walk with you, not to tell you how to get there but simply to help you go on this journey. However, if you choose to do it yourself, especially after going through the DreamWalker School, you're going to remember the path of the Anasazi. You're going to remember the ease of getting to the Bridge of Flowers. You're going to remember how easy it is, once you leave behind your physical body, to not get caught up in all of the drama and the connections from Earth, and to make your way very quickly to the Bridge of Flowers where you'll be met by your angel friends and family.

Now, once you are there, the question will remain for you; what do you choose to do now? Do you choose to go on to the New Earth or do you choose to go back to the Old Earth? Or do you choose to, in the manner of Saint-Germain, be able to traverse across the many, many different dimensions back and forth between physical, nonphysical and the highest realms. That would be of your choosing.

< Teacher 2QA > The relationship of ascension to DreamWalk is very similar, and you ask a very broad and wide open question so we're trying to focus this down. They contain many of the same components and Saint-Germain is saying here that he would prefer to handle that separately when we get into the DreamWalk Ascension or what you are calling the Sovereign Workshop. But you'll find that the components between birthing, and deathing, and in-body ascension are all the same, they are just different forms of the energy.

< Returning 1 > Many of you went through some issues after the year 2000. You had prepared yourself for some type of end-time scenario where you would be a transition worker - a transition from physical body into the nonphysical realms - helping others as they crossed over during a time of great change on Earth, a revisit to the times of Atlantis and its end days. But it didn't happen and in your heart you never truly wanted it to happen. Neither did the rest of the humans on Earth. The consciousness was about moving forward, moving into the new era, as we have done.

< freedom 2 > We had a magnificent DreamWalk the other day into the earthbound realms, where those who have left the physical body in a traumatic or sad way have stayed. They don't go through the doorway of death, because they don't want to admit they died. They're so angry that they're still connected to this Earth, to other people, to buildings, to things that they did before. What they're really doing is they continue to live out yesterday over and over. There's not even a tomorrow for them, even though their tomorrow probably wouldn't be much different than today, like most people. They are stuck in yesterday. They do insidious things, but they're actually really not evil. They are just repeating every day over and over again.

< discovery 2 > I'd like to do in just a moment with a DreamWalk. Now, this is not a merabh. A merabh is when we sit and just spend a few minutes and allow a shift of consciousness. A DreamWalk is an actual journey and experience. So the energy dynamics are quite a bit different between them. You're actively involved in a DreamWalk. During a merabh you can just sit and allow the change of consciousness. But here in a DreamWalk it's actually a part of an experience. So I'm going to ask for you don't go out of 3D, you go through it. You go through it.