completeness; purity;
consciousness shifting; shifting the way you are attracting energy;

< e2012 9 > Instead of “I don't have the money, I don't know if I have the time, I don't know if it'll be safe,” you breathe in. You feel your passion. Suddenly, that brings in a flow, a stream of this creative energy, and creative is problem solving. Creative is opening new doors. Creative brings in passion and energy. So instead of worrying about it or thinking about the details, which the mind can attend to later, now you just breathe in that creative. It is truly the integration of the mental-creative into this moment. This is a type of merabh, an energy shift. It doesn't involve thinking. No stress. No struggling. If you find out that there's any type of mental struggling, you're back in your mind.

< e2012 10 > What does merabh mean? It means, actually, literally in some of the ancient languages, it means completeness, bringing together. Bringing together. Completeness. To be complete, you have to be separate. In other words, to separate out, to sift through, to untie, to undo the unnatural bringing together of certain forces.

It is unnatural to have your body based on somebody else that's been long dead. It's unnatural to have thoughts that are solidified and trapped and not fluid. It is unnatural not to know who the hell you are. It's very unnatural. It's unnatural to not really understand how you got here in the first place and how you're going to get out. These are unnatural things. Very strange and unnatural. I have to often ask myself why you pick such unnatural things, but I guess you're Shaumbra … and human.

< e2012 10 > Once the energies that have been bound together, glued and fused together are torn apart or released, now you can come back to completeness (pure consciousness), which is a merabh. My definition or my experience with a merabh is working with you and saying, “If you just let it happen, you take three minutes." The merabh. Three minutes to shift consciousness, to shift the way you are attracting energy, to shift something in your body, something in your mind, something in your spirit. Three minutes just to take a deep breath and don't think about it. Stop struggling with it.

< e2012 10 > So three minutes to say “I'm going to do a merabh and let the energies shift, and I'm just going to sit back. I promise – dear God, I promise – I'm not going to mess with anything during this precious sacred three minutes. I'm not going to chant. I'm not going to light any incense. I'm not going to confuse myself with a bunch of makyo. I'm not going to do anything – even try to go in myself. I'm just going to breathe and let it be.” That's a merabh. It's about saying, “I am a natural being, and I'm going to let go of my unnatural ways,” you see.

< e2012 10 > And you say, “I am in the moment. I am natural. I am natural. I am spirit. I Am that I Am. I'm going to let these energies serve me now. I'm going to let them come in to do what I have been trying to do in my little brain all this time. I'm going to let them do it, because they are serving me.” You don't beg. You don't pray. Just a shift. Just getting back to your natural state. That's a merabh.

< freedom 5 > Merabh is a shift of consciousness where you just sit back and let it happen. You don't have to think about it. You don't have to struggle with it. Just allow it. A merabh is when you pretend you're listening to the music and to me, but what you're really doing is just stopping all the commotion; when you're in a place of compassion. Compassion is allowing. Compassion is having that attitude that puts a big smile on your face. Big stupid smile, that's compassion. You say, 'I don't know why I'm smiling. Do I have to have a reason?” That's the attitude.

< freedom 6 > The original true alchemy was actually called a merabh. It was simply the allowing out of one state into another state of being, of experience, of understanding, anything. Once you learned how to simply merabh yourself from a certain definition into a different definition – without any effort or thought, you just did it gracefully – once you learned to do that, yes, turning a stone into gold was child's play. But we distracted by publicizing, promoting the fact that we were working with sulfur and fire and all of these other things, so we cleared the way for those who are really, really pure of heart, those who weren't just going to be distracted by gold or diamonds.

< discovery 2 > I'd like to do in just a moment with a DreamWalk. Now, this is not a merabh. A merabh is when we sit and just spend a few minutes and allow a shift of consciousness. A DreamWalk is an actual journey and experience. So the energy dynamics are quite a bit different between them. You're actively involved in a DreamWalk. During a merabh you can just sit and allow the change of consciousness. But here in a DreamWalk it's actually a part of an experience. So I'm going to ask for you don't go out of 3D, you go through it. You go through it.

< Wings 9 > The merabhs play an important part. They actually integrate everything that's happening, particularly in the Allowing. And, again, the Allowing is a very quiet, graceful process. Your body's not going to start twitching and shaking and getting imbalanced. You're just allowing, so it comes very gracefully. I love Allowing, and it's gotten us to where we are now, where we can really talk about creation, and this is where it gets fun. All the rest of it's been a little hard. But this is where it gets really fun when we go into our own creations. You're going to be experiencing your own creations in the embodied human form. You're also going to be experiencing the multidimensional nature of creations that just aren't on this reality level, but they expand out. And that's where it gets colorful, fun, dynamic, amazing.