< New Earth 4 > Now, as the angel Bill (Austin) was speaking of before (during the meditation), of a thousand years ago at a place called Stonehenge, the ones who were there, the ones who were finalizing the energy for that time, to make way for the new time, the beings who were gathered around whether it was in the specific geographic location or whether they were connected by heart, these humans who had been holding the energy had been preparing it for the second millennium. These, my friends, were you and others who are family. So if there was a familiar feel to that journey, it was because each of you were there, and each of you knew at that moment, when Spirit asked if you would come back in another thousand years to be here gathered together again, to pass the baton of energy of the old to the energy of the new, to pass that baton from your right hand to your left hand. For it is that each of you will carry the energy into this new age. It was you that was there a thousand years ago and you that returns again. You are indeed "tenders of the light".