< NewEnergy 2 > Now, in the second step of this expanding identity… now that you have gone through the awakening… you went into processing. You became experts at processing! You went to healers and facilitators. You went to workshops and classes. You couldn't get enough of processing. The processing was important because something was brewing within you. You had been awakened. Now it was time to get a better understanding. You needed to talk about past lives. You needed to talk about the difficulties in your childhood in this life.

< NewEnergy 2 > You needed to get angry… with spouses… or parents. You needed to get angry with God. Yes, it is all right to get angry with God. Oh, it helps release a tremendous amount of very Old and pent-up energy. You needed to cry. You needed to let some emotions out. You needed to play the role of a victim at times. You needed to let all of this out. The awakening opened it up. You needed to talk about it. Yes, some of you have spouses who thought you would never stop talking about it (audience laughter), friends who started to avoid you when you asked if they wanted to go to lunch. Oh, what a wonderful time for processing! But, this served you well. The processing was an important part of your new understanding of Self.

< NewEnergy 2 > These cycles of the expanding identity are not just one-time cycles. You will go through them over and over again. You have gone through more than one awakening. You have gone through more than one time of processing. You have gone through many, many releases. You have gone through much integrating. When you hit a new level of enlightenment - what you would call the awakening - you know it is time then for processing. Processing - instead of being dreary and difficult, being that of the victim energy - can be a joy that catapults you so that the releasing is very, very easy. It is done with grace. It is done with a finesse of a professional, talented, graceful dancer.

< NewEnergy 2 > Then you will have transmutation and the transformation in your life. A whole new level of divine energy will come into your life. Then you go back through the cycle again… a new awakening… a new type of coming to understanding through processing… a new releasing… a new transformation… a new level of understanding the divine. You thought it was a one-time program, but you go through it over and over again.

< NewEnergy 3 > Communications will have such a big part of what happens here in the next few years and also what happens after. Communications are really helping to open the First Seal for humanity… the separation. You see… as all of this happens, the seals begin to open. You have gone through the process and will continue to go through the cycles. Humanity will begin opening the First Seal with this quantum leap. It is happening now. You are separated from each other because of languages. You are separated.

< NewEnergy 5 > Understand that as you open up, as you go through processing (cycle of expanding), you will come to new understandings, and enlightenment, and a new sense of integration. So, understand also as you walk through this most difficult, difficult experience - by healing it, you are also helping the feminine energy heal over all. You are doing this for yourself, but it has an effect and an implication on all others.

< Embodiment 10 > Shaumbra, at this time of your completion… the time of Earth coming into its last true cycle before the quantum leap… before a total type of split of consciousness in order to allow a remelding… at this time right now before the quantum leap is a time where you have been going through so many of your processes. You are learning how to release. You are learning how to embody… which may seem to be a contradiction, but totally appropriate with each other.

< Clarity 11 > And if you're not.... If you are not ready, Shaumbra ... and we're going to bypass any filters Cauldre might throw in here... (more laughter) If you're not ready, perhaps it is time for you to find a different group. Perhaps it is time to look elsewhere for the answers. Perhaps it is time to go somewhere and work with other humans and other angels who will continue to do processing with you, continue to do facilitating with you, continue to work through your issues, because henceforth the Crimson Circle and Shaumbra is not going to focus the energy on that.

< Discovery 5 > So I say it ends because we're not going to be talking about the basics of awakening. I'm not going to be having any tolerance for self-doubt or self-loathing. There is not going to be any allowing of this doubt, which is really actually very self-indulgent. Doubt is extremely self-indulgent. It is a human luxury and hopefully you're beyond. We're going to go beyond the doubt. We're going to go beyond the processing. We're going to go beyond the toe-dabbling, the just tinkering with awakening, and I'm asking for those who want to come to this next level to join me. It's going to be about mastery. Absolute mastery.