energy work of helping for others to move their energy;

< Clarity 10QA > So many of you have learned wonderful and very helpful techniques and modalities and programs, whether they are body work or whether they are types of energy sessions or the type of work that you are doing here. These are wonderful techniques but there also comes a point where you let the technique go. You leave it behind.

Right now part of the problem - and we are communicating with some that already work with you - part of the problem is that you are still attached to your techniques. They are like a crutch for you. They give you confidence but one of the reasons for any blockages is because you're still stuck on the techniques. You think that you have to work your hands or your energy in a very specific way. If you let go of that, you're going to be able to move to some much higher levels and do - how to say - a more efficient type of energy work here, if you let go of those techniques.

But it is time to take that deep breath and let all of those old techniques go and start tapping in directly to your own wisdom, your own what you would call healing or energy moving abilities, and also tapping directly into your clients, for what they need.

Some of your clients don't need the type of work that you're doing. They think they do and you think they do, but they need something entirely different. So once you let go of the techniques, you're going to find yourself and your client guiding you to exactly what needs to be done. That work will then be supported by the angelic beings on the other realms, you see.

Because when you are working with a client and you are moving your hands and you are doing certain types of work, there is something happening on a physical level with their physical body, but remember there are many, many other layers and levels that have to be simultaneously balanced. That is where these other angelic beings come in. For when your hands are moving and the energies of your client are shifting, there are angelic beings helping to facilitate and shift your client's energies on other levels as well.

So let go of all of the techniques for all of you. I don't want to get into the physics right now about what is actually happening because then you're going to tend to go mental on it when right now it is a time to be totally intuitive and totally trusting in what you do. As you know, you have very strong energy balancing or what you would call healing capabilities, and it is time to go to the next step and make them your own.

< Clarity 11 > And if you're not.... If you are not ready, Shaumbra ... and we're going to bypass any filters Cauldre might throw in here... (more laughter) If you're not ready, perhaps it is time for you to find a different group. Perhaps it is time to look elsewhere for the answers. Perhaps it is time to go somewhere and work with other humans and other angels who will continue to do processing with you, continue to do facilitating with you, continue to work through your issues, because henceforth the Crimson Circle and Shaumbra is not going to focus the energy on that.